BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend Achievement Guide

Guide By: Blood XIII
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
Offline: 43 [910]
Online: 7 [90]
Approximate time to 1000: 24+ Hours [Depending on skill and luck]
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
Missable achievements: No
Does difficulty affect Achievements: No
Unobtainable/glitched Achievements: No
Extra equipment needed?: Second controller strongly recommended.

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend is exactly what it sounds like; An extended version of Continuum Shift. There aren't many new story elements to be seen, but veteran players of the series may still be surprised or even informed with what this game offers in terms of the canon story. That said, the biggest appeal to this game is the introduction of Relius Clover as a playable character and also a story mode for Continuum Shift's DLC characters Makoto, Platinum and Valkenhayn.

All in all, the game isn't a hard 1000, but it can be rather time consuming based on how good you are and the amount of luck you have.

Step 1 : Mode Specific
This group of Achievements are specific to a certain mode of play, meaning that you can ONLY get them while playing within the specified mode. These contain the Achievements that will likely take you the most time, primarily Abyssmal Shopaholic since it depends largely on collecting items through luck and great skill at the lower Depths.  The Achievements for such are listed below:

  • That Will Suffice
  • Time To Hit The Arcades
  • Murakumo... AWAKEN!
  • The Beginning Of The End
  • Mars Needs Winnin'
  • Kaka-kaze
  • Eye Of The Tiger
  • Mastered The Basics
  • Mastered The... Master?
  • Just The Beginning
  • About Half Way
  • Getting Down To Abyss-ness
  • Abyssmal Shopaholic
  • *Wheeze*... Just Getting Started
  • Oh... NOW I Get It...!
  • Breaking In The New Guys
  • To Be Continued...!

Step 2 : Character Specific
These Achievements can only be gotten with the specified character because they were made with the individual character in mind. They also can't be completed in training mode.

There is a very helpful method for all of the Achievements in this section. First of all, you'll need either a second controller or a willing friend to join up with you online and let you pummel them until you complete your objective, because the idea basically is to have an immobile opponent to perform all the following achievements on. This will make your life a lot easier. I recommend the second controller, because then you can be in local play which allows you to pause.

Pausing is very important for some of these because, if you're having trouble doing all the various combos as quick as the game needs, you can pause as you complete each step of the combo and use that time to reposition your thumbs or even just to collect your thoughts on what you have to do next.

The last part of the method is the simplest - always use Tager as your dummy.  He's easily the biggest character and because of that he's the easiest to hit and therefore helps keep your combo going.

Here's a little bit of info on how combos work: The combo counter that you will see on the right side of the screen has two colors: red and blue. For the game to count your combo towards the achievements, the counter has to stay red throughout the entire combo. If the counter turns blue, it means you have taken too long between hits and the oponnent could have escaped, thereby making it a collection of hits but not a combo. Though I'm sure it has some official name, I like to and will refer to this changing of red-to-blue throughout this guide as "Blue-ing out". The achievements for this section are:

  • Power Of The Azure
  • Ice Ice Ice Baby
  • Noooooo... el!
  • Shocking... Positively Shocking
  • Don't Give A Kaka
  • Tager? Don't Even Know Her!
  • Sharp Shooter
  • Insecticide
  • Just How I... *Wheeze*... Planned
  • A Spectacle
  • Over 9000?!
  • You've Been... Terminated
  • Fight For Survival
  • Fangs For The Memories!
  • Threat Level... Escalated
  • Squirrel Power!
  • Get Off My Lawn!
  • Lunatic
  • Domestic Battery
  • Aaaaaand I'm Spent

Step 3 : Online Specific
These Achievements can only be gotten while playing online. You can very easily partner up with a friend or someone here in the forums and make these alot easier to get. They are:

  • I See What You Did There
  • There's No "I" In Team
  • Just Getting Used To It
  • I Can't Stop Winning
  • Like A Boss
  • Plays Well With Others
  • Feels Like The First Time

Step 4 : Miscellaneous Achievements
Now, you should only have  handful of achievements left. Refer to the guide until you get these achievements:

  • Mind On My Money
  • Artwork?! Gimmie!
  • Gallery Guru
  • Level 20
  • Finger On The Button
  • Better Safe Than Sorry

In the guide below, these numbers and letters are substituted for images:

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

A =
B =
C =
D =

For instance, "6A" would be the same as saying "+" and "8A" would be the same as saying "+".
Likewise, if a combo reads as 632146C, then you would press the D-pad/Analog Stick to the Right, then rotate it clockwise until you were pressing to the Left, then you would snap it straight across to the Right again just before pressing the B button ().

If you're still having a bit of trouble, just look at your keyboard's number pad and try envisioning it as your D-Pad/Analog Stick and learn from there.

Lastly, when  a multistep combo is being described, you will see alot of ">" markers. These simply help illustrate the flow of the combo, telling you which moves flow into the next.


[x360a would like to thank Blood XIII for this roadmap]

That Will Suffice10
Learn everything Rachel has to teach in [Tutorial] mode. 

All you've got to do is finish the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance tutorials.

The tutorials are by no means hard, but the one that seems to present the most trouble is the "About Counters" tutorial that is contained within the Intermediate section. Here you'll be required to pull off a few combos using Ragna. The first one is as follows:

214A > (Dash) B > C > 214A > 214D

The real trick to this combo is that you DON'T ALWAYS need to use the dash on the second part, especially if you have Bang in the corner. Make sure you're not taking too long between steps. The next tricky combo in this section is below:

2C > 6C > Dash Cancel > D > Dash Cancel > D > Dash Cancel > D.

The idea is to wait until AFTER the second hit of 6C before you try a Dash Cancel, otherwise you're doing it way too early. A method that works for those having timing issues is to start tapping the D-pad/Analog Stick towards the opponent as soon as the second hit connects.

Time to Hit the Arcades10
Just finish [Arcade] mode. 

Exactly as the description says. Select Arcade mode and choose whichever character you fancy, then proceed to complete Arcade mode. You can do this on beginner difficulty with the rounds set to one and still get this one. You can even lose and use a million continues if you need to, it doesn't prevent you from unlocking this achievement unless you quit before beating the 10th character.

Defeat the hidden boss in [Arcade] mode. (7) 

In Arcade mode, you have the option of fighting an 11th battle after the usual 10. This hidden boss will vary per each character (For instance, if you play as Relius you will instead fight Unlimited Ragna). Here is a list of confirmed requirements you must meet for the hidden boss to show up:

  • You must never lose a single round or battle.
  • You must use at least one Astral Finish.

Following these I've never failed to have a hidden battle. I have however, found that you can sometimes (maybe based on the character) get a hidden battle by doing the following:

  • You must never lose a single round or battle.
  • You must use a Distortion Finish on one of your character's event enemies (The ones that have a small text-based cutscene before you fight them, which is usually on battle numbers 4, 8, 9, and 10).

Alright, now for the main problem here; Mu-12 herself. Even on beginner difficulty she can destroy you. Her distortion moves will do anywhere from 1/2 to almost 3/4 of your health bar and she's a severe blocker when her health dips below 35%. Your best bet is to either approach her very cautiously OR just lay into her endlessly. She seems to have the least defense against Ragna, so I would recommend using him if you even remotely know your way around his moves.

Lastly, if she's proving too tough a challenge and you're getting irritated about having to go through Arcade mode over and over again, have a second controller on standby and simply hit start on that controller whenever you are about to lose. This will throw you into a battle against the second controller and, once you've beaten the dummy, allow you to re-engage Mu in a new battle with a full health bar.

The Beginning of the End30
Finish [Score Attack] mode. (4) 

Unlike Calamity Trigger and the Continuum Shifts, the difficulty of this new Score Attack mode has been severely cranked down, and thank your deity of choice for that fact. Instead of having to fight every character at Harder-Than-Hell difficulty on top of them being Unlimited, you'll only need to beat 10 random characters, none of which are Unlimited. The difficulty is still preset at two rounds versus Harder-Than-Hell AI, but even that isn't as bad as it sounds.

Characters to look out for are Tager and Valkenhayn. Tager because he hits VERY hard and Valkenhayn because of his insane ability to repeatedly lock you into long combos.

One of the best characters you can use for this is Tager, since he hits so hard and has slightly more health than all the other characters. Also, always keep in mind that using Stylish mode will not affect your progress in any way!

If you're having trouble, simply have a second controller on standby. If you start to lose a battle, hit start on said controller and, after beating the dummy, you'll re-engage the AI you were just fighting in a new battle with a full health bar.

Mars Needs Winnin'10
Never stop reaching for Mars. (1) 

Probably one of the easier Achievements in the game. Just attempt the Unlimited Mars mode 10 times. And I do mean attempt. Win a few times or lose the first battle in a total AI-favored shutout, it doesn't matter. Just jump into the mode 10 total times and upon the start of your 10th battle with the terrifying Unlimited Tao your Achievement will pop.

Beware of the kaka kittens. [Unlimited Mars] (2) 

Your goal is to be hit by a certain attack from Taokaka in Unlimited Mars mode. Fortunately, Taokaka is the very first opponent in this mode, so you don't have to fight anything to get to her. The attack in question is rather easy to spot. Just stay on the defensive and keep yourself alive until Tao eventually uses a Distortion attack which causes a few Kaka kittens to come charging in from off-screen holding a giant bomb. Just stay alive until this bomb explodes and make sure you are caught in the explosion.

Eye of the Tiger10
Practice makes perfect in [Training]...well, sometimes. (1) 

Also quite simple. Just hang out in Training mode for 30 straight minutes. Doesn't matter who you pick, just so long as you're in a training battle and moving about every so often.

Save this one for whenever you decide to start practicing or otherwise completing  Power Of The Azure as you can easily spend more than 30 minutes in training just getting the inputs and timing down.

Mastered the Basics10
Complete over 50 missions in [Challenge] mode. (1) 

Refer to Mastered the... Master?

Mastered the...Master?30
Complete over 100 missions in [Challenge] mode. (1) 

Challenge mode is basically a combo tutorial for each character. The issue is that after about the 3rd mission the combos start ramping up in difficulty. Most can be done with a steady hand and patience, but if you had trouble with Ragna's long combos in the Intermediate Tutorial, then you'll likely only be able to complete 4-6 missions per character.

A nice (albeit cheap) tip to help out anyone who is struggling is to abuse the pause button. After performing any step within a combo, pause the game immediately. Even if you know what to do next in the combo, this method will give you time to reorient yourself. Also, you can always use FN1 () to see the game perform the combo for you, giving you an idea for each step's timing.

There are 19 playable characters each with 15 missions, making a grand total of 285 missions. This means you'll need to complete about 3 missions per character to hit 50 and about 5 or 6 per character to get to 100.

As a final note, instead of counting each mission individually to figure out how many you've completed, check out the top right corner on Mission mode's character select screen and you'll see a percentage value. You'll have around 17% after 50 challenges and around 35% after 100.

Just the Beginning10
Defeat the boss at level 100 of the [Abyss]. 

The first iteration of Abyss, 100 Depth, is a walk in the proverbial park. You can pull it off with most anyone without a single special item or upgrade to any stat. Just destroy everything and, if you want to take the quick route, but always grab the "Depth+XX" special items after each boss battle.

About Half Way20
Defeat the boss at level 500 of the [Abyss]. 

The second iteration of Abyss mode goes down to 500 Depth, and is a little bit tougher than the first one. The AI difficulty is taken up a notch or two, and it shows. This is where you'll likely need to buy a few stat upgrades or items before starting so that you'll have an edge against the tougher opponents that you start hitting at 400 Depth (Especially since 400 Depth's boss tends to be Unlimited Hakumen). Maze Walker LV1, which you get after completing the above Achievement, will help you descend quicker, but it's not as necessary as the stat upgrades if you're pressed for cash.

A word of note here in Abyss mode; You should save your progress (This is done by pressing FN1 [] after a battle) as often as you start to feel in danger of losing. The reason for this being that you can cheat the system. If you've saved somewhere along the way and you suddenly get massacred by the AI, then quickly hit the Xbox gem on your controller and exit to the console Dashboard. If you were quick enough, you can go back into Abyss mode and use your last save, which will remain there until you opt to quit on a hundredth floor OR you allow the game to count your loss.

500 Depth's boss is Unlimited Nu-13, and MAN is she brutal. The best strategy I found for her is pretty much the same as Unlimited Mu-12; Attack constantly. If you can get into a rhythm where she has virtually no time to counterattack then you're golden.

Getting Down to Abyss-ness30
Defeat the boss at level 999 of the [Abyss]. 

The AI difficulty is turned up to what I'm sure ranges from somewhere just above Normal all the way up to the Harder-Than-Hell that's contained only within Score Attack mode. 999 Depth is ALOT to go through, even with Maze Walker LV2, which you'll unlock after completing the 500 Depth iteration.

There are three opponents to look out for while playing through 999 Depth, all of which are below:

At 666 Depth (Because you KNOW something bad had to happen here) you'll have to face Unlimited Ragna. He has MAX stats in both Attack and Speed, but complete nada in his Defense and Heat stats. He's a tricky foe, because his low Defense at this Depth means you can take him out with as little as 3 or even 2 combos, but HIS high Attack stat means he can do the same to you VERY quickly because of his severe Speed. A word of advance warning, he will almost ALWAYS throw his "Inferno Divider" attack at you should you try rushing him. Lastly, keep in mind that he is Unlimited, which means he is always in Blood Kain and can therefore immediately hit you with "Devoured By Darkness" once his Heat is at 50%, and this can kill you very easily. Once you've beaten him, unless there is a substantially rarer item, you should grab up the Lifesteal LV2 special item, which will slowly sap your foe's health and give it to you with each hit!

At 980 Depth you'll be confronted by Unlimited Hazama. His stats are odd with 40 in both Speed and Heat but only 25 in Attack and Defense, but don't think for a second that you're getting off easy. Hazama is already based quite a bit in speed, and with the stats boosting it he WILL be all over your screen the entire match. His Heat stat causes you problems as well since he VERY quickly begins spamming various Distortions, sometimes even the same one twice in a row. To top it all off, Unlimited Hazama has a ring of green runes surrounding him. If you are in that ring then your health is slowly sapped and given to Hazama, so make sure that if you're in close to him that you're pummeling him hard.

At the final Depth of 999, you'll be welcomed by a very demonic Unlimited Mu-12. All her stats are at 35, her health seems to almost NEVER go down and she likely WILL make short work of you if you're not paying attention. Any of her Distortion Drives can wipe you out if your Defense is too low, and beyond that she will spam the ever-loving crap out of her Stein Gunners which makes it hard for you to drop your guard for any amount of time. This is, however, a small weakness zone. If you can read Mu's animations, then the best time to attack her is during her animation whilst she is throwing out a Stein Gunner, as she has no way of cancelling it. Be VERY careful if you try to attack her as she's getting up, because she seems to love using her Origins attack (Where she surrounds herself within a diamond of energy) just as you're about to connect. Don't try to take her out in one go, because you need to be on the defensive as much as you need to worry about taking her down. Be patient and attack only when it's safe.

Always remember that if you save somewhere along the way you can always use the trick of exiting to the Dashboard should you lose a fight.

For a good method on this achievement, go here.

Abyssmal Shopaholic50
Hoard everything you possibly can from the item the [Abyss]. 

Easier said than done. You'll have to get every item unlocked in the Abyss shop. You don't have to buy everything, you just need to unlock it for purchase. Every 20 Depth you will fight a boss and upon defeating them you'll be given a choice between five items, of which you can choose ONE. Anything
with NEW written next to it is something you DON'T have yet, so grab those up first.

If you didn't already know, Character Enhancements are unlocked by completing any iteration of Abyss mode with the character in question. They can also be gotten in the Infinite iteration where they begin showing up after 999 Depth.

The Infinite iteration is unlocked after beating the 999 Depth iteration. This is easily the best place to start grinding out whatever items you are missing since you'll have plenty of chances to get new items.

That said however, if you have less than about 7 items remaining you should stick to the 999 Depth iteration, because if you're playing Infinite and you pass 999 Depth then you'll have 19 more items (Character Enhancements) that could potentially pop up!

If you have less than 4 or ESPECIALLY if you only have a single item left (Which REALLY sucks), your best bet on places to look are in the 999 Depth iteration at these particular Depths:

  • 666 (Unlimited Ragna)
  • 880 (Usually Unlimited Nu-13)
  • 900 (Usually Unlimited Tager)
  • 980 (Unlimited Hazama)
  • 999 (Unlimited Mu-12)

These are where I farmed out my last few items, as the rate of a NEW item showing up seems slightly more likely at those Depths.

Here's a very helpful tip; quick-save before hitting these Depths. Go on to the boss and beat them, but don't save. If there's not an item you need within the choices, just exit to the Dashboard and then go back and try it again!

Note: For the Achievement to trigger you'll have to go into the Abyss shop and scroll down so that you've highlighted every NEW item within.

The full item list is here.

*Wheeze*...Just Getting Started40
Invest in yourself...literally. [Abyss]. (1) 

This can be done one of two ways:

Method One: Start 999 Depth or Infinite Depth and buy only whatever stat upgrades you want to/can even afford. As you go down, grab ONLY stat upgrades after each boss battle unless there is a Special Item you could REALLY use. Once a stat hits the 50 mark, focus on the others and repeat until all your stats are at their max. Should you start to get down to the end of your Abyss session/The AI starts getting rough, grab a few Negative Depth items to double back to earlier Depths, giving you plenty more time and opportunities.

Method Two:: If you've got the P$ to burn, you can just buy every available stat upgrade before starting. If your shop has every stat boosting item, then you can have all your stats up to 45 before beginning, meaning you only need 5 more in each stat to claim the Achievement.

Oh…NOW I Get It...!10
Understand what happened in Calamity Trigger. [Story]. 

In story mode, there is a Calamity Trigger Reconstruction which allows the player to fight through the most important story battles (and a few extra ones) from Calamity Trigger and even gives a very concise and comprehendible, yet still complete rundown of Calamity Trigger's canon story points.

To get this, all you've got to do is play through the Calamity Trigger Reconstruction from the Story Select menu. Just in case you need an idea of how long the Calamity Trigger Reconstruction is, here's a rundown of all the battles you'll go through:

  • Ragna vs. V-13
  • Noel vs. Carl
  • Jin vs. Bang
  • Ragna vs. Taokaka
  • Noel vs. Iron Tager
  • Ragna vs. Arakune
  • Ragna vs. Litchi
  • Ragna vs. Valkenhayn
  • Ragna vs. Unlimited Rachel
  • Ragna vs. Jin
  • Ragna vs. Hakumen
  • Ragna vs. Unlimited Hakumen
  • Noel vs. V-13
  • Ragna vs. V-13
Breaking in the New Guys20
Finish Makoto's, Valkenhayn's, Platinum's and Relius's scenarios in [Story] mode. 

If you imported your data from the original Continuum Shift, these four stories will be available from the start. If you didn't import data for whatever reason, you'll need to play through the stories of other characters to unlock these four. The unlocking details of each follow below:

  • Makoto: Tager's bad ending
  • Valkenhayn: Tager's true ending
  • Platinum: Tager & Bang's true endings
  • Relius: Carl's true ending

The thing to remember though is that for this to count you'll have to get the four character's good endings, not their bad or Jjoke endings. As such, I have listed their true story paths below:

Makoto Nanaya

  • *Select Option 1
  • Makoto versus Hazama = Win
  • Makoto versus Tager = Win
  • Select Option 1
  • Select Option 1
  • Makoto versus Noel = Win

*This choice only appears after completing Makoto's story once. Before completing it once you will see no choice, but her story will progress as if you'd chosen Option 1.

Valkenhayn R. Hellsing

  • Select Option 1
  • Valkenhayn versus Bang = Win
  • Valkenhayn versus Tager = Win
  • Select Option 1
  • Valkenhayn versus Hakumen = Win
  • Valkenhayn versus Relius = Win

Platinum the Trinity

  • Platinum versus Arakune = Win
  • Select Option 1
  • Platinum versus Litchi = Win
  • Select Option 1
  • Platinum versus Relius = Win

Relius Clover

  • Select Option 1
  • Relius versus Lambda = Win
  • Relius versus Arakune = Win
  • Relius versus Rachel = Win
  • Select Option 1
  • Relius versus Carl = Win


To Be Continued…!30
Witness the true ending in [Story] mode. 

If you imported your data from the original Continuum Shift, then this will be unlocked from the start, but you'll still have to play through it for the Achievement. If you didn't import your data for whatever reason, you'll need to get the TRUE ending for the following characters:

  • Ragna
  • Jin
  • Noel
  • Rachel
  • Hakumen
  • Tsubaki
  • Hazama

If you need help reaching the True Ending for these characters, know that the story paths are the exact same as they were in the original Continuum Shift, so this guide is very helpful.

Once you've completed those, the True End will become available to play. Once again, in case anyone is wondering how long the True End is or wants to know what to expect, here is a rundown of all the battles within:

  • *Ragna vs. Unlimited Hazama
  • Unlimited Ragna vs. Unlimited Hazama
  • Hakumen vs. Mu-12
  • Jin vs. Mu-12
  • Unlimited Ragna vs. Unlimited Mu-12

*In this battle Ragna's Drive (AKA D []) attacks are unavailable for use.

Mind on my Money20
Just keep saving that cash. (1) 

This is based on your cumulative lifetime total, so feel free to spend as much as you want.

If you're looking for quick ways to get money, there are several within the game. Completing Arcade mode will get you around 2000P$ for a runthrough on beginner difficulty and around 7000P$ for hell difficulty.

Abyss mode will give you tons of P$, and you'll be spending lots of time there anyways trying to grind out every last item for Abyssmal Shopaholic.

Finally, completing each character's story to their True Endings (along with the Calamity Trigger Reconstruction, the two extra stories, and the True End) will give you 6000P$ each! That's a grand total of 132,000P$. This can be done even if you've imported your data.

Artwork?! Gimmie!10
Unlock 50% of the items in the [Gallery]. 

Refer to Gallery Guru.

Gallery Guru50
Unlock everything you can in the [Gallery]. 

This one may take some time. You'll have to unlock 100% of the gallery. Fortunately, you won't need to do some Herculean task like beating Unlimited Mars just to get a single piece of artwork, you will however need to beat everyone's Arcade and Story modes (True, Bad, and Joke Endings included) as well as correctly answering the questions in the five "Teach me, Ms. Litchi!" stories.

Note: If you only have four "Teach me, Ms. Litchi!" episodes then you'll need to complete several Bad and Joke Endings for it to unlock.

To unlock everything you need to be Level 20 and have 282,100P$ on hand. A list of every piece in the gallery can be found here.

I See What You Did There10
Watch what others do, and learn. [Replay Theater]. 

After one of your own online matches, you'll be given the option to save the replay of your battle. Do this and watch it a total of 10 times. If you don't want to, can't figure out how to, or if you just want to see an insane battle, go to the leaderboards and download another player's replay and watch it 10 times over OR download/save 10 individual replays and watch them all.

There's No "I" In Team10
Ride your teammate's coattails in a team elimination match. 

While online, you can play in a match style called Team Tournament. The way it basically works is two teams decide the order in which their players will battle, and the only way to switch players is for the one before them to lose. So in other words, if there are two teams consisting of three players and the first player on Team A beats the first player on Team B, Team B's next person is up and Team A's person stays until they lose.

For this one all you've got to do is be really far down on your team's list whilst playing in a Team Tournament online and hope your team beats the other team before you've had a chance to fight.

This can easily be boosted with 2 of your friends in a 2-on-1 tournament with you and one other person on a team and the third person on their own team. You set yourself as second player in the list and the third person lets your teammate win. Just be sure you return the favor!

Just Getting Used to it30
Raise any character's PSR to over 200. 

PSR stands for Player Skill Rating and is a way for others to know at a glance how good you are with any given character and also a way for the system to match players for Ranked Matches.

In the originall Continuum Shift, only the best of the best could get even CLOSE to 200. In Continuum Shift Extend, however, those same players are now peaking around 800+ or so, meaning that 200 PSR is below even the average level.

Every ranked win will increase your PSR by anywhere from 4 to 7 and only every other loss will take away a measly 1 or 2 points. So while it will take some time, it is by no means impossible.

Don't get discouraged if people online are severely decimating you, especially if you're just starting out. The matchmaking system isn't perfect and it can pair up your PSR 0 with an insane PSR 700.

Level 2020
Keep on leveling. 

On the main menu, in the top right corner, you will see your current P$ and right above that is your current Level. Whenever you gain P$, you'll also notice that you're being given something called RP, which stands for Rebel Points. These are essentially experience points and is what allows you to level up. For this Achievement, this must reach Level 20. You gain RP from almost everything, albeit in small amounts. Below is a list of examples, complete with values, that will grant you RP:

  • First Blood = 5RP
  • 20-Hit Combo = 10RP
  • Astral Finish = 10RP
  • Round Victory = 5RP
  • Perfect Victory = 10RP
  • Arcade Mode Cleared (Beginner) = 225RP
  • Arcade Mode Cleared (Normal) = 450RP
  • Story Mode Cleared = 300RP

If you have already been playing or plan to play through everyone's Story and Arcade modes, then you'll get to about Level 12-15 just from all of that. You'll also be getting tons of RP from trying to nab the online achievements. Basically, just keep playing and you'll get this one over time.

I can't Stop Winning10
Keep wining those [Ranked Matches]. 

Go online, pick your best character, and go destroy someone 3 times over.

Note: This can be a little difficult on slower days, as the game will eventually pair you with someone, even if said someone has a PSR up in the 600-700 range, in which case you'd better be really good or really lucky.

You'll definitely get this one as you're trying to raise your PSR up to 200 for Just Getting Used To It.

In fact, you can even get this very easily by boosting with a friend. That's right, they've brought back the Custom Search from Calamity Trigger! Have a friend make a game with really odd constraints (Low connection rate, etc.) and only ONE open spot. All you've got to do is search for those same settings and join their session. If you don't join their session first and a random player online somehow does, just have them end the session and try it all again.

Like a Boss10
Victory comes to those who keep on fighting. [Ranked Match]. 

Just play in 100 total ranked matches, win or lose. If someone disconnects or quits it will not count, only full matches matter here. You'll likely get this one while trying to get your PSR up to 200 for Just Getting Used To It. Again, don't forget that this CAN be boosted with a friend by using custom search.

Plays Well With Others10
Fight alongside your allies more than 10 times. [Player Match]. (1) 

Just complete 10 Team Tournament matches, win or lose. You can even boost with two other people using the method described in There's No "I" In Team if you want.

Feels Like the First Time10
Win your first team match. [Player Match]. 

Just win a single Team Tournament match and you'll have this painfully easy achievement done. This can easily be boosted with two other people using the method described in There's No "I" In Team.

Secret Achievements
Finger on the Button10
Defeated an opponent while using the Stylish Layout. (3) 

When selecting a character, hit FN1 () to switch to Stylish mode. With this, the game will do amazing combos for you as you just mash a single button! This is a GREAT mechanic for players who are younger, aren't very good, or just want to get through certain modes or matches quickly. Just go beat the AI or someone online with Stylish mode turned on and you'll be on your merry way.

Better Safe Than Sorry10
Dished out significantly more damage than the opponent's remaining HP. (2) 

There are tons of ways to get this one, but here are the three I've found to be easiest.

Note: For all of these methods, you'll want to knock your opponent's health down to about 10%.

The first method is to use Relius's Vol Tedo (632146D), which doesn't do extreme damage, but almost always seems to work.

The second method is to use Tager's Genesic Emerald Tager Buster (8963214789632147C [Or just hold C {} with Stylish mode]) on the opponent, since it does well over half a health bar on a fairly regular basis, meaning that overkill is a very easy possibility.

The last method is to use the insanely-high damaging Astral Finishes of certain characters. Prime and easy-to-execute examples are Ragna's and Litchi's, which (Respectively) bring the hurt in values of around 15000 and 20000!

Power of the Azure20
Performed a 90+ hit combo using Ragna. (5) 

This one is probably going to be one of the last character specific Achievements you get. It's tough and it has some crazy fast timing involved, but with a bit of effort it's entirely possible.

Anyways, using a second controller, go into versus mode and choose Ragna (Obviously) and as your opponent choose Tager (It's almost required for this achievement). Get Ragna's Heat gauge up to 100, put your opponent in the corner, and do the following combo:

Note: This is a long combo so it's broken into steps.

Jump Cancel (Towards opponent)
Midair C
Midair 214C
5D (2 hits)
5D (2 hits)
214B > 214D
5D (2 hits)

It's a bit overwhelming. I myself had to practice the entire combo for an hour straight before I finally got it. The main thing to note here is that you need to be REALLY quick about things. Not only are you trying to keep a combo going, but you start the combo off by using Blood Kain which quickly depletes over time but is the only way to enable Ragna to use Devoured By Darkness (The last 214214D in the combo), which makes up 70 of the 90 hits needed.

Almost every step needs to be input almost immediately after the animation of the one before it finishes. You have to be blazingly fast on this combo, especially at the end. In the same moment the last hit of the second-to-last step connects is when you've got to input the 214214D for Devoured By Darkness, since Ragna's has to catch the opponent before they hit the ground, otherwise the combo will blue out.

I cannot stress the importance of Training Mode when you are trying for this Achievement! You can set your Heat to regenerate back to full and you can set Blood Kain to always be active, meaning that you don't have to worry about getting Heat back after a failed combo and you don't have to freak about Blood Kain running out. Practice your brains out until it becomes second nature.

When all is said and done, you'll do a 91 hit combo, 21 of which comes from everything before Devoured By Darkness. Sometimes you'll come up dead 90, either way still nets this one.

An extremely helpful tip is to pause constantly between steps and gather your thoughts on what to do next.

Finally, If you need to see the move performed, check out this video to see how the combo looks when done correctly:

Ice Ice Ice Baby20
Used all three of Jin's special attacks that freeze opponents in a single combo. (1) 

This is much easier for those of you who main Jin, since you'll know morem about how some of his moves work. Get Jin's Heat up to 75 and the combo you'll need to pull off is below:

623D > 6C > 236D > 214D

The real trick to this combo is in the first part. When you use the 623D, you'll want to HOLD D for about half a second so that you delay the second hit long enough to catch the opponent with it. The only other trick is to be careful to not hit C in the second part more than once, otherwise Jin will keep slashing and make the rest of the combo impossible.

Finished off an opponent with Noel's Nemesis Stabilizer. (1) 

This is fairly easy, so long as you know how Noel's Distortion Drive works. The Nemesis Stabilizer (As many have no doubt figured out themselves) is nowhere within her command list. The reason is
because it's not a move on its own but is instead an extra action within her Fenrir Distortion Drive. Anyways, here's what you'll need to do. Knock your opponent down to the orange levels of health, leaving enough for them to survive most of the attack but little enough they'll still die at the end (Use Training mode if you need to get the approximate range of health). Then get 50% heat, go right up against your opponent and use Fenrir (632146D).

Noel will whip out a gatling gun and, if you are close enough, will first jab the opponent with it, then unload into them whilst tracking them up into the air. If you've done it right, the enemy should still be alive at this point. What should happen next is Noel's Bolverk will change back into two guns which she will charge up and blast the opponent with, which should kill them off.

Shocking... Positively Shocking20
Using Rachel, shocked your opponent more than 15 times during a single combo. (2) 

There are several ways to get this one. Many people will recommend using George XIII in the combo, which actually does work, but I find the following method to be much easier. Using Rachel's Tiny Lobelia (236A, 236B, or 236C) place three rods on the same spot. Get your Heat all the way to 100 and then position the opponent directly on top of said rods, move right up next to them, and then use Baden Baden Lily (632146C) twice. If you can't get the timing for the second Baden Baden Lily, wait until Rachel's feet are back on the ground from the first Baden Baden Lily, then immediately start the directional inputs for the second.

Don't Give A Kaka30
Successfully executed jumping D, jumping ↑+D and jumping ↓+D in the middle of a combo. (1) 

It doesn't say it specifically, but the Achievement's title makes it obvious that it's meant for Taokaka. There are about a million ways to get this one, all of which you'll be all too familiar with if you main Tao like I do. You won't need any Heat for this one, so don't worry about it. The easiest and shortest combo though is as such:

6A (2 Hits) > 8D > Midair D > Midair 2D

For best results, use this when your opponent is backed into a corner. While pretty simple, you need to be quick to get a full combo, so just keep at it if you're having trouble. Another idea is to simply turn on Stylish mode and just mash Tao's Drive button (Originally the C input []) and you can get it out of pure blind luck.

Tager? Don't Even Know Her!20
Turned the tide and won a battle using Genesic Emerald Tager Buster. (3) 

This one can be tough if you can't decipher the description OR if you're rubbish with Tager. The idea of this one is that, during a round, your opponent must have scored the first hit and from there have never had less health than you and must still have more health than you when you drop them with Genesic Emerald Tager Buster (Henceforth referred to as GETB).

It sounds alot harder than it actually is. If you suck as Tager or if his 360 degree directional rotation Distortion Drives are difficult for you, or if you just want an easy time of it, I recommend using Stylish layout. This makes it so that merely holding the original C button () will initiate GETB.

Anyways, onto the part you're really here for. Let your enemy get the first hit and then let them knock you around until you hit orange levels of health. Now you'll want to return the favor (Making sure to use lighter attacks until your Heat is at 50) until they are just above orange levels of health. Get in close and use GETB (8963214789632147C [Two complete and full clockwise rotations followed by the C {} button]) on them.

It is of note that your opponent doesn't have to be just above orange, it's just the safest way. In reality though, GETB will do almost a full half of a health bar depending on the opponent's status and character choice.

Sharp Shooter30
Hit the opponent with all of Litchi's Great Wheel attacks. 

This one would be nearly impossible for anyone who's never really used Litchi before.

She has a Distortion Drive called "The Great Wheel", in which she increases the diameter of her rod and launches it at the opponent like a pseudo guided missile. When using all 5 possible inputs, Litchi's Great Wheel Distortion Drive will have 6 total hits, the last of which is veru far apart from the others and will always blue out your combo if you don't string in some attacks between the 5th and 6th hits of The Great Wheel.

Here is where it gets tricky; Part one.
If you're lacking in Litchi lore, then you'll likely not know that during the startup animation for her Great Wheel attack you have a very short time window in which you can input any direction along with the D () button in order to program movements INTO the attack, for up to a total of 5 inputs. In other words, during the startup animation if you hit:
8D > 6D > 2D > 4D > 8D
The rod will trace a square movement as the Distortion exits the starting animation.

Here is where it gets tricky; Part two.
There are several ways of keeping a Great Wheel combo going, but perhaps the easiest is to have the opponent very near to death when you use the attack. Dead people can't very well escape a combo, and even the game recognizes that fact. So knock your foe down to the VERY low end of orange health (Around 5% of their total health), get your Heat up to 50, put your opponent in a corner, and then finally, after making sure Litchi is still holding her rod (You can use D [] to recall it), use her Great Wheel (632146D) Distortion Drive. VERY VERY QUICKLY during the startup, input the following:
6D > 2D > 8D > 2D > 8D

This should cause the rod to go right, then down, then up, down again, and then up again. If the opponent HASN'T died within these 5 hits, then their health wasn't low enough. If they DID die within those 5 hits, then the 6th and final hit will not blue out the combo because, as was mentioned before, KO'ed characters cannot break out of combos.

Summoned and used all of Arakune's bugs during a single combo. (2) 

What you'll want to do first is inflict Arakune's Curse status on the opponent. This is easily done in about 3 hits just by using Arakune's standing D. Once they are in Curse status (As is denoted by the crisscrossing rings around the opponent), all you have to do is very quickly input the following:

A > A > B > C > D

And when I say quick I mean don't wait around for any of it to connect with the opponent. All you have to do is literally hit those inputs as quickly as you can. So long as each of the bugs summoned hits the opponent oncewithin the combo, you'll have another achievement under your belt.

Over 9000?!20
Dealt over 10,000 damage to an opponent in a single combo. (1) 

Like Taokaka's Achievement, even though it doesn't specifically say that you must use Hakumen, he's the one this achievement is geared towards.

It is highly recommended you use a second controller or an online buddy, because the constraints to pull this off don't often happen by pure chance.

Using Hakumen, allow your Heat gauge to fill up all the way, giving you 8 Magatama (This will happen over time even if you are standing still). Next, have your opponent deplete their Barrier gauge (Done by holding A+B [] while guarding) and then put themselves in Negative State (Done by constantly moving away from the other player and denoted by vertical red streaks around the character). This will set them up to receive maximum damage.

Now you're going to have to work quickly, because Negative State and Barrier Break will vanish after a short time. Activate Kokuujin Ougi: Mugen (214214B), which will cause the Heat gauge and your Magatama to start depleting but will radically increase your damage output. Now get close-to-but-not-quite-next-to your opponent and use Kokuujin: Shippu (643216C), Making sure to hold C the entire time. Hakumen should charge up a sword strike. The idea here is to be close enough that the physical blade hits the opponent, not just the shockwave. If you've done it right, the opponent will be felled in a single strike.

Just How I...*wheeze*...Planned20
Using Bang, had Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan activated for more than 30 seconds of the battle. (4) 

This is quite possibly one of the easiest of all the character specific achievements. Get Bang's Heat up to 50, hit them at least 4 times with any of Bang's D attacks (Each hit will add a Japanese Kanji character to the 4 diamonds above Bang's Heat gauge), and then activate Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan (632146D).

When done correctly, Bang will begin glowing, the music will change to Bang's personal theme, and you'll be able to move insanely fast. Just survive for 30 seconds like this.

A Spectacle30
Landed Carl's Vivace, Cantabile, and Allegreto during a combo. (2) 

If you suck with Nirvana, then relax. You don't even have to move Nirvana to pull off this Achievement nor do you need any Heat, so it's not terribly hard. Just put your opponent in the corner and use the following combo:

623C > 6A > Jump > Midair 214C > 236A

A little breakdown on the combo now, since it can still be tricky. The first step will launch the opponent up a little, the second step will catch them as they are falling, popping them up much higher. As soon as the second step connects you'll want to be holding the jump command down so that Carl moves immediately (You can jump towards the opponent instead if the next step isn't hitting them). Immediately after jumping use 214C, in which carl sends out a flurry of mechanized spikes from his cape. Here's where most people have trouble. Once Carl lands but before the opponent lands you'll need to input 236A, which makes Carl do a feint-twirl motion.

You've Been...Terminated20
With Lambda, summoned every type of sword during a single round. (2) 

For non-Lambda players, her D attacks summon ethereal swords that hit the opponent while Lambda keeps a safe distance. After each hit, you can hit D again for a second strike. The initial attacks can have a directional input added to them to change the attack and, as a result, the swords used. Every one of Lambda's sword attacks needed to get the achievement are here:

  • 5D > D
  • 6D > D
  • 4D > D
  • 2D > D
  • Jump > Midair D > Midair D
  • Jump > Midair 2D > Midair D

Like I said, not difficult at all. The hardest thing is the midair sword attacks, since they have such a specific hitbox, and even then all you have to do is practice the timing.

Fight for Survival20
Using Tsubaki, executed all of the "D" versions of her special attacks in a single combo. (3) 

First of all, the catch. All of Tsubaki's D specials use up one part of her Install gauge (Located just above the Heat gauge). She can build up to 5 Installs, which is a problem, since she has 6 D specials. Fortunately, there is a very easy way around this problem, and that is her Macto Maledictis Distortion. This move causes the Install gauge to deplete from however many Installs full the gauge is but gives you infinite Installs until it depletes fully.

So here's the strategy. Fill Tsubaki's heat to 50, then use her standing D to fill her Install gauge to 5. Use her Macto Maledictis (214214D), and then quickly do the following combo:

623D > Midair 236D > Midair 214D > 22D > 214D > 236D

The 22D is where it starts to get tricky. You'll have to wait until Tsubaki is back on the ground before the directional inputs can be done, but you have to be quick otherwise the combo will blue out.

Fangs for the Memories!20
Used Hazama's Rising, Falling and Devouring Fangs during a battle. (3) 

Although the description doesn't state it, the required attacks have to be part of a single combo. As long as you know a little about how Hazama works and also know where to place yourself in order to keep the combo counter red, it's not terribly difficult.

Rising, Falling, and Devouring Fangs are actually all attacks that follow a set-up attack called Serpent's Benediction, which has to be input before each of the three Fang attacks. Serpent's Benediction (214D) puts Hazama into a specific stance and allows him to use the Fang attacks from there, which means that you'll need to use Serpent's Benediction a total of three times in one combo.

Before even starting the battle, you'll need to pick a certain stage to battle on. At the stage select, press right twice and should pass from the default Auto selection, pass over the Random selection and land on a stage with a huge clock and clouds in the background. Pick that one, as it's the easiest to use whilst trying to get Hazama's placement down.

Once you are in the battle, push the opponent all the way into the right corner. See that strip of metal on the ground that separates the solid walkway from the grated walkway? Put Hazama on the side that is solid while the opponent stays on the grating (If you need more clarification, the metal strip clanks when you walk on it, just go backwards until your steps no longer clank). Once you're in the right place, use the following combo:

214D > C > 214D > B > 214D > A

After placement, the timing of Hazama's moves is the hardest part of this Achievement. You have to wait a little bit between each Fang attack and the next set-up of Serpent's Benediction. Try to set up Serpent's Benediction too soon and the game won't register it, too late and your combo will blue out.

After hitting the enemy with Devouring Fang (C), wait until Hazama is almost completely standing upright before using Serpent's Benediction again. After Falling Fang, wait until Hazama has landed from his moonsault kick before using Serpent's Benediction for the final time. The real key is that your opponent can never hit the ground during the combo.

Threat Level...Escalated30
During the course of one combo, placed all four of Mu's Stein's Gunners. (2) 

If you haven't unlocked Unlimited Mu-12. Her Unlimited state becomes available for purchase after you've reached Level 12 (See Level 20 for more details about leveling up), and can be found in the gallery's "Additional Contents" section for a somewhat hefty 4000P$.

Outside her Unlimited state, you would normally have to use D to throw out Stein Gunners during a very lengthy combo of which I can't even begin to fathom the steps to. With her Unlimited state, however, you can do this in a single move!

After unlocking it, select Mu's unlimited state by hovering your cursor over her on the character select screen and hitting the FN1 button (). During the battle, get your heat up to 50, get close to your opponent, and input the following:


This is the input for a hidden Distortion Drive exclusive to Mu's Unlimited state. It will throw out all 4 of her Stein Gunners within the course of the attack's animation and do an extreme amount of damage.

Squirrel Power!20
Executed Makoto's super, Particle Flare, with only Level 3 punches. (4) 

During Makoto's D attacks you can delay the release of D () and a meter appears above your Heat gauge. This meter will start at 1 and go up to 3 and then back down to 1. If you let off the button while the meter is moving, it will stop immediately and wherever it stopped will determine the strength of the punch executed. Sounds easy, right? Well, yes and no.

Makoto's Particle Flare Distortion Drive uses that same system, but there are three hits within the Distortion and you have to time all three of them so that you release D when they hit 3. Here's the catch, unlike her normal attacks, which have a decent-sized box for you to stop inside of to get Level 3 punches, the boxes within Particle Flare get smaller for successive hit. The first hit has a normal box, the second has a much smaller box, and the third has a box that barely even exists.

Go into a match, work your Heat up to 50 and use Makoto's Particle Flare (236236D). Let the meter rise to 3 and let go of D and then immediately hold it down again. Makoto will go in for a second uppercut which you must also time your button release at the Level 3 mark and then once more immediately hold down the button again. Makoto will follow the enemy into the air and charge up a third punch, which you'll obviously have to stop on that miniscule Level 3 mark as well. Once you get the timing down you can do this one on a pretty regular basis.

If you've got P$ to burn, go buy and use Makoto's Enhancement in Abyss mode, as it will make all your punches Level 3 without you having to time anything.

Get Off My Lawn!20
Performed a 30+ hit combo using Valkenhayn. (3) 

Select Valkenhayn and make sure to activate Stylish Layout. Get his Heat gauge all the way up to 100, put the opponent in a corner and hold C (). Valkenhayn will start his Sturm Wolf Distortion Drive, which lands around 19-20 hits. When the combo counter gets close to 15 or so, hold the same button again. Once the move ends Valkenhayn will spring in with the same Distortion Drive for a second time, taking the combo counter up to about 32 before it starts to blue out, which still counts for this achievement.

Equipped all of Luna's weapons during one round. (2) 

Select Platinum the Trinity and go into a battle. Mash D () until you get the Achievement.

That's all you have to do. Platinum's Drive is that she pulls out one of six randomly generated weapons to use in battle, and each one can only be used so many times before it goes away, and then hitting D again equips the next one. Just go through all of them and it's done.

Just in case you need a list:

  • Magical Pow Hammer
  • Magical Kitty
  • Magical Frying Pan
  • Magical Bat
  • Magical Bomb
  • Magical Missile

They're all pretty obvious to match with their names, so I shouldn't need to describe each.

If you want to speed it up, use Mystic Momo (214C) to discard whatever weapon you have equipped and then hit D again to go to whatever is next.

Domestic Battery20
Using Relius, fight a battle without depleting the Ignus gauge. (1) 

Getting this is simple. Just avoid using directional inputs on attacks and never touch the D attack button () and beat your opponent without using Ignis. If she does get summoned, just use Relius's standing D to un-summon her. If the little gauge above Relius's Heat gauge never goes all the way down (You'll know if it does because Ignis will shut down and stay on screen for a bit), then you'll have this achievement quite easily.

Aaaaaand I'm Spent10
Used up the Ignis gauge while fighting as Relius. (1) 

This is the exact opposite of Domestic Battery. Instead of focusing on NOT summoning Ignis, you'll want to summon her immediately with a D attack and then use her to decimate the opponent. Within a few attacks her gauge will drop to nothing and she'll shut down for a few seconds. When she does, this achievement will pop.

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