Beat'n Groovy

Beat'n Groovy Achievement Guide

Guide By: beserkerninja
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Music Maniac10
Complete every song in Arcade Mode. 
Play every song in the game in either 5-key or 3-key mode. If you are stuck on a song, practice it in training.
Earn a perfect rating on every song in Arcade Mode. 
To unlock this you must get all GREATS in a song and no GOODS and it can only be unlocked in 5-key mode. Again, practice to beat each song perfectly.
Dance Master15
Score 90,000 points or more on every song in Arcade Mode. 
The songs in this game aren't too hard to get 90,000 on, if your having trouble go to training mode to practice.
Normal Clear15
Complete every song in Arcade Mode in 5-Button Mode. 
Self Explanatory, Play through 5-button mode.
Easy Clear15
Complete every song in Arcade Mode in 3-Button Mode. 
Self Explanatory, Play through 3-button mode.
Get a combo of 100 or more in Arcade Mode. 
Easily done on Moon or 100 sec. Cook Off on 5-button mode.
Ranked Veteran10
Play 100 ranked matches. 
Play 100 ranked matches with a friend or randomly.
Dance Pwnage10
Win a ranked match by 5,000 points or more. 
Either beat someone legit by 5,000 points or boost this with a friend.
Dancin' All Night30
Complete Endless Mode. 
Simply play through endless mode. In endless mode, you do not get gains in your meter so once you go down a bar, its down permanently. My advice is to play the hard songs first and play the easy songs later.
Ranked Master25
Win 10 consecutive ranked matches. 
The easiest way to get this is to boost with a friend or get good at the game and play ranked matches.
Ranked Match Newbie5
Win a ranked match. 
Either boost with a friend and unlock this or beat someone online.
Veteran Dancer20
Earn a total lifetime score of 10 million points across all of your games. 
You will unlock this from scoring 10 million OVERALL in ranked matches. Single player does not count towards this, as you play matches online you will eventually unlock this.

If you are looking to boost achievements, go here.
Thank you everyone in the forums for helping me out with this guide
And also, if you are interested in alternate controls, type in :

at the main menu and the controls will be changed to:

which is some what easier to play in my opinion.

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US October 08, 2008

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