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Guide By: mmartynn
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
-Offline: 10 (145)
-Online: 2 (55)
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 15-75 Hours (Highly dependant on skill and luck)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 650+ Rounds (Mostly for Gemstalker Supreme)
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No Difficulty Select
- Glitchy achievements: Absolute Jewel Crusher (Read Introduction)
- Unobtainable achievements: None!
- Extra equipment needed?: None!

Those that have previously played a bejeweled game will find this game fairly simple and easy, however, if your new to bejeweled, you may find this to be a bit difficult as its very fast paced.
It still plays as the same usual game, but this time you have only 2 game modes, each lasting only 60 seconds, but thats the fun! in both Classic and Twist your aim is to earn the highest score and biggest explosion possible.

Absolute Jewel Crusher is a bit buggy, but still unlockable. It will unlock at the stat screen at the end of the match, but if you quit to the main menu too fast, it won't unlock.

Step 1: Gemstalker Supreme:
Start off by getting familiar with each game mode as you will need to reach level ten in each game mode, whilst doing this you should unlock Megatonnage. After you have found the game mode you're most comfortable with, stick with it as you will need to reach level 50 in that game mode for Gemstalker Supreme.

Step 2: Paragon of Paragons and Stellar Stamina:
You then want to try and aim for the highest score you can get, as you will need to earn 500,000 in one match to earn up-to 4 of the achievements Refer to the Paragon of Paragons in the guide below for a good method. Your next challenge will be to earn 200,000 in each game mode, back-to-back. Start with the mode you find hardest, then move onto the one you find easiest. Doing this will unlock Stellar Stamina for you.

Step 3: Multiplayer:
Refer to the guide below for Absolute Jewel Crusher and Party Zone Maestro. At this point you should be able to get both fairly easily, but if you need someone to help you boost, post in the Achievement Trading Thread here.

Step 4: Wrap-Up:
You should have gotten most or all of the remaining achievements along the way so far, but if you're still missing some refer to the guide below.

Congratulations! You should now have the full 200 in Bejeweled Blitz Live!


[x360a would like to thank mmartynn for this Road Map]

Paragon of Paragons5
Paragon: ideal instance, perfect embodiment. That's you for scoring 500,000 points! (Classic/Twist) (6) 

You need to earn 500,000 points in 60 seconds. There is no easy way to do this but it can be done, simply play on classic mode and constantly make matchs, hypercubes, flame and lighting gems, high combos, speed gems and entering Blazing Speed is the key to this. Refer to the videos below to get a good idea of what to do.

You'll also more than likely earn Popularity Tycoon whilst doing this.

If you can reach level 10 in Classic and Twist, you can enjoy this shiny Achievement! (1) 

As you play either Classic or Twist game modes, you earn XP towards your Bejeweled ranking. The more points you earn, the more XP you get. Simply reach level 10 in both Classic and Twist game modes. You will need roughly 4.5 million XP to reach rank 10.

Gemstalker Supreme30
If level 10 was satisfying, reach level 50 in Classic or Twist for an even greater accomplishment! 

For this achievement, you need to reach 122,505,000 XP in either Classic or Twist game mode. Find the game mode your comfortable with and are earning high scores in and stick to it. If you average your score at 200K at the end of the round, it will take roughtly 613 rounds/11 hours to obtain.

There Goes a Supernova5
Match 6+ gems for a Supernova Gem. Detonating one is its own reward, but here's another! (Twist) (8) 

This one is simple but requires a bit of luck. It also must be done in the Twist game mode. You have to match up six or more gems in one move to earn a Supernova gem. The easiest way to do this would be to line up two reds on the top line, the line up two blues underneath them. From there, get two greens underneath that. Then on the row below line up two reds, one green, one blue, then two reds.

Now twist the the four gems in the middle (two blues and two greens) clockwise. After you have made the gem, line it up with 2 other gems and the achievement will pop. This is a little bit difficult to explain, so refer to the video below for a visual example.

Master Matcher5
This achievement is for people awesome enough to score 100,000 points in a game. (Classic/Twist) 

Refer to Paragon of Paragons.

Gemstone Genius5
Only spectacular players score 300,000 points. They claim this Achievement too! (Classic/Twist) 

Refer to Paragon of Paragons.

Absolute Jewel Crusher5
Establish Bejeweled supremacy by sweeping all three categories in a LIVE Battle! (Classic/Twist) (4) 

During a LIVE battle, you will notice that there are three lights at the bottom of the corner. Red means you're losing, orange means you're tied, and green means you're winning. You have to beat your opponent with all 3 lights green and return to the stats screen to earn this achievement.

If you're having trouble getting this legitimately, try posting in the Achievement Trading Thread here.

Stellar Stamina30
Manage 200,000 points in back-to-back Classic and Twist games to earn this twisted Achievement! (9) 

You need to earn 200,000 back-to-back in classic then twist or vice-versa. I would suggest starting off on the game mode you find hardest then as soon as you get 200,000 and the round ends, go to the opposite game mode and earn 200,000 in that round. If you cant get 200,000 on the second game mode, simply hit the guide button, go to the dashboard, and try again. Exiting out this way doesn't let the game register that you failed on the second half, so you can just try the second one again.

If you need help getting to 200,000, refer to Paragon of Paragons.

Party Zone Maestro50
It's 3 straight minutes of bonus XP near the top of a Party LIVE ladder for this Achievement! (13) 

Join an online party LIVE match (either classic or twist) and earn as many points as you can. You then need to stay as the top player three times in a row. You only need to be against one other person for it to unlock.

If you're having trouble getting this legitimately, try posting in the Achievement Trading Thread here.

Popularity Tycoon50
Friendscore is all your friends' scores added up. You've hit 1 million all-time! (Classic/Twist) (14) 

Refer to Paragon of Paragons. You'll likely have to try for that achievement multiple times, and by the time you get it this achievement will probably already be unlocked. If not, just repeat the strategy until you get it.

Flame Gems are good. Lightning Gems are great. Both in one game is MEGATONNAGE! (Classic/Twist) (1) 

This should come naturally in your first few games. For a flame gem, line up four of the same gems in a row, the same as you would for a power gem. For a lighting gem, you need to match up five of the same gems in a T shape, otherwise you'll just end up with a hypercube. Create one of each gem in one game mode and you'll unlock this achievement.

Nitro SuperTurbo5
Make matches quickly enough to enter Blazing Speed! (Classic/Twist) (3) 

This requires you to make matches as quick as humanly possible. You need to max out the boost bar to 1000x to enter first stage of Blazing Speed. You then need to destroy enough bonus speed gems to reach a 6x bonus speed without letting the bonus bar deplete to enter stage two of Blazing Speed. After you enter the second stage, you need to hold that speed and bonus bar by matching gems quickly for about ten seconds and then the achievement will unlock. Refer to the video below if you're having trouble or want a visual example. The video is from the PC version, but the concept and technique still applies.

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