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Killed a Handyman by only shooting his heart.  

You must shoot a Handyman in certain part of his chest (his heart is in the center).

You may unlock this naturally as you encounter the Handymen but a good place to unlock it is Plaza of Zeal, after visiting the Gun Shop for the first time

Note: This takes place before "The Good Time Club", but the checkpoint will overwrite itself. If using chapter select, choose "Worker Induction Center", and go to the gun shop, trigger the story, and exit to go to this area. Also wearing a  dress attire to make you invincible after jumping off hooks/ skylines will help.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by LickableLemons7
Friday, February 01, 2013 @ 07:43:27 PM

Probably the most original "kill" related achievement on this list.

Comment #2 by Pakhair
Saturday, February 02, 2013 @ 02:40:32 PM

Loved the title, one for the awards

Comment #3 by PSYCHOxCHIBI
Sunday, February 03, 2013 @ 10:24:38 AM


Gonna be as tough as killing a Tank from L4D with just melee weapons.

Comment #4 by Vectorman953
Thursday, February 07, 2013 @ 08:29:11 AM

I wonder if a rocket launcher won't count because of splash damage. Although that would be a pretty hilarious loop-hole if it did count.

I'm thinking the best bet is trying to point-blank-shoot with a sniper-rifle (high damage and higher chance of missing the heart) or a powerful handgun (lower damage, but probably more accurate)

Comment #5 by BIG L RETURNS
Saturday, February 16, 2013 @ 04:42:00 PM

this is gonna be fun. one of those satisfying achievements when you see it pop you're just like "fuck yeah!"

Comment #6 by RedstoneFanatic
Thursday, March 14, 2013 @ 08:36:25 AM

They should have named this one 'Pistolero' because that's probably the best kind of weapon to do this with.

I wonder, does shooting his heart do more damage? Less?

Comment #7 by Jiggaok1
Friday, March 22, 2013 @ 11:48:02 AM

Smells like a sniper challenge to me

Comment #8 by RyanStimo
Sunday, March 24, 2013 @ 10:29:51 AM

It is a littke frustrating and best done on easy. When he attacks and hits you or does a few jumps he will do a repair or caugh animation. As soon as he stops you have a split second to shoot his heart. On easy it takes around 6 - 8 shots.

Comment #9 by CaptainHeroes
Tuesday, March 26, 2013 @ 01:38:34 AM

Location: Chapter 11 - The Plaza of Zeal

Handyman has great strength and speed and In order to get this achievement you should be studying his movements And do some things:-
1- DO NOT use any of VIGORS Because if you use VIGORS Will not be able to get the achievement
2- it's better to use the sniper weapon
3- You need to wait sometimes to renewed energy shield
If you killed him and did not get the achievement
repeat from last checkpoint

Comment #10 by Total Shinobi
Tuesday, March 26, 2013 @ 05:19:11 PM

I'm seeing a lot of achievements which look like they're going to be incredibly difficult to do if you're starting out on 1999 mode. I like that.

Comment #11 by NewSlang7
Wednesday, March 27, 2013 @ 12:28:26 AM

I got this on my very first handyman fight! (I was shocked). I was playing on normal and I used the carbine. I just ran around until I had a clear shot at his heart. I was not trying to get this achievement, I was just trying to survive so maybe it's not as hard as it seems?

Comment #12 by MythicWolf
Wednesday, March 27, 2013 @ 06:05:48 AM

We got a guide up!

Comment #13 by Aquily
Wednesday, March 27, 2013 @ 06:54:51 AM

I think I was just lucky it glitched. Right after the first time I looked for the gunsmith I grabbed one of the hooks and jumped on the canopy right to the factory sign. When he attacked me I jumped down and suddenly he was just looking at me like a useless pile of metal and stopped moving at all. I had all the time in the world to aim and take care of the sucker! :D

Comment #14 by Hadley78
Wednesday, March 27, 2013 @ 08:14:46 AM

This can be challenging but I got it on the the first Handyman on hard. I got up on the roof grabbed the sniper rifle behind the sign then made a beeline for the corners facing the good time club sign and the shantytown sign. It's a tight ledge but you can cross between the two roofs there, and depending on which one you on he will jump to. I chose to get him on the shantytown side mostly, and waited for him to jump up then backed up a but, if he coughs before anything just back off and try again his mannerisms are on a cycle, wait for him to jump up then back up and wait for the slam it will destroy your shield for the moment. The moment he does his cough or arm adjustment look to where his heart is at that moment, he will return to that position then the moment he dropped his arm fire. I

Comment #15 by Shabba
Wednesday, March 27, 2013 @ 11:31:53 AM

Real simple way and is totally cheap is die to him, he will be stationary near the club. Inch forward until you have a shot fire x2 sniper shots at his heart. Die again his health now significantly less on respawn repeat until he dead should take maybe 5 tries

Comment #16 by ADAMATR0N
Wednesday, March 27, 2013 @ 11:45:03 AM

I found another glitch using the docks side

Comment #17 by Norwegian 420
Wednesday, March 27, 2013 @ 03:34:02 PM

didn't get it. Only sniper shots to the heart on Hard mode. WTF

Comment #18 by BtG Woody
Wednesday, March 27, 2013 @ 09:58:19 PM

I got this against the first Handyman in the game using the carbine and shock jockey. I'm pretty sure I missed his heart several times, the floating combat text was white (not red) and didn't say critical, so I didn't think I would get it but the achievement popped anyways. Anybody else gotten this achievement when they thought they shouldn't have?

Comment #19 by georgio
Thursday, March 28, 2013 @ 03:43:00 AM

You just need the last shot to be his heart.

Comment #20 by meltinzone
Thursday, March 28, 2013 @ 08:12:37 AM

Easiest way, just after you talk to chinese lady and get beack to the street, directly above you on the roof is a sniper rifle. grab it. Then jump to the corner roof to the right of the shop you came out of, then jump to the roof just around the corner(direclty opposite the shop you came out of). The big guy will jump up there. Immediately hug the righthand side of that roof so he lunges at you, then jump down and back up to where you picked up the sniper from. He's stuck behind the powerlines on the roof oppostie you (the roof opposite the building you came out of) and therefore stands there all day. All you've then got to do is avoid shooting him when he cracks his hands/knuckles.

On Hard it takes a few reloads, but just keep shooting in the heart and it'll pop. :)

Comment #21 by AJDgaming
Thursday, March 28, 2013 @ 09:25:51 AM

Here is an HD video explaining exactly how to use the glitch. The only easy way to get this achievement

Comment #22 by valeo1993
Thursday, March 28, 2013 @ 09:48:43 AM

I got lucky when i did this. Soon as he spawned, I ran back into the room that leads to the gunsmith doors. First he got stuck behind Elizabeth, so i shot at him but he shocked charged me and killed me. After 3 or 4 times of trying this method, i almost gave up. I decided to do it one more time, I ran in there again and bolted to the workbench with the pistol on it and he got stuck in the door. I didn't hesitate, i unloaded my sniper into his heart and bam achievement. I don't think i should've gotten it because he was hitting the door, but oh well.

Comment #23 by Ebonarm
Friday, March 29, 2013 @ 02:12:50 AM

@19 is right. I laid into the one in chapter 11 and when the final shot came I hit his heart and the achievement popped. Not sure if that's intended or if it'll be patched later though.

Comment #24 by Jonesy201
Friday, March 29, 2013 @ 11:18:33 AM

I found that using the skyhooks tends to confuse him and get him to glitch (this is on the first handyman encounter). I just jumped from hook to hook until he lost me. Then he just stood still shouting. I picked him off with the sniper rifle. It did take a few attempts on hard to do it though.

Comment #25 by chaosworrier
Friday, March 29, 2013 @ 11:49:09 AM

Same as #18 - csrbine and Shock Jockey on Hard.

I tried to sniper his heart in the previous attempt and he owned me so I actually gave up and then got it by accident...

Comment #26 by Floyd.
Friday, March 29, 2013 @ 02:55:36 PM

All shots have to be the heart. Killed it multiple times with only the last shot hitting, and nothing. It worked after all shots were the heart.

Comment #27 by EternityInGaming
Friday, March 29, 2013 @ 07:42:52 PM

pretty tough heres advice and a video

Comment #28 by animusVOXone
Friday, March 29, 2013 @ 08:52:31 PM

Glitch/Exploit to get the Achievement:

Comment #29 by PmgD MrNice 85
Saturday, March 30, 2013 @ 11:46:18 AM

@28: thx works really good :)

Comment #30 by pet my head
Saturday, March 30, 2013 @ 02:16:25 PM

i got this while battling the last handyman on the hand of the prophet, he got stuck behind a wall and i just kept shooting his chest, i never even hit his heart

Comment #31 by DARTHMARC0720
Saturday, March 30, 2013 @ 02:17:44 PM

#19 verified. Might take a second try.

Comment #32 by Wilba1015
Saturday, March 30, 2013 @ 03:02:07 PM

I found a really easy way to do this achievement. Here's the link that I used to complete this achievement. I found it extremely helpful.

Comment #34 by Nerdie4U
Sunday, March 31, 2013 @ 09:25:28 PM

did this by accident in 1999 mode. basically i was shooting like crazy and using vigors then got killed by him when i got revived i had my pistol and shot him in the heart a few times then popped. maybe this is what some others can do also

Comment #35 by Alex1906
Monday, April 01, 2013 @ 11:15:52 AM

Handcannon worked best for me, although #24 had a good point jumping between two in plaza of Zeal confused Handyman.

Comment #36 by PRB325
Monday, April 01, 2013 @ 11:23:29 PM

This achievement is pretty annoying. I would recommend doing it on easy. Here's a guide:

Comment #37 by boyzalan
Tuesday, April 02, 2013 @ 12:02:00 AM

I just find an extremely easy way to get this... play on normal
Fight him till he has very little hp (doesn't matter if you hit him in the body) .. then just get yourself kill and respawn .. then aim at the heart to kill him

Comment #38 by CLAW3D
Tuesday, April 02, 2013 @ 01:35:41 AM

#21 has the best strategy I think. Got it on first attempt after watching that video :D

Comment #39 by peaches040108
Tuesday, April 02, 2013 @ 02:57:36 PM

Got this with the Hand Cannon right after leaving the gunsmith's shop for the first time. Took me several tries to do it, though. If you screw up, just restart the checkpoint and you can try again. :-)

Comment #40 by shenaniball bros
Tuesday, April 02, 2013 @ 09:21:25 PM

Comment #41 by gravelandx88
Wednesday, April 03, 2013 @ 09:21:18 PM

For me, the easiest way of doing this on Easy mode (after getting his attention):

1. Run inside the gun smiths shop.
2. Stand behind the counter and wait for the Handyman to pop in. The counter will act as a barrier between you two.
3. Pay attention to his attack pattern, he'll stop attacking for 2-3 seconds after 3 swings.
4. Shoot his heart, rinse and repeat.

(Your health will slowly go down after the 3rd hit but incase it gets really low, Elizabeth will supply you a health potion.)

Comment #42 by Sonnenberg
Thursday, April 04, 2013 @ 02:03:24 AM


You're wrong,

I used my vigors against the first handyman I saw and I got the cheevo...

Please don't post that if its not correct, some poor guy prob did this without his vigors lololol

Comment #43 by OO111111
Friday, April 05, 2013 @ 04:22:06 AM

I got it by standing on one of the archways to the left of the entrance of the Good Time Club. Just grabbed the sniper rifle, got in position, and sat there waiting for him to crack his knuckles, which left his heart vulnerable from like, an 80 degree vertical angle. He got pissed and managed to hit me once or twice, but it was nothing my shield couldn't handle. Most of the time, he just stands there below you looking up at you.

Comment #44 by OO111111
Friday, April 05, 2013 @ 04:23:31 AM

Should also mention that the position I was in was to the left of the door of the archway.

Comment #45 by jiffyner17
Friday, April 05, 2013 @ 03:40:30 PM

SUPER EASY WAY and it's still glitched :D *even better*

The guy is British for those of you who have a hard time understanding the accent; just pay attention to his movements and you can avoid the sentry by jumping off to the right instead of the left and using a sniper rifle to take down this bad boy.

easy peasy!

Comment #46 by uratitmouse
Friday, April 05, 2013 @ 09:15:23 PM

load the plaza of zeal..right were he first comes at you theres a barrier..i ducked behind it and he just keeps trying to attack you over the barrier...use a snipper and take him down

Comment #47 by for the G
Monday, April 08, 2013 @ 08:47:24 AM

On the mission after you find Chen Li crying over her husband you'll go outside and a handyman will spawn. Go back inside the building, (not through the loading screen ie "Do you want to leave this area" door just through the first one. The handyman should follow you in there. Get him to follow right into the back, near where you find the pistol. Then run as fast as you can and jump over the counter. The Handyman should be now stuck in the doorway. If he isn't already facing you when you are outside just walk up to him and he'll ground-pound and then he'll be facing you. On one of the roofs of the middle building there is a sniper. Pick that up and it should be ~7 shots to the heart to kill him. As said in other comments, turn on "Floating Combat Text" in the settings>Gameplay menu. If you

Comment #48 by Deadpixels1
Thursday, April 11, 2013 @ 01:05:02 PM

#37 is spot on. This is exactly how I got it and i did it on 1999 mode. Very Very very easy. I dreaded this one but last night did it with no problem.

Comment #49 by FirearmsKill
Saturday, April 13, 2013 @ 09:08:43 PM

@20 Thanks for the great and easy way to get this.

Comment #50 by Fudgemuch
Wednesday, April 17, 2013 @ 03:58:05 AM

@16 Worked perfectly.

Comment #51 by Malachi2012
Thursday, April 18, 2013 @ 04:05:38 AM

The third hardest achievement(in my opinion) only after the 1999 mode achievements. I did this with a sniper, just wait till he coughs or "fixes?" his arm. He usually leaves you with a split second to shoot his heart. A couple of times he stopped moving for like 10 seconds for me, and I got about 5 shots in his heart. Just be patient, don't rush it.

Comment #52 by Xprimentyl
Sunday, April 21, 2013 @ 06:54:23 AM

On the final handy man on the hand of the prophet, I whittled him down using vigors and the chaingun; final shot was a carbine to the love organ and this one popped for me, so I think it's just the killing blow that needs to hit the heart.

Comment #53 by Flynns
Sunday, April 21, 2013 @ 03:47:06 PM

#21 worked perfectly. Get him stuck on the small roof near where he spawns and blast away with the sniper rifle.

Comment #54 by JayneCobb
Thursday, April 25, 2013 @ 08:35:25 PM

I just got this on the very first handyman outside the gunsmith shop, pretty easily. Easy difficulty (right after a checkpoint, so not hard to reload and change that), hand cannon, with handyman nemesis and head master equipped (no other damage gears), it was 4 shots. However, EVERY SHOT HAD TO BE IN THE HEART, not just the last - I tested that last-shot thing three times just to be certain, before popping it. Must've been patched.

Comment #55 by shinrai91
Friday, April 26, 2013 @ 02:19:35 PM

Pretty easy as long as you are patient. Still took me a few tries before i actually got it.

Comment #56 by Zombiedrd
Friday, May 03, 2013 @ 11:42:45 PM

I just thought I should let people know that the latest patch fixed the glitch for the gun shop one. He can very well jump off now.

Comment #57 by Blue Thunder28
Sunday, May 05, 2013 @ 01:20:31 PM

#21 worked like a charm, thanks.

Comment #58 by SweetBlackMagic
Monday, May 06, 2013 @ 04:13:14 PM

Finally got this. Even after they patched the "standing still" glitch, the easiest place is still outside the Gunsmith's shop. I had the Hand Cannon already, which made things easier, plus the Handyman Nemesis Gear equipped. Took me five shots with the Hand Cannon. You'll eventually figure out the pattern. There are some points where he stands completely still for like a second...but others where it appears he's going to and swings at you immediately. Once you figure that out, you can just wait for the longer pause and be golden!

Comment #59 by GaryYEAH
Wednesday, May 08, 2013 @ 02:21:42 PM

Here's the best way to get the Achievement, guys 'n' girls:



Comment #60 by fede_pyro
Tuesday, May 21, 2013 @ 06:09:44 PM

it no longer stay still with the patch, but in te location of the video above it's great, just got the achievement in normal dificulty on xbox,in plaza of zeal after first visiting chen lin's gunshop, staying between a stepsladder and a green vehicle moving around the vehicle and shooting with the hand cannon to the handy when he stops that second after he electrify the floor and wave his arm

Comment #61 by willmeandeadly0000
Sunday, May 26, 2013 @ 04:41:30 PM

I got from I glitch. I was right after discover the chinese weapon maker was dead with his wife. The handman jumps down and stops moving. So I pulled out my hand cannon and start firing at the heart. Achievement pops up.

Comment #62 by Ronin Tsarevich
Friday, May 31, 2013 @ 04:42:39 PM

Really that easy with the glitch? Man i have to check this out.

Comment #63 by TheyCallMeNis
Friday, June 07, 2013 @ 09:26:45 AM

Handymen on 1999 are a nightmare. experienced 3 so far in the game and I just got passed chapter 32 i believe.

Comment #64 by pizzaknight
Wednesday, June 19, 2013 @ 07:50:46 PM

This one was hard

I used the revolver and shot him when he stops to stretch his arm or something like that

Comment #65 by d3m0man360
Tuesday, June 25, 2013 @ 01:09:05 AM

Here's one solution I have, before your first encounter with the handyman, when you enter the plaza, there is a sniper rifle you can pick up in the shed to your left. When you encounter the handyman, it's helpful if you play this is on easy, he actually stops so you can get a chance to shoot him with the sniper rifle

Comment #66 by Darth Sidneous
Monday, July 01, 2013 @ 01:21:08 PM

Oh man. This is going to take forever and a day. Omw to gas station, gonna need a redbull.

Comment #67 by r3volv3r789
Saturday, August 03, 2013 @ 08:45:07 AM

FYI as of todays date, on 1999 mode the video's glitch doesnt work, but it does work on all other modes

Comment #68 by ZQQLANDER
Thursday, August 15, 2013 @ 12:26:30 PM

Can this be done in CitC?

Comment #69 by smallcentipede3
Saturday, August 17, 2013 @ 10:23:15 AM

Would deleting the update allow it to be glitched again?

Comment #70 by bullhead65
Wednesday, September 04, 2013 @ 09:01:38 PM

I am going to try this first without the glitch and if i cant get then ill resort to the glitch

Comment #71 by wearifulosprey9
Tuesday, September 10, 2013 @ 03:53:59 PM

Ok here's a relatively quick guide for anyone who like me, on their first play through killed the first 2 Handymen without song able to or forgetting to do this achieve.

So I managed to get this whilst fighting the Third Handyman ( The one who you face after being in the elevator ) ok so I dealt with a few waves of guys in the area first before the handyman spawns, Then as soon as he arrives and Elizabeth shouts "ITS A HANDYMAN!" I ran for my life! I didn't grab no shoes or nothing Jesus! To the dollar bill machine in the far right corner that sells health etc, put my back up against the wall and waited for the handyman to pummel me, used the vending machine to restore health,then on the few occasions where the handyman stops attacking I shot him in the heart with a hand cannon, it did

Comment #72 by wearifulosprey9
Tuesday, September 10, 2013 @ 03:57:23 PM

take about 5 tries to get it and I only used the hand cannon to avoid weapon spread but I knew when I done it :)

He took about 12 rounds, shotgun would work too asking as your careful !

Comment #73 by IbdwIRascal
Saturday, October 19, 2013 @ 08:53:38 PM


Load Plaza of Zeal Chapter.
Pick up the Hand Cannon behind you (present from Fink).
Go to Chen Lin's (Gunsmith) Shop for the first time.
Progress and complete the dialog within.
Exit, triggering the Handyman.
Lure him towards the stage (where the job auction took place earlier).
Run back into the gun shop, allowing the doors to close.
As he approaches, walk back through the door opening it outwards into him.
The result will be a frozen Handyman!

Comment #74 by Doubledeez360
Wednesday, November 20, 2013 @ 10:49:36 AM

Oy! I'm going to have to use the glitch that was described here because I couldn't get it normally.

Comment #75 by KyoshiRose
Wednesday, January 01, 2014 @ 08:47:19 PM

Normally I use the upgraded shotgun and ran around until I got close enough but I'm gonna try the Sniper Rifle from a distance and see if that works. Great strategies.

Comment #76 by Alec216
Tuesday, February 04, 2014 @ 02:31:43 AM

I don't know how I got this. Used vigors, firing all over the place with a shotgun, and somehow it popped! No idea how!

Comment #77 by YungAssasin32
Tuesday, March 18, 2014 @ 03:07:57 PM

i ran into the gunsmiths when he was outside at the bottom of the stairs i then ran behind the counter and he just stood there shot him with the sniper and cheevo popped

Comment #78 by mccse
Saturday, January 10, 2015 @ 03:32:28 PM

I think I got this on accident/glitch, so happy when I did though.

Comment #79 by PsychicPsycho 0
Sunday, March 29, 2015 @ 05:31:45 PM

Some people say all shots, some people say last shot. I don't know whats up with it, but this is what happened to me-

I tried going for it a couple times during the first encounter. I missed his heart each time, so I thought 'this sucks, maybe something later makes this more straightforward'. So I proceeding fighting however I wanted. I know I used vigors, but I don't remember exactly where I shot him. I think I happened to hit the last in the heart though, and that did it.

So it looks like it's different for each player.

Comment #80 by Artuero
Wednesday, December 02, 2015 @ 03:39:06 PM

I got the achievement without going for it. In fact I think I did not deserve it because I had set up some shock traps that I am pretty sure hit him, and I also had Elizabeth activate an automated gun and automated rocket (the last handyman on the command deck or whatever it is before the main battle). Those must have gotten him at some point since we were running around. I was just firing madly with a carbine and got the achievement.

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