Battlefield: Bad Company

Battlefield: Bad Company Achievement Guide

Guide By: drno
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 8
Estimated time for 1000: 30-60 hours.
Minimum playthroughs: 2
Missable achievements: None
Glitched achievements: One in a million, sometimes won't unlock for some people. I am Bad Company!, some awards are broken and impossible to get.
Offline: 30 (610)
Online: 20 (390)
Cheats disable achievements: No Cheats

Playing through the game and grabbing all the single player achievements should take 10-30 hours depending on if you're using a guide to find the gold. Getting every award, max rank, and 10,002 kills will take around 40+ hours. The game isn't particularly difficult offline but most of the awards online are near impossible and most of the achievements online will take ages.

Single Player

Step 1: Start off by playing through the game on hard, the game isn't hard to beat as you'll have unlimited respawns. Don't worry about getting collectibles/gold as you'll have an easier time getting them on normal.

Step 1.1: While playing through hard you'll most likely unlock the achievements "Home Wrecker", "The Hypochondriac", "Manic Lumberjack", The Anti-Mechanic", and "Been There, Drove That!" without trying; if you didn't don't bother actively trying for them until you finish the second play through.

Step 2: Play through the single player again on normal. Along the way grab all the collectibles and gold crates. Be sure to follow the gold/collectible guide on the forums.

Step 2.1: While going through "Crash and Grab" head to the top of the bell tower immediatly after rescuing your squad for the achievement "On Top of the World."

Step 2.2: While playing on the final mission "Ghost Town" keep the laser designator until the end of the level and use it to get the achievement "One in a Million" on the final boss.

Step 3: Check for any remaining offline achievements, if you're missing any use the mission select and replay whichever mission you need to for any missing gold, weapons, or other miscellaneous achievements.


Most of the of the online achievements will simply require a lot of time spent playing. With the exception of the "No I in Squad" achievement most are un-boostable. Simply find a good set of players and do your best in the matches you get into and most will come naturally.

 [x360a would like to thank drno for this Road Map] 

Always get paid in gold bars15
Complete 'Welcome To Bad Company' on normal     (7) 

“Welcome To Bad Company” is the first mission of the game.

Unfortunately the difficulty achievements don’t stack so you’ll have to play through the game at least twice for both difficulties.

See the achievement “Action not words!” for an objective list as well as location of gold/collectables.

See the achievement “Staying Alive” for tips on beating the level.

Action, not words!25
Complete 'Welcome To Bad Company' on hard     (4) 


-Reach Sweetwater
-Destroy the barrels
-Fill up on ammo
-Blow a hole in the house
-Find a power tool
-Repair the vehicle


-Eliminate artillery crews

Hop into the vehicle you just repaired and follow the road up the hill until you reach a road block and have to exit.

Get out of the car and then head down the road on the other side of the road block until you reach a couple of houses down below. Kill all the nearby enemies in the two houses and then pick up their guns. If you miss these guns now you’ll have many other opportunities to get them during the level since they are the only weapons the enemy uses.

Unlocked: Collectable Gun S20K
Unlocked: Collectable Gun AEK971

-Regroup at the smoke


-Man the artillery gun
-Shell the incoming vehicles


-Proceed towards the river crossing
-Search the house for a weapon

Get out of your car and use your knife to break down the door, grab the weapon in the corner of the house and then head back to the car. Luckily this weapon is a collectable as well as good.

Unlocked: Collectable Gun XM8

-Eliminate all enemies
-Regroup at the smoke


-Proceed towards the west farm

Jump into a vehicle and start heading towards the objective. Right as you start heading towards it there will be a small area to cut through the trees (appears as a thin line on your map.) Head through here to a group of enemies and a destroyed house. Kill the enemies and head inside the house to find a new weapons.

Unlocked: Collectable Gun 870MCS

-Eliminate all enemies
-Regroup at the smoke
-Pick up the rocket launcher
-Destroy the light tank
-Regroup at the the smoke


-Proceed towards the anti-air base
-Pick up C4 explosives
-Destroy the anti-air guns
-Regroup at the smoke


-Proceed towards the east farm

Before heading out north to the farm head south from where you start to find a broken bridge. You can find a SCAR inside of the house nearby.

Unlocked: Collectable Weapon SCAR

-Eliminate all enemies
-Regroup at the smoke
-Follow the convoy
-Regroup at the smoke


-Destroy the radar jammers
-Regroup at the smoke
-Move in and secure the base

Not even a nugget!15
Complete 'Acta Non Verba' on normal     

“Acta Non Verba” is the second mission of the game.

Unfortunately the difficulty achievements don’t stack so you’ll have to play through the game at least twice for both difficulties.

See the achievement “Where are they going so fast?” for an objective list as well as location of gold/collectables.

Where are they going so fast?25
Complete 'Acta Non Verba' on hard     


-Search the house

Blow a hole in the house or break down the door and your first gold crate should be in plain sight laying on a couple of cinder blocks. It should be noted that this will unlock the achievement “I Love Gold!”

Unlocked: Gold Crate

-Move out
-Eliminate all enemies

While heading towards the objective you’ll come to an area where the road circles around a few buildings. One of the first buildings at the top of this semi circle has a turret in it and an “Acta Non Verba” sign in plain sight on the western side. Head into this building and on the top floor you should be able to easily spot a gold crate.

Unlocked: Gold Crate


-Destroy the missile launchers
-Destroy the fuel storage

Jump into a boat and head along the coast in a southward direction. Eventually you will reach a small enemy encampment. Dismount and kill all of them, the gold can be found on the southern side of the encampment in a small ditch. The ditch is slightly east of the house and has a few bridges over it.

Unlocked: Gold Crate

-Regroup at the smoke


-Pick up mortar strike
-Eliminate soldiers on the bridge


-Regroup at the smoke
-Destroy the stationary guns

While heading through the town you’ll eventually come to a section where a tank will start attacking you. Nearby there should be a guy on a shielded turret attacking you. Head over to the building with the turret attacking you (the sign is on the outside) and check the upstairs for the gold. This building also has an X on it on your map, it is the fourth from the left when you’re looking at your immediate area.

Unlocked: Gold Crate

-Regroup at the smoke


-Keep the tanks alive

Head along the tanks driving area until you get to the first ambush, make your way to the house with the RPGs in it and the X on the map (the furthest west one.) The M249 is inside on a weapon case.

Unlocked: Collectable Weapon M249

After you’ve protected the tanks to their destination head over to the graveyard (where the smoke is dropped) and then head to the far south west corner of it to find a gold crate.

Unlocked: Gold Crate

-Regroup at the smoke


-Destroy the radio equipment
-Regroup at the smoke


-Protect the US tank
-Regroup at the smoke


-Reach harbor
-Reach trucks

You and what army?15
Complete 'Crossing Over' on normal     

“Crossing over” is the third mission of the game.

Unfortunately the difficulty achievements don’t stack so you’ll have to play through the game at least twice for both difficulties.

See the achievement “Say goodbye to the gold!” for an objective list as well as location of gold/collectables.

Say goodbye to the gold!25
Complete 'Crossing Over' on hard     


-Reach Haggard by the smoke

Start off by heading down the hill and into the small toll booth. The AN94 is easily located in here.

Unlocked: Collectable Weapon AN94

As you’re progressing through the levels you’ll reach the bridge, head south down the road before going across the bridge and enter the house with the X on it. On the first floor you’ll be able to find a SPAS12.

-Destroy the south antenna box

Keep heading forward along the road and you’ll come to a blocked off area of the road. You’ll be able to find gold on the opposite side of the barricade and the XM8C on the road side.

Unlocked: Gold Crate
Unlocked: Collectable Weapon XM8C

At this point you’ll start fighting a lot of snipers from here on out. Most of them will carry a SV98 that you can pick up. Snipers are most notable for their ghillie suits that make them look like bushes.

Unlocked: Collectible Weapon SV98


-Destroy the east antenna box

While heading up to the east antenna box you’ll find a guard tower with an MG in it along the right side of the road. Kill the MG and then climb up to it via the ladder. You’ll find your second sniper here. The map also has an X on it denoting a weapon located there, but it’s half covered by the white house icon.

Unlocked: Collectible Weapon SVU

-Destroy the north antenna box

While fleeing from the helicopter follow the road out of the east antenna box north and to the next small encampment. In this encampment you’ll find a barn that has a basement area that you can park a car in. The basement can be accessed from the southern end of the barn. Head into it and you can find the gold at the back.

Unlocked: Gold Crate

Head back down to road to the south and continue until you can head west along a dirt path. Head west until you reach a small house; inside you can find a gold crate, a power tool, and an MG36. This house also has two X’s on it when viewing the map.

Unlocked: Collectible Weapon MG36
Unlocked: Gold Crate

-Regroup at the smoke


-Reach the harbor


-Scout the harbor

After you’ve worked your way past the two water trenches you’ll find a group of large blue and brown containers at the northern side of the second one. The gold is located on one of these.

Unlocked: Gold Crate

-Reach the cargo ship

When you drop down to the dock head to the far south west corner of it (the lower portion of the dock) to find a small lonely green house next to some large containers.

Unlocked: Gold Crate

He might come in handy15
Complete 'Par for the Course' on normal     

“Par for the Course” is the fourth mission of the game.

Unfortunately the difficulty achievements don’t stack so you’ll have to play through the game at least twice for both difficulties.

See the achievement “Cart Wheels” for an objective list as well as location of gold/collectibles.

Cart Wheels25
Complete 'Par for the Course' on hard     


-Regroup at the smoke


-Destroy the east missile launcher
-Destroy the west missile launcher
-Destroy the south missile launcher

Head down the path with the vehicle right after you get your mission (you’ll have to head south a small amount and off the road) and eventually you will reach a small outpost of Russians. Kill them and check the nearby house marked with an X on it for the VSS sniper rifle.

Unlocked: Collectable Weapon VSS

Once you’ve reached the town with the first missile launcher check one of the southernmost buildings for an NS2000. The building is marked with and X and is the southernmost of all the Xs in the town.

Grab a boat from any of the outposts and sail it way up to the lonesome island in the northwest corner of the map with an X on it to find an M24 and gold crate.

Unlocked: Collectable Weapon M24
Unlocked: Gold Crate

Head to the far northwest corner of the map (the outpost with two Xs and no missile launcher) to find a gold crate in house with a power drill and a M16 in a nearby building.

Unlocked: Collectable Weapon M16
Unlocked: Gold Crate

Head down to the final missile launcher and there should be an easily spotted weapon on the northern side of the outpost, near the missile launcher and a shack filled with explosives.

Unlocked: Collectable Weapon MG3

-Regroup at the smoke


-Reach and pick up supplies
-Destroy the tank
-Regroup at the smoke


-Eliminate all enemies

Once you’ve reached the supply point you can find the PP2000 in the first building you see when you come to the supply point, it is the furthest west and has a ladder you can climb up onto the top of the building. It is located on the first floor.

Unlocked: Collectable Weapon PP2000

Head slightly north of the supply point (specifically slightly north of the heli-pad) and you should be able to spot a small tee-off with a gold crate on it.

Unlocked: Gold Crate

-Regroup at the smoke

Just north of the smoke you can see an X, head over there and right next to the power drill is a gold crate.

Unlocked: Gold Crate


-Regroup at the smoke

Right before you reach the bridge you will go through a small outpost. There are about three Xs here and the northern-most one of them is an UMP. The UMP is inside of a small tollbooth.


-Reach and secure the palace

Before entering the palace check the garden for the weapons it has. You can grab a PKM at the feet of the giant golden statue pretty easily after the battle.

Unlocked: Collectable Weapon PKM

BEFORE heading upstairs and finishing the level be sure to head to the back of the palace (southern side) and take the gold crate on the first floor on the western side of the room.

Unlocked: Gold Crate

-Regroup at the palace vault

Hold on!15
Complete 'Air Force One' on normal     

“Air Force One” is the fifth mission of the game.

Unfortunately the difficulty achievements don’t stack so you’ll have to play through the game at least twice for both difficulties.

See the achievement “Russia?” for an objective list as well as location of gold/collectables.

Complete 'Air Force One' on hard     


-Land the helicopter
-Repair the helicopter
-Get back to the helicopter
-Take off and destroy the trucks


-Follow the river


-Destroy the radio equipment
-Destroy the military barracks
-Destroy the fuel silo

Land at the southern side of the dam when you initially get the missions. There should be a white building clearly visible from here. Head into it and you should find a gold crate in one room and a sniper in the other.

Unlocked: Gold Crate

When you land your helicopter to destroy the radio equipment you will have to go into an underground type area to locate the equipment. If you check the room adjacent to the stairs leading down you can easily find the gold crate. The gold crate is also underground along with the equipment.

Unlocked: Gold Crate


-Get back to the helicopter
-Follow the river

While heading out to the objective you’ll pass over a very small island shortly before the objective. It’s visible on your map and is near the horn of the larger island. Drop down to this island and you should be able to spot some destroyed ruins. The gold crate is located inside of those.

Unlocked: Gold Crate


-Destroy the trucks
-Destroy the incoming boats

Once you’ve destroyed the trucks on the eastern side of base get out of your helicopter and head to the southern side of the base to find a white house near the water. It has a power drill on the outside and a gold crate on the inside. It is the furthest south X on the map.
Unlocked: Gold Crate


-Follow the river
-Land at the helipad


-Find a fuel truck and return

Land your helicopter and then start heading over to the refuel truck. Before getting the truck go to the large white building on your left side right after the ramp heading down. The gold crate is located inside of this building in the same room as a power tool. If you check your map the X that is the second from the left is the building you’re aiming for.

Unlocked: Gold Crate

-Protect the helicopter
-Escape in the helicopter

Let´s take that boat15
Complete 'Crash and Grab' on normal     

“Crash and Grab” is the sixth mission of the game.

Unfortunately the difficulty achievements don’t stack so you’ll have to play through the game at least twice for both difficulties.

See the achievement “Capitalist pigs, very nice” for an objective list as well as location of gold/collectibles.

Capitalist pigs, very nice25
Complete 'Crash and Grab' on hard     


-Investigate the command post

Head down to the nearby X on your map in the small village by the boats. The M95 is easily located here inside of a small building accompanied by a rocket launcher.

Unlocked: Collectable Weapon M95


-Reach the communications center

Jump into a boat and head south along the river. Your target is the two Xs on your map near the coast and south of the previous village. Dismount at the small docks and then head to the northern X. The north one is an XM8LMG.

Unlocked: Collectable Weapon XM8LMG

Take your boat and drive it to the easternmost bridge, dismount and follow the bridge south to a small outpost. Kill everyone here and take the car east along the dirt path. Continue east until you can head north along another dirt path to a dead end with a small house. Here you can find an M16 inside of the house along with a gold crate on the eastern side of the house.

Unlocked: Gold Crate

Head back west to the small outpost south of the bridge and take the paved road that will take you (in a roundabout way) to your objective. As you’re going along the road you should eventually see a small dirt path on your right; check your map and you should see what appears to be a small circle of buildings south of the main road. Head down there and wipe out all the enemies in the area and then check the southernmost building for the gold crate.

Unlocked: Gold Crate

-Investigate security room

When you enter the base from the southern entrance you should see a tool booth and then a green building on your left. Enter the first green building to find a AKS74u.

Unlocked: Collectable Weapon AKS74u


-Reach the monastery

As you continue up to the monastery you’ll eventually pass by a dam. Keep heading north but stay along the east coast; eventually you’ll reach a small group of houses along the river (one of them contains a VS5 sniper) near the northernmost part of the map. Get into the jeep and head east along the dirt road and then make a left towards a couple of small houses. There is a gold crate near the outside the northern house on its west side.

Unlocked: Gold Crate

Continue heading towards the monastery until you eventually fight a tank and then head up a very windy path. You’ll pass over a bridge, fight a turret, and then you’ll have to make the next right turn BEFORE the next bridge. The turn is blocked by a roadblock but I was able to easily get a vehicle over it (there’s also a motion sensor ball here so check your map for an X if you’re having troubles.) Continue up this windy path now and eventually you’ll fight another turret. Kill it and then shortly after you’ll spot some ruins in front of you on the right side of the road. Back up a small amount and keep a close eye on the left (north) side of the road for a small flat area between patches of grass with no road or path along it. Drive your car north on this area and you should hopefully be able to spot another ruin as well as an “Acta Non Verba” sign. Drive over there and you should be able to spot a gold crate hidden inside the ruins. The ruins will show up on your mini map as a few white spots surrounded by trees.

Unlocked: Gold Crate

Head back to the road block and cross the second bridge (killing everything along the way) as soon as you’ve crossed the bridge look as far up and to the right as you can and you should be able to spot the top of some ruins. Climb up the mountain on foot and you should be able to reach them and find a gold crate.

Unlocked: Gold Crate

-Locate the squad


-Locate Serdar

You found it you keep it15
Find 5 unique collectables    

There are a total of 29 collectable weapons to retrieve throughout the game.

If you’re unlocking the max number of possible weapons you’ll have this achievement at the end of the first level.

See the achievement “Clean Sweep” for info.

Half way thru20
Find half of all collectables    

There are a total of 29 weapons and since you need half you’ll have to collect at least 15 weapons.

If you’re collecting every weapon possible you’ll have this achievement unlocked by the end of the level “Par for the Course.”

See the achievement “Clean Sweep” for more info.

Staying Alive15
Complete one mission without dying (any difficulty)   (1) 

Battlefield: Bad Company uses a respawn system where you come back to life a short distance away from where you died, but with out turning back the clock.

This means that you can run out to fight, die, and anyone you killed will still be dead which makes hard difficulty a cakewalk.

In order to get through a level without dying there are a few fundamental things you should understand.

  • Using the auto-injector; use the auto-injector whenever you want, it instantly brings your health back to max, can be used infinite times, and has a relatively short cool down. It can be used inside and outside of battles so whenever you’re down a little heath simply use it.
  • Use iron sights; using the iron sights while firing your gun will increase the accuracy and damage while at the same time reduce the amount of recoil you get.
  • Use anti-vehicle stuff against vehicles; should be an obvious one but simply put don’t use your guns against vehicles, use grenades, mortars, laser designators, or rockets.
  • Stay far away; for whatever reason you can take forty bullets and come out of a battle just fine, you can only take two knifes though. For this reason just keep your distance, at longer ranges you deal less and take less damage but that means there’s less chance of death.
  • Stick to assault rifles if possible; assault rifles have decent range and power as well as a grenade launcher that can be used in a pinch to destroy walls. Don’t bother with SMGs or shotguns as their range is far too short to be effective against enemies further than right next to you.
  • Use your mini map; any time an enemy fires or is spotted it appears on your mini map as a red dot. This makes knowing the location of enemies simple and allows you to prevent yourself from getting flanked.

For the achievement itself I found that the level “Air Force One” was the easiest to get by without dying. Most of the level takes place inside of a helicopter and you get a power drill at the start of the level. Throughout the level you’ll only have to get out of the helicopter once and only in order to grab a vehicle not too far away.

I found that going into first person while inside the helicopter helped me aim it much better due to the crosshairs. Make sure to dip your helicopter with the so you can fire down at enemies and use the to avoid being shot.

Whenever your helicopter is low on health simply land it and repair it using the power tool. When you do have to get out of the helicopter use the nearby MG to take out any nearby enemies before proceeding. Use the buildings as cover and proceed slowly killing everyone in your path.
Obviously if you’re having trouble on hard or normal you can set the difficulty to easy to make things better for yourself.

Killer on the loose25
Kill 25 enemies   

Killing 25 enemies shouldn’t be too much trouble as you’ll fight hundreds of enemies in the first level alone.

See the achievement “Staying Alive” for help with killing enemies.

Sir, yes sir!30
Complete 'Ghost Town' on normal     (7) 

“Ghost Town” is the final mission of the game.

Unfortunately the difficulty achievements don’t stack so you’ll have to play through the game at least twice for both difficulties.

See the achievement “Here is your DD-214” for an objective list as well as location of gold/collectables.

Here is your DD-21430
Complete 'Ghost Town' on hard     


-Eliminate all enemies

While going through this area you should be able to find up to 3 weapons very easily. I managed to snag them all while going through off the dead enemies. You can find an AUG on most enemies as well as on the roof of the building in the dead center of the town.

You can also snag a 9A91 in the area off of enemies as well. I found the 9A91 (which is an SMG by the way) in two buildings; the building furthest to the west that is also closest to the shack and nearby/in the building with the mounted rocket launcher thing on top.

The QJU88 can be found on top of the building furthest east. The building it is on top of has a C4 spawn right next to it and you’ll have to climb up a total of two ladders to reach the LMG.

Unlocked: Collectable Weapon AUG
Unlocked: Collectable Weapon 9A91
Unlocked: Collectable Weapon QJU88

-Regroup at the smoke
-Advance towards Sadiz

Jump into a tank (or jeep I guess) and then head along the road. Eventually you’ll reach some heavy resistance and a barricade blocking you from a left turn. Continue forward on the dirt path and head into the first blue house on your right. You’ll fight a guy and be able to grab a SPAS15 weapon from its spawn. It’s the northeastern most X in this outpost.

Unlocked: Collectable Weapon SPAS15

After you’ve circled around the barricade and begin coming down the small ramp you’ll spot a house with the familiar “Acta Non Verba” sign on the front of it. Head into the houses first level and you should spot the gold. This is the last house you’ll spot along the dirt path before you leave this outpost.

Unlocked: Gold Crate

Continue along the dirt path toward your objective. You’ll reach what seems like an artillery range where you’ll have to fight quite a few tanks. The first right turn that you make will lead you to a rocket launchers spawn, from here you should be able to look south and spot a water tower and three blue houses. Head over to there and then look in the southernmost house to find the gold crate.

Unlocked: Gold Crate

-Destroy the two bridges
-Advance towards Sadiz

After ducking under the pipes take out everyone in the lonely brown building and then check the northern side of that building to find a gold crate.

Unlocked: Gold Crate

Right after grabbing the gold crate look over to the nearby small shack to spot a GOL sniper rifle.

Unlocked: Collectable Weapon GOL


-Pick up supplies
-Use laser designator on the silo
-Move out

After using the laser designator to destroy the silo head to the X in the village that is the furthest southeast. Inside of a small two story building you’ll be able to find a T194.

Unlocked: Collectable Weapon T194

Right before heading out to the objective get on top of the roof of the northwestern most building of the town. You should be able to spot a gold crate on the roof.

Unlocked: Gold Crate

-Locate transport

I know that you’re excited to get into the transport but before you do head east of the objective and you’ll spot a few empty pools, the gold crate rests nearby these in the wide open.

Unlocked: Gold Crate

-Get into the jeep


-Reach the anti air gun
-Take down the legionnaire

Death From Above20
Kill 25 enemies in a helicopter   

You’ll be able to fly a helicopter for the first time on the level “Air Force One.” Killing 25 enemies shouldn’t be too much trouble as the destructive potential of the helicopter is unrivaled.

I recommend switching to the turret when fighting infantry and using the rockets for vehicles. Stick to first person when firing at enemies as third person has no crosshair and you’ll have to fire pretty much randomly at enemies.

Vehicle kills count towards this.

Home Wrecker15
Destroy 200 walls   (2) 

Walls count as either walls on a building or the fences around perimeters of bases. While on foot the easiest way to destroy a wall is to shoot it with a grenade from an assault rifle and the easiest way to destroy a fence is simply to knife it.

If you really want the achievement I recommend loading up into a tank simply shooting at every building you see until it’s completely destroyed. I found this tactic was easiest to do on the level “Ghost Town.” At the very start of the level you’ll receive a tank and slightly later you’ll come to an area with a lot of buildings.

This one should come with story progression though so don’t worry too much about it.

The Hypochondriac20
Use Auto Injector 50 Times   

The auto-injector is possibly your best friend. You could stand in a corner and simply inject yourself whenever the cool down is up as you don’t need to be damaged to use the injector. You’ll always have the auto injector equipped and can quickly switch to it at any time by hitting .

For the most part though simply using the injector whenever you’re damaged will give you this achievement before the end of the first level.

Manic Lumberjack15
Knock down a small forest   (4) 

Similar to the achievement “Home Wrecker” except with trees.

Trees can be easily destroyed on foot by using your knife to attack them, using explosives at their base, or just shooting them a lot.

In vehicles you can crush trees by driving over them, shooting them, or causing your vehicle to blow up near them.

If you’re having trouble with this achievement I recommend loading up the level “Air Force One” and then simply using the rockets to destroy many trees at a time. Fire down into large forests and you’ll have hundreds of trees on the ground in a split second.

The Anti-Mechanic20
Destroy 50 vehicles. (containing enemy AI)   

In the game vehicles are not only considered tanks, boats, jeeps, helicopters, and armored cars but are also considered all types of turrets.

There are many ways to kill a vehicle, if you’re on foot you’re either going to be using a gadget or your grenades. If you’re fighting a heavily armored tank your best bet is to hit it in the rear as it will take nearly twice the damage as it would if you hit it from the front.

If you’re in a tank killing the enemy should be simple enough as long as you throw enough ammo at it. For the most part normal rounds (such as those from a machine gun) are ineffective against larger tanks and nearly pointless against anything else. So avoid trying to use a Humvee or an LMG to take down anything larger than a jeep.

Unfortunately for this achievement your squad kills don’t count for you. So any kills Haggard gets from killing a vehicle won’t count towards your total.

If you’re dying to get this achievement I recommend loading up the level “Air Force One” and playing through the level as normal. Not going out of my way to get any additional kills I counted 20 vehicle kills total. This achievement should be easily obtainable by the end of your first play through as long as you kill any vehicles in your way.

Been There, Drove That!20
Drive all vehicle types (Jeep, Tank, Heli, Boat)   

You’ll have to drive four unique types of vehicle for this achievement. You won’t have to drive them very far but I recommend being on the safe side and allowing the game a few seconds of driving at the very least to register the car as being driven.

For the most part you should have this achievement by the time that you first fly a helicopter on the level “Air Force One” but if you don’t the level “Par for the Course” is a great place to quickly drive each type.

The jeep is a very fast light armor car with a mounted grenade launcher on the front and back of it. The caddy that you can drive during the mission “Par for the Course” also counts as a jeep. The jeep can be found on a few different missions but I find it easiest to locate the caddy on the mission “Par for the Course.” After you get the laser designator you can find one in a nearby shed. You can also spot one by the eastern missile launcher.

The tank counts as either the heavy tank, which shoots large explosive rounds slowly, or the rapid-fire anti-infantry tank. You can grab a anti-infantry tank right after you’ve destroyed all the missile launchers at the start of the level and then regrouped at the smoke, after the cut scene it’ll be right next to you. You can also grab a heavy tank after you’ve retrieved the laser designator, you’ll head out to a supply station and be able to drive up to three tanks located inside of the station.

The helicopter isn’t so much a choice as it is a requirement. As soon as the level “Air Force One” starts you’ll receive credit for driving a helicopter.

The boat can also be found on “Par for a Course.” When you’re destroying the missile launchers at the start you’ll be able to easily spot a boat along the coast near the east missile base. If you miss this one the mission “Crash and Grab” has an abundance of opportunities to drive boats.

One In a Million20
Hit hostile helicopter with laser designator   (19) 

By far the simplest level to get this in (if not the only one) is the final mission “Ghost Town” against the final boss.

You’ll receive a laser designator about 2/3rds of the way through the level during the mini-mission “REACH THE GOLD.” A laser designator will be dropped for you to pick up and use to destroy a silo. After you’ve destroyed the silo hold onto the laser designator until the end of the level when you get the objective “Take down the legionnaire.”

The legionnaire will be in a black helicopter and will fly around, stop, and then resume flying. You can take him down without too much trouble by zooming in with the laser designator and targeting him while he is moving. Hopefully he’ll stop moving as the missile starts coming into orbit and you’ll be able to get to him before he has too much of a chance to move.

Also, it doesn’t matter if it kills him, it just has to connect with the helicopter and the achievement will unlock.

Be sure to clear the surrounding area of enemies before you try to hit the helicopter.

The laser designator is the gadget that looks similar to a high-tech pair of binoculars. You use the laser designator by “locking onto the enemy vehicle” by holding the crosshair over the enemy and holding until your buddy gets the enemy’s coordinates. After a couple of seconds you’ll be controlling the missile, use the RS to lean it in the direction you want and steer it at the enemy which now has a yellow aimer on it.

Clean sweep25
Find all collectables    (2) 

You collect collectable weapons simply by picking them up and holding onto them for a second. For the most part collectable weapons can be found laying around on the map, if you see a X on your map it indicates that either a gadget or a weapon is there.

The occasional weapon can only be found on enemies but for the most part they are commonly found and easily collected.

You can check your status on how many weapons you have/haven’t collected by hitting start and then going to “collectables” inside the menu.

For an in-depth guide on the collectable weapons check out this guide.

Again there are a total of 29 weapons:

  • 5 can be found on the level “Welcome to Bad Company”
  • 1 can be found on the level “Acta Non Verba”
  • 6 can be found on the level “Crossing Over”
  • 8 can be found on the level “Par for the Course”
  • 3 can be found on the level “Crash and Grab”
  • 6 can be found on the level “Ghost Town”
I Love Gold!10
Find one gold bar    

During the second mission, “Acta Non Verba,” Haggard will tell you to investigate the nearby house as your first objective. Check the inside of the house and you should easily spot a gold crate. Upon opening it the achievement should unlock.

Check My Grill20
Find half of the gold bars    

See the achievement “Gold Digger” for more help. There are a total of 30 gold bars in the game so you’ll have to collect at least 15 to get the achievement. If you’re collecting as many as possible you’ll have the achievement by the end of the level “Par on the Course.”

Gold Digger30
Find all gold bars    (3) 

Gold bars are pivotal to the story line and important to your achievements. You’ll be introduced to the gold bars at the start of the second level. Each level after the first has a total of 5 gold bars that need to be found, you can check your progress on them by hitting start and then checking “Gold Left On This Map.”

Every gold bar is accompanied by a “Acta Non Verba” sign nearby. You’ll be introduced to the sign at the start of the second level and from then on you should keep and eye out for the sign. They’re easy to spot as they are white and red and most things around are either green, blue, or brown.

I recommend collecting all the gold on your second play through of the game so that you know the level better than your first play through.

For a great guide on finding all the gold check this guide out this guide.

On Top of The World20
Climb to the highest spot in the game   (5) 

During the level “Crash and Grab” you’ll be given the objective to “Locate the squad” and an objective marker will be placed inside of a large monastery near the outskirts of the map.

Continue along as you normally would until you reach them at which point a skipable cut scene will trigger where you’ll all be happy to see one another. Immediately after the cut scene you’ll be inside of a small room with a doorway out and a stairway up.

Start heading up the stairway and continue going up the flights of stairs until you reach the very top and are unable to proceed any further, the achievement should unlock. There are a total of seven flights of stairs to head up.

Get me started15
(Online) Participate in one online match (Ranked)   (3) 

For your first ranked game you won’t have to win it, you’ll just have to complete it.

For now the only game type available is gold rush. Don’t run in confused just read these simple guidelines.

The game type gold rush is basically an attack/defend on objectives. The defenders have to prevent the attackers from destroying their gold crates and the attackers have to destroy the gold crates (which are marked with a blue or red marker respectively.)

Attackers will have to go into the enemy base and destroy a crate either by using their guns or explosives to take its health down (which is viewable in the top left corner) all the way to none. You can also arm a bomb onto the crate, while this is usually faster than destroying the crate with weapons the defenders are able to disarm the bomb and there will be no damage done.

Defenders will have to protect the crates by killing attackers until their reinforcements run out (the large blue bar.) Reinforcements will slowly drain as the game progresses but will also be affected by the attackers dying. If a gold crate is destroyed the attackers will receive more reinforcements though so defenders should do their best to kill all attackers near the crates as well as disarm and bombs (marked as a flashing objective marker.)

Finish one game and you’ll get the achievement. One game is considered when you get either the “DEFENDERS WIN” or when you get “ATTACKERS WIN” and you get either some gobbledygook from the Russian commander or you get a little blurb from the American commander.

(Online) Play 100 online matches  (2) 

Similar to the previous achievement except, well one hundred times rather than one. Check the achievement “Get me started” to understand how to play the game.

If you want to win/lose the games as quickly as possible you should follow a couple basic guidelines.

As an attacker...

  • Keep attacking, be relentless but try to make it to the crate before you die
  • Try “sneaking” over to the crate rather than going out of cover for a kill or two
  • If you’re demolition or specialist then use your AT/C4 to destroy the crate rather than planting a bomb
  • As a support it’s your job to keep everyone alive so your reinforcements don’t go down, you can give people med packs simply by throwing them at wounded allies. Wounded allies show up as flashing +s on your mini map

As a defender

  • Avoid running out to go fight the enemy, stick to your own damn base. If you aren’t getting a “Defender +3” bonus then you’re too far away
  • As an assault, support, and recon it’s your job to prevent enemies from getting inside the houses by using good vantage points (support should still heal nearby friendlies)
  • As a specialist/demolition it’s your job to kill anyone who does get inside as well as destroy any vehicles the enemy throws at you

If you’re curious how many matches you have finished you can check out your progress by using the Battlefield: Bad Company’s main website.
In order to see your stats first off you’ll have to go to and sign up (it’s free) for the site. Then simply go to this link (unless you manage to link your gamertag to your profile which seems to be broken for now.) GAMERTAG/stat/achivements/#

Put that into your url bar but remember to change the “your gamertag” part into your gamertag. From there you can see some stats on all your achievements, including how many matches into “Leatherneck” you are.

Never Used a Door15
(Online) Destroy 1000 walls   

Walls are considered to be either fences or walls on a building. See the achievement “Home Wrecker” for tips on destroying a wall.

The best place I found to destroy walls was on the level “Deconstruction.” There are quite a few fences around that you can quickly knife down on defense as well as thin sheet metal walls that you can destroy with a grenade launcher.

There are enough buildings that you shouldn’t run out of wall to destroy. I recommend sticking to the support class and using your power tool to decimate anything in your path, the assault class also works well with its grenade launcher for getting far away obstacles. If you’re attacking there are a few good vehicles you can take to destroy the buildings.

Remember to check your soldier on the Bad Company site (see the achievement “Leatherneck”) to see your progress.

Forest Ranger15
(Online) Knock down 1000 trees   (2) 

See the achievement “Maniac Lumberjack” for tips on destroying trees.

Trees can be found on pretty much every level but oasis has the most of any. I recommend loading up either the level “Oasis” or “End of the Line” as these two have the most trees. In either one defense will have access to tanks and an anti-air turret. These can both be used to destroy trees fairly easily.

If you’re on the attacking side get into a helicopter and fire as many rockets down at the enemy forests as possible. If you cant get to a helicopter try taking a boat and using the mounted grenade launcher.

Remember to check your soldier on the Bad Company site (see the achievement “Leatherneck”) to see your progress.

With My Devil Dogs15
(Online) Use Squad in the menu, find a friend and play one round   (35) 

Go to custom game and hit to invite a friend to a game. The friend has to be playing the game when you invite them, must be on your friends list, and you must finish at least one round for the achievement to count.

If you don’t have any friends who play this game try asking around while inside of a game if anyone would want to team up for the achievement.

There is no I in Squad15
(Online) Have 20 Squad members spawn on you without dying in a single round   (36) 

You have to get through an entire round without dying while at the same time get 20 spawns on you. This achievement can kick your ass pretty easily.

Here’s a few fundamental tips.

  • When you choose to spawn on the squad you spawn on whomever is closest to the objective, so park your soldier nearby the gold crates.
  • You’ll have to not die, and all your friends will have to die, so I recommend choosing the assault class (if you bought the life-2) and staying hidden near the action.
  • The closer you are to the action, the more likely it is that you’ll be spawned on and the more faster your friends will get to the action and die. Unfortunately being closer means you risk death so it’s a risk/reward trade.
  • You have to keep some space around yourself so your squad has room to spawn, otherwise you simply won’t be picked to be spawned on. So make sure that you aren’t simply crouched in a corner.
  • Know what your squad is doing/what class they are playing. If your squad is entirely composed of people who play recon/use vehicles chances are they aren’t dying that much and when they are they want to spawn back at the base more than right next to enemies. When your squad is entirely composed of specialist and demolition players then there is a good chance you might get this achievement.
  • Watch your squad’s position. They are the light blue dots on your map, make sure that you stay closer to the objective than them but not too close that you are in danger. For the most part if you’re only a few feet closer than anyone else in your squad that’s the perfect range.
  • Hide in bushes, underwater, behind hills, or anywhere that people don’t normally go to make things easier. If you have to stay alive your best bet is to keep hiding and healing when necessary.

Avoid firing your weapon/driving a vehicle. Firing a weapon creates a muzzle flash and makes people more aware of your location even if you don’t kill anyone. Even if you do kill someone they would just be peeved and likely hunt you down. Kill only when necessary to best keep a low profile.

Dog owner!20
(Online) Collect 5 unique dog tags   

See the achievement “Get the dog!

Get the dog!20
(Online) Collect 50 unique dog tags   (6) 

Getting 50 unique dog tags means that you’ll have to knife a total of 50 different people. You can check your progress by going into multiplayer, then checking stats, then going to dog tags.

When using the knife you have basically a zero percent chance of being able to get someone simply by running straight at them while they are looking. If you see someone looking in the opposite direction or manning a turret you have a good chance of being able to kill someone with the knife.

Snipers are especially easy to get with the knife as they often times are not aware of their surroundings.

In case you didn’t know you can keep knifing without waiting for the cool down between knifings. What I mean by that is that you don’t need to wait for your arm to come back before you are able to knife again. Simply do the following button combination and you can keep a continually stream of knife attacks up.

, , .

This will make you do a quick double knife attack and then switch instantly to your primary weapon before doing another double knife instantly. You can continue doing this as long as you want.

Be the best20
(Online) Place #1 in a ranked match   

You’ll have to be the top scorer of everyone in the entire game to get the achievement, this means you score higher than anyone on your team and your opponents team.

There are a lot of ways to score points. For the most part, killing an enemy will give you 10 points for a basic kill and more points when you do additional things while killing them. You can also get points for doing objectives and helping your team. I’ll list as many as I know here.

Added to Killing

  • Defender, 3
  • Avenger, 5
  • Savior, 5
  • Destroy vehicle, 10
  • Headshot, 5
  • Defend objective, 5
  • Kill as passenger, 5


  • Destroy objective, 30
  • Damage objective, 10
  • Other
  • Assist, 3
  • Squad assist, 6
  • Passenger kill, 5
  • Heal friendly, 10
  • Heal squad, 15
  • Repair vehicle, 10
  • Repair squad vehicle, 15
  • Vehicle tag assist, 6
  • Get a dog tag, 5-25 points

Obviously doing things with your squad will earn you more points than not and only the support class can heal/repair. I recommend being whichever class you think is best since the point balance is fairly even; I don’t recommend being recon though as you want the most points, not the best K/D spread.

Depending on your enemies actions/the map you might want to favor different classes. If the enemy is only using vehicles go to the demolition class and maximize on the vehicle kill points. If the enemy are only playing demolition class themselves try going assault or support and taking them out from afar.

If you choose to play support try to heal your friends and repair vehicles for some extra points. “Healable” friends will show up as flashing + signs on your mini map and healable vehicles will be a wrench.

(Online) Get at least one kill in every vehicle   (2) 

Each vehicle is part of a type and are either land, air, or sea. The boat is the only sea just like the helicopter is the only air, everything else is land.

For sea there are only a few levels with a boat that can actually kill anything, I recommend “Oasis” since it has water much closer to the fight than anywhere else. You can grab a boat from the attackers side, chances are no one else will want to get in with you so just head out on your own. Once you’ve passed under the bridge go ahead and position your boat so you can get on the grenade launcher and get a good shot at the defenders base. Fire your grenades in the enemies direction and hope you kill something, or you could wait for an enemy to show up and target them I guess.

For the helicopter you’ll have to go to either “End of the Line” or “Oasis” as they are the only levels with a helicopter on them. Using the helicopter to get a kill isn’t the hard part, getting the helicopter and figuring out how to pilot it are the hard parts.
First off, you’ll have to be on the attacker side of both maps and at the first spawn (Oasis has a heli for the defenders at their second defense point as well.) Spawn as quickly as you can and then run for it as soon as you do, chances are another person will be scrambling for it and a kill from the passenger’s turret doesn’t count towards the achievement. It doesn’t matter what class you are, just be sure to get to the helicopter first if possible. If you couldn’t get there first simply wait for the helicopter to respawn.

Once you’re in you might recall the controls you used to pilot the helicopter on the level “Air Force One” and how they worked so well, forget all about those as for whatever reason the controls have been changed. Your will control altitude and the will control lean direction. Lean forward to speed up and backwards to slow down, you want to go forward and constantly push forward on the to prevent yourself from crashing into the ground. Try to fly over the enemies base while leaning forward and then hold the to fire off as many missiles as possible. Trying to kill a vehicle isn’t quite as difficult as trying to hit a lone soldier so go ahead and try to unleash your fire onto a vehicle if you can. Also, don’t linger around their base too long as someone may get onto the anti air gun and destroy you quickly.

Tanks can be easily found on any level. I find the ones on the level “Harvest Day” are the most effective and easy to score kills with when on the attackers side. Simply drive along the road and shoot into the buildings/at any infantry on the road. Of course the tank is effective on any level so this portion should be easy as pie.

Remember to check your soldier on the Bad Company site (see the achievement “Leatherneck”) to see your progress.

(Online) Reach Rank 3   (1) 

It will take you a total of 630 exp to reach level 3 inside of the game.
See the achievement “General of the Army” for help.

Master Sergeant15
(Online) Reach Rank 8   

It will take you a total of 4000 exp to reach level 8 inside of the game.
See the achievement “General of the Army” for help.

(Online) Reach Rank 20   

It will take you a total of 24,200 exp to reach level 20 inside of the game.
See the achievement “General of the Army” for help.

General of the Army35
(Online) Reach Rank 25   (2) 

It will take you a total of 37,000 exp to reach level 25 inside of the game.
You can get points in a lot of different ways (see the achievement “Be the best” for a list) but for the most part you’ll be getting points from collecting trophies/patches in the game and killing enemies. You can also only earn points in ranked modes, so stick to those.

I’ll leave it up to you to pick your favorite/best class but I’ll give you a brief description of all of them.


Assault are the basic troops, they can unlock a auto injector and have an assault rifle that has good range and distance. They are good at killing infantry that aren’t too far or too close but they are pretty much unable to destroy heavy vehicles. As an assaulter try to stay a good range away from the specialist and demolition classes and inject yourself whenever damaged.


Demolition are the anti vehicle class, they can unlock a anti tank mine that will destroy any vehicle that dares crawl over it. They also come equip with a rocket launcher and shotgun. Use the shotgun for close range encounters and the rocket for long range ones if you have to. Focus mostly on killing vehicles or going into close quarters. If you have the mines unlocked you can drop them all by a gold crate and then detonate them with a grenade to destroy the crate easily.

Recon are the snipers of Bad Company. They have a motion sensor instead of a grenade and a ghillie suit to help them when they want to hide in a bush. Try to hide in a grassy knoll or on a hill where you have a good view of the enemies base so you can kill them easily when they run between houses. Throw your motion sensor into enemy bases so your entire team can know their position. If you unlocked the laser designator use it whenever you can, if you want don’t even aim it at the vehicle but at infantry that are camping, buildings, or the objective.

Specialists have a short range SMG and a unlockable C4 explosive as well as a vehicle tagger. In my opinion they have the best weapons but the worst everything else. As a specialist try to get into close to moderate range and unleash your SMG on the enemy. C4 is good for protecting/destroying the objective as well as unsuspecting vehicles. Be sure to tag any vehicle you can as you’ll make the demo guy’s job much simpler.

Support comes equip with a med pack, LMG, and power drill. They can also get a mortar strike which is useful to unleash on a building/camping enemy but isn’t that great against a vehicle as it takes a while to arm and then takes more time to land and even then may not kill the tank. Use the LMG to kill anyone you can who are relatively far away and don’t worry about reloading until you’re under 50 bullets. Make sure to heal/repair friendly vehicles (show up as flashing + signs and wrenches respectively) to help your team/get more points.

Although you might be best with just one class I recommend finding the best time to use different classes, more vehicles means you should be using the demolition class, no support people healing anyone/repairing anything means you should go support. Try to find that happy medium between classes.

Drive By25
(Online) 100 kills using vehicle   

Use any vehicle you can to pick up kills. I recommend being support class as you can repair your vehicle back to 100% after each battle with your power drill.

My favorite vehicles are the tank and helicopter as these seem to be the most effective at killing an enemy and you are able to drive/fire them at the same time. I also recommend doing this as an attacker on the level “Harvest Day” as the defenders only have a couple vehicles to stop you with.

For the most part as a vehicle user you’ll want to be spawning at the base so that you can use the vehicles that have spawned there. Simply stick to any vehicle you can and you’ll have unlocked this achievement in no time. Remember, you have to be the gunner not the driver for the kills to count.

Catch The 'Bad' Moment15
(Online) Take 3 pictures using the image system   (5) 

You can take a photo at any time simply by pressing . This will cause the screen to flash white for a moment and then it’ll say upload complete on the screen (as long as you didn’t die while taking the picture.)

Simply hit , wait for the picture to finish uploading then do it again and again and the achievement is yours. Nothing specific has to be going on for the picture to count.

Darwin's Parachute10
(Online) Glide in the parachute for 3 seconds   (9) 

You’ll have to fall for a continual three seconds. Your best bet is to get into a helicopter (passenger or pilot doesn’t matter) and then wait for the helicopter to reach near its maximum altitude, you should know when it’s at its highest because you’ll begin hitting an invisible barrier. Hit and watch yourself free fall for a few seconds before impact and the achievement is unlocked.

The only levels with a helicopter are “Oasis” and “End of the Line” and you’ll either have to be an attacker at the first base or a defender at the second base on “Oasis.”

See the achievement “Vehikill” for specific instructions on piloting the helicopter. Remember, push forward on the to raise the altitude of the helicopter.

I am Bad Company!25
(Online) Achieve all the awards   (71) 

There are 120 awards total: 30 wildcards, 48 patches, and 42 trophies.
Check out the guide for every award here.

Ooh Rah20
(Online) Achieve half of all awards   

You’ll need at least half the awards which is 60 total awards. See the achievement “I am Bad Company!” for more help.

Beans Bullets Bandages30
(Online) Get 10002 kills   (27) 

If you’re in this game for the long haul you might be able to grab this achievement.

It’s up to you how you want to kill enemies but if you want to get this achievement faster I recommend you focus on killing and forget about the objective and winning. Throw yourself mercilessly at the enemy and hope that you’ll pick a couple kills up along the way.

I recommend using a vehicle and the support class if you can and avoiding the recon class. If you’ve got a few friends have one of them be a support and you be a specialist or demolition and have the friend constantly heal you. Remember to do squad spawns to come into the game closer to the enemy so you have to spend less time traveling to them.

See the achievement “Be the best” and “General of the Army” for more info but this achievement will take you a long time to knock out regardless of how you play, there’s going to be no way around this one so I recommend simply playing the game and finding what feels like the most fun to play and then sticking with that.

You can check your progress by viewing the leaderboard.

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