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Heroic Collector

Find and collect all Heroic Runes Pieces    
NOTE: listed in order as they appear in the game.

ACT 1: Grendel and the Golden Horn

PROLOGUE - Brecca’s Challenge
EPISODE 1 - A Demon’s Tempest
EPISODE 2 - The King’s Road
INTERLUDE - Herot in Upheaval
EPISODE 3 - Grendel and the Golden Horn
INTERLUDE - Even Monsters Have a Mother
EPISODE 4 - Temptation of the Goddess
  • LEGENDERY SWORD – You come across Grendel’s body lying on a pedestal. Continue until you reach the spiral walkway going down. Once you can't go any further on the walkway, make sure to look down where the glowing sword is before you drop. Use the handholds to make your way over to the ledge on the left with the sword. You can still get it if you fall.
ACT 2:
EPISODE 5 - Innocence Sacrificed
  • Rune Piece 1 & 2. Red & Blue - There are two rune pieces in front of you at the start.
  • Rune Piece 3. Blue - In the same area, go up the ramp at your left that has two torches at the bottom. Then hop up the two ledges to get another rune piece.
  • THANE PRISONER. He is in the swamp in front of the rolling stone door on a wooden walkway behind a fence and some rubble in the same area.
  • Rune Piece 4. Blue - Same area as the last, on the left side of the rolling stone your thanes move, look on the lower level for the piece in the corner.
  • Rune Piece 5. Red - To the right of the same rolling stone, drop in the water and break the boat to get the piece behind it. Now go move that rolling stone.
  • Rune Piece 6. Red - In this next area, you’re given the objective to “Kill The Worshippers”. There is a piece around the right side of the rocks once you enter the area.
  • Rune Piece 7. Red - In same area, go to the far left of the area and look for a breakable pillar. There’s a rune behind it.
  • Rune Piece 8. Blue – After you defeat the troll, have your Thanes open the door with the rotating wheel. Enter and look to the left on the ground before the water.
EPISODE 6 – Beyond the Barrow
  • Rune Piece 9. Blue (5) - Tent area. After doing the objective "hunt the priestesses", look around for an L-shaped boat dock to find a piece.
  • Rune Piece 10. Blue - Tent area. Look for some water which is shaped like a C around an outcrop of land. There is a piece by the water in white sand by a hut.
  • Rune Piece 11. Red (5) - Tent area. In the same area, look between two of the tents. The rune is blocked by a destructible rack.
  • Rune Piece 12. Red – Tent area. Look near the water for a piece between a log and boat.
  • Rune Piece 13. Red - After the objective "hunt the priestesses”, you can use your new magic item on the key statues to open the doors in the area. Use the key on the statue in the tent area and drop into the water in the new area. There will be a little island in the very beginning with a piece on it.
  • Rune Piece 14, 15, THANE PRISONER & LEGENDARY SHIELD. Blue & Red - Climb up and have your Thanes open the door in this area to find the Legendary Shield, a Thane prisoner, and two rune pieces, one of which is underneath some rubble.
  • Rune Piece 16. Red - Back down in the water, there will be a destructible pillar in a nook with a piece behind it.
  • Rune Piece 17. Blue - In the same water, there’s another little island with another piece on it near the door.
EPISODE 7 – Ritual Temptation
EPISODE 8 – Meet the Shadows
EPISODE 9 – In a Wolf’s Skin
INTERLUDE – No Time for Feasting
EPISODE 10 – Treacherous Falls
  • THANE PRISONER - At the beginning, you lower a bridge. Cross and look to the right for a hidden path that goes to a wall. Climb up the wall to find a prisoner.
  • Rune Piece 18. Blue - Free the large boulder to use the rotating wheel to lower the bridge. Cross the bridge and the piece is on the ground along the right side behind a fence.
  • Rune Piece 19. Red (10) – To the right of the next boulder, you can climb the ledge. Walk down and look behind the weapons rack.
  • Rune Piece 20 & THANE PRISONER. Blue (10) – From the same ledge as the last, jump up to shimmy across to a ledge to the other side above the boulder. There is a piece on the ground next to the prisoner.
  • Rune Piece 21. Red - From the last piece, descend the path lit with torches. The piece is next to the first torch on the right
  • Rune Piece *28*. Blue – There’s a piece in the room blocked by the rolling boulder with a cross symbol on it. You’ll come back to this later when you have the item to move the rolling stone.
EPISODE 11: Retaliation
  • LEGENDARY SPEAR – Take the path to the right before your first wooden bridge. Next to the torch you can climb and shimmy and climb up for the spear. Now for lots of fighting.
  • Rune Piece 22. Blue – (You can get these next 3 runes after you finish all the fighting). Once prompted to protect the holy relic, there’s a path to the right that you can block with a rolling stone. The rune is on the path.
  • Rune Piece 23. Red – Continue up the same path. Look to the right next to a basket before the 2 boulders. This is where the bridge will connect after you lower it.
  • Rune Piece 24. Blue – Look in the far left corner next to the boulder.
EPISODE 12: North Seas
  • Rune Piece 25. Blue - Lower and cross the bridge. Go through the cave and up a wooden walkway. Once the waterfall is in view, climb down to the left instead of taking the path right. It’s next to a barrel.
  • Rune Piece 26 & 27. Red & Blue – Look up from the ledge of the last piece. Jump up and grab the handholds and make your way to the right until you shimmy over and jump up to a ledge for the two pieces. To get down you have to slide down the run to the end of the small path, jump up the wall and continue to push B and move right, then slide down the wall to the path below.
  • Rune Piece 28 & THANE PRISONER. Blue (15) - With your new magic item, you can use your Thanes to open up a door with the rotating wheel. Go through that door and follow the path back to an earlier part of the stage to the rolling stone after Rune # 21. Return to the blue rotating wheel. (Heroic Collector Achievement) (Prison Break Achievement)
  • Rune Piece 29 & LEGENDARY AXE. Red – Stand in front of the door you opened with the blue rotating wheel. Look to the right and at the boat below, climb down and shimmy right. Run to the end of the path and climb up the wall, shimmy, and climb to the top. (Legendary Collector Achievement)
  • Rune Piece 30 and extra. Red (15) & Blue (extra) - Open the rolling stone, with the blue cross, before sliding down the path. (Carnal Collector Achievement)
  • Rune Piece extra. Red (extra) - Head down the path and another piece glows in the open on the right side on the ground not far from rolling stone.
EPISODE 13: Hel Ride
EPISODE 14: Two Kings In Hel
ACT 3: Sins of the Fathers
EPISODE 15: The Golden Dragon
EPISODE 16: The Final Battle
EPILOGUE: The Hero King
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its the idol that you get the statues are used with tha

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