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Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Achievement Guide

Guide By: frank9080, A 2rue boofer
There are 43 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
Offline: 36 (1000 )
Online: 7 (0 )
Approximate amount of time to 1000: 10-15 hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
Number of missable achievements: If you don't play on September 17, you have to wait a whole year to get "Remember September '44"
Glitched achievements: None, but one can only be achieved on September 17
Do cheat codes disable achievements? No
Does difficulty affect achievements? No

Welcome to Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway. This game has a total of 43 achievements worth 1000 GS. Right now you can only get 950/1000 because there is an achievement that you can only get on September 17. If you don't play this game on September 17 this year then you will have to wait a whole year until you have a chance to get it. The achievements aren’t difficult because you will get most of them just by playing through the story. You can also play the story on the easiest difficulty setting and still get all the achievements. There are two cheats that help you get achievements, to enter the codes go to the options menu:
4V35JZHQD6- When you are near a Kilroy, there will be a notification on your screen saying that you are close.
0ZNDRBICRA- All Recon points in the game are unlocked. This will also give you all of the recon achievements.

Part 1- Play Through
To get the majority of the achievements, all you have to do is play through the game. You can get the achievements for playing on the easiest difficulty. Use this guide for the Kilroys so you won’t have to look for them after you complete the game. When you are playing normally, you will most likely get the action camera achievements as well but to make sure you do, go for headshots more than usual and when you are throwing grenades, make sure you throw them into large groups of enemies.

Part 2- Mop Up
Now that you have the majority of the single player achievements and you have finished the campaign, you have to go back and get anything that you may have missed. If you don’t have all the Recon achievements, use the code provided in the Introduction to get all of those achievements. If you do not have all of the Kilroy achievements, use the code that was provided in the Introduction to help you find the rest of them.
Once you have finished the game, you can go to mission select at any time to play previous missions to get anything that you might have missed. You can also skip the cut scenes now so you won’t have to sit through them. To skip them, press

Part 3- Multiplayer
All of the multiplayer achievements for this game are worth 0 points. The easiest way to get the achievements is by playing with a group of friends and stay in the same lobby. If you keep playing multiplayer game then you will eventually get the achievements. If you need people to play with, look in the Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway Achievement Trading Thread.

The game is an easy 1000 that no one should have any problems with. All of the achievements are very straight forward and you shouldn’t have many problems trying to get them.

[x360a would like to thank pashos18 for this road map]

Action Camera Blast10
Unlocked when you trigger an Action Camera moment using an explosive (1) 

For an Action Camera moment you must kill around 4-5 enemies with a singe grenade or rocket. In mission 3 after you try saving the priest their will be an MG42 nest and a group of enemies. Label the MG42 nest with your Bazooka team by holding down and aiming at the machine gun nest. If done correctly the bazooka guy will shoot a rocket at the machine gun nest and once it hits it will trigger an Action Camera moment.

Strategy: Best tip I can give you is to use the bazooka team on any large number of enemies you encounter. Let the bazooka team open up fire upon the enemy and not the other way around because it's easier to hit enemies while they are standing still and not aware of your presence.

Action Camera Sniper10
Unlocked when you get the headshot Action Camera 

This Achievement is a little weird so I will explain it to the best of my ability. On the other guide it states you must get a 1 shot head shot but that is not entirely true, I got plenty of 1 shot head shots and there were no Action Camera moments. All the head shot Action Camera moments I got were from getting 1 shot head shots right when the popped out of cover and mostly every time I killed an enemy with a head shot when he popped out of cover. I almost every time got an Action Camera moment.

Strategy: The way I got a lot of instant head shots was to kill everyone behind the cover but 1 guy, then I would aim down the iron sights with my rifle at the exact spot his head would be the next time he came out and if I got the slightest feeling he was gonna pop up I shot and almost always got an Action Camera moment.

Action Camera Veteran20
Unlocked when you get 10 of any kind of Action Camera (headshot or grenade or others) 
Use the tips in the "Action Camera Sniper" and "Action Camera Blast" Achievement Descriptions.
Action Camera Hero40
Unlocked when you trigger 25 of any kind of action camera moment (1) 

Use the tips in the "Action Camera Sniper" and "Action Camera Blast" Achievement Descriptions.

Note: These Achievements are accumulative so if you get an Action Camera moment and Die afterwords it will still count towards the Achievement. So in theory if you find a good spot where you can pull off one or two Action Camera moments you could just keep doing the spot over and over again and it will still count towards the Achievement.

A Lethal Portent10
Explore the abandoned hospital and Baker's fate... 

Chapter 1: Lost

  • Exit the Hospital.
Clear the Landing Zone and rendezvous with Hartsock. 

Chapter 2: Operation Market

  • Locate Dutch resistance
  • Eliminate German patrol
  • Clear Germans from farm
  • Clear Germans from farmhouse
  • Repel German counterattack
  • Patrol to landing zone
  • Defend glider crash site
  • Rendezvous with Hartsock
Objective SNAFU20
Fight your way to the bridge over the Wilhelmena Canal in Zon. 

Chapter 3: Five-Oh-Sink

  • Recon the town
  • Follow alternate route
  • Clear MG nests
  • Secure the sanitarium
  • Rendezvous with Hartsock
  • Destroy the 88
The Kloosterdreef Incident25
Battle through the streets of Eindhoven with the 506th. 

Chapter 4: Written in Stone

  • Rendezvous at church entrance
  • Eliminate the sniper
  • Destroy the German trucks
  • Destroy German fuel supply
  • Destroy the radio post
  • Destroy the Kloosterdreef 88
  • Destroy the Woenselschestraat 88
Calling in the Cavalry30
Escort XXX Corps and link up with the 101st Airborne. 

Chapter 5: Operation Garden

  • Secure the ground floor
  • Secure the top floor
  • Secure the roof
  • Protect Pieter
  • Destroy the 88’s
  • Rescue Pieter
Survive the bombing of Eindhoven. 

Chapter 6: Baptism of Fire.

  • Rendezvous with 2nd squad
  • Escape from bomb shelter
  • Fight through the debris
  • Repel German counterattack
  • Rescue the Brits
  • Find Franky
Through the Looking Glass40
Explore the abandoned hospital and discover Baker's fate... 

Chapter 7: The Rabbit Hole

  • Eliminate German patrols
  • Enter the hospital
  • Search for Franky
  • Exit the hospital
Weather the Storm45
Repel Kampfgruppe Walther's crushing attack on Veghel. 

Chapter 8: Black Friday

  • Secure the town plaza
  • Destroy the 88
  • Clear the municipal building
  • Destroy the Panzer IV’s
  • Destroy the Panzers and 88s
Situation FUBAR50
Defend Hell's Highway against the German counterattack. 

Chapter 9: Hell’s Highway

  • Destroy the 88
  • Clear the canal
  • Destroy the 88
  • Destroy the Panzer IV
  • Reach the train station
  • Defend the trainyard
Abandon All Hope150
Expel the German forces from Koevering and bring an end to Operation Market Garden. 

Chapter 10: Tooth and Nail

  • Destroy the 4 88’s
  • Destroy the Panzers and 88
  • Link up with the 506th

All these Achievements are story related and will unlock once you beat each Mission.
Each bullet contains the objective you must complete to finish the level.

If you have any problems with the campaign, resort to THIS GUIDE for a complete walkthrough.

First Recon10
Find and activate a Recon Point 

Recon points are marked on your map with a circle and an R just like the achievement photo. These are usually a windmill or just an open area you should scout. You need to get to a certain position in them like the top of the windmill then press and hold X. You will see a cut scene where you look around.

See "Recon Gold"

Recon Bronze15
Find six Recon Points 

See "Recon Gold"

Recon Silver20
Find twelve Recon Points 

See "Recon Gold"

Recon Gold25
Find sixteen or more Recon Points (5) 

If you just want the Achievements then type in this code 0ZNDRBICRA.

Or follow this guide.

Operation Market
Written in Stone
Operation Garden
Baptism of Fire
The Rabbit Hole
Black Friday
Hell's Highway
Tooth & Nail

Kilroy was here!10
Find and view a hidden kilroy 

See "Kilroy Gold"

Kilroy Bronze15
Find nine Kilroys 

See "Kilroy Gold"

Kilroy Silver20
Find eighteen Kilroys 

See "Kilroy Gold"

Kilroy Gold25
Find 25 or more Kilroys (1) 

Kilroy's are drawings on walls left behind by other soldiers.
To make the Achievement easier put in this code 4V35JZHQD6.

The code will just tell you when you are near a Kilroy. It will say at the bottom of your screen "You are near a Kilroy."

Follow this guide for the exact locations of the Kilroy's.

Operation Market
Written in Stone
Operation Garden
Baptism of Fire
The Rabbit Hole
Black Friday
Hell's Highway
Tooth & Nail

The Draft0
Unlocked when you are joined by a friend in an online match (24) 

Just invite a friend to play with you. If you don't have friend visit the forums.

Earned in Blood0
Unlocked when your squad appoints you the leader for another round (11) 

You must be leader for a match and right before you start the second match you team must hit to Keep you as Leader for another match. I only got this to work with the Germans after loosing around. So basically the game is trying to tell your team that you did horrible and your team should get a new leader. But your team likes you and they keep you as leader unlocking the Achievement.

Truly Inspired0
Unlocked when you win a match under a commander with the Earned in Blood achievement (5) 

There are four requirements for this Achievement.
Requirement 1: You must be in a match with four player.
Requirement 2: The leader on your team must be the leader.
Requirement 3: The Leaser must on your team must have the Earned in Blood Achievement.
Requirement 4: You must win the match.

Victory or Death0
Unlocked by killing someone who has the Truly Inspired achievement (5) 

This is like a double viral Achievement. You must kill A player who has been chosen to be leader for another match by his squad members. See "Earned in Blood" and"Truly Inspired" for a little more information.

Casual Capturer0
Unlocked after completing your first four player capture game (4) 

"See Veteran Capturer"

Novice Capturer0
Unlocked after completing five capture games (minimum four players per game) (7) 

"See Veteran Capturer"

Veteran Capturer0
Unlocked after completing 20 capture games (minimum four players per game) (19) 

Just join and complete these games you don't have to win. If you need someone to do it with see the forums to find players.

While connected to Xbox LIVE, play the game once a day for 7 days (2) 

All you have to do is change your time zone on a Monday so that it switches back and forth between a Monday and Tuesday. Thank you to everyone that confirmed this.

Everything below is the method I used, but it can be done on either a Monday or really really early on a Tuesday morning for most people.

I did it on a Tuesday morning between 6:30 - 7:00 AM U.S. Eastern Time.
I switched the Time Zone back and forth between -12 Tokelau (Mon 10:30 PM) and +14 Kiribati (Wed 12:30 AM).

Change your "TIME ZONE" in the console settings to -12 so that it is still a Monday. Load the game to the menu, then quit to dashboard. Change the time zone to the +14 so that it is now a Tuesday and reload the game. Keep doing this method and t should unlock after doing it 50-60.

While connected to Xbox LIVE, play the game once a week for three months (10) 

See "Focused"

While connected to Xbox LIVE, play the game for once a day for 100 days (22) 

See "Focused"

Remember September '4450
While connected to Xbox LIVE, play the game on September 17th. (27) 

Play it on September 17th. Just boot the game up and make sure you are connected to live.

Secret Achievements
Ordered your squad to Assault the enemy 5 times (4) 

In level three you should have an assault team. Use the same strategy described for the FOur F's achivement, only with the Assault Team. For some reason I did not unlock it until towards the end of the level.

Bunker Buster10
Destroyed a sandbag emplacement with a bazooka team 

The same place I described for the Action Camera Blast, straight ahead up the street will be a sandbag emplacement. Order your bazooka team to fire on it and it should be achievement unlocked.

Squad Kills10
Helped your squad earn 20 kills 

Very easily done as well. Order your team to shoot on the enemy then flank the enemy. They should stand up and your teammates will kill them. I got this in the beginning of level three.

The Four F's10
Used your squad to Suppress and Flank the enemy 10 times 

You should have a suppressive fire team during level 2. Just keep on ordering your team to attack the enemy using LT. After about ten teams it should be achievement unlocked.

Enemy Arms10
Captured and fired a German MG42 

In level two after you move through the house, the game will give you a quick tutorial on how to use a MG42. Then move up to it, pick it up, and shoot it.

Basic Training10
Ordered your squad to fall-in, move and attack 

When the game asks you if you want to play with tutorials on select yes. You will get this at the beginning of level two.

Suppressive Fire10
Suppressed an enemy 

This should be your first achivement. The game will make you do this when you first encounter an enemy in level1

Destroyed an enemy tank 

The earliest you can do this is level 8. You must destroy the tank and not you team mates. Even if they do destroy the first take you encounter you have to destroy tanks later in the game.

Tons of Fun10
Killed 5 enemies with the hull of a tank (5) 

Easiest done in the first tank section in chapter 5. You must roll over enemies with a tank to get this one. Like all other secrets it is practically story related.

Dig In!45
Killed 25 enemies while using cover 

You can enter cover by pressing LB. Just pop up out
of cover and shoot your enemies. I got this around the beginning of level three.

Game Info
Gearbox Software


US September 23, 2008
Europe September 26, 2008

Resolution: 720p
Sound: Dolby 5.1 Surround
Players: 1
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