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BlackSite: Area 51 Achievement Guide

Guide By: The Pants Party, Wooah
There are 44 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline 27 (575 )
- Online 17 (425 )
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 10-15 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Are there any achievements that can be missed? Yes, Beware! Octopus Dog!, Rapture, Master Delegator, Investigator, and all weapon achievements can be missed if you don't try for them.
- Glitched achievements? No
- Does difficulty effect achievements? Yes

Welcome to the Blacksite: Area 51 road map. The game isn't really bad at all, and the achievements are easy, but time consuming. The game plays like almost every other shooter.

Step #1: Easy Playthrough
OK, so start up a game on easy. In this playthrough collect all of the Dossier files (a great guide can be found HERE), go for focus fire kills, beat down Dredges for Beware! Octopus Dog!, you should get Professional Motivator by just playing, and go for individual weapon achievements, which are, Small But Mighty, Magic Bullets, Long Distance Charges May Apply, Meatseeker, Geometry Kills, and Dodge This!. By the end of this playthrough you'll also have acquired the achievements for completing Episodes 1-6, The Downward Spore, and I Said Drop And Roll!.

Step #2: Normal and Hard difficulties
Now, if you want to get these achievements as fast as possible, there is a glitch. After you complete the game on Easy, load up the last checkpoint of the Episodes on Normal and Hard (they don't stack). Complete that Episode, and repeat for the other 5. If you want to play through the game three times and work on focus fire kills and Reborn kills, that's fine as well as the game is pretty easy even on Hard.

Step #3: Weapon Kills
This is the reason why this game is a 4/10 difficulty. If Look Upon My Works and Despair! didn't exist, this game would be a 2/10. You need to kill 400 enemies with every single weapon. There is no tracker either, so you have to guess as to when you have 400 kills with each one. I made a checklist and tallied off every five kills with each weapon, but it wasn't really effective. The best place to try this is any later level with a Spore Tower, as they'll provide a good amount of weapons and ammo, and as long the Tower stays standing, unlimited Dredges. This and Vae Victus will take up the most time. You'll also get Going for The Gusto! and Instrument of Your Doom! at 100 and 200 kills with each weapon.

Step #4: Campaign Mop Up.
If you didnt get 250 Reborn or 250 Focus Fire kills start up level 2 on easy and just keep playing until they pop.

Step #5: Online Multiplayer
The online achievements for this game are very easy for the most part. If you want to find people to boost with, check THIS thread. Host a ranked Capture the Flag game with whatever rules you want and win. You should get Home Field Advantage, Boot Camp, ...And Justice For All, Flag Feeler, Always Remember Your First, and Exposed. Try to find someone who already has the viral achievement Blacksite Virus Carrier so that you can get the achievement as well. Win ranked games of every other type to get the achievements for playing that type - Around the Block and King of the Block. Just keep playing CTF games and winning and you'll get Flag Dealer and Vae Victus. Either boost or play really well to get The Skulls of the Vanquished.

Enjoy your 1000! Thank you for reading my road map!

x360a would like to thank Vitiate for this Road Map

Completed Episode 110
Complete Episode 1: Iraq    
There are two parts that might give you trouble in this level. When you first get in the vehicle, make sure you're aiming for explosive things to take out the enemies quickly. Also take out anyone on turrets quick, as they do massive damage. The other is at the end when Noa is calling the elevator. Aim a bit in front of you on the turret and keep sweeping back and forth to take out all the exploding crawling guys before they reach you and explode in your face.
Completed Episode 210
Complete Episode 2: Quarantine    
Only one tough part here. During the first part in the vehicle, make sure you don't run into anything. When you get to the section with the car blocking your way, sneak by the right of it without hitting it, then quickly take the left path. You need to be fast during this part or the helicopter will gun you down.
Completed Episode 310
Complete Episode 3: Rachel    
The helicopter battle at the end can be difficult. Just make sure when you shoot him a few times and then he goes behind the drive-in screen that you snipe him quick when he pops out and then quickly hide behind something, because he's going to fire a rocket at you.
Completed Episode 410
Complete Episode 4: Counter Insurgency    
Nothing very difficult about this level except for the Spore Tower. See that achievement for tips.
Completed Episode 510
Complete Episode 5: Topside    
First Fire Brute here, but it is no different than the Spore Tower. Go into the tower on the right of the plaza and fire out the window. Crawling guys will come at you through the doorway periodically, so watch out for that.
Completed Episode 610
Complete Episode 6: Wrecked    
For the final battle, you need to shoot the orange glow at an angle to deactivate the green beams and orange walls. The biggest hindrance during this battle is the enemies that will come from the upper right and in front of you, as well as two each on the platform you need to shoot from. Take it slow and pick those off before moving forward. Once those are all gone, you'll fight Somers and it will basically be a deathmatch, so take cover and pick him off a few shots at a time until he's dead.
Threat Level Yellow25
Complete all episodes on Yellow (easy) difficulty     
See "Threat Level Red" for more information.
Threat Level Orange35
Complete all episodes on Orange (medium) difficulty     
See "Threat Level Red" for more information.
Threat Level Red50
Complete all episodes on Red (hard) difficulty     (3) 
These achievements unfortunately DO NOT stack. However, once you play through the game once (go with Casual to make it easy on yourself), you can use level select to choose the final part of each individual level on the other difficulties to get credit for them. Once you have done this with all six missions, you get the next difficulty achievement. The levels do not have to be done in order or at the same time. You can do two in Red, then switch to Orange and so on, just so long as they all get done at some point.
The Downward Spore10
Bring down a Spore Tower    
Much like bosses from Lost Planet, just shoot the glowing sections. This appears to be somewhat glitchy as well, most people have reported that it won't unlock if you shoot anything else during the battle, so focus only on the tower and you won't have a problem.
I said Drop and Roll!10
Bring down a Fire Brute    
Same idea as the Spore Tower, just get behind it with a rocket launcher. Same glitch applies with this as with Spore Tower, so focus only on the boss and ignore any other enemies except the crawling exploding things, those don't glitch it.
Beware! Octopus Dog!10
Kill more than 25 Drudge using only melee   (1) 
You're going to want to do this on Casual, since their melee will easily kill you on higher difficulties. Might take two hits, but just smack them by clicking in the right thumbstick and they'll go down. This does not have to be done at the same time or even on the same level/difficulty. The last section of the second level has several Octopus Dogs that jump over the walls before the helicopter arrive. If you don't unlock this achievement by the end of the game, you can reload this point and just melee them and quit out. You can get the twenty-five kills in less than thirty minutes.
Kill more than 250 Reborn    
Reborn are the army soldiers turned alien. They are plentiful during the campaign, but when you get to the part in level four where you need to command your squad to blow up the pipe as they walk through the mountainside, just keep killing them until the achievement pops. They won't stop coming until you do the objective.
Collect a Dossier    
See "Investigator" for more information.
Master Delegator20
Get the squad to help you get more than 250 Focus Fire Kills   (2) 
Anytime you target an enemy, hit  to put the target symbol above its head. I'm not 100% positive, but I think you need to let them get a shot in before you kill it. I did a large combination of targeting and killing them myself, targeting and letting them shoot before I killed them and targeting and letting them do the entire kill. Somewhere along the line, I got the achievement. Use the pipe section in level four to do this quickly.
Professional Motivator20
Get the squad to High Morale more than 20 times   
To get your team to high morale you need to perform well in battle. Try not to take much damage or hide and make ample use of the targeting command by hitting  to put the target over an enemy's head before you kill them. This is very easy to do on Casual and gets increasingly difficult on Hard/Expert.
Collect all Dossiers    

1. In the compound you storm, after going around the catwalk on the upper level, you basically run right into it on a desk in the corner of the room.
2. After the room where the guys surrendered and after the turn on the catwalk, head to the left corner.
3. In the room where you first meet Noa.
4. When you go in the door with stairs on your left and right, head up the left.
5. After you enter the mosque and drop through the broken floor, directly to the left.
6. After you breach the bunker (after the loading screen), head into the room on your right.
7. After you trap and kill three guys with your friends on the catwalk, go through the doors and up the stairs to your right.
8. In the room with the fenced off elevator shaft and the generator, behind a blue tarp.

9. As you are going through the canyon, there is a long stretch of rocks with a dossier at the very end.
10. When you get to the road, follow it to the right all the way to a blockade.
11. Directly to the left after you open the fence where the car crashes.
12. At a bend in the road you'll be attacked by the exploding crawlers and a Graboid thing, it is by the oil pump on the left.
13. Behind a trailer across the road from the Little Ale Inn.
14. To the right of the building the guy hides in at the Little Ale Inn.
15. Out back of the weigh station, drive down the slop into the causeway and turn left. In the left drain pipe.
16. When you meet up with 4th Infantry, in the right tower with the turret.
17. In the ladies room next to the train wreck.
18. As you navigate through the train wreck, just before you pass through the final train car to get to the truck, go into the train car on your left.

19. After surviving the first battle in the store, go out the door in the back corner.
20. On the rooftop after going around the metal walkway.
21. After dropping out of the crawlspace, on the judge's bench.
22. Toward the end of the floodway, pass the objective door and go around the corner to the left.
23. After the objective spot to open the iron gate (after a bunch of Reborn jump over the walls to attack you), break open the wooden play structure in this backyard.
24. In a garage across the street from where you exit into the court section and are attacked by a bunch of Reborn.
25. After pushing the trailer down the hill, to the right next to a swingset.
26. Behind the porta-potties out back of the projection room at the drive-in.

Counter Insurgency
27. In the room where Green yells at you.
28. Just outside the room where Green yells at you, on the right by a truck.
29. In the helicopter outside after Somers escapes.
30. In the room next to the gas station.
31. In the infirmary after closing off the mine shaft.
32. After you pass through the restaurant, go to the left.
33. Straight ahead when you get on the roof of the restaurant.
34. At the far side of Depot LZ on a dirt slope.

35. After you are dropped off by the helicopter, turn two corners to find a broken fence on your right. Head in there and to the right, under some stairs.
36. When you go to the basement to find the rocket launcher during the Fire Brute fight, go under the stairs you came down.
37. Also in the basement, go into the room on the right.
38. After killing the Spore Tower and climbing over the broken wall, head straight.
39. After getting in the truck, head through the arch and keep going straight off the edge.
40. After going through all the huge sewer tubes and coming back onto pavement, head right.
41. During the fight with the Fire Brute, head to the far side of the plaza and up the stairs on the left side on the building.

42. After the monkey guys rip through the door, head under the stairs on the right.
43. Going through the wrecked halls, look for a small set of stairs on the right.
44. In the control room with the white-haired guy.
45. After going through the broken wall and coming out in a large hanger, follow the ledge on the left.
46. Next to the stairs you descend after the first loading screen.
47. After the guy gets attacked by an Octopus Dog on the rope, go through the door and to the left.
48. Directly to your left after your break free and start chasing Somers.


If you need more direction for finding any of these, the original thread can be found HERE and you can ask for help there.

Collect 25 Dossiers    
See "Investigator" for more information.
Small but mighty10
Get more than 10 head shot kills with the pistol in Campaign   (1) 
This one is just ten overall kills. I got a few on the Octopus Dogs and a few on the Reborn when it unlocked, so both count. The Octopus Dogs have huge heads obviously, so it is easy to hit them.
Magic Bullets10
Get 10 kills while the M4 is equipped in Campaign   (2) 
This one is slightly glitched in that you have to get all ten kills with one clip without reloading. In the first level when you first encounter the exploding creatures, take your time and kill them one at a time without reloading between.
Long distance charges may apply10
Get 5 kills while the Sniper Rifle is equipped in Campaign   
In the first level you'll come to a facility with catwalks that has a few guys to snipe. This one doesn't need to be with one clip so you're bound to get it eventually.
Get more than 10 kills using the Antitank Launcher's target-lock in Campaign   
Use  to zoom in and lock on to a target, then fire with . During the battles with Spore Towers there is usually unlimited ammo laying around, so you can just kill the Octopus Dogs until it unlocks.
Geometry Kills10
Get 5 kills with the Scatter Gun’s bouncing projectiles in Campaign   (2) 
The scatter gun is the one that shoots a spray like a shotgun. Despite the description, you don't have to bounce them off a wall or anything, just shoot the enemy straight on. You'll first encounter this gun in the weigh station in level two.
Dodge This!10
Get more than 10 kills by detonating the Plasma Rifle's projectile in Campaign   
This is the gun that shoots the big orange ball. Many people say you need to detonate this in the air, but I never did anything like that and got the achievement shortly after picking up the gun for the first time. To do the detonation, keep  held after the ball shoots out and release it while the ball is still in the air. Try that if you don't get it after ten normal kills.
Going for the Gusto!25
Get more than 100 kills with each weapon    
See "Look upon my works and despair!" for more information.
The instrument of your doom!50
Get more than 200 kills with each weapon    (1) 
See "Look upon my works and despair!" for more information.
Look upon my works and despair!100
Get more than 400 kills with each weapon    (1) 
Ok, these achievements will take some time. They can be a combination of online and campaign kills. The good thing about this game is that it counts everything. You can kill a bunch of guys and quit out of a level or kill yourself to reload and it counts them. Load up a part with a Spore Tower and there should be a good amount of guns and ammo to use. It will keep spawning the Octopus Dogs to kill, so just do that until you run out of ammo. See "Rapture" for another good part to get kills. Work toward your 50 online wins first so you'll get a nice chunk of this done, then go into the campaign and focus on the weapon you've used the least until you think you have 400, then switch to another and so on until you finally get all these.

Wooah made an awesome guide to help with these, check it out HERE.
Home Field Advantage10
Host an Xbox LIVE game of Blacksite versus (any game type)   (15) 
From the main menu: Versus>Ranked>Create. Most people only play DM and TDM, so choose one of those. Minimum players to start is four.
Boot Camp10
Compete in an Xbox LIVE game of Blacksite   
You'll get this when you do "Home Field Advantage"
I Fear The Reaper10
Complete a ranked match of Deathmatch   
See "...And Justice for All" for more information.
We Fear The Reaper10
Complete a ranked match of Team Deathmatch   
See "...And Justice for All" for more information.
Complete a ranked match of Abduction   
See "...And Justice for All" for more information.
...And Justice For All10
Complete a ranked match of Capture The Flag   (7) 
All these are gained by simply playing a ranked match. Not many people play this game, especially Abduction, so you might need some friends to get one started.
Around The Block10
Complete a round of every Xbox LIVE Ranked Match game type   
Every game I've played has only been one round and I don't even know how to change that option, so basically after you finish the above four achievements, you'll also get this one.
King Of The Block25
Win a round of every Xbox LIVE Ranked Match game type   
Like I mentioned above, each game is only one round, so you really need to win an entire game. For TDM and CTF your team just needs to win, DM and ABD you need to be first overall. In abduction, you get 2 points for every kill and 3 extra points for being the last human alive, so aim for that.
Flag Feeler10
Capture your first flag   
See "Flag Dealer" for more information.
Flag Stealer25
Capture more than 25 flags   (1) 
See "Flag Dealer" for more information.
Flag Dealer50
Capture more than 50 flags   
These can all be done in a single player match. Two people to 100, just have one person run 50 while the other goes and eats dinner or something, then the other person can return the favor. They can of course be done normally in a ranked match. You can not score when your flag has been taken. It may be faster to trade flag steals by following each other the entire time where one person will score, then the other grabs the flag right away and returns it and so forth.
Always Remember Your First10
Win your first ranked match   
See "Vae Victus" for more information.
Spoils of War30
Win more than 25 ranked matches   
See "Vae Victus" for more information.
Vae Victus55
Win more than 50 ranked matches!   (43) 
Normal deathmatch games tend to be the quickest (30 kills), so aim for that. With the small amount of people playing, you should be able to hook up with friends no problem if you want to boost. It shows who the host is before you join, so you can keep searching until you find the right game. It may be faster to just host games and play normally (especially since you won't have to stay and let your friends win afterward), but if you have a few friends that just run at you and let you kill them you can probably get done before the 15 minutes are up. Most ranked matches tend to run the full 15 minutes if there are only four people in the match.
The Skulls Of The Vanquished50
Get over 20 kills without dying in a single Versus match!   (2) 
This can be done in a player match with one other person (any gametype), so it really isn't a problem to boost. You can do it at the same time you're working on the flag steals. It is almost impossible to get in a normal ranked match because there is no radar and chances are you'll eventually get snuck up on, but if you're really good and know of some good spots to hide and snipe you could pull it off.
Play in a game with a Blacksite Virus Carrier    
When you come in first place in a game, you become a carrier, so chances are you'll get this your very first game if you're playing against people who have played the game before. This pops as soon as the match starts.
Blacksite Virus Carrier51
Finish first in a ranked match containing a Blacksite Virus Carrier    
Like I mentioned above, you need to come in first place in any gametype with someone who has also come in first before. You won't know who has the Virus before the match starts if you already got "Exposed" (though I got mine in the same match, so I knew it was coming), so just make sure to always play well and hope someone has it when you win. You're bound to get this on your way to your 50 wins.

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Europe November 16, 2007

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