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Beyond Good & Evil HD Achievement Guide

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Estimated time to 200 8-12 hour
- Offline: 12 (200)
- Online: 0 (0)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: All achievements except Kicking ***, Hovercraft, Project Apollo and Beyond Good & Evil
- Glitched achievements: None
- Cheats: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty select
- Extra equipment needed: None

Links: Animals, pearls and Physiological Accelerator locations/overview
MDisk Locations

Beyond Good & Evil was an action-adventure video game released on the Xbox, GameCube, PS2 and the PC in late 2003. It was critically acclaimed by reviewers, but sadly it didn’t sell very well. But now you have the chance to experience it all its HD glory!

Special note on collectibles:
There are more collectibles in the game than what you need for the achievements. There are more animals to photograph, more pearls to collect and more hearts available than the amount required in the achievement. So don't stress if you miss one or even if you forget to photograph one of the bosses. That being said, pay attention and try not to miss too many animal photographs when you run through the game as they may not be around when you come back.

You only need 80/88 pearls, 48/56 animal photos, 11/14 MDisks and 10/13 PA1 units. You have margin for error in case some animals don't show up when you come back or your game crashes repeatedly when fighting one of the optional bosses.

Step One: The story to the point of no return
Like most Adventure games, there is a big world in front of you, but certain areas are locked until you get an upgrade or new weapon. So you can pretty much go back to any area that you have previously missed. This doesn't mean you can come back after finishing the game, though.

Do not go to the moon before finishing everything else. The game warns you about this. As you are running through the game, it would be wise to purchase the Pearl Detector and Animal Detector as soon as possible or follow the collectible guides linked above. Partly because you need a lot of pearls to upgrade your vehicle, partly because some animals are missable and partly because the hearts will make the game way easier. The game isn't that difficult, but you can make it way easier my exploring.

"Kicking ***" is debatably missable. It's has been listed as not missable here because you would have to actively try to miss it and in doing so would miss a fair number of collectibles. There are far more than 10 enemies in your path that you will need to dispatch.

Step Two: Mop Up
Before you go to the moon, make sure you have gotten every other achievement aside from Project Apollo and Beyond Good and Evil. You may have already gotten the gambling mini games and the looters done while going through the game, since they are a good way to get pearls to upgrade your vehicle. That means, go back and look for animals that you have missed, find pearls and collect the Physiological Accelerators that you need for any achievements that you don't have yet. Again, don't worry about getting every collectible, since you don't need them all for the achievements.

Step Three: To the Moon!
Once you have the collectible achievements knocked out and only have the final two achievements left, it's time to head to the moon and finish the game. The whole section on the Moon doesn't take that long, but you can't go back once you're there unless you revert to an earlier save file. After you finish it off, you will have your completion.

It’s a pretty easy game to 100% and no real difficulties are involved as long as you use this guide. It’s also one of the best games from the last generation so enjoy!

[XBA would like to thank Capn Doug for this roadmap]

Racing Champion20
Score 1st in all 4 hovercraft races    (4) 

After finishing off the Sea Serpent DomZ, you'll have a chance to go to the city, open up your compass using the button and look around for the "Races" area, you'll see two doors. Each one is a race, go inside and finish both of them, of course getting first place.

After finishing these, continue on with the story for a bit and keep collecting pearls, you'll eventually have to purchase the jump feature for your hoverboat at the Mammago Garage, after buying and exiting it, go to your compass using the button again, and look around for the "Slaugtherhouse Races", jump across the laser fence and head over to them. Once you get first place for all four, the achievement should unlock.

Bounty Hunter20
Chase down all 4 looters    (1) 

After fighting the Sea Serpent DomZ boss (you fight it after your hovercraft is repaired at the Mammago Garage), you will be able to explore a large portion of Hillys in your newly repaired Hovercraft.

One of the things you will be able to find in Hillys are the "Looter Caverns" throughout the game, which are a series of hidden areas in which once you go inside, what looks to be a police-like hovercraft will fly in and steal a small amount of credits from you. You will have to chase him, after finishing it and killing the looter you will be rewarded with a large amount of credits and a pearl.

I have written a guide on how to find every single looter, which can be found here.

Big Heart15
Get 10 hearts for Jade's HP    

Refer to Moneybags for more info.

Throughout the game, you will be able to find a series of "PA1 Units", after picking them up you will have your health increased by one point, giving it to your partner will have the same result. Simply find or buy ten of the PA1 units and the achievement will pop.

S h o v e l has written a wonderful guide on how to find all of them, which can be found here:

Power up the hovercraft    (3) 

After following the drone to Pey'j's workshop and listening to the Mdisk on your new job, head outside of the office to the docks and go over to the gigantic battery, after you start to push it Pey'j will run over and help you. After the battery stops and a small cinematic begins to play, the achievement will unlock and you will now be able to leave the lighthouse.

Gamble King 215
Win 3 times in the pellet game against Francis    (6) 

After your fight with the Sea Serpent DomZ (you'll fight it after exiting the Mammago Garage) you'll be able to explore the city, go to the "Pedestrian District" and head to the Akuma Bar, it'll be right across from a news stand. Inside, you'll notice a shark person named Francis playing a pellet game. Walk up to him and accept his friendly challenge.

Choose to bet 100 credits (I'd suggest doing the tutorial first) and win three rounds against him, after finishing the third round, the achievement should unlock.

Kicking ***15
Kill 10 Alpha Section guards    (4) 

After making it to the Nutripils factory, the stealth part of Beyond Good and Evil will start, and you'll finally be able to kill the Alpha Section guards, here's how it works.

Half way through the mission in the Nutripils factory, you'll begin seeing more of the Alpha Section guards who have the green gas tanks on their backs, you'll have to sneak behind them and hit the button in order to kick them in order to kill them. After kicking them once they'll begin to walk around and will make a lot of noise to attract any other guards to investigate, so be careful about doing this if there is another guard nearby as it can get you killed very easily. Kick the guard again and he'll fly away and explode. Repeat this step nine more times and the achievement will unlock.

Project Apollo10
Pilot the spaceship to the moon    (12) 

This is story related and cannot be missed.

Very close to the end of the game, you'll have to buy a space engine in order to complete the game from the Mammago Garage, it will cost 30 pearls and will be in the back of the room. After purchasing it or finally flying to the moon (a large portion of my friends got it at different times) the achievement will unlock.

WARNING: DO NOT fly to the moon until you have gotten all the pictures (except for a few of them that are in space), all the mdisks, all the PA1 units and all the pearls. As after going to the moon, anything on Hillys will be impossible to get and you will either have to load an old save or restart the game in order to re-gain them.

Beyond Good and Evil40
Complete the game    (6) 

This is story related and cannot be missed.

After fighting and defeating the final boss, a small cinematic will play before the credits being to roll. During the cinematic or the credits, the achievement should pop.

Gamble King 15
Win 3 times in the coconut shell game against Peepers    (2) 

In the Akuma Bar (refer to "Gamble King 2" on how to get there if you don't know where it's at) head over to the end of the bar and go up the stairs, turn right and you'll notice a small stand with a human next to a couple of coconut shells. Talk to him, in one of the options he'll ask you "how much do you want to lose", bet the lowest amount, 50 credits. Here's how this works.

Peepers will put a small red ball in the middle coconut and will begin to turn it from side to side, move it from one place to the other and will try to trick your eyes into losing sight of the right coconut. At 50 credits, he'll move the coconuts very slowly and he shouldn't give you any problems with following the right coconut. After he stops moving them and places his palm down on the table, select the coconut with the red ball under it and hit the , if you are correct you'll win a few credits and will be able to try again. After winning three times against Peepers, the achievement should unlock.

Wildlife Photographer20
Take 6 film rolls of animal photos    (4) 

Refer to Moneybags for more info.

After fighting your first boss in the game with Pey'j, you'll pass out and wake up in the lighthouse, after a small cut-scene you'll pick up your camera and will have the ability to take pictures for some extra credits. You will need to take, as the description says, six rolls of film. Simply follow the great guide that S h o v e l has written and you should have no problems getting this achievement.

Data Manager15
Collect 11 Mdisks    (2) 

There are fourteen Mdisks that can be found throughout the entire game, some will be very easily missed while others are found throughout the storyline. Simply follow this guide and you will have no problems finding all 14 mdisks. Note that you only need 11 of the 14 for the achievement.

Discover 80 pearls    (16) 

Throughout the entire game you will find pearls which are used as currency at the Mammago Garage in order to upgrade your ship. There are 88 throughout the entire game, but you only need to find 80 for the achievement to unlock.

Thankfully, S h o v e l's excellent guide will help you find all 88 of the pearls, so just follow it from the start of the game and you should have no problems getting the achievement.

Game Info
Ubisoft Shanghai


US March 02, 2011
Europe March 02, 2011

HDD Space Required : 1.68 gb
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