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Brave: The Video Game Achievements

Wall to wall carpeting

Complete all tapestries.   


  • Tapestry  - Tapestry [1/3]
    Pretty much unmissable. Right in the beginning, after you jump up on the earth symbol platform, it's to the left.
  • Tapestry - Tapestry of Battle [2/3]
    Pretty much unmissable. After you slide down the zip line, hop up on the ledge and it will be right in front of you, on another ledge top.
  • Tapestry - Tapestry [3/3]
    You will come to a part where you must wall jump in order to step on pressure plates. Once you have stepped on all of them, a rock will open up and you will see the chest. Almost unmissable.
  • SwordClaymore [1/1]
    After jumping across some wooden rafts, you will come to another part where you must wall jump. After you reach the top, instead of proceeding forward, double jump to the next highest ledge across the gap you just wall jumped up. You will find a chest with this in it.


  • Tapestry - Tapestry of Ferocity [1/3]
    After acquiring the wind charm, you will be back near the beginning of the level. As you progress, you'll see a wind charm symbol and a chest up on a ledge. Use the wind power and climb up and get the chest.
  • BowShort Bow [1/1]
    Shorty after going down the first zip line you come to, you will fight your way through some monsters. You will then come to a part where you fight two birds. Once they're dead, look off into the distance near the eastern ledge and you should see a wind charm symbol. Shoot it and jump over to the platform, then over to the ledge. You'll then see the chest.
  • Tapestry - Tapestry of Battle [2/3]
    Right after that right with the rock monster and the skeletons, proceed onward and shorty you should see another rock monster in the distance throwing rocks. Make your way over to him. Once he's dead, shoot the targets and a chest should appear on the ground.
  • Tapestry - Tapestry of Valor [3/3]
    Right after you complete the triplets puzzle, the draw bridge will fall. Head on over it and you will see the chest there to the right.


  • Tapestry - Tapestry of Battle [1/3]
    Right after your first fight, continue forward into the cave then head left. You'll see a stone door with purple markings. Shoot it with your bow, and you will find the chest behind there.
  • SwordSharpened Runesword [1/1]
    Right after you cross the water by shooting all the ice symbols to be able to cross, you'll notice a stone door with pressure plates around it. Simply activate all the pressure plates and then the door will open.
  • Tapestry - Tapestry of Ferocity [2/3]
    Eventually you will cross a wooden draw bridge that leads to purple mist. At the end of the fight, instead of going forward, head backwards and you should see a little ledge that you can jump to. This path with lead you to the chest.
  • Tapestry - Tapestry of Valor [3/3]
    You will come to a part where you need a key to proceed. In order to get the key you need to solve the very easy puzzle on the ground and enter the cave. Once inside, you will see the chest plain as day in the back.


  • Outfit - Woolen Covering [1/1]
    After acquiring the first key, continue on until you come to a part where there are ledges you can jump up onto. Follow them up and shoot the earth symbols to cross the gap. The chest is right after you jump across.
  • Tapestry - Tapestry of Valor [1/2]
    Right after your first triplet puzzle, instead of going straight into the cave, go to your left. You'll notice some ice symbols that you can shoot to cross the water. Do that and the chest is on the other side.
  • Tapestry - Tapestry of Ferocity- [2/2]
    After you enter the cave, you will soon get to a part where the area is covered by the purple mist. After this fight, the chest appears.
  • Bow - Horned Hunters Bow [1/1]
    After using the key on the next gate, continue on and eventually you'll see another purple mist that you have to fight in. After the fight, you should see the chest on an island to the left. 


  • Tapestry - Tapestry of Ferocity [1/3]
    As you proceed, you'll eventually come to a puzzle on the ground. Simply solve it and a chest will appear. To solve the puzzle, line up the two moving squares with each other. Once they are in line, go and hit the gong once and then go back and line those two up with the rest of the squares. 
  • Sword - Bearstrike Blade [1/1]
    Right after the part where you fight as the bear, instead of going forward over the water, turn right and go to the top of the island your on and jump up some small ledges. Shoot the targets on the trees and a chest will appear.
  • Tapestry - Tapestry of Valor [2/3]
    After you shoot the wind symbols and cross the water, the chest will be to your left up on top of some ledges.
  • Bow - Bearstrike Composite Bow [1/1]
    Right after the cutscene where the bear pushes over the tree, just head forward and you'll see the chest.
  • Tapestry - Tapestry of Battle [3/3]
    Right after you fight two fire rock throwing monsters, proceed straight and you'll come to a part where youll see a chest behind some closed bars. Simply shoot the wind symbol near the chest, cross the water and step on the pressure plate. This will open the gate to get the chest.


  • Tapestry - Tapestry of Attack [1/2] 
    Right as you begin, instead of going up, go to your right and follow it to the back. Youll come to a part where you need to wall jump some pressure plates. After doing this, a stone wall will lift and a chest will be behind it.
  • Bow - Elkhorn Seige Bow [1/1]
    Right after getting the first key and going through the gate, proceed and fight your way to the other side. You will then notice pressure plates. Simply activate all of them and a chest will appear. 
  • Sword - Elkhorn Gladius  [1/1]
    After another fight in the purple mist, a narrow rock will fall. Cross over and continue on. You will then have the option to continue straight or go right and jump up some ledges. Go right. Jump up the ledges and follow the rock path upwards to a treasure chest.
  • Outfit - Tartan Safeguard  [1/1]
    After another fight in the purple mist where you fight those little guys, continue on. You have a series of jumps and ledges to make. After you climb up the first two wind platforms, jump up to the platform and your left, and then turn around and jump across to the ledge on the right.
  • Tapestry - Tapestry of Valor [2/2]
    After your done fighting as the bear, look for a wind symbol to shoot (near a zip line going up) and jump over to it. Follow it up and youll find the chest.


  • Tapestry - Tapestry of Ferocity [1/2]
    As soon as you spawn, turn around and head towards the back of the map. Shoot the wooden wall with the purple on it. The chest is in there.
  • Sword - Mustandshock Tulwar [1/1]
    After fighting through the purple mist, continue forward. You now have to shoot the ice symbols to cross the water. Hop on the moving ice platforms and make your way over to the right, and you'll see an island with 6 pressure plates. Step on them in the correct order and a chest will appear.
  • Tapestry - Tapestry of Battle [2/2]
    Right after the last chest, hop on the moving ice platforms and continue riding, past the monsters who spawn, past where you're supposed to jump off, and you'll eventually come to a secluded little island. Jump off onto it and you'll see some targets. Shoot them and a chest will appear.
  • Bow - Mustangshock Hunter Bow [1/1]
    Right after you're done fighting as the bear, continue forward. You should see the chest off in the distance right away.


  • Sword - Ursineleash Edge [1/1]
    You'll come to a part where you have to jump across many pillars. Eventually you will see a place where you can shoot your fire charm to burn some tangled wood vines. Do this and the chest is behind there.
  • Bow - Ursineleash Battle Bow [1/1]
    Continue on and eventually you'll come to a big door with two gongs on either side that you have to shoot with your bow. Simply shoot the gongs until all the pressure plates on the right light up, and the door will open, allowing you to get to the chest.
  • Outfit - Torn Attire [1/1]
    Right after the fight in the purple mist with about 15 big rock guys, just continue forward and you will eventually come to the chest behind some bars. Step on the pressure plate and dodge the boulders that are falling down. Eventually you will have just enough time to be able to stand on the pressure plate to raise the gate enough just to make it through.
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US June 19, 2012

Kinect: Compatible
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