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Blood Bowl Achievement Guide

Guide By: Shelton
There are 39 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5-8/10
- Offline 29 (740)
- Online 10 (260)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 40-60 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: One playthrough of the campaign, then two competitions (for the difficulty based achievements and "Simply The Best").
- Number of missable achievements: 0
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: There are no cheat codes.
- Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes
- Glitchy achievements: 1 "Foul Play" (will unlock before completely meeting the achievements requirement)
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: No

For those who have never played Blood Bowl before, this game will be quite challenging. It is an intricate game, with an enormous amount of rules and tactical nuances. On the other end of the scale, anyone familiar with the game will find it pretty easy.

Welcome to Blood Bowl. A videogame based on Games Workshop's popular tabletop game. Whilst it may appear similar to Madden, albeit with fantasy creatures, gameplay wise it couldn't be more different. The game uses dice to determine the outcome of your actions. At its heart, it is a turn-based tactical gridiron game (though there is an option to play in realtime).


Note: None of the achievements will unlock in local/online multiplayer unless explicitly stated in the description.

Step One:
If you are new to the game, play through the tutorials! I cannot stress this enough. Also, have a look through the rulebook (LINK) taking particular note of the skills and their descriptions (pages 66-71). It is important to understand what they do, as they're used often throughout the game.

Step Two: The Campaign
The campaign is made up of a series of tournaments, varying in length, which either award or deduct prestige points (points which determine your position on the overall ladder and the tournaments you can enter). If you win, you get the maximum amount of points. If you come last, you actually lose points. As you need 320 to unlock the final tournament, it is wise to always win each tournament, even if it means reloading when you lose. Play on easy in realtime mode.

When playing through the campaign, you should upgrade your team with the following skills:
  • Block
  • Mighty Blow
  • Piling On
  • Tackle
  • Dirty Player
This will make all the knockout/death achievements much easier, as you will end up with a team designed to dish out plenty of punishment.

Step Three: Knockout/Death Achievements
With the campaign done and your team built up, it is the perfect time to go for these achievements. Import your team from the campaign and simply play one-off matches, always choosing to attack your opponent.

Step Four: Competitions/Difficulty achievements
Select the Classic Championship in Classic mode and proceed to win (each division) for an achievement. Win any competitions on normal and difficult and you're done with the difficulty based achievements.

Step Five: Intercepts
This will prove to be a time-consuming endeavor. Take a Skaven team through a couple of tournaments in the campaign mode, to allow you to upgrade their skills. It is imperative that you choose the following skills:
  • Catch
  • Extra Arms
  • Pass Block
  • Very Long Legs

Import your team and play in one-off matches until you get 3 intercepts (two with the same player).

Step Six: Online
The online portion of the game will take 15-18 hours of boosting to complete. It does not need to be ranked games and quitting doesn't count. Whoever's turn it is to win must score. Then you both simply "end turn" until the match is over.

Step Seven: Miscellaneous Achievements
Finish up any achievements you may have missed.

Once you understand the rules of Blood Bowl, the 1000 is relatively easy, though it requires patience. As with any game that uses dice, there is a large element of luck involved. Planning ahead can greatly increase your odds of success, and in some cases is a must. If playing turn-based mode, try to play it safe and protect the ball carrier. In realtime mode, simply select the endzone whenever you have the ball as it is too chaotic to deploy any other sort of strategy.

[x360a would like to thank Shelton for this road map]

Team play20
4 successful passes in a match   
Turn based mode is the best option for this achievement, as it is not as chaotic as realtime mode. To pass, select the player on your team who has the ball, then move the cursor to another player on your team. You will see a green arrow, as well as concentric circles with +1,0,-1. Passing within the +1 circle is recommended. Press with the cursor on your other player and you will attempt the pass.

Note: You may only pass once each turn.

Team to Use- Wood Elves

Important Skills- Pass and Catch. These will allow you to reroll if you fail either action.
Solid-gold Thrower35
4 successful passes in a match with the same player   (1) 
Find a player on your team with the "Pass Skill" and use them for this achievement. Try to pass to someone with the "Catch Skill". Keep passing back and forth and you will soon unlock the achievement.

Note: If you drop the pass, or fail the pass roll, that will be the end of your turn.

See the "Team Play" achievement to learn more about passing.
Interceptor Captor25
3 successful interceptions in a match   
This will require quite a bit of groundwork. First, you need to build a team designed specifically for executing interceptions. To do this, enter a campaign. Choose Real Time mode and set the difficulty to easy. Play the first couple of tournaments. The idea is to score as many touchdowns as you can to gain SPP (which allows you to buy new skills/level up).

At the end of a match, if you have enough SPP to gain a level, a pop-up will appear on your screen. Here is an outline of what skills you should select:

Extra Arms
Pass Block
Very Long Legs

Team to Use- Skaven
Team to Play Against- Wood Elves

When your team has the appropriate skills, save your campaign. Go to a One-Off Match, turn based mode. Bring up the team selection, press . Import your team.
In the actual game, give the other team plenty of space. If you receive the kick-off, use to throw the ball into their half.

If they attempt a pass, you will be allowed to move your players with the "Pass Block" skill. Take advantage of this. Place them in the line of the pass. Luck plays a huge part (as it does in the whole of Blood Bowl). If you manage two interceptions before half time, save the game (only possible at half time). In the event that you do not get another interception, reload.
Pass Buster !30
2 successful interceptions in a match with the same player   
Try to keep track of who takes the first interception. Keep them relatively close to the opponent players in your half. When your opponent attempts a pass, use the "Pass Skill" to make sure that same player is the one trying to take the interception (by moving them in the line of the pass).

See "Interceptor Captor" for more detailed information on interceptions.
Anyone for six ?20
Score 6 touchdowns in a match   
Refer to "9 For the Fun of It".
9 for the fun of it !25
Score 9 touchdowns in a match   (1) 
Settings: One-Off Match/Realtime mode/easy difficulty. On easy, the opponent AI is very poor. Usually I could score by simply selecting my player and then selecting the endzone. 9 should come without a problem. If however you do have trouble with this, change the time limit to the maximum.

Team to Use- Wood Elves/Skaven
Team to Play Against- Dwarves
A star is born30
Score 3 touchdowns in a match with the same player   
Refer to "Hero of the Supporters".
Hero of the supporters35
Score 5 touchdowns in a match with the same player   
Keep an eye on who scores your first touchdown and keep giving them the ball. Refer to "9 For the Fun of It", for the settings and strategy to use.
Simply the best...30
Win a competition using the "Blood Bowl Championship" Classic rules   
From the start-up menu: Local Game/Begin a Competition/Classic/Easy/Classic Championship. Choose a team you are comfortable with. Buy some players, and if you have enough left over, go to "hire staff" and then buy "re-roll". It''ll help. If a crucial roll goes against you, you may decide whether to re-roll that result.

The tournament is arranged in 4 divisions. You start in the 4th. There are 5 matches per season. If you win the first 4 matches and have more than a 3 point lead on 2nd place, you may abandon the final game (in all divisions except 1st.)

When competing in 1st division, by the end of the season you must be ranked number one overall for the achievement to pop. Winning every game will guarantee you a place at the top.
That's done !45
Free-up all the tournaments in Campaign mode   
This will take some time. 320 prestige points are required to unlock the final tournament. Always choose the tournament which will give you the most prestige, and make sure to win. This is a perfect opportunity to build up a side for the death/casualties achievements. Therefore, I recommend you choose Chaos and play in realtime mode on easy.

Refer to "Veni, Vidi, Vici" for the skills you should choose when upgrading.
Team development20
Gain at least 25 SPPs for the team in one match   
See "Explosive Advancement".
Explosive advancement35
Gain at least 40 SPPs for the team in one match   (1) 
SPPs are gained through several methods. I will list them and their value:

Touchdowns- 3SPP
Casualties- 2SPP
Interceptions- 2SPP
Passing- 1SPP (only for the thrower)

Again, choose realtime on easy difficulty. Go solely for touchdowns. 14 will unlock this achievement.
Showtime !10
Cause at least 5 opposition casualties (through death or injury) in a match   
Refer to "Veni, Vidi, Vici".
For the fans15
Cause at least 10 opposition casualties (through death or injury) in a match   (1) 
Refer to "Veni, Vidi, Vici".
Veni, vidi, vici !30
Cause at least 15 opposition casualties (through death or injury) in a match   
Settings: Turn Based Mode/Easy. At half time, depending on how many deaths/injuries you have caused, save so you can reload if you miss out on the amount required.

These skills will be invaluable when going for this achievement:

Mighty Blow
Piling On (Jump up should be used in conjunction with this skill)
Dirty Player (Used when fouling. Can only foul once each turn)

Things to consider when attacking your opponent:

If you are attacking a player with a higher strength stat, they will get to choose the outcome of the dice roll. This is not something you want to happen. Therefore, when attacking, check your strength stat and pick on those with a lower stat than your player.

Attacking whilst standing next to a teammate will add a +1. This will increase the chance of a favorable outcome.

The block skill allows you to remain standing if the "Both Down" outcome is selected. Ideally, you want to pick "Defender Down" but "Both Down" when you have block leads to the same result. Avoid "Attacker Down", unless the other team attacks you, obviously.

An injury will be portrayed as a red cross. Death is a white skull. Deaths count as 2 casualties. It is all down to the luck of roll, whether it will be a death, injury, knockout, or knockdown.

Team to Use- Chaos (imported from your "That's Done" campaign)
Dwarves, for the following reasons:

Virtually all the players start with Block, and the Linemen also have Tackle. This means that with just two advances each (16SPP) they can get the two most important killing skills, Mighty Blow and Piling On. Slayers and Blitzers need a bit more work, but they are much easier to gain SPP with (Slayers through casualties, Blitzers through touchdowns).

Team to Play Against- Goblin.
Bad luck10
Cause at least 3 opposition casualties in a match   
Refer to "Veni, Vidi, Vici".
No messing about !15
Cause at least 6 opposition casualties in a match   
Refer to "Veni, Vidi, Vici".
No quarter10
Cause at least 2 opposition deaths in a match   
Refer to "Veni, Vidi, Vici".
Survival of the fittest25
Cause at least 4 opposition deaths in a match   
Refer to "Veni, Vidi, Vici".
Soft skulled10
Cause at least 6 opposition KOs in a match   
Refer to "Cracked Skull".
Cracked skull25
Cause at least 12 opposition KOs in a match   (1) 
KOs are portrayed as a bell. Since 12 is most of the opposition team, you will need some to come back on the field. Scoring a touchdown allows the knocked out players to roll the dice. If they roll a certain number, they will come back on the field. Therefore, if you find your opponent's numbers dwindling, score a touchdown.

Luck determines whether they are knocked out.

Refer to "Veni, Vidi, Vici" for advice on attacking and settings.
Three's a crowd15
Start a competition match with the services of a Pogoer, Looney and Fanatic in your team   
Very simple achievement. Start a competition. Choose Goblins as your team. When you are asked to buy players, select yes, then find the Pogoer, Looney, and Fanatic in the list and buy all of them. Begin a match. The achievement will unlock straight away.
The Art of Bribery30
Use Bribery 3 times in a game   
To get the Bribery achievement, start a Goblin team with all three secret weapons (Looney, Pogoer, Fanatic). Start a game, and either score or be scored against as quickly as you can. After a drive ends, either by touchdown or the end of the half, the secret weapon players will be ejected from the game. You'll be given an option to use a bribe to keep them on the pitch.

Another option is just to foul each and every turn. Eventually the ref will catch you, and you can use the bribe to stay on the pitch. A combination of these two methods is probably the easiest way to get the three bribing opportunities you need.

You need 300,000 GP for this achievement.
Foul play !20
Have 5 players sent-off by the referee and still win the match !   
Again, choose the Goblins with a Pogoer, Looney and Fanatic. Score or be scored against as quickly as possible. All 3 will be sent-off. For the other two required, knockdown your opponents and attack them whilst they're down. This is a foul.

The achievement is glitched, but in a good way. You do not have to win. Mine popped as soon as the 5th player was sent-off.
There will be blood25
Get a Star Player to join your team   
Start a campaign and buy 11 of the cheapest players. Go to prepare match, then "hire one-match mercenaries". The Star Player has a star next to his name (who would have guessed?) and he is at the top of the list. Buy him, begin the match and the achievement is yours.
Didn't hurt a bit30
Prevent 3 players from being taken-off prematurely thanks to the Apothecary   
Create a Goblin Team - 16 Goblins, Apothecary
Create a Dwarf Team - 9 Blockers, 2 Slayers

Make sure that the Goblins are at least 200TR below the Dwarfs. Take less Goblins if necessary.

Settings: One-off match/Turn based/hard. With you as the Goblins, choose two Wandering Apothecaries for Inducements.

When the match starts, the only action you'll take will be to stand your players up and move them back into tackle zones (if needed). When you inevitably start taking casualties, choose to use the Apothecaries. Once you've used all three, the achievement should unlock.

The injured players must still be able to play in the match after using the Apothecary. To make sure of this, use the Apothecary on a "Badly Hurt" player, but keep the original result regardless.
Thanks, I took it easy30
Win a competition in Easy mode    
Refer to "Thanks, I Did That With One Arm".
Thanks, I didn't break sweat40
Win a competition in Normal mode    
Refer to "Thanks, I Did That With One Arm".
Thanks, I did that with one arm50
Win a competition in Difficult mode    
There is an interesting glitch that I stumbled upon when going for this achievement. The end result is that you only have to play two 2 minute matches in realtime mode for the achievement.

Here is what you need to do:

Create a competition-Choose Blitz

Number of Teams- 4
Type of Rules- Play-offs

Save it, then back out and go to Begin Competition/Realtime and then whichever difficulty achievement you are aiming for. Select your team, buy players, then start the match.

As soon as you kick-off it will say half-time. Yet when the game restarts, you will notice the clock is red and only has two minutes left on it. It is overtime. If you are winning when the timer gets to zero, the game will end (you won). If it is a draw, it'll reset back to two minutes. Losing when it hits 0 is obviously a no-no.

Team to Use- Skaven/Wood Elves
Finish 1 match on Xbox LIVE   
Refer to "A Born Winner".
Finish 10 matches on Xbox LIVE   
Refer to "A Born Winner".
Finish 20 matches on Xbox LIVE   
Refer to "A Born Winner".
Finish 50 matches on Xbox LIVE   
Refer to "A Born Winner".
Finish 100 matches on Xbox LIVE   
Refer to "A Born Winner".
First of many ?10
Win 1 match on Xbox LIVE   
Refer to "A Born Winner".
The start of a long series ?25
Win 10 matches on Xbox LIVE   
Refer to "A Born Winner".
A road paved with victories25
Win 20 matches on Xbox LIVE   
Refer to "A Born Winner".
Any challengers ?30
Win 50 matches on Xbox LIVE   
Refer to "A Born Winner".
A born winner45
Win 100 matches on Xbox LIVE   (18) 
Want this achievement? Boosting with a partner, you're looking at 15-18 hours. The method is as follows:

Host a match, invite your partner. When they join, ready up and start the match. If it is your turn to lose, move a couple of your players to give your partner a free run to your endzone. Once they've scored, you'll both need to "end turn" until the game is over. 1 down, 199 to go.

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Cyanide Studios


US January 26, 2010
Europe November 19, 2009

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