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There are 20 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
- Offline: 20 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 30 -40 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 8 [World Cup] + Extra games
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No Cheats

This game is not too challenging overall but a few of the achievements require some skill and a dash of luck too, with a bit of patience though it is a very attainable 1000. Be aware that this game was a PAL release only so will be unavailable elsewhere.

Brian Lara International Cricket 2007 has a total of 20 achievements and requires you to play through the World Cup at least eight times to get 1000, you’ll also have to play one-off test matches with each team and win in each of the available stadiums too. Be aware that in order to save your progress you MUST go back to the Pavillion on the main menu and save your profile. Failure to do this will mean your progress will not be stored and winning the eight World Cups will be exceedingly difficult. Also, do NOT skip any part of the match at any point or it will nullify your achievements.

Step #1: Tutorials and Exhibitions
Play through the tutorial modes which is just a matter of following the onscreen instructions and is also very helpful in picking up the nuances of the game too. Learn how to bowl in the ‘corridor of uncertainty’ which is when the ball shows a green dot when it is bowled rather than a red or yellow one. Also, when bowling, use and exclusively to swing the ball away from or towards the batsmen each time as this makes it hard for the computer to score runs. Then go to Exhibition mode and start to work your way through the various teams and venues. Start by selecting Test matches, but change the difficulty to Slog and the match to one innings. Then pick each of the teams and choose to play against Bermuda or Holland each time, but make sure to pick a different venue too (keeping a list would be helpful). Once you have won a Test with every team follow the same formula but for ODI’s. Then go to the Champions Trophy and play a warm up match in each of the four stadiums. Following these steps will get you all of the Tutorial achievements, the Test win with every team, the ODI win with every team and will mean you have played in every stadium barring the World cup ones.

Step #2: Bowling and Batting achievements
It is best to get these out of the way before tackling the World Cup as that requires a harder difficulty. To make these easier you’ll have to create two teams from the main menu. One of them should just be made up of good batsmen, or even the same one multiple times, so pick players like Ricky Ponting (Australia) or Kevin Pieterson (England). For the other team just pick a generic medium pace bowler from Bermuda

Step #3: The World Cup
This is the longest and hardest achievement in the whole game. Basically you will need to win the event with eight different teams on at least County Difficulty. Just set the matches to six overs a side and bowl to restrict runs rather than take wickets. Make sure to save in the Pavillion after you win each time. Also, you should pick up the Win in Every Stadium achievement as you go along (as long as you’ve played a game in each of the Exhibition Stadiums). If not just play World Cup warm up games in the venues you missed. Also do not skip ANY part of any game you play as that will forfeit the tournament in terms of the achievement.

The 1000 on offer here is tougher than it seems and having to grind through the World Cup eight times is a major trial. Also the six sixes in an over achievement requires a healthy dose of luck not to mention exceptional timing. However, this game shouldn’t be a challenge to anyone with the patience to see it through.
[XBA would like to thank jackanape for this Roadmap]

Complete Batting Tutorial10
Complete the Batting Tutorial. 

Follow the on screen instructions and pass the batting tutorial.

Complete Bowling Tutorial10
Complete the Bowling Tutorial. 

Follow the on screen instructions and pass the bowling tutorial.

Complete Fielding Tutorial10
Complete the Fielding Tutorial. 

Follow the on screen instructions and pass the fielding tutorial.

Half century15
Score a half century (50 runs) with any batsman. 

See "Double Century".

Score a century (100 runs) with any batsman. 

See "Double Century".

Double century50
Score a double century (200 runs) with any batsman. 

Patience is a virtue. Just use A shots for both batsmen and try and build a score and a partnership. Save often to save upsets, I never saved and got out in the 190's on more than one occassion, don't make that mistake. 3 achievements for getting 200 with one batsmen (50,100,200), can't be bad.

Six fours in a row35
Hit 6 fours in a row with a single batsman 

Simple as... 3 key things... Timing, hitting the gaps and using the  button. Thats it really, should come with ease on slog difficulty.

Six sixes in a row50
Hit 6 consecutive sixes in an over with a single batsman 

Hardest achievement on the game. Slog difficulty, test or ODI, doesn't matter, whatever team as long as they have good bastmen, I did it with Kevin Pietersen and played Bermuda. The key is timing. I found that if for example a right hander was batting, I would stand on the line of the ball and hit it towards between 4 and 5 o'clock. Got to use  obviously. I would personally face a medium paced bowler as opposed to a spiner simply because the law of physics state that you can use the pace of the ball against them. Fast bowler? Less time to react is the problem. Just perservere is all I can say.

Score over 200 runs25
Score over 200 runs in a 1-day international match. 

ODI, on slog difficulty and just either use the  button to be safe or use the  button and try and smash everything out the park. I'd personally take the  button option just to make sure.

Score over 500 runs50
Score over 500 runs in a test match. 

Key to it is patience. Set up a test on slog difficulty and just time every shot using the  button which goes along the floor. No  button use, unless your either a.) very good or b.) want to lose wickets. Want to make it easier? Going on a good run, save your progress.

Take three wickets from three consecutive balls. 

3 wickets, 3 consecutive balls. Extremely get able on slog difficulty with inswinging and off cutting (move off the pitch towards the batsmen) yorkers.

Dismiss in less than 20 overs50
Dismiss an opponent in less than 20 overs.  

See "Dismiss in less than 10 overs".

Dismiss in less than 10 overs75
Dismiss an opponent in less than 10 overs. 

Fairly easy on slog, test or ODI, whatever, just need to learn the right length to bowl, which as previously mentioned is just outside off stump and a yorker that cuts in towards the stumps. You can technically bowl the computer out in 2 overs if you are good enough.

Get a batsman out twice for nought in the same match. 

Similar to a King pair, BUT, you don't have to do it on the first ball. Stop them scoring and bowl them out. Remember to set up a test match to get this achievement as it doesn't work in ODI's.

King Pair50
Get a batsman out twice first ball for nought in the same match.  

Must be a test and you must bowl the batsmen over for zero in both innings with the first ball they face, simple really. Set to slog and bowl inswinging yorkers that start outside the off stump and swing in.

Win at all stadia85
Win at least one match at every stadium in the game. (1) 

So then, there are 26 stadiums in the game: 8 World Cup Stadium, 14 General Stadiums and 4 2006 Challenge Cup as listed below. Doesn't matter whether its a test or a ODI. Difficulty is irrelevant. Note that you can only play at the World Cup stadia in the World Cup and the Challenge Cup ones in the... Your right, you've guessed it.... Challenge Cup

2007 World Cup

Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, Antigua

Kensington Oval, Barbados

Queens Park, Grenada

Providence Stadium, Guyana

Sabina Park, Jamaica

Warner Park Stadium, St Kitts

Beausojour Stadium, St Lucia

Queens Park Oval, Trinidad

Generic Stadiums

North London, UK

South London, UK

Birmingham, UK

Southampton, UK

Melbourne, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Cape Town, South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Karachi, Pakistan

Auckland, New Zealand

Calcutta, India

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Harare, Zimbabwe

2006 Challenge Cup

Brabourne Stadium

Sawai Mansingh Stadium

Punjab Cricket Association

Sardar Patel Staidum

Win an ODI with every team.100
Win a 1-Day International with every team in the game. 

Win a ODI with all World Cup nations. 16 in all. Try and note who you won it with. Remember, you get a cap for playing, not winning. I had to replay a couple even though I was sure I beat everyone, so beware of that.

Win test match with every team100
Play and win at least one test match with every team in the game. 

Same as the ODI but this time it's the test matches. Just change it to one innings to cut down the amount of time it takes.

Win ICC CWC 200785
Win the full ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 in County or Test mode 

Win the World Cup, try Australia as they are the easiest as they are awesomely strong. Remember to change the difficulty level to County or Test. You can play 6 overs to make it quicker. I personally bowled first and tried to get on top from the beginning, best way I found was to get the computer to play and miss. I did this by bowling balls with the X button to move it away from the right hander (B to the left handed bat) and bowling in the 'corridor of uncertainty', i.e. the green bowling marker. Learn where that is and you should win easily. Don't let them get on top cause you could be chasing a big score!!

Win ICC CWC 2007 with 8 teams.100
Win the full ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 in County or Test mode with at least 8 teams. (1) 

Just win the World cup with different 8 teams: Australia, England, Sri Lanka, South Africa, India, New Zealand, Pakistan and West Indies are the major forces in World Cricket, so using these would make sense. See the 'Win ICC CWC 2007' achievement for hints.

Things to Note...

*** Save your profile regularly as it's not automatic. ***

*** Don't skip any parts of matches as doing that makes the rest of the game void for achievements. ***

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