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Collected all Audio Diaries and Voxophones in Burial at Sea – Episode 2.   

Click HERE for a complete guide on all collectibles with pictures by bs000.

There are 25 Diaries and Voxophones to collect. Some are needed with a Lockpick to open doors you can buy them for $18 from vending machines if you save up or find them.

Note: There is a side mission you must do for one of the Audio Diaries. It requires you to find FOUR code transmitters. It will open up a hidden room in Mantaray Lounge where you’ll have to turn the three wine bottles.

- You can use the Peeping Tom plasmid to spot collectibles through walls, when you get the plasmid upgrade that allows you to use it without EVE when standing still.

-If you missed some don’t worry you can go back into each chapter and select the ones you missed, even if you finished the main DLC story.

Location: Cupid's Arrow
Audio Log 1 - Laissez-Faire: The first one doesn't appear for awhile. Coming out of Ryan The Lion Preparatory Academy through the red EXIT sign, you'll see Cupid's Arrow shop to the left. Pry open the door and it's on a shelf on the left inside.

Audio Log 2 - The Blue Dress: To the very right of the previous log is an employee’s only door requiring one lock pick. Inside is the next audio log, behind the dress on display. Don't forget to grab the Peeping Tom plasmid while you're here.

Extra Note: After getting off the elevator a little later, you'll arrive at a large Bathyspheres Deluxe hub area. I suggest following the main quest straight to the Silver Fin Restaurant before exploring the other shops because some areas are inaccessible until you go there. There's less backtracking this way and the story brings you back anyway.

Location: The Silver Fin Restaurant
Audio Log 3 - Pennies on the Dollar: Once you reach the Lutece Device, turn around and jump over the counter into the kitchen area where you'll find this log on a desk.

Audio Log 4 - Imprinting Roadblocks: Also in the area of the Lutece Device, find the stairs to the left of it. Once you're on top of the stairs, it's on the desk to the left.

Location: Test-Drive
Audio Log 5 - This Atlas Guy: Once you're finished in the restaurant and return to the Bathysphere Deluxe area, find the Test Drive shop. Go through the employee’s only door and find the log on a desk inside.

Audio Log 6 - For All Occasions: Go down the stairs on the left of Test Drive.Once the door is opened for you, head down the stairs and find the diary on the round table in the central area.

Audio Log 7 - Old Man Winter Giveaway: From the previous diary, look under the stairs for another diary on the desk.

Audio Log 8 - Prison Intel. Dispatch #8: And immediately after diary #7,go to the room where you pick up the Old Man Winter plasmid. Go to the room behind it and grab the diary from the body.

Coded Transmission #1 - There is an optional side mission to collect four coded transmissions. You need to collect all four to gain access to a room later on that contains an audio log. This first transmission is near audio diary #8. In the room where you pick up the Old Man Winter plasmid, go to the room on the right and pick up the clipboard on the desk.

Coded Transmission #2 - Exit the Test Drive shop, back to the Bathyspheres Deluxe area. Find the Information shop across from Test Drive. Find a clipboard on a desk in the back for this code.

Coded Transmission #3 - Exit the Information area and find the shop with a Medicine From Your Pal Atlas banner above the door. Go inside and then through the door to your immediate left to find a clipboard on the counter.

Location: Service Bay
Audio Log 9 - Building the Impossible!: Eventually you'll find yourself inside the Service Bay area (which is also located in the Bathyspheres Deluxe hub) as part of the main quest where you look for a CO2 scrubber. Play until you get a short cutscene with Elizabeth talking about The Sting ray submersible.The Stingray is the red bathysphere near the top of the room. Straight across on the opposite end of this room is a locked door. You'll find a diary right on the other side of this door.

Coded Transmission #4 - From diary #9, go to the first room on the right and find the clip board on the desk. You're now ready to complete this side mission when you go to the Mantaray Lounge later.

Audio Log 10 - Hooligans: Return to the room where The Stingray is. Go to the locker room on the right and find this one in a sink there.

Audio Log 11 - So Long, Suckers!: Still in the Stingray room, use your skyhook on one of the fixtures near the roof. An audio diary is in one of the white bathyspheres.

Location: Mantaray Lounge
Audio Log 12 - C'est La Vie: After getting the CO2 scrubber and returning to the Bathyspheres Deluxe hub, go to the Mantaray Lounge upstairs.When you get to the big yellow banner, pick up the diary from the body to the left on the floor.

Audio Log 13 - Atlas Provides: Way in the back of the Mantaray Lounge is a locked door. Through the door is a plasmid mod and a diary at the bottom of steps.

Audio Log 14 - You Stupid Bastard: Go back through the door you just unlocked and straight across from there you'll see 3 wine bottles in a row.This is what the coded transmissions were for. Turn all 3 bottles to gain access to this room and the diary inside.

Location: Columbia
Audio Log 15 - The Quality of Mercy: This is where the game transitions into voxophones. Play until you use a vent to get outside of The First Lady.There is a door to your immediate left. Go inside, go inside another door to the left for this voxophone.

Audio Log 16 – Sacrifices (Lots of people miss this one): Turn around and go back outside. You'll see an airship straight across from you. Use your skyhook on the railing above you and dismount onto that airship. Find the voxophone inside.

Audio Log 17 - Stay the Hand: Play until you find a giant cog symbol on the ground that says Efficient Workers on it. Inside the building right in front of it there's a desk with the next voxophone.

Audio Log 18 - The Lazarus Project: Play until you reach the room with a giant clock in the middle of the floor. Go to the room labeled Sleep and collect the voxophone inside.

Audio Log 19 - No Profit for the Prophets: Turn the clock to the room labeled Leisure to open it. The next voxophone is inside.

Audio Log 20 - Necessary Precautions: Play until you get off an elevator. Go through the first door on the right. Up the stairs you'll see a giant golden statue. The first room on the right from there contains the next voxophone.

Audio Log 21 - Childish Fears: Look for the Handyman Surgical Suite which is also near the giant statue. Find the Parts Inventory room full of handyman parts in this area and the voxophone on a desk inside.

Audio Log 22 - The Greater Good: Go back to the entrance of the Surgical Suite. Climb into the vent on the wall. On the other side is a man in a lab coat and a locked door. Through the locked door there's a voxophone on the table.

Audio Log 23 - Table Scraps: On your way to the hair sample, you might notice a voxophone through a window. The room is locked by an emergency gate. Play until you have the hair sample. You'll then pull a lever that opens all the emergency doors and you can grab the voxophone on your way back to thet ear.

Dr. Suchong's Free Clinic
Audio Log 24 - Product Recall: Play until you're thrown off a bathysphere. Go down the main path. Keep your eyes peeled for a diary on the right side part way through the hallway it's in a locker.

Audio Log 25 - Mind Control Test: Play until you get past the Big Daddy blocking the path. Hug the right wall and enter the room labeled Cognitive Conversion to find the final audio log inside.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by coop722
Wednesday, March 26, 2014 @ 12:03:38 AM

Took about 6 hours to find all these and beat the DLC. Video of locations should be put up sometime tonight, just got to wait for rendering time!

Comment #2 by TH3 XB0X G3N1U5
Wednesday, March 26, 2014 @ 03:23:31 AM

I probably had at least 22 or 23 out of 25 on my first, blind run. If I start a new game on easy, do I keep everything I've found, or must I start again from zero?

Comment #3 by Cellophaneflwrs
Wednesday, March 26, 2014 @ 06:38:32 AM

#2: I'm pretty you keep everything you've found. Seems to be the status quo in re: bioshock

Comment #4 by ArcanumEspers
Wednesday, March 26, 2014 @ 10:30:49 AM

Here's a video for locating all the Audio Diaries & Voxophones.

Comment #5 by THEDUD3
Wednesday, March 26, 2014 @ 03:51:13 PM

Here is a video guide for this achievement

Comment #6 by Strigon04
Thursday, March 27, 2014 @ 05:41:17 PM

when you get to the first lady make sure to jump on the sky-line and land on the wing of the first lady there an easy to miss one in side

Comment #7 by edgecrusher02
Monday, April 07, 2014 @ 03:23:32 PM

Surprisingly, I actually got this on my first run with no guide. I NEVER get the "Collect all (insert whatever here)" achievements without a guide. I'm just going to assume this means they were extra easy to find.

Comment #8 by BeatboxingKing
Saturday, April 19, 2014 @ 10:50:50 PM

Thanks for the videos :)

Comment #9 by synchro
Friday, April 24, 2015 @ 03:47:04 AM

i wouldn't worry if you didn't get all the audiologs/voxes first time round... i missed the first 3 in BaS part 1 [the first 3!! can you believe that? i was not under threat, plenty of time to look around and i still didn't find them!]

but, after i went back a couple of chapters to destroy the 10th machine gun to get the 10 MG turret cheevo, i went back to Booker's office in 1st chapter [note: NOT restart... i don't think restarting will help you] and got the first 3 audiologs to get the achievements.

phew!! had me worried !!!

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