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Score 100000 Classic game - Normal difficulty   

Scoring 100,000 points is a difficult task as well. Your only option to gain points is to kill enemies by shooting them with your missiles and you’ll have to survive at the same time so avoiding their missiles is a must too.

The following are point totals for the enemies you can kill.
Tanks: 1,000
Missiles: 2,000
Super tanks: 3,000
Saucers: 5,000

Now for the tips.

-Missiles will always spawn in front of you and will always use the same path of movement to try to hit you. They move pretty fast so trying to avoid them is pretty much out of the question so you’ll have to try to shoot them down. Missiles will always zig zag at you and as mentioned before use the same pattern, try to get the pattern down and then fire at them as they get closer for a larger target. If you don’t have very good aim wait until the very last second before the missile hits you and then shoot. Since it’s about to impact it will be facing right at you and be right in your crosshair (assuming you didn’t move.)

-If an enemy tank fires at you, turn your tank away from the shot and move
forward slightly. This will put you just far away enough from the shot to avoid it but close enough to be able to counter attack quickly. Once the shot has flown past fire back at the enemy. Remember that avoiding shots comes before shooting an enemy, so only fire back after you’ve dodged one or you risk getting shot.

-Although flying saucers are worth the most points they don’t attack you, so wait until there aren’t any tanks troubling you before you shoot a saucer down.

-Closer enemies attack you faster and you are able to kill them faster. Their shots are harder to dodge than further ones so always kill closer enemies first.

-As mentioned before, the closer an enemy the bigger the threat, so stay as far away as possible.

-Use third person perspective, it gives you a better view of the battle field than first person and makes lining up shots a bit easier in my opinion.

-Watch your radar, it makes thing so much easier when you know where the enemy is when it spawns rather than spending 3 seconds looking around for it. Also be aware of where you next enemy is when fighting multiple enemies so you can quickly move to avoid any shots it fires at you after you deal with the first one.

-Keep moving, except for when you have to aim just keep moving along, you never know when an enemy is going to shoot at you and from what direction.

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US April 16, 2008

HDD Space Required : 37.64 mb
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