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Completed all missions in Secret Armory  

Below is a list of all missions available in this DLC. They are separated by area you receive them with the quest giver in parentheses. You must complete all of these missions in the same playthrough in order to get the achievement. In other words, playing all but one mission in playthrough 2 and the other in playthrough 1 will not net you the achievement.

T-Bone Junction
Scooter? But I Don't Even Know Her. (Main Story)
Boost the Monster (Main Story)
Greasemonkey (Main Story)
You've Got Moxxi: Roadblock (Main Story)
Code Breaker:Analysis (Main Story, Athena)
Bridging the Gap (Main Story, Athena)

Big Crimson Brother is Watching (Bounty Board)
Road Rage (Bounty Board)
Power Leech (Bounty Board)
Drifter Lifter (Bounty Board)
Bugged (Bounty Board)
You. Will. Die. (Bounty Board)
Circle of Duty: New Recruit (Bounty Board)
OMG APC (Scooter)
Wanted: Dead! (Triggered automatically near Marcus' shop)
Core Collection (Marcus)
Mop Up (Marcus)
Super-Marcus Sweep (Marcus)
Local Trouble (Marcus)
It's Like Christmas! (Marcus)
This Bitch is Payback (Athena)
This Bitch is Payback, pt. 2 (Athena)
Knoxxed Out (Athena)

The Crimson Tollway
You've Got Moxxi: Moxxi's Red Light (Main Story)

Deep Fathoms
Armory Assault (Main Story)

Moxxi's Red Light
Prison Break: Road Warrior (Main Story)
Thrown for a Loop (Moxxi)
Stain Removal (Moxxi)

The Ridgeway
Prison Break: Over the Wall (Main Story)
Code Breaker: Time is Bullets (Main Story)

Sunken Sea
Prison Break: Try Not to Get Shanked (Main Story)
Athena Set Up Us the Bomb (Main Story)

Purple Juice! (Thirsty the Midget by the pond shack)
Little People, Big Experiments (Thirsty the Midget by the pond shack)

Lockdown Palace
Rendezvous (Main Story)

Claptrap Rescue: Lockdown Palace (Claptrap)

Circle of Duty
Circle of Duty: Cadet (Zach)
Circle of Duty: Private (Zach)
Circle of Duty: Corporal (Zach)
Circle of Duty: Sergeant (Zach)
Circle of Duty: Medal of Duty (Zach)

Road's End
Lost Lewts (Radar Device)

Crimson Armory
Loot Larceny (Main Story)

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Game Info
Gearbox Software
2K Games


Japan February 25, 2010

Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
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