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Cabela's African Adventures Achievement Guide

Guide By: Foxxy kyle
There are 33 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
Offline: 33/33 [1000]
Online: 0
Approximate amount of time to 1000: 5-10 hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
Missable achievements: 9
Does difficulty affect achievements?: No Difficulty
Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
Extra equipment needed?: None

Welcome to Cabelas African Adventures! This is a first Cabela's game to have an open map for you to drive around and explore on your own. The game does this OK, but there is a huge lack of things to do besides the main story line. There is only a few animals that will spawn regularly outside of missions and they are not very common, and will only be in certain areas. Each region is tiny with a lot of small glitches you will encounter on your safari as well. The game isn't all bad though, the achievements are easy, and it personally had me playing for hours without getting frustrated and for that I think this is one of the better Cabela games that will grow on you the more you play.

Story mode:
The Story mode is where you will get most of your achievements, you are going to want to take a look at the list below in the notes to see the missable achievements to make sure you can avoid an unnecessary second playthrough. In each region you will need to find all of the fossils and view each of the Vista points so you can unlock all of the upgrades for your weapons and get the Gunsmith achievement at the same time. Once you have finished doing all of those, all you have left in each region will be the missions to progress the storyline if the game. Once again, make sure you know which missable achievements you will need to get in the missions because you cannot replay them once you completed them the first time.

Shooting Gallery:
The other small section the game offers is the shooting gallery minigame. The final four achievements you should be missing at this point will all the achieved in this minigame and can all be done on the first map. This is where you will more than likely have quite a lot of frustration. Personally, I spent 5 total hours of trial and error on the "Efficiency to the max" achievement and eventually gave up on it. I normally would have rated this game a 2/10 difficulty, but with this achievement being like an 8 or 9 difficulty, I bumped up the difficulty to 5/10. Good luck.

If you did happen to miss some of the achievements you will most likely be looking at a second quick playthrough to get the the point you need. If they are Dancing in the Ring, and Dodge This! you could wander the regions in one of the time periods and hope you find your required animal, but it may just be quicker to start up a second playthrough.

Overall this game is a quick and fairly easy completion, that shouldn't be too miserable. If you are a big fan of the Cabela games, this will probably be a fun one. But for the rest of us, it is just an average game that can be used for quick achievements.


**Many achievements in this game are missable, so I will make a list of them here, make sure you read over these because although a few of them can technically still be achieved after you complete all the missions in each area, they could take hours to do and it very well could just be faster to start a second playthrough.

Missable achievements: No Scratch, In Mid-air, Not a Single Leaf Moved, Feline Grace, Dancing in the Ring, Dodge This!, Back-up Firearm, Show Off, and Fast Approach.

The achievements here that can still be achieved after you have completed story mode, but will become very difficult are Dancing in the Ring, and Dodge This! because of how difficult it can be to find these animals just wandering around. You have have to select a certain time of the day to enter the region and wander around outside of our vehicle in hopes they will spawn, which could take hours.

**Links for fossil and Vista locations in each region below, they are in the guide, but these images are much larger. Thanks to Silva for making these!

Green Savannah
Dry Savannah

[x360a would like to thank Foxxy kyle for this roadmap]

Had 100% completion in all regions   (2) 

To 100% each region you will need to collect all of the fossils, view each vista points, complete all of the story missions, and complete each objective hunt that can be seen by pressing while viewing the region map. All of these can be completed in 45-90 minutes depending on the region. Here are some images we have thanks to Silva that will show all of the fossil and vista points to save you from having to find them. The images are bigger on the links provided in the roadmap.

Unlocked all upgrades for all firearms   

To unlock all of these you will need to find all of the fossils, and view all of the vista points. If you are doing this for each region this will unlock early in the fourth and final region of the game.

Dangerous 750
Hunted the Dangerous 7 (Leopard, Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo, Crocodile, Hippo) in Story Mode   (1) 

You will need to kill each of the animals. Below will tell you where each animal is found.

Leopard - Desert (Region 2)
Lion - Dry Savannah (Region 4)
Rhino - Dry Savannah (Region 4)
Elephant - Green Savannah + Dry Savannah (Regions 1 + 4)
Buffalo - Green Savannah + Dry Savannah (Regions 1 + 4)
Crocodile - Jungle (Region 3)
Hippo - Jungle (Region 3)

** Hippos and Crocodiles are not going to be an any other the missions unlike the rest. You will just need to drive around in the swamps till some of the spawn, this however shouldn't take super long.

No Scratch50
Completed one region without dying    

You will need to complete an entire region without dying at all. This is not hard at all if you do this in the first region, just use your dodge when being charged. It is ok to get hit multiple times, as long as you don't actually die.

King's Statue50
Gathered all the pieces of the statue   

This is story related and cannot be missed. Will unlock after completing the game.

Controlled Fire50
Finished a Shooting Gallery Map without downing animals with the wrong firearm   

In the shooting gallery minigame you will have two firearms, and shotgun and a rifle. Only shoot the shotgun while killing birds. All of the rest use the rifle.

In Mid Air50
Took down 15 predators as they jumped on you in Story Mode    (3) 

As you unlock ability points, you will be able to unlock an offense ability called "Knock-back". Use this while in a Lion hunt on a region 4 mission. When a male lion (ones with a mane) gets close to you to attack you they will jump, press the bumper that you have selected for this ability and you will knock them back. Do this 15 times for the achievement.

Random Encounters50
Took down 20 Hyena groups during the game in Story Mode   

This will unlock through normal progression. Anytime you are near one of the Hyena markers on the map, a group of them will attack you. Kill all of them to takedown the entire group. You should be able to take down 20 groups by the end of the game without even trying. If you do not have this though, load back up any region after the game is over and go to the Hyena locations.

No More Darkness50
Explored one region to remove all the fog covering the map   

When you first go into a region, the entire map, viewed by pressing , will be black. Drive around the entire region uncovering every black spot. This will take maybe 10-15 minutes on any given region.

Unlocked all rifles and shotguns   

These will unlock as you 100% complete each region. If you are going to 100% the game then these will unlock naturally by doing everything required to 100% a region. In other words, you will need to find all fossils, complete all objective hunts, and view all of the vista points.

Justice Keeper30
Took down 5 Hyenas that were chasing herbivores in Story Mode   (1) 

This should unlock through normal progression while roaming the regions. If not though, go to a hyena location viewed on the map, that is close to a blesbok or other herbivore location. When the herbivores spawn near a hyena location, the hyenas will chase them. Kill the hyenas to protect the herbivores.

Efficiency to the Max30
Took down all the animals between 2 gates in a Shooting Gallery Map   

This will be the hardest achievement in the game. Load up the first map in the shooting gallery since it will be the easiest to accomplish this on. You will have to kill every single animal in one zone during the game. This is most easily done at the very first zone so that way if you mess up, you can just restart and be right back at the beginning.

Wave 1: 8 birds will fly from the top left of the screen down the center, take them out fast with your shotgun then quickly swap to your rifle.

Wave 2: 3 Zebras will run from the right to left. Take them out quickly with your rifle before they get into the next pack of zebras in the next wave.

Wave 3: 5 Zerbras will run from the bottom left of your screen down to the back of your screen. You will need to take your shot carefully and quickly. Once you kill all five of them and see five 1000 points appear activate your frenzy and switc to your shotgun for the next wave.

Wave 4: These birds will fly at the same time as the previous wave of zebras. Use your frenzy t take all 10 of these birds out FAST. Keep on shooting, you will need to be quick for these.

Not a Single Leaf Moved30
Completed at least 6 hunts without being detected    

Throughout the story missions you will have many stealth hunts. You will need to weasel your way through the weeds and rocks to prevent being seen by any animals until you kill your target animal at the end of the hunt. This is not hard, but it is missable because you cannot replay story hunts once completed.

Leg Grabber30
Took down 5 animals after they've grabbed your leg   (3) 

Go to a group of hyenas and wait for them to run up to you to attack your leg. They will do this every so often. Once one of them grabs your leg press the on-screen button to hit the off your leg. Then kill that hyena.

The Wrong Order30
Took down 10 animals called by the same animal in Story Mode   (3) 

During hyena attacks, occasionally the leader of the pack will stand off in the distance and howl for help. This will cause more hyenas to run to the fight, you will need to kill 10 of these hyenas that are called over to help. This is also doable in one of the story missions in the 4th region. You will be hunting a pack of lions and an alpha male will howl up on a cliff to cause more lions to come to help.

Real Mix30
Took down 4 animals from different species in a row in a Shooting Gallery Map   

Pretty self-explanatory. During the shooting gallery maps you will be hunting many different animals that will appear in packs. When you see 4 different kinds o animals kill one of each species in a row for the achievement. You can do this right on the very first map.

Something to See30
Visited all the Vista Points in one region   

See "Achiever" for locations of the vista points. Once you find one, just press to view it.

Africa's Big Boys30
Hunted the Big 5 (Leopard, Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo) in Story Mode   

See "Dangerous 7" for more information.

Fast Hands30
While shooting from the hip, took down 20 animals   

You can do this on any animal, but it is most easily done against packs of hyenas. Just take them down without aiming down your sights on them.

Feline Grace30
Completed at least 3 hunts without being detected    (1) 

See "Not a Single Leaf Moved" for more information.

Full Options30
Unlocked all the abilities   

To unlock abilities, complete each region to 100%. You will earn spendable ability points after completing hunts, finding fossils, and viewing vista points. To spend the points go onto your map by pressing and scrolling over to the "Abilities" tab. Then select the abilities you want to purchase. You will have enough to buy them all if you complete each region to 100%.

Lucky Guess30
Gathered at least 20 Fossils   

Each region has 8 fossils, and there are 32 in the whole game. When you collect 20 of them this will unlock. See "Achiever" for the location of the fossils in each region.

The Perfect Match30
Created 4 unique ability combinations and used them in hunts and/or combat   

Before starting any hunts you will need to select a loadout. Use 4 unique combinations of abilities during the hunts for this.

No One Leaves the Room30
Took down 10 scared Hyenas in Story Mode   

When fighting a pack of hyenas some of them will start to run away as you kill more and more of the pack. Shooting 10 fleeing hyenas for this achievement.

Dancing in the Ring10
Dodged at least one Lion, Leopard, and Cheetah during Story Mode    (3) 

When fighting these animals you can use your dodge ability by pressing the before being attacked by the animals. This game is glitchy in counting a successful dodge and you won't know if it counted unless you use the "Adrenaline Dodge" ability while hunting these animals. When you use this time will slow after a successful dodge. Make sure you get this before finishing the story because although these animals can be found wandering regions, it can take hours after the story is finished because you cannot replay the hunts.

Dodge This!10
Dodged an Elephant, Hippo, Rhino, and Buffalo at least once during Story Mode    (1) 

See "Dancing in the Ring" for more information.

My Style10
Created your first deck of 3 abilities   

When you have 3 ability points, select your loadout using all three slots available.

Back-up Firearm10
Completed a hunt against a dangerous animal species using only a shotgun    

If you do not get this in one of the story mode hunts, you will have to start a seconds playthrough to get this. On one of your story hunts against a Leopard, Lion, Rhino, Elephant, or Buffalo use only your secondary weapon which should be a shotgun.

Time is Standing Still10
Took down 5 animals while in Adrenaline Mode in Story Mode   

While in adrenaline mode, kill five animals. I recommend using the "Adrenaline Dodge" or the "Last Stand" ability to increase the amount of times you get adrenaline. You will know if you are in adrenaline mode because time will slow.

One is Enough10
Took down 5 Hyenas in combat using a single shot for each one in Story Mode   

Once you unlock your better weapons a hyena will become a one shot kill. So once you unlock the Bolt Action Rifle .500 rifle or better, use that against a pack of hyenas and get 5 one shot kills in a row.

Show Off10
Made all the animals in a stealth hunt cautious    (2) 

While in a stealth hunt animals can become cautious of you if they think they saw or heard you for a moment. The yellow alert signal means they are cautious. This can be quite challenging in a stealth hunt with a lot of animals, so I highly recommend you do this in the "follow the leader" hunt in the Jungle region (region 3). There are only three animals that you will be stalking throughout the hunt, just keep on easing up next to them while still staying behind a tree and hope that all three will become cautious. This can be done in just a couple of tries.

Fast Approach5
Rolled 5 times without being detected in a stealth hunt    

At the beginning on any stealth hunt use five times to roll at the spawn. That way you are not going to be detected.

African Hunter5
Took down one animal in Story Mode   

Just kill any animal in the story. This is impossible to miss if you play the story mode at all.

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