Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon Achievements

Got All Dragon Items

You got all of the dragon items.   

First defeat the Moody Dragon....

Moody Dragon - Gives Moody Dragon's Fang
Location: Underground River, to the right of the far save, by the respawning Kelolon, must defeat all Kelonon and Hyper Kelonon. Exit and it should appear.
Level to attack: At least a 35.
Advice: Don't go on the defensive at all. Just keep attacking. Physical attacks do the trick, when he starts to charge and fight back, that means he is close to defeat so keep fighting through it.

Then go speak to the Elder Baum in the Kelaso Village Underground (on the balcony). Then go after the hard remaining 4.

Blizzard Dragon - Gives Blizzard Dragon's Fang
A small area west of Kelaso, at the top of a small hill.
Level to attack: 80 makes him easy to despatch. Possible with less.
Advice: Use two white mages to heal your party and the other three to attack, use the a Bellybutton Ring with the water element so that one character takes no damage. Use Flarus Sword and any other fire based attacks to deal the most damage.

Phantom Dragon - Gives Phantom Dragon's Fang
The southern-most point of the Great Desert, near the Glass Spires.
Level to attack: 80 makes him easy to despatch. Possible with less.
Advice: ONLY use wind attacks, anything else will heal the dragon. Windus and Windus Sword work well, use the same Bellybutton Ring technique to keep one character alive, using any non wind users as healers.

NOTE: Corporeal attacks ADD health points so do NOT use them (try and find out the hard way if you must ).

**Don't forget to steal Nene's earring as well - You will need to equip - Assassin class - Ninja Swiftness & Treasure Hunt & Steal - Try and back attack if at all possible and save before you fight. If you don't get it first attempt, your attacks will miss and you will need to reload the save point again. Sucks but is necessary for the all items achievement.***

Amethyst Dragon - Gives Amethyst Dragon's Fang
Location: Follow the road South West of Jibral to the coast (Coastal Road). Follow that to the blocked part of the road and the dragon should spawn.
Level to attack: Level 80 makes this dragon an easy opponent.
Advice: Use Bellybutton of Wind if you have it. Dragon uses Wind attacks. Magic sword attacks do good damage. Personally found a good charged normal attack worked, equip Double Strike and it is effective as anything else. Used the two magic people to heal all the time (nothing else). With the Bellybutton ring, at least one of your characters is indestructible. Corporeal magic worked for me.

Spark Dragon - Gives Spark Dragon's Fang
Location: Gul Mountains, where the red barrier was.
Level to Attack:
Advice: Strong on the offense, weak on the defense. Use water attacks and Corporeal to inflict massive damage.

Dragon General Advice

- Try equipping all your characters with "Regeneration" (top level White Magic). Basically gives them an extra life.
- Prepare before each one. Make sure you have all your skills setup and your accessories done (for example, take off the Absolute Counterattack for the Phantom Dragon).
- Double Strike is an effective tool against them, as is magic sword combinations.
- Defense is the best option. Make sure you have full energy for your characters before starting the offensive. You have about 3 turns per every dragons turn, so make sure it stays that way.

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