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Blue Dragon Achievements

Dragon: Max One Class

Max out the rank for one Dragon class. Must go from 98 to 99 without using a Heart enhancement.   

Dragon: Max One Class
Max out the rank for one Dragon class. Must go from 98 to 99 without using a Heart enhancement.

First things first. Heed the warning above regarding the heart enhancement. DON'T TEMPT FATE!! If I was you, I wouldn't use them between 97-98 either, just incase. You don't want to ruin it so close to the end!

Anyway, on to business. There are various strategies. First recommendation is to get someone in your party up to Level 50 in the Barrier Class so that you can use Field Barrier 3 at it's full capabilities. It takes 5 MP to activate it and 1 MP for every enemy it defeats. It basically adds a force field round your character in the field stages. Think of a hamster in a ball and its very reminiscent. It only gathers SP from enemies and not experience and gold. Thats A LOT of SP gained before you have to restock your magic. Equip a MP regen and you should be able to walk around till you level up.

You can also leave the controller next to the spawn places I've named below and you can level up without much effort on your behalf.

*Warning - Enemies you haven't faced or stronger enemies break the shield*

Useful Items
Black Belt - Location: Chest in the Ancient Ruins Forest
Black Belt - Location: Chest in the Mural Village behind a red barrier
Black Belt - Nothing Man in Jibral - 1200 nothings
Black Belt - Can be stole from - King Poo Snake and Yeet Yeet (only in first swipe remember).
Eye Patch - Location: Swap Autograph Manuscript found in the desert region for it when you speak to the traveler on Disc 3 ast the Lal Mountain Camp.

Potential 5 there, one for each member of the party. They double the SP you receive from monsters.

Where to use it:

- Well, there is the Southern part of the Giant Snow Fields with the spawning robots.
- Respawning dead pelicans near Kelaso Village.
- Laser Field, north of where you start near a chest in an alcove with respawning Flying Needle Moles.
- Underground River where you fight the Moody Dragon, the respawning Kelolon.
- Golden Poo Island - Southern Deserted Island.
- Poo Island - South Western Island.

Using Heart Enhancements and when to use them.

For each shadow class throughout the game you can use them to level up your ranks by a level at a time. They can be picked up throughout the game or they can be....

Spoiler! - Swapped for medals with the great Toripo
Swapped for medals with the great Toripo

When to use them - After a certain level, the SP needed to level up remains the same for every level (100 SP). This is about level 60 so wait till then before you level up and make your use of them as efficient as possible.

Use on who? - Well, spread them around your characters or build up the lowest characters as to increase achievement efficiency.

** Achievement doesn't unlock if you use an enhancement between levels 98 and 99 so REMEMBER or pay dearly!!!**

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User Comments
Comment #1 by am6erfey
Monday, August 15, 2011 @ 03:36:56 PM

Hey just wanted to add my 2 cents here in case some people don't think about it. The best way by far is to go on the little hill near Kelaso Village in front of the treasure chest, since if u go too far left there are mammoths that break the barrier. Have barrier level 3 like was mentioned before but here's the nice part:
If you take a hair tie and wrap it around both analog sticks you'll walk in a circle.If its too loose wrap the extra part around the bottom part of joypad below the dpad that u hold. Your char will run round + lvl the dragon/bat etc without the controller switching off so you can sleep/go downtown/not have to grind :)
This should work but for mine it still switched off so I connected the charger and then it didn't. :) Not sure if it will automatically cancel the screen

Comment #2 by am6erfey
Monday, August 15, 2011 @ 03:39:35 PM

sorry comment cut out:
Not sure if it will automatically cancel the screen that comes up if u get a new skill but the latest u get skills in some classes are like 50 so u can use this method to lvl the 50-99 no problems, generalists finish skills at 37 even :)

Comment #3 by Z02mid
Thursday, October 20, 2011 @ 12:42:47 PM

i have question about this achievement. can you still get it if you use hearts as long as you dont use a heart on the last rank up?

Comment #4 by craigyboy9024
Wednesday, February 06, 2013 @ 08:08:15 AM

big error hear which has cost me, you get the black belt from the corrosive poo, not the king poo, if you kill the corrosive poo you cannot get another black belt

Comment #5 by Fullbrook
Wednesday, June 05, 2013 @ 07:03:43 PM

@4 Yeah big mistake.. Luckily I had saved after Jumbo poo, but not after that.. After 20 mins of stealing Golden Poo's from King Poo I realized something must be wrong.. It is the Corrosive Poo NOT King Poo for the black belt.

Comment #6 by ChillumBong
Sunday, February 23, 2014 @ 03:53:35 PM

I disagree with Kelaso village for fast sp unless you want to do it on auto. If your are playing the game the best place is warp to Baroy town and heal at the inn then run through the underground river to the cave with all the kelolon hitting everything on the way then warp back and heal again. You can get 150 sp every 3 minutes or so, that's 2 of the later levels increase every 6 or 7 minutes

Comment #7 by ChillumBong
Sunday, February 23, 2014 @ 06:59:31 PM

oh yes I forgot, you only need level 2 barrier to do it this way as well

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