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BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Achievement Guide

Guide By: Setsuna x360a
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5 - 8/10 (Depends on your skill in Fighting Games)
- Offline: 780
- Online: 220
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 25+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 13 Story/ 9 Arcade/ 1 Score Attack
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Only One, Dante
- If your not able to learn how to use the combos fast enough then this could be quite a troublesome game for you, however even the most skilled of players will have trouble as well on one achievement.

If your not able to learn how to use the combos fast enough then this could be quite a troublesome game for you, however even the most skilled of players will have trouble as well on one achievement.


Welcome to Arc System works Blazblue: Calamity Trigger, This game has a total of 50 achievements which requires the use of every character and alot of training not for just ranked matches, but for character specific achievement and a Score Attack Mode that goes beyond Hell.

If your not a common gamer of the Fighting genre then this game could be quite a challenge for you as opposed to the veterans of 2D fighter whom are fighting against time to get all the achievements.

Also note that if the setting in your options are set to Arcade for some reason , it will not unlock any of your achievements, so make sure its set to Console

Step#1: Practice

It is recommended you practice the basics at the very least for a character or two before you start anything else. If you practice long enough you can also get "Your the Best! Around!" but thats highly unlikely on your first training session unless you have complete focus. Theres are 3 misc achievements you can earn in Training: "Cat-a-pult", "Activate Termination Protocol" & "Its Over 10,000!". "Cat-a-pult" can easily be done , just read the method under the guide, the other two are quite difficult, for different methods on those you can view this thread.

Step#2: Arcade

Arcade mode is just like an common arcade mode in any other fighting games, In Blazblue you fight 10 rounds for each character. The only reason your playing Arcade is to unlock everyones astral heat finisher attack. Also set the game to Hell difficulty with 1 round and win your first time around for your "Dante" achievement. Afterwards breeze through on beginner difficulty with every character, and while you play Arcade youll most likely get your achievements for fighting Unlimited Rachel, Haku-men and V 13. However to fight Unlimited Ragna youll have to fufill certain requirements, which can be viewed under "Welcome to the Azure Nightmare".

Step#3: Story Mode

Story mode consists of 10 of the 12 characters when you start, finish them all and you unlock Haku-mens and V 13's story modes. After finishing their stories you unlock the True Ending Story. Each story mode is relatively short if you pick the right options during the cutscenes. A list of options can be found in this thread. And no it is not required to get 100% on everyones story, it is only for those interested in more backstory behind the characters.

Step#4: Score Attack

Score Attack is by far the HARDEST achievement on the game and the only one youll really have trouble with. You go through 12 rounds fighting everyone of the character on a difficulty higher than hell, the last 4 opponents in their Unlimited state. If that isnt bad enough, the difficulty sky rockets against your last opponent who will give you the most trouble; Unlimited Ragna. View this thread for more details to overcome this.

Step#5: Xbox live

Every online achievement is easily boostable, if you don't want to waste to much time then it is recommended that you find a good boosting partner. You dont have to win any matches however you need to get to level 30 and spectate 20 player matches which can easily be boosted. Also you need to play against every character and complete a couple other misc. achievements. To boost ranked matches have one person wait after clicking Custom Match and have the other search for that partner when they click Custom Match.

Step#6: Mop Up

After finishing everything you can go ahead and finish any character specfic achievement and misc achievement like performing a certain move a set amount times. Every one of these achievements are boostable also using a second controller in versus is very helpful as well to make a couple of the achievements alot easier.

In some Achievement methods youll see numbers describing movesets, the numbers are like a directional board

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

With 8 = ^, 6 => and 9 equals whats inbetween

= D = C = A = B
(Up ) = SP1 (Right ) = SP2 (Left ) = SP3 (Down )= SP4


Blazblue isnt that hard of a game to get 1000 in, they are all just very time consuming which is alright since you have to get 25 hours of gameplay on it anyway. The only actual achievements to give you trouble are V13's 60 hit combo, Hakumens 10,000 damage combo, and the god forsaken Score attack mode. Blazblue however is a fun game so you may find yourself playing it even after you get 1000.

[x360a would like to thank Setsuna x360a for this road map]

[ARCADE] Beat Arcade mode on the highest difficulty.    

Set difficulty to Hell in the options menu and set it to 1 round. You have continues so you dont have to worry if you lose.

[SCORE ATTACK] Beat Score Attack mode.   (9) 

Score Attack is like a Survival mode on a difficulty higher than Hell. Practice your heart out and good luck is all i can say, i recommend using your best character, if that doesnt help you then you can also follow the methods here.

I Am the Just Sword20
[ARCADE / SCORE ATTACK] Defeat Hakumen in Arcade / Score Attack mode.   

See " Murakumo Activated ..."

Murakumo Activated...20
[ARCADE / SCORE ATTACK] Defeat v-13 in Arcade / Score Attack mode.   

Play through arcade with Noel, Taokaka, Ragna or a couple others and you will fight Nu (V-13) & Hakumen in arcade mode for 2 achievements.

[Player Match] Experience a Player Match.   

Play a Player Match. Win or Lose you get your achievement.

[Player Match] Experience is power.   (9) 

Play 150 player matches , you can create a 1 on 1 lobby with 30 seconds and 1 round to make things faster. If you really want to finish this faster , view the method under "200 Trials"

[Player Match] Learn from the mistakes of others.   

Go into spectator mode when entering a player match by pressing Y and watch 20 matches (not rounds) or just watch the other players play while you waiting your turn to fight.

Ruler of Kagutsuchi10
[Ranked Match / Player Match] Fight against different opponents.   

Play against every character at least once in Ranked/Player Matches. If your having trouble finding people using those characters, then you can boost it with a friend in player match.

Be Gentle... It's My First Time.10
[Ranked Match] Experience a Ranked Match.   

Participate in a Online Ranked Match. Win or Lose you still get your achievement.

That Was Incredible!10
[Ranked Match] Conquer a Ranked Match.   

Win your first Ranked Match. Hopefully you wont have much trouble with this.

You Brute!20
[Ranked Match] Win several Ranked Matches in a row.   (1) 

Win 3 ranked matches in a row. If your boosting this you can easily get it, otherwise you might find it easier to search custom matches against low level players.

100 Trials20
[Ranked Match] Strive higher in Ranked Matches.   (4) 

See "200 Trials".

200 Trials40
[Ranked Match] Strive even higher in Ranked Matches.   

Play 100 & 200 ranked matches. Win or lose it still counts toward this achievement. If your boosting this an easy way to boost is to use 6C with Haku-men while your partner who loses use barrier burst with any character. Each round can take around 8 seconds this way.

Hands Where I Can See Them30
[GALLERY] Collect more art!   

To get this achievement you must go into Gallery mode with 50 or more art collected . To get arts just play as different characters in arcade mode and story mode.

I Like to Watch10
[REPLAY THEATER] Collect replay data.   

Save 5 replay videos from the leaderboards and then go into Replay Theater and your achievement will pop up.

Hello World !10
[STORY] Understand the truth of the story.    

Watch the opening of Story Mode; You can skip the cutscene and still get the achievement.

You're the Best! Around!20
[TRAINING] You still have much to learn.   

Do at least 1,000,000 damage in training. You dont have to do this in one sitting, you can stop training and continue later.

Increase your level.   

See "Praetorian Guardsman".

Praetorian Guardsman30
Increase your level even more.   (1) 

You must rank up to level 10 & 30 in Ranked/Player matches. To get points you can win or lose however the loser will barely gets even 10 points, Player Matches dont give as much EXP as Ranked,also bonus points are given for the following

  • Perfect Match
  • Perfect Victory
  • Straight Victory
  • DD Finish
  • AH Finish
  • Didn't Barrier Burst
  • First Attack

You can also boost in ranked matches as described in "200 Trials" with a high leveled friend for alot of experience.

Secret Achievements
Words Hurt Too30
Let an opponent get a 5,000 hit-point lead on you, then taunt you.   (1) 

Just have your partner kick your butt and then have them taunt you with . Note that the life bar is 10,000, once its half way gone they can taunt.

Designated Driver30
Used Distortion Drive over 100 times.   

Check your characters Distortion Drives in their combo list and practice them or you can just hit SP3 when you have 50% of your Heat Gauge up for an auto Distortion Drive. Do it 100 times for your achievement. Youll most likely get this naturally.

Their Numbers Count for Nothing20
Performed an instant block 300 times.    

Instant Blocks are blocks RIGHT before your opponent hits you. How you know if you instant blocked is if your character glows white. Do this 300 times and youll get it. If you cant do it naturally then take 2 controllers, Player 1 (Any character) and Player 2 (Nu), Have Nu spam C while you time your blocks, youll get it in no time. Boosting this with a friend works too.

Greased Pig10
Successfully escaped 50 throws.    

For escaping throws, just hit the throw command ONCE when the exclamation mark appears above your head when being thrown. If you try to mash it, the attempt will fail. Do this 50 times.

Restraining Order20
Used Barrier Burst over 30 times.   

This is performed by hitting (ABCD) while blocking or while taking damage. Do it 30 times. You'll most likely get this naturally.

I'm Faster Than Anybody20
[Ranked / Player Match] Get "First Strike" five times in a row.   (1) 

Just get the first hit off during the match 5 times in a row. You can get it naturally or boost with a friend.

In one match, successfully pulled off "Thirteen Orphans", "The Great Wheel", and "All Green".    (2) 

You must do this with Licht. Make sure all her attacks make contact with the opponent and do a significant amount of damage. All of these attacks are Distortion Drives that require 50% Heat.
Thirteen Orphans = Rod placed (Press D to place/return rod), 632146 + D
The Great Wheel = With Rod, 632146 + D
All Green = 6428 + C

In Living Color10
Used all the color palettes of a single character.   (1) 

There are exactly 12 color palettes for each character, use all the different colors in the same game mode. Also note that you must pick all the colors from pressing start and looking at the list of colors , it doesnt count if you press any of the face buttons to pick it.

It's Go Time10
Performed your first Astral Heat.   

To perform an astral heat you must be fighting in the final round with 100% heat and the opponent below 20% health. Its an instant kill if it lands. Only Ragna, Nu, and Rachel start with Astral Heats unlocked, the other characters must have theirs unlocked by completing arcade mode with them. An Easy way to perform Astral Heats is with SP4. Youll easily get this naturally.

Devil's Advocate20
Used Ragna's "Gauntlet Hades" over 100 times.   

Use Ragna and spam 214 + B/SP 2 for Gauntlet Hades until you get your achievement.

This Is Important...20
Heard Noel say, "Hands off the panda!" over 100 times.   

Use Noel's Attack TYPE: XI Optic Barrel (236+A/SP1) against Litchi, she'll always say "Hands off the panda" every time you use it so keep spamming it until you get it.

I Can Rebuild Her...10
As Carl, decommissioned Nirvana three times in one round.   

Go into versus mode with 2 controllers and set the time limit to infinite, Have Player 1 pick Carl and Player 2 pick anyone else. Hold D on the first player controller and have the other controller hit with soft attacks so Carl doesnt get hurt and Nirvana. Rinse and Repeat until you get your achievement. This is alot harder online since you have limited time.

Activate Termination Protocol30
Completed a 60+ hit combo using Nu.   

See " It's over 10,000!".

Nothing's Gonna Keep You Down30
Earned a Perfect victory 30 times.   

You can invite a friend and let each other get Perfects on each other until you get your achievement. Youll probably get this naturally however.

It's over 10,000!30
Dealt over 10,000 damage using Hakumen, without the use of an Astral Heat.   

This achievement can be done in training mode, view this thread for various combos to get the achievement.

Fought against Bang as Bang, and both activated the "Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan".   

Have both players hit each other 4 times with D then get to 50% heat. Since you hit the other player 4 times with D you should all the kanji letters to perform Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan (214,214 +D/SP4), just have both Bangs activate it.

Threw a Kaka kitten using Taokaka's "Kitty Litter Special!".   

Just spam Taokaka's Kitty Litter Special in training (214 + A,B,or C or SP2) You won't get a cat right off the bat because she throws random junk but you will get it sooner or later. This can be done in training.

It's The Only Way To Be Sure10
Performed a 20 hit combo after the round is over.   

Use Iron Tager, Keeping attacking the opponent until their health is barely at 0, Tap them once with A to kill them off and then quickly use Magna-Tech Wheel (236236+B/SP3) for an exact 20 hit combo.

Dun Dun DUNNN!30
[STORY] Saw the True Ending.    

Beat story mode as every character to play the true ending. You can set the difficulty to beginner. There is exactly 6 fights in the True Ending , the last one consisting of 2 rounds.

Animation Conservation20
Used Rapid Cancel over 100 times.   (1) 

Rapid cancels are done by hitting A+B+C whenever you have 50% heat. Do this 100 times. It is recommended that you use Unlimited Hakumen and just hit C and constantly Cancel that since his guage refills alot faster compared to the other characters.

Victory Is an Illusion30
[ARCADE / SCORE ATTACK] Defeated "Unlimited" Rachel.   

You'll get this achievement playing through Score attack to get "Leonidas". Another way to get this is by playing as Nu in Arcade mode if your having too much trouble in Score Attack.

Beautiful Arakune20
Had a perfect match using Arakune.   

Use Arakune against a friend or against yourself with a second controller and just kill off the other player without getting hit, not hard at all.

Spoonfull of Sugar20
Stayed afloat for over 25 seconds with Rachel.  (1) 

Jump up and use 8D and then Hold C for Player 1 to float while Player 2 does 2C and 8D to keep Rachel afloat. Player 1 will hit 8D 4 times before Player 2 will have to help.

Carpal Tunnel20
Exceed a total playtime of 25 hours.   

Just have a total playtime of 25 hours, this will come naturally unless your abnormally skilled and you get all other achievements first, otherwise keep your game on until you get it.

Welcome to the Azure Nightmare30
[ARCADE / SCORE ATTACK] Defeated "Unlimited" Ragna, and obtained the power of darkness.   

You will get this achievement at the same time as "Leonidas" since Unlimited Ragna is the last opponent. Or you can fight him as your last opponent in Arcade by finishing every match in arcade with a Distortion Finish without losing a round.

Stop Hitting Yourself20
Used Counter Assault 30 times.   (6) 

To perform a counter assault you must have 50% heat gauge. While blocking attacks , if you time it correctly by pressing 6+AB then you performed a counter assault, your character will glow white at that moment you can counter assault. You can do this with a friend or boost it with 2 controllers, use Unlimited Haku-men against Jin and have Jin use SP1 multiple times until you unlock the achievement.

Ride The Icening10
Used Musou Senshouzan or Tosshougeki over 20 times in one round, and finished the opponent off.   (2) 

Hit (214+A,B, or C)/ (SP2) 20 times and have your opponent blocking at the same time. After using it 20 times finish off your opponent.

This Just Got Real20
Caused a Double Down to occur.   (1) 

Both players must use Jin and hit each other to barely 0 health. Go to the far ends of the screens and use Musou Senshouzan/Tosshougeki (214+A,B,or C/SP2) at the same time and youll both cause a Double Down.

You Never Forget Your First10
Performed your first Barrier Crush.   

Spam your opponent with 6A while their blocking and their barrier will break. Youll most likely get this naturally.

Discouraging Finish!30
Use an Astral Finish with every character.   

To unlock everyones Astral defeat Arcade mode with them, then go into a match and hit the Right Thumbstick down (SP4) When you meet the conditions to perform an astral, refer to "Its Go time!" for the conditions. Some Astrals require movement from your opponent for it to hit, Heres a video of how each Astral is performed:

Hit the opponent with Tager's "Spark Bolt" more than six times in one round.   

To charge your electric gauge with Iron Tager you can use (214,214 + Y), then once the guage is full use Spark Bolt (41236 + D) then repeat 5 more times (make sure you hit them). This is easier on Versus with unlimited time. Make sure each attack hits.

Game Info
Arc System Works
Aksys Games


US July 01, 2009
Japan June 25, 2009

ESRB: Teen
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