Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien Achievement Guide

Guide By: Hurricane of 87
There are 26 achievements with a total of 400 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 26 [400]
- Online: 0 [0]
- Approximate amount of time to 400: 18-25 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3 playthroughs of 100 different levels
- Missable achievements: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes! Difficulties do NOT stack. All 3 difficulties are unlocked from the beginning. You will be required to play every level 3 times, once on each difficulty, scoring a Perfect+ at the end of each run. Perfect Perfectionist, Triple Perfectionist, Double Perfectionist, Hardcore and You Are AWESOME are all affected by difficulty.
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

Get ready to run as CommanderVideo adventures across the Hypersphere to stop TimbleTot and reunite with his courageous contingent of charismatic compatriots. Being blasted by an unreality beam can be a real inconvenience sometimes!
100 levels of running, jumping, sliding, blocking, slide-jumping, kicking and...did I mention running? 100 of these lie in wait, tasking you with combining the above skills to see these obstacle courses through and nab all the Gold en route before treating you to the piece de resistance, shooting yourself out of a cannon face first at a target. It's the only way to fly.

Ultimately you can boil the achievements down to "Perfect Perfectionist", "A New Challenger", "Multiple Personalities" and "You Are AWESOME".

Get "A New Challenger" out of the way immediately, the first few levels are very easy and it only needs to be done once. Apart from that achievement ALWAYS hit the checkpoint (Red barrier) in the middle of the level. Only the penultimate level in World 5 and Boss Levels have more than one checkpoint.

Aim to obtain all Gold and all Mode Ups within every level, everytime from the very beginning of the game. This will mean you have gotten a "Perfect" on this level and allow you to shoot yourself out of a cannon to obtain a "Perfect+" at the same time. The target at which you shoot your runner is always static and never has any gimmicks blocking your shot at any point. The distance from the target seems consistent across all levels so when you get a feel for the right time to shoot you should be nailing these bullseyes consistently. The only difference between these end-of-level targets is in World 5, The BIT.TRIP, where the target changes visual appearance to something more square, but otherwise the task is exactly the same and the same timing that's gotten you bullseyes before should serve you well here.

If at any point you miss some Gold or Mode Ups I'd recommend killing your runner ASAP and returning to the previous checkpoint. You'll need to collect all of the Gold again but it's faster than restarting the levels from scratch or finishing with anything less than Perfect, which is ultimately worthless.

All regular levels take about 45 to 120 seconds. The speed at which you run, the amount of Gold or Mode Ups to collect and number of checkpoints is the same on all difficulties. Higher difficulties only means more enemies/obstacles to encounter on your run. Find out which of the 3 difficulties suits you best for you first run as knocking these courses off on your way to Perfect Perfectionist is a lot shorter than you'd expect.

If you've returned to get some treasure on a level you've already Perfect+ed once already, try it on one of the other difficulties so that you can get it out of the way ASAP. When going for treasure follow the red signs within a level. You will still find enough Gold & Mode Ups to fulfill the Perfect requirements of the level on these alternate routes.

As for Alternate Exits/blue routes, sometimes it is NOT possible to get a Perfect while going for these as the alternative routes just don't give you enough Gold. This varies so perhaps run them on a lower yet-to-be-done difficulty just in case you fall short.

As soon as you've found a new character, change to them and you can start working towards Multiple Personalities immediately.

The majority of the Rewards that make up 9 of the achievements here, culminating in You Are AWESOME, will come to you naturally on your route to Perfect Perfectionist. You'll only need to go out of your way to dance and collect treasure.

Retro levels are completely unnecessary to obtaining achievements.
There are 5 levels in each of the 5 worlds containing a Retro Cartridge (A yellow rectangle), they are not shown next to the level name like uncollected chests until you have physically ran into them. You've 3 lives in these retro levels but don't worry as you can access them direct from the world map once you've found them by pressing over the level they were found within. Those completed are marked with a star. It is NOT necessary to collect all the gold in these retro levels. Doing all 25 of these will unlock the CommanderVideo retro costume. This doesn't count towards the 40 treasures. I'd recommend avoiding these retro cartridges as the will cut short all the progress you've made in your current run of that level.

[We would like to thank Hurricane Of 87 for this Roadmap]

First Steps10
Completed 10 Rewards. 

Please refer to the "You Are AWESOME" achievement.

On Your Way10
Completed 20 Rewards. 

Please refer to the "You Are AWESOME" achievement.

Jogging Along10
Completed 30 Rewards. 

Please refer to the "You Are AWESOME" achievement.

Going Somewhere15
Completed 40 Rewards. 

Please refer to the "You Are AWESOME" achievement.

Sir Trots-A-Lot15
Completed 50 Rewards. 

Please refer to the "You Are AWESOME" achievement.

Running Steady15
Completed 60 Rewards. 

Please refer to the "You Are AWESOME" achievement.

Good Stride20
Completed 70 Rewards. 

Please refer to the "You Are AWESOME" achievement.

Completed 80 Rewards. 

Please refer to the "You Are AWESOME" achievement.

You are AWESOME30
Completed all 90 Rewards. 

Although 90 rewards sounds like a tall order many of them are just smaller breadcrumbs on the way up the ladder. i.e. Collect 1,000 Gold! Collect 2,000 Gold! Collect 3,000 Gold! and so on.

These 90 rewards are split into 9 categories and each can be simplified into the following tasks:

Score: Total Score of 200,000,000.
You typically score over 1,000,000 per level if you Perfect them.

Jump: Jump 10,000 times and Get 1 Hour of Air-Time.
Hold A to glide after jumping to get more air-time.

Attack: Kick 500 Obstacles.
This ability is obtained on World 1, level 8, Triposphere Cumuliform.

Attack: Slide Kick 200 Obstacles.
This ability is obtained on World 2, level 7, Tern N' Cough.

Attack: Jump on 200 Trampolines.
These are first encountered on World 1, level 12, Cloud Canter.

Avoid: Jump Over 1,000 Obstacles.

Avoid: Block 500 Beats.
This ability is obtained on World 1, level 13, Winding Wild Windworks.

Avoid: Slide Under 500 Obstacles.
This ability is obtained on World 1, level 5, Cloud Surfer.

Gold: Collect 7,000 Gold.
Each level has an average of 40 Gold bars. Gold from levels you've already completed will count towards this total.
Gold from Retro levels also counts.

Explore: Find All 40 Treasures.
Treasures are boxes/chests. You'll know a level has one if a chest appears next to the level name in the top left of the screen.
It'll be grayed out if you've not collected it yet. If there is a key next to the chest you'll need to complete the Key Vault level in that world first.
To get to a Key Vault level just follow the blue route in the level that is next to the Key Vault on the map.
Simply complete the Key Vault stage as normal to obtain the key for that world.

Following the red routes will lead you in the right direction of the treasure within a level.

Difficulty: Finish 50 levels on Quite Easy.
Finish 100 levels on Just Right.
Finish 100 levels on Rather Hard. Perfects not required.

Dance: Dance for 1 Hour. I got this roughly 12 and a half hours into the game by hitting whenever the space was available.
This ability is obtained on World 2, level 1, Brine Time.

Perfect: Get a Triple Perfect+ in one level. See "Perfect Perfectionist" achievement.

Perfect: Get a Perfect+ in 100 levels.
Can be done on the same levels using different difficulties, for example a Triple Perfect+ would count for 3 of these.

Cloud King10
What were those giant things in the background of World 1? You are pretty sure you have no idea. 

Finish World 1, story related and cannot be missed.

Water Strider15
Mucked through the Emerald Brine. 

Finish World 2, story related and cannot be missed.

Super Tree Hugger20
Evolved past the Supernature. 

Finish World 3, story related and cannot be missed.

Feel the Burn25
How did you manage to get through the Mounting Sadds? 

Finish World 4, story related and cannot be missed.

Future Legend30
Back on track to your FATE. 

Finish World 5, story related and cannot be missed.

Beat all levels on hard. That's something! (2) 

Just complete all 100 levels on Rather Hard difficulty. These do not need to be Perfects.

Refer to the Stats menu on the main screen to see how many levels you've finished on Hard as non-Perfect's will not be visually represented if that level has already been Perfected on another difficulty.

Perfect Runned each level. 

Just collect all the Gold and Mode Ups on each level before finishing, or just finish in the case of boss fights.

These do not need to be done on the same difficulty. i.e. 50 Quite Easy and 50 Just Right will do, as long as every level is covered.

Perfect Perfectionist50
Triple Perfect+ed the entire game. Holy crap! 

To obtain a Pefect+ on a level you will need to:
Collect all the Gold
Collect all the Mode Ups
Hit the bullseye at the end of the stage

You will need to do this on all 3 difficulties for each stage.

Check the Stats page on the main menu to see how many levels you've Triple Perfect+ed

If this hasn't popped for you, take another look at World 2's Key Vault stage Wet Deepness, the giant pelican on the map can obscure the + on the Quite Easy exclamation point.
Also World 4's Wrongledoo can also have it's Quite Easy's + obscured by a spiky rock.

A New Challenger5
Checkpoints are for suckers! (1) 

Just hop over the red fence in the middle of any level then finish the level off. Can be done on any difficulty.

Who Dat!?10
You made a new friend. 

In every world there is a hidden character.
These hidden characters are found in secret levels.
These secret levels are apparent on the map by having a yellow dotted line leading to them and an empty yellow circle around them.
Play the level that the yellow dotted line connects to and follow the blue path to find the alternate exit that leads to the secret level.

Simply play and finish the secret level as you would any other to obtain the respective characters.

Better Than Perfect5
Got 5 Perfect+s, one in each World. 

Simply get a Perfect+ in at least one level in all 5 worlds.

Double Perfectionist10
Double Double Perfected once in each World. 

Refer to the "Triple Perfectionist" achievement

Triple Perfectionist20
Triple Triple Perfected once in each World. 

The game has 5 worlds. You will need to score a Perfect on 3 levels from each world on all 3 difficulties.

Secret Achievements
Multiple Personalities10
Beat 30 levels as alternate characters. Way to go! 

Using CommanderVideo or CommanderGirlVideo will NOT count for this achievement.

The first alternate character is Unkle Dill.
Play Winding Wild Windworks in World 1 and follow the blue path to the level's alternate exit.
Play and finish Every Cloud to unlock Unkle Dill.

Press while on the level map to select Unkle Dill from the available characters and keep on playing!

Dancing Fool5
You got the fever and danced 100 times. (1) 

You'll obtain the Dance ability in the first stage of World 2, The Emerald Brine. Just press when the area in front of you is clear to dance.

Perfect+?! That's unpossible! 

Collect all the available Gold in a level and all 4 Mode Ups (Red Pluses "+"), then cross the finish line to obtain a Perfect.

Doing this also gives you the opportunity to shoot yourself out of a cannon at a target. Landing in the Bullseye will give you a Perfect+ result.
Get used to it, you'll need to do this 300 times!

You warned the Athenians of the oncoming Persian army! 

You'll get this naturally, roughly about 2 to 3 hours into the game.

Game Info
Gaijin Games
Aksys Games


US February 27, 2013

HDD Space Required : 825 mb
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