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Deadly Accuracy

Cause 20 magazine explosions with dive bombers.   

This can be done throughout the campaign, in multiplayer, or in training, and is cumulative throughout. Note that firing on and hitting a magazine does not guarantee a magazine explosion. You can tell if the magazine exploded because there will be streamers that shoot off leaving smoke trails, somewhat like fireworks, along with a shockwave that expands out from the ship. If you don’t see that, no matter how big the explosion is, it doesn’t count for this achievement. Also, it is reportedly the most touchy achievement in the game and may take quite a few more explosions than the 20 listed, although this appears to be a problem restricted to the Xbox version of the game much more than the PC version.


The most simple approach is to load up the first Japanese training mission, select the dive bomber (D3A Val) and bomb the carrier’s magazine repeatedly. When it sinks, a new carrier will launch and you can keep going. In training, there is no return fire, so you won’t be shot down. As long as you don’t crash, simply repeat until the achievement unlocks. Note that you do not need to dive, you can drop the bombs from level flight and it will still count for the achievement. Also, you can use your machine guns to explode the magazine of the AK ships and that will count as well, but if you sink the third one the game will exit back to the menu and you will have to re-enter the session to continue.

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Comment #1 by Magnus7
Wednesday, September 16, 2015 @ 07:42:43 AM

A faster way. Do same as above: launch D3A Val, but don't just target Carrier, pick on Battleship and Clemson-class cruiser as well. Keep flying circuits bombing the magazines on these 3 ships continuously.

As one bomb isn't strong enough to sink these ships quickly, they repair themselves and in doing so let you explode their magazines over and over again without having to sink them.

It will take a little bit for them to repair to a point where you can explode their magazines repeatedly, but just keep making circuits, holding RT to follow bomb and see if magazine detonated on that pass.

Keep going and you'll get there in no time. Much faster than having to sink a ship and wait for it to respawn.

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US May 12, 2009
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