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There are 33 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 33/33 [1000]
- Online: 0/33 [0]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 10-15 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: None [Mission select is available]
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

Welcome to Battleship! This game is based on the movie of the same name. Battleship is your average First Person Shooter with everything you would expect from such a game, except there is also a strategic element in the game that adds to the fun. You can control your battleships at any time during the levels and have them battle Alien ships or have them in support of your efforts on land providing artillery fire.

The achievements in this game are straight forward and easy enough to obtain for the averagely-abled gamer. There are difficulty related achievements for completing the game on the various difficulties, but they are stackable and you can go ahead and begin the game on the hardest difficulty, as it isn't all that hard. You can obtain all of the achievements in a single playthrough too.

Step 1: Campaign - Admiral Difficulty
Your first and possibly only step is to begin the campaign. You can begin on the hardest difficulty, 'Admiral difficulty' as it isn't as hard as it sounds. Refer to the guide below for some tips on playing the hardest difficulty to make it as painless as possible. Be award of the various miscellaneous achievements as you progress through the campaign and be sure to follow a walkthrough video to obtain all of the collectible 'Pegs' as you go through each mission.

If you choose to first run through the game on a lower difficulty to concentrate on the miscellaneous achievements then that is also fine to do. There are only 7 short missions and you can easily complete the game in a single sitting, so splitting your game into 2 runs wouldn't take too long to do.

Step 2: Clean up
If you have completed your campaign run through/s and still have some miscellaneous achievements left over, don't panic. You can use the level select feature to choose any level that may still contain collectibles, which are helpfully counted and the number of how many you have collected are displayed next to each level on the level select screen.

So over all this is an easy and short completion and a fun FPS, especially with the aforementioned ability to strategically command your battleships whenever you want and wherever you are during the missions. This feature alone makes this game more fun than the average movie-based FPS.

[XBA would like to thank SIMPLYMIDGET and Scotty for this roadmap]

Found all 28 hidden pegs.    (3) 

There are 4 pegs found across each of the 7 levels. Pegs are scattered in mostly obvious locations away from the main areas of fighting. A few can be challenging to locate, however. Don't stress about collecting them all on your first playthrough as there is a level select option that shows you how many you have missed on what level. Just replay that level and use this video:

Down But Not Out!15
Recovered 5 ships.   (2) 

Simply use the Wild Card that will revive any sunken ships. This does not have to be all at once. Basically, have a few of your ships die (do not upgrade them) and use the card to bring them back. This should unlock through normal progression.

Rain of Fire50
Downed 200 enemies with artillery support calls.   (4) 

You can use the last level to finish off this achievement. If you do not attack the mother ship, waves of enemies will keep being dropped by an air transport. Upgrade your ships and have two of them in the support locations which will allow you to use their artillery. Every time a transport drops troops down to the ground, try to aim the artillery support to where the enemies go to utilize cover. There are two drop points, and it doesn’t take long to know where these two locations are. Just rinse and repeat - if you die just restart and keep calling artillery until the achievement pops.

Destroyed 20 enemy ships with the USS Missouri.   (1) 

Ships will attack on their own and these kills still count. You can always take manual control of a ship using a certain Wild Card to attack enemy vessels. This is easier if the ships are upgraded.

These are the ship locations:

  • The USS Missouri can be found on level 7.
  • The USS Yukon can be found on level 4.
  • The USS Laredo can be found on level 7.
  • The USS John Quincy Adams can be found early on in the game.
  • The USS Laredo can be found near the end of the game.
  • The USS Chesapeake can be found in the start of the game.
Destroyed 20 enemy ships with the USS Yukon.   (1) 

Refer to Iowa.

Los Angeles30
Destroyed 20 enemy ships with the USS Laredo.   

Refer to Iowa.

Arleigh Burke30
Destroyed 20 enemy ships with the USS John Quincy Adams.   

Refer to Iowa.

Oliver Hazard Perry30
Destroyed 10 enemy ships with the USS Chesapeake.   (1) 

Refer to Iowa.

Fire in the Hole!15
Downed 40 enemies with Grenades.   

Just spam grenades whenever you have them. Find ammo crates to replenish them (you get one grenade per crate). This should come naturally - if not you can always find a large group and rinse and repeat.

High Velocity30
Downed 40 enemies with the Alien Railgun.   

The Alien Railgun is an enemy sniper rifle which can be fully charged to take out multiple enemies grouped together. Just use this weapon and kill 40 enemies. You can always use the rinse and repeat technique (kills save even if you die).

Up Close and Personal30
Downed 40 enemies with the Shotgun.   

The shotgun is one of the best weapons to kill Thugs with; this applies to all difficulties. When shooting it up close, it will stun Thugs, allowing you to kill them with 2-3 headshots. It does one shot kills on regular enemies when used point blank.

Sharp Shooter30
Downed 40 enemies with the Carbine.   

This is the second weapon you are provided with in the game. This will come naturally through progression.

Downed 40 enemies with the KRAW.   

This is the primary weapon enemies use in the game. Do not even bother reloading the gun, it takes too long. Just pick up another dropped enemy gun and it will save you loads of time.

Quick Draw30
Downed 40 enemies with the Pistol.   (1) 

The pistol is the first weapon you start out with. This shouldn't be difficult - just go see how many enemies you can take out with it. If you die, just reload (kills will still save).

Fish In A Barrel30
Downed 40 enemies that are stunned by the LRAD.   (5) 

LRAD is an artillery PEG that is fired by friendly vessels to stun enemies. It will stick in the ground and will draw the aliens towards it. The best level to rack up kills is level three. During a part where another squad mate needs to use a computer to hack a defense tower walk up the ramp beforehand (while clearing out the platform so your buddy can get up there), and use the LRAD artillery (best if on easy difficulty). Around 5-6 enemies will hover around it trying to destroy it, so just toss a few grenades to kill them. Now kill yourself and rinse and repeat.


Locked and Loaded20
Fully outfitted a ship with the maximum number of Wild cards available.   (2) 

Run around and collect these Wild Cards that randomly drop when enemies are killed. Use them all on one particular ship to unlock. You need 3 cards of the same upgrade applied to each upgrade slot. Some smaller support ships only use two Wild Card upgrade slots. The best way to get this is to just hoard them and use them on one ship. This should come naturally.

Officer of the Deck20
Defeated 40 enemy vessels in Ship Control gameplay.   

There is a Wild Card that looks like a yellow boat steering wheel. Just upgrade a ship and start using this card to take control of a ship and manually fire upon an enemy ship. The USS Missouri is beast upgraded and can take out a ship in less than 5 seconds. I was able to destroy an enemy ship in less than 2 seconds.

Disarmed or planted 20 charges.   

This will come naturally as you play through the campaign.

Bombs away!15
Downed 5 enemies with one support call.   (1) 

Find a group of enemies and call in artillery. The end of level seven is a great spot to do this.

Extra Credit15
Downed 3 or more enemies with one shot from the Railgun.   (1) 

As soon as an enemy transport starts to hover to drop troops, start charging the Railgun and fire once they land. This should take out most of them and pop the achievement.

Brought a Knife to a Gun Fight?10
Downed a Thug with the pistol.   (1) 

Make sure to keep the pistol you are given, as it is hard to find a random pistol lying around. Just shoot a Thug a bunch of times with another weapon, and then change to the pistol to finish it off (aim for the head). As long as the pistol delivers the kill shot the achievement will unlock.

Used your first support call.    (1) 

This is story-related and can't be missed.

Navy Cross100
Completed the game on Admiral Difficulty.      (7) 

This game is really not that hard at all. It is best to start your first run through on the highest difficulty to unlock all difficulty achievements (they stack). Just take your time and use cover. Keep a shotgun on you as they are VERY effective against Thugs. It will stun them allowing you to keep shooting them in the head. Remember, always reload! Do not attempt to reload the KRAW. They are dropped by enemies and can be found everywhere – they all have 300 rounds in them when picked up. If you are stuck at a particular checkpoint, don’t forget to move your ships into a support location and to take advantage of their artillery. Enemies perish relatively easy when pounded by support.

Final Boss Ship: This is easier then you think it will be. All you have to do is find good cover and stock up on Wild Cards. Have your ships destroy most of the enemy vessels and sit in the support squares. Eventually when the first wave of enemy ships are destroyed, command will tell you to move your ships closer to attack the enemy boss ship’s shield. Have all your ships attack its shield now – once it is at 0% command will have you move one of your ships to an attack (yellow) square. You can move a fully upgraded ship (use the USS Missouri) to move to the attack square. Now use the manual fire Wild Card (the yellow steering wheel). If your ship is fully upgraded and you can tap your attack buttons fast enough, you can destroy this boss ship with one attack sequence (I managed to destroy it with 4 seconds left on the clock before the boss ship's shields regenerated). This works on the hardest difficulty as well. If you are too slow, shields will raise again. You will then have to kill more ships, down the shield again, and re-attack the Boss ship. Its health will be where you dropped it down to before, so you should now have no problem destroying it.

Navy Distinguished Service60
Completed the game on Captain Difficulty or higher.      

Refer to Navy Cross.

Earth's Hero60
Completed the game on any Difficulty.     

Refer to Navy Cross.

Welcome to the Islands30
Completed "The Arrival" on any Difficulty.    

This is story-related and can't be missed.

The Dome30
Completed "Construction" on any Difficulty.    

This is story-related and can't be missed.

Completed "Overrun" on any Difficulty.    

This is story-related and can't be missed.

Mighty Mo30
Completed "The Big Guns" on any Difficulty.    

This is story-related and can't be missed.

No Man Left Behind40
Completed "They're Back!" on any Difficulty.    

This is story-related and can't be missed.

Completed "Retaliation" on any Difficulty.    

This is story-related and can't be missed.

The Bigger They Are...40
Completed "End Game" on any Difficulty.   

This is story-related and can't be missed.

Naval Mastery10
Occupied all support positions in "Overrun".    (1) 

Move your ships into all of the support squares to unlock this. You do not need to have all of your ships there at once, as long as they occupied the square it will unlock. So if you had a ship that was in a support square, and it was sunk it will still count.

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US May 15, 2012

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