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Big Buck Hunter Pro Achievement Guide

Guide By: Arsenic 17
There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 (*Depends on your device.*)
- Offline: 20/20 (200/200)
- Online: 0/20 (0/200)
- Approximate amount of time to 2003-5 hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Many (Short adventures.)
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Windows Phone 7 ONLY


Big Buck Hunter Pro is a port of a coin-operated arcade game of similar name. The gameplay is simple, yet fun. You are tasked with killing the three bucks on each level as they run quickly across the screen and through cover, all the while not shooting does. The game launched with 2 animal types (whitetail deer and elk) and has 6 locations to explore, totaling 30 different levels. There are also some bonus challenge levels where you get to shoot other critters/objects, as well as 4-player pass-and-play multiplayer. The controls for the most part are acceptable, but at times, can blatantly and unexpectedly fail you. For a more in-depth review of the game from WPCentral, click HERE. Currently the game is listed at $2.99 in the Windows Phone Store. 



  • First of all, find a shooting/reloading technique that works for you and your phone. For me, it was holding the phone with two hands, using my dominant index finger to shoot and my non-dominant thumb to reload (kind of like a space bar motion). 
  • Reload immediately AFTER shooting, not before shooting. 
  • Always try and one-shot kill the first buck/bull as it is usually close and stationary. 
  • You CAN shoot through cover to kill animals. Basically the cover is only there to obscure your vision; they do not block bullets. 
  • In most cases you can get between 3 and 5 shots off at each buck/bull as it runs across the screen. You only need to hit each animal two of those times to kill it.
  • Always avoid shooting does, as it will end the level immediately.

Step 1: Miscellaneous achievements (8 for 85 ):
The first step should be completing all of the miscellaneous achievements related to finishing levels and doing them with certain requirements.

Step 2: Bonus levels (6 for 30 ):
There are a total of 6 bonus levels which you need to get 100% accuracy and kill all the animals on. It is best to save these for later after you have become a master of shooting. These will offer you little challenge after killing hundreds of speedy bucks and bulls.

Step 3: Kill grinding (6 for 85 ):
Once all of the other achievements are out of the way, you will need to grind to 500 buck/bull kills and also 50 critter kills. This should take around two hours or less.

Big Buck Hunter Pro is for the most part an easy completion, as long as touch controls respond good with your phone. It will definitely be easier on a phone with a larger screen. That said, even if the controls are troublesome, it should not take you longer than 6 hours to complete, likely much less.

WARNING: Many users report control issues that make the game significantly more difficult to complete. These issues include, among others, general game lag and sluggishness, faulty hit detection, and failed reloads. It appears to be related to the device you are playing the game on. Newer gen devices seem to work better (i.e. Lumia 900) than older gen devices like the Focus or Trophy. 

[x360a would like to thank Arsenic 17 for this Roadmap]

License to Kill10
Kill 50 critters throughout your adventures. 

In each level there will almost always be critters running around that award you extra points when you kill them, which takes just a single shot. Kill a cumulative total of 50 of these critters. These include opossums, wolves, squirrels, birds, and more. Pay attention and you can probably get several critters and all three bucks/bulls in each level. It is however much easier when you are solely focusing on critters.

Nice Rack5
Kill your first buck or bull in any game mode. 

See "Big Rack Connoisseur."

Take down a buck or bull with a single head or heart shot. 

To unlock this achievement, you need to kill a buck or bull with a single bullet by hitting it in either the heart or the head. One of the tutorials will show you the kill zones. You will most certainly get this without too much effort. The game's hit detection can be a little finicky. Sometimes hitting them in the head doesn't register as a kill shot. This is especially tricky when going for heart shots. There seems to be a bit of luck involved. Just keep at will get the hang of it.

3 Up 3 Down5
Kill all 3 bucks or bulls in a site. 

To unlock this achievement, you need to kill all three of the bucks or bulls on a single site (i.e. level). This is not that difficult as they do run out separately. The easiest way to get kills is just to hit each animal twice. With a good shot/reload technique, you will surely get this in no time.

Hunter Hero5
Get the highest score for a single site. 

You will get this achievement after playing your very first level. The game is based around an old arcade game, and following suit it has leaderboards for each site based on the three initials you enter. When you complete any site for the first time, you by default have the highest score and become the "Hunter Hero" for that level, earning this achievement.

Eatin Venison Tonight10
Complete the full Whitetail Adventure. 

You simply just need to complete the Whitetail Adventure. This can be found from the Main Menu by selecting "3 Treks: Hunting Adventures" and selecting "Whitetail Deer." Just complete all 15 sites from the adventure to unlock this achievement. You do not have to earn any high score or even kill any animals.

King of the Hill10
Complete the full Elk Adventure. 

You simply just need to complete the Elk Adventure. This can be found from the Main Menu by selecting "3 Treks: Hunting Adventures" and selecting "Elk." Just complete all 15 sites from the adventure to unlock this achievement. You do not have to earn any high score or even kill any animals.

Feed the Whole Family10
Kill a total of 25 bucks and bulls across your adventures. 

See "Big Rack Connoisseur."

Need a Bigger Truck15
Kill a total of 50 bucks and bulls across your adventures. 

See "Big Rack Connoisseur."

Feed the Whole State20
Kill a total of 100 bucks and bulls across your adventures. 

See "Big Rack Connoisseur."

Big Rack Connoisseur25
Kill a total of 500 bucks and bulls across your adventures. 

All bucks/bulls across all adventures, treks, and multiplayer count towards these achievements. You need to reach a total of 500. The fastest way I found to grind these was to play 1-Trek Elk on British Columbia in 4-player multiplayer mode. Elk are easier to hit then deer and British Columbia is the easiest elk location. Also, playing in 4-player mode reduces loading times and will help you learn the levels as you play them. Depending on your shooting skill, you can earn between 200 and 300 kills per hour with this strategy. After you earn all of the miscellaneous achievements, you will likely still need 300 or more kills. Remember accuracy is not important here. While grinding, focus on rapidly firing at the elk to hit each of them twice to kill them.

The Marksman15
Take down all 3 bucks or bulls, each with a single shot, and have 100% accuracy for the round. 

This is one of the trickier achievements in the game, not only because of the poor hit detection of the controls, but also because of the luck that is involved in killing bucks/bulls with a single shot. You basically need to kill all three bucks/bulls in a level only firing a total of three shots. You must get single-shot kills on all of them and not miss at all. It is easier to do this on the Elk treks, as they are larger animals and seem to move slower. The British Columbia location seems to be the easiest of the elk levels. 

Make sure you perfect shot the first elk, which is usually on the screen when you load into the level standing still. Then get the next two with single-shots as they run across the screen. Just remember the kill zones and aim for them. Do not worry too much about this one as it will probably come easily when you are playing the levels over and over to get your 500 kills.

Pass it Around10
Complete a single trek in 4-player multiplayer mode. 

From the Main Menu select "1 Trek" and then "4" for the number of players. Finish all five levels of the trek with all four players to unlock this achievement.

Cleaned Em Out25
Kill all 45 bucks or bulls within a single adventure. 

You need to kill all three bucks or bulls on all 15 sites of an adventure. This is most easily done in the Elk Adventure (Main Menu>3 Treks>Elk), as they are bigger and slower. This achievement should not be that difficult in theory, but because of the shoddy controls, it becomes quite a challenge not to miss a single one out of 45. 

Fortunately there exists a method to make it easy to obtain. Any time you miss a bull (i.e. it runs off screen), instantly push the Home button on your phone. This will send you back to the Start Screen. Launch the game through it's icon or the Games Hub (don't just push back) and it will boot back up to the Main Menu of the game. From here, click on the "3 Treks" icon and then "Resume Trek." The game will load back up to the beginning of the level you were last on, with your miss having no impact on the achievement. You need to be quick with the button push however, especially if it is the third bull you missed. If it gets too far it will auto-save. Remember, for this achievement you main goal is just to kill every bull quickly, not precisely. Line up the first bull which is stationary with a good shot, then just rapid fire the other two trying to hit them twice each which will kill them.

Foul Play5
Shoot all ducks and get 100% accuracy in the Duck Hunt Bonus Game. 

This bonus game will bring back memories as it is modeled after the classic NES Duck Hunt game. This one is tricky, but with a little memorization and some quick fingers you will be able get this one. Just take note of which ducks fly fastest and eliminate them first. There are 25 ducks to hit and no actual time limit, other than the time they are on screen.

Au Revoir Gopher5
Shoot all gophers and get 100% accuracy in the Gopher Garden Bonus Game. 

This one is a tad more difficult. Just shoot all the gophers as fast as possible as they appear on screen. If you are too slow, they will disappear back into their holes. Try to keep track of the order they pop out as each gopher is on screen for the same amount of time and you should focus on killing those that will disappear soon. There are 25 gophers to hit and no actual time limit, other than the time they are on screen and when the camera shifts around.

Party Is Over5
Shoot all jugs and get 100% accuracy in the Pappy's Porch Bonus Game. 

This is the easiest of the bonus games as the jugs are stationary. Take you time to shoot each one. There are 25 jugs to hit and 24 seconds on the clock.

Fully Croaked5
Got a Double Perfect on Frog Flippin'. 

This bonus game is a little different than the others and is probably the hardest. Frogs will slowly float across the water at the bottom of the screen on lily pads. You need to shoot them once to flip them up, then continue shooting them as they are flying through the air until you hit them a total of 4 times each. There is really no rush on these so take your time. You do not need to be juggling more than one frog at a time in the air. If no frogs are on screen, try to hit the next frog to come as soon as it enters. If you have more than one frog on screen on the lily pads, choose to shoot the one that is closest to going off screen. They seem to all move at the same speed horizontally. There are a total of 10 frogs to hit and there is no time limit other than the time they are on screen. You have to hit each one 4 times, so in total you need to make 40 perfect shots in a row.

Lonesome Hunter5
Shoot all doves and get 100% accuracy in the Dove Hunt Bonus Game. 

This is one of the more challenging ones. The doves are very small, there is a lot of them, and they fly fast across the screen. The hit detection seems to be very generous on this level, as if you come anywhere near them with the shot they will die. Focus on killing the doves in the front as they will exit the screen first as they all fly mostly at a constant speed. There are 25 doves to hit and no actual time limit, other than the time they are on screen. See the video below to maybe help perfect your technique.

Big Buck Hunter Pro - Dove Hunt Double Perfect - Foul Play Achievement - YouTube


Air Pie Marksman5
Shoot all pies and get 100% accuracy in the Pie in the Sky Bonus Game. 

This is another easy bonus game. Just shoot to cow pies out of the sky. They fly in predictable ways and do not come all that fast. There are 25 cow pies to hit and no actual time limit, other than the time they are on screen.

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