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Bionicle Heroes Achievement Guide

Guide By: Tyger7
There are 49 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 3
Estimated time for 1000: 16-30 hours?
Minimum playthroughs: 2
Missable achievements: None!
Glitched achievements: None!
Offline: 49 (1000)
Online: None!
Cheats disable achievements: No cheats available?

No skill required. JUST START PLAYING THROUGH THE LEVELS NOW. YOU WILL NEED DO 2 PLAYTHROUGHS, SO COLLECT EVERYTHING ON 2ND TRY! I completed over various hours over 5 days. The Achievements consist of:
· Completing the levels
· Killing a large number of enemies (across the entire game)
· Collecting a large amount of Lego pieces (across the entire game)

For 100% game completion 40GS you must as above, plus get every canister, acquire Gold rank on each level, including bonus levels, and unlock/purchase everything from the shop:
· Hints (20)
· Goodies :
12x Piraka novelty items
1x Canister Locator (A very expensive locator (1.5mill?), that shows you the location of the Silver and Gold Canisters on your radar)
1x 50% discount item
3x Bonus levels (Found at the back of the Piraka Playground, down a tunnel)
· Upgrades (Character upgrades for armor, weapons and Abilities)
You will need to perchance these abilities for you second play through, so that you can reach the Silver and Gold Canisters.

Step 0.5: Gameplay explained

There are 6 zones with between 3-4 levels, plus a boss level. Just blast away with the characters .You can switch at ANY time with the . Character masks will be dotted around as you play. You never have to 'hunt' these masks, as theyre highlighted on the radar.
  • You have infinite ammo. Everything drops Lego. Fire!
  • You do not need to collect every piece. But Gold structures will be shown durring gameplay and shown on the radar that halt progress. By collecting enough Lego to fill the bar at the top you can move them. When you have enough, it will glow gold. This is Hero mode.
  • Once in Hero Mode mode your characters are invincible!
  • On the first playthrough, don’t bother wasting your time opening flowers/crates
  • Game is friendly, and if you get to a point where u can’t progress, the game will spawn enemies till you have collected enough Lego.
  • Bosses will have a shield so you can’t hit them, but shields will drop in timed events.
  • When completing a level, it will show you what canisters you have collected and tally the Lego collected. Then it will give you a medal/rank of General/Silver/Gold.
  • You can get Gold without all canisters, but you will need all canisters for the 100% achievement.
  • On your 2nd play, go for all canisters, and more Lego than you normally would for Gold.
  • Kill enermies from far away! Use characters that have a longer range weapon, such as the black, white or yellow characters. If the Lego is unreachable it will be auto collected!
If I grind the first level, and get loads of Lego, I can unlock the abilities, and get all the canisters in the next levels, first time?!
NO. Grinding is recommended, so you can upgrade your characters quicker for health and weapons. But upgrading the abilities for each character is pointless in your first run. To gather the last one or 2 canisters in each level you will need the Last Boss mask. You must complete all levels, then the boss level with unlock. Then purchase all the upgrades for you characters THEN play the second playthrough, and get all the canisters together.

Step 1: Start playing!
Start flying through the levels. Don’t bother collecting every Lego piece, grind a boss instead. Enemies will spawn in high amounts. Alot more Vahki will spawn than normal, and this will help against the Defeat 500 Vahki 20GS achievement, but its worth grinding Vahki killing Bonus level later on. Grind the boss levels just for Lego, to upgrade your characters weapons and armor to make the other levels easier and quicker.
I used a elastic band wrapped around the controller holding down the and left it for a hour. Using an upgraded Nuparu (Black mask) the bombs will take out multiple enemies, quickly kill them, and allow respawn for massive Lego amounts.This method also helps for your 50-250 victories with each character, by switching every now and then with the .

Step 2: Purchase 50% Off and upgrades
After hour or 2 of leaving the game to grind itself, win then come out to the shop. Your first purchase should be the 50% off goodie, then weapon and armor upgrades for chosen characters. I upgraded Kongu (Green Mask) as he is faster and has a useful shotgun, and Nuparu (Black mask) is slow but shoots bombs that can kill multiple enemies. I used the green guy to run through most levels. Then Black mask to grind against boss enemies.

Step 3: Fly through the rest
Complete rest of levels as fast as you can, so that you can unlock the final boss level. Go back to the shop and purchase all the character abilities, and the Canister Locator.

Step 4: Repeat. Find Canisters.
Now you have all characters and abilities, its now worth going and finding all the canisters. The locator will place waypoints on the Radar, just like the masks. Its worth exploring, as some canisters don’t appear till you’re nearer, down hidden paths. You need more Lego than usual (80k+ will normally do), as some levels will not give you Gold for finding all the canisters.

Step 5: Buy Bonus Levels, then everything else.
By now, if you have previously grinded some bosses, you should have alot of Lego. Buy the Bonus levels, this will give you the rest of the enemy kill and victory achievements as well more Lego!

Once you get gold on the Bonus levels, and have purchased everything, you should get the 100% game completion achievement.
If not, you may need to open up the Piraka items in the Piraka Playground and perhaps use them?
[x360a would like to thank FroZeNSouL for this road map]

Scorched Earth completed20
Scorched Earth completed 
See "Vezon's Awakening complete"
Volcanic Trail completed20
Volcanic Trail completed 
See "Vezon's Awakening complete"
Fiery Mine completed20
Fiery Mine completed 
See "Vezon's Awakening complete"
Hakann's Pit completed20
Hakann's Pit completed 
See "Vezon's Awakening complete"
Piraka Bluff completed20
Piraka Bluff completed 
See "Vezon's Awakening complete"
Smugglers Cove completed20
Smugglers Cove completed 
See "Vezon's Awakening complete"
Shattered Wreck completed20
Shattered Wreck completed 
See "Vezon's Awakening complete"
Vezok's Deluge completed20
Vezok's Deluge completed 
See "Vezon's Awakening complete"
Decrepit Dungeons completed20
Decrepit Dungeons completed 
See "Vezon's Awakening complete"
Cleansing Plant completed20
Cleansing Plant completed 
See "Vezon's Awakening complete"
Menacing Keep completed20
Menacing Keep completed 
See "Vezon's Awakening complete"
Avak's Dynamo completed20
Avak's Dynamo completed 
See "Vezon's Awakening complete"
Flooded Lowlands completed20
Flooded Lowlands completed 
See "Vezon's Awakening complete"
Mountain Path completed20
Mountain Path completed 
See "Vezon's Awakening complete"
Blizzard Peaks completed20
Blizzard Peaks completed 
See "Vezon's Awakening complete"
Thok's Grotto completed20
Thok's Grotto completed 
See "Vezon's Awakening complete"
Logging Post complete20
Logging Post complete 
See "Vezon's Awakening complete"
Ancient Forest complete20
Ancient Forest complete 
See "Vezon's Awakening complete"
Forgotten Shrine complete20
Forgotten Shrine complete 
See "Vezon's Awakening complete"
Zaktan's Chamber complete20
Zaktan's Chamber complete 
See "Vezon's Awakening complete"
Desert Outpost complete20
Desert Outpost complete 
See "Vezon's Awakening complete"
Bleak Refinery complete20
Bleak Refinery complete 
See "Vezon's Awakening complete"
Ancient Citadel complete20
Ancient Citadel complete 
See "Vezon's Awakening complete"
Reidak's Bastion complete20
Reidak's Bastion complete 
See "Vezon's Awakening complete"
Vezon's Awakening complete20
Vezon's Awakening complete (3) 
Simply beat each of these levels. In each section you must beat the levels in order. Vezon’s Awakening competed is beating the last boss. These are all worth 20 achievement points. Total: 25 achievements for 500 points.
Defeat 100 Bohrok20
Defeat 100 Bohrok 
See "Defeat 500 Vahki"
Defeat 500 Bohrok20
Defeat 500 Bohrok 
See "Defeat 500 Vahki"
Defeat 1000 Bohrok20
Defeat 1000 Bohrok (1) 
See "Defeat 500 Vahki"
Defeat 100 Visorak20
Defeat 100 Visorak 
See "Defeat 500 Vahki"
Defeat 500 Visorak20
Defeat 500 Visorak 
See "Defeat 500 Vahki"
Defeat 1000 Visorak20
Defeat 1000 Visorak (1) 
See "Defeat 500 Vahki"
Defeat 50 Vahki20
Defeat 50 Vahki 
See "Defeat 500 Vahki"
Defeat 250 Vahki20
Defeat 250 Vahki 
See "Defeat 500 Vahki"
Defeat 500 Vahki20
Defeat 500 Vahki (3) 
You should gain Bohrok and Visorak simply playing through the game. Vahki do not appear as often. Each of the bonus levels you can buy from the store basically consist of killing enemies. Bonus Stage 1 is Visorak. I killed about 150 each time. Bonus stage 2 is Bohrok. I killed about 150 of them on average. Bonus stage 3 is your big kill helper. You get to face Vahki. I killed on average of 54 of them. These stages are timed, have a very small map, and keep respawning the enemies. Your goal is to kill them as fast as you can. There are 9 of these, each worth 20 points. Total: 9 achievements for 180 points.
100 victories with Jaller.20
100 victories with Jaller. 
See "150 victories with Matoro."
250 victories with Jaller.20
250 victories with Jaller. 
See "150 victories with Matoro."
100 victories with Kongu.20
100 victories with Kongu. 
See "150 victories with Matoro."
250 victories with Kongu.20
250 victories with Kongu. (1) 
See "150 victories with Matoro."
100 victories with Hewkii.20
100 victories with Hewkii. 
See "150 victories with Matoro."
250 victories with Hewkii.20
250 victories with Hewkii. 
See "150 victories with Matoro."
50 victories with Nuparu.20
50 victories with Nuparu. 
See "150 victories with Matoro."
150 victories with Nuparu.20
150 victories with Nuparu. 
See "150 victories with Matoro."
100 victories with Hahli.20
100 victories with Hahli. 
See "150 victories with Matoro."
250 victories with Hahli.20
250 victories with Hahli. (1) 
See "150 victories with Matoro."
50 victories with Matoro.20
50 victories with Matoro. 
See "150 victories with Matoro."
150 victories with Matoro.20
150 victories with Matoro. 
You should get this casually playing through the game. You must use Jaller, Kongu, Hewkii, Nuparu, Hahli, and Matoro. Use them until you get the achievement if you don’t use them as often. There are 12 of these each worth 20 points. Total: 12 achievements for 240 points.
Collect 2,500,000 LEGO Pieces.20
Collect 2,500,000 LEGO Pieces. 
See "Collect 5,000,000 LEGO pieces."
Collect 5,000,000 LEGO pieces.20
Collect 5,000,000 LEGO pieces. (3) 
On the blue stage head to the boss level, go gold hero once and use his option, then to the right of the map there is a gap between two rocks stand there out of sight of the boss and then place something heavy on or tie it down so that your bionicle continually attacks.

I used this spot with the green bionicle facing the raised area and he killed every thing before it droped down. In 6 hours you collect over 2.6 million legos, get all the kill Bohrok, Visorak & Vakhi achievements, and the kill 50, 100 & 250 times with all the hero's Just remeber to hit the every Hour or so to switch the character.
100% game completion40
100% game completion (4) 
This one is a tough one. I did it simply by having gold on every level, and buying everything in the store. Using the level I described above and getting all the lego pieces you want, it will make this very easy. You must get a lot of the canisters, but in my case, I was missing a few but still got the achievement. Others claim they had to get every canister as well. Try getting gold first and see if that will work. If not, then try for every canister. Sometimes it takes the canisters to get the gold. This is 1 achievement worth 40 points.

General tips to help make this easy: Buy the half off thing from the shop first. Upgrade Nuparu first fully. He is the easiest of them all to destroy a lot of things at once. Use him on the level specified (well unspecified) above, and you will gain as much lego pieces as you let it stand there for. Then buy every upgrade and the bonus levels with your huge amount of legos. Go kill the enemies over and over on the bonus stages to gain your enemy kills. Then go make sure you have gold medals on every level including the bonus stages and you should get 100%. If not, go get the rest of the canisters. I did not have to do this, in fact I still needed canisters from 3 different levels. If it won’t work for you, I got extremely lucky. Anyways, that should cut your time down from getting 100% of the game. Personally this game got old very fast and I fell asleep about 6 different days playing it.

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Travellers Tales


US November 14, 2006
Europe November 24, 2006

Resolution: 720p
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ESRB: Everyone
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