Bliss Island

Bliss Island Achievement Guide

Guide By: drno
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Fruit Smoothie5
Complete Fruit Smoothie in adventure mode.    

Select adventure mode from the title screen and then finish the first level. Try to get a feel for the games movement system as it is used in all aspects of the game.

Brick Invaders10
Complete Brick Invaders in adventure mode.    

Brickster is the game where square multi-colored squares with faces (much like the thwomp from Mario) will slowly fall down the screen and “attack” you. If they reach the bottom you lose. Move your avatar into them to destroy them and prevent their halt. Do this long enough and there will be no more bricks and you will win.

Bronze Levels15
Complete all the bronze levels.   

The name may be misleading so let me quickly explain. When it says to complete bronze levels it means to complete the easiest form of the level, not get a bronze medal on the level.
Bronze games are the first tier of each game. They are the simplest to complete and are usually he easiest. Simply continue playing adventure mode until you’ve finished each of the mini games in the bronze tiers. There are 7 different mini games you can play and must complete. See the bottom of the guide for more info on these.

Silver Levels20
Complete all the silver levels.   

Similar to the achievement “Bronze Levels” except with the silver tier. As you continue playing through adventure mode this should unlock. Remember that harder levels are the same basic premise but with more added to them to increase difficulty.
See the bottom of the guide for more info on the games.

Gold Levels25
Complete all the gold levels.   

Again, similar to the previous silver/bronze levels achievements. Further along in the game still you will begin playing gold level games. Finish all seven and you’ve finished not only this achievement but also the adventure mode.
See the bottom of the guide for more info on these.

First Medal5
Win a medal by completing a task.   

While playing through the game if you do well enough on a level you will unlock bronze, silver, and gold medals with gold being the most difficult and bronze the easiest to unlock.
Provided that you did well enough on the first (or any levels after) you will unlock this achievement when you earn your first medal. You are told what metal you’ve earned after you’ve finished the level.

Three Medals10
Win three medals by completing three tasks.   

Similar to the achievement “First Medal” except with three medals now. Just as before, do well enough on three levels for a bronze medal or better and the achievement is yours.

Bronze Medals15
Win all the bronze medals.   

See the achievement “Gold Medals.”

Silver Medals25
Win all the silver medals.   

See the achievement “Gold Medals.”

Gold Medals35
Win all the gold medals.   

After each level you are given a medal based off your performance in the level. The better you do the better the medal you receive. Do well enough on any level and you’ll unlock gold. I recommend going for this achievement after you’ve finished the entire adventure mode. Any gold medals that you’ve missed you should be able to pick up without too much trouble in challenge mode.
See the bottom of the guide for info on the mini games.

Win a game of Fluffy Football 3-0.   

Head into the online game play and start up a game of fluffy football. Due to the incredibly low appeal of this game’s online chances are you won’t find a match soon if ever on the game so set up a quick boosting match with another person who owns the game. Score three goals while your opponent scores none and the game will end, giving you your achievement.

Win a game of Multiplayer Forest Frenzy 5-0.   

Similar to the “Three-Nil” except with a different game type called Multiplayer Forest Frenzy. Simply grab five fruits before your opponent grabs one and the achievement is yours. Similar to before set up a boosting match for an easier time with this.

Mini-game tip sheet.

Fruit Toss

The basic aim of this game is to fire fruit into the large creatures mouth (located in the bottom right corner) enough times to pass and if you want gold you’ll have to get enough points to succeed. The best way to get the fruit into the mouth is to (for the earlier levels) fire directly at it or if something is in your way ricochet it off of the far wall. As the game becomes more difficult you will need to ricochet it off of the roof and into the mouth, sometimes using other objects to ricochet off of.
When you need points try to ricochet your fruit off of the flowers and then into the mouth of the monster. Once you find that sweet spot where you can hit a flower or two before getting the fruit into the goal then stick with it as best you can.

Gem Collection

You’ll have to navigate your avatar through each obstacle course and if you want the gold medal you’ll have to nab every single gem along the way. Use the free moving ability of the game to slow down when an obstacle is in your way and take your time when you need to but don’t fall too far behind or else you’ll be crushed by your pursuers.
As you get into the harder difficulties you’ll have different obstacles to dodge such as mines and other moving obstacles. Try playing through a few times prior to find the location of every gem so that you can find the best path to take while playing.


The basic premise of this game is that you have to hit your avatar against the other circles and cause them to head into one of the side pockets. Try to figure out the physics of the game so that you can make effective shots and then do your best to prevent your avatar from going into the pockets and allowing your enemy to go.
For gold you can’t scratch (have your controlled ball go in the pocket.)

Brick Invaders

For this mini game you have to stop the bricks from reaching the bottom of the screen. Move your avatar into them to destroy them and chain together similar colors for additional points.
When you want a gold rank you need an 8 combo of the same color for bronze level, 10 for silver, and 12 for gold. These are different numbers for each difficulty, the requirements are for each gold medal.
Consult this video for help.

Fruit Collector

Similar to gem collector except with fruit. Use your avatar and have him jump upwards from platform to platform collecting fruit along the way. Do it in a fast enough time and you succeed. Make sure not to die though as that will cost a lot of time and patience. Use the controls to guide your avatar not only while on the ground but also in mid-air to make tough jumps.
When you want gold just be sure to grab every fruit along the way as you go through the level.


Simple enough for a game like this. Head through the track maneuvering your avatar around the course and complete the set amount of laps for each level before your opponents can. On higher levels the occasional object will impede your race but hopefully it will stop your opponents as well.
When you want gold just be sure to finish in first place.

Sky Maze

For this one you’ll have to maneuver your avatar along a thin track from circle to circle. Thankfully the aimer will auto lock onto the platform you’re aiming for most of the time so most of the aiming is done for you. As you go through the level you’ll need to collect stars, avoid enemies, and avoid falling off to stay alive. Take your time when you’re on a basic platform but hurry along when the one you’re on can crumble.
When you need to get gold on these levels be sure to collect every star possible. Although they aren’t specifically hard to locate some are in hard to reach spots.
Consult this video for help. 


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US March 12, 2008

HDD Space Required : 47 mb
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