Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2008

Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2008 Achievements

Complete All Hunts

Complete every single hunt in Career mode (required and optional).   

Thanks to Vonreid for the complete list of objectives:


Lvl (1.) Montana *Fall*
(1. Find Ben Adams.
(2. Shoot 1 Mule Deer from the Tree stand.
(3. Talk to the guy by the shore.
(4. Hunt 2 Elk.
(5. Go back to guy by the shore (who is now listed as a guide)
**(6. Mini game of Mallard Duck Shooting. (For this just keep following the path after the guy ferries u at the fork take the left path over to the cabin talk to the guy there)
(7. Hunt the Trophy Mule Deer.
(8. Take a picture of the Trophy Mule Deer. (If you don't know how to do this just walk up to the carcass)
(9. Hunt The Rival Bear

Lvl (2.) British Columbia *Fall*
(1. Find The Western Ranger, Dubby McCoy.
(2. Hunt 2 Dall Sheep.
(3. Go back to the Western Ranger Dubby McCoy.
(4. Now find his Brother the Eastern Ranger Chester McCoy.
**(5. Hunt 10 Canadian Geese. (this is is in the blind close to the lake south of Chester)
(6. Hunt 3 Moose.
(7. Return to the Eastern Ranger Chester McCoy.
(8. Hunt the trophy Moose.
(9. Take a Picture of Mr. Trophy


lvl (3) Montana Winter
(1. Hunt 3 Mule Deer (tripod stand)
(2. Find the upper field
(3. mini-game (Drake Dickey- upper field) hunt 5 pheasants in 4 min.
(4. Meet Drake Dickey
(5. Hunt 1 Big Horn Sheep
(6. Find Trophy Elk area
**(7. mini-game (@ trail edge) Hunt 5 marmots in 5 min.
(8. Hunt Trophy Elk
(9. Take a Trophy Picture

Lvl (4) Argentina Fall
(1. Meet Tex Johnson
(2. mini-game Hunt 5 gray fox
(3. Hunt 2 Water Buffalo
(4. Find Sid Perez
(5. mini-game (Sid Perez) Hunt 5 partridges
(6. Hunt Trophy Water Buffalo
(7. Take Trophy Picture

Lvl (5) Ethiopia Spring
(1. mini-game (w/ Sam Geez) Hunt 6 African Blue Quails
(2. Hunt 2 Kudu
(3. Return to Sam Geez
(4. Hunt 2 Klipspringer
(5. Hunt Trophy Kudu
(6. Take Trophy Picture

Lvl (6) Argentina Winter
(1. Meet Sid Perez
(2. mini-game (Sid Perez) Hunt 5 Vizcacha in 5 min.
(3. Find Sid Perez
(4. mini-game (S.P.) Hunt 7 Ducks in 4 min.
(5. Find Sid Perez
(6. Hunt 2 Axis Deer (tree stand only)
(7. Hunt 2 Axis Deer
(8. Hunt Trophy Axis Deer
(9. Take Trophy Picture
(10. Hunt 2 Blackbuck Antelope
(11. Hunt 2 Water Buffalo
(12. Hunt Rival Cougar

Lvl (7) Ethiopia Summer
(1. Hunt 3 Dik Dik w/ crossbow
(2. Hunt Trophy Hartebeast w/crossbow
(3. take trophy Picture
(4. Find Bekele
(5. mini-game (blind nearby) Hunt 6 Spurwinged Goose
(6. Find Bekele
(7. Find Sam
(8. Hunt 4 Niala w/ crossbow
(9. Find baiting area
(10. Hunt Leopard

Lvl (8.) New Zealand *Fall*
(1. mini-game at the very beginning hunt 5 weasels on the tripod stand. If you don't already have them this is a perfect chance to get the muzzleloader, crossbow, and pistol kill achievements (thank the gods for the never ending weasels) any way use lots of hunter sense and Adrenaline and u get some pretty new achievements.
(2. There's a blind to the left on the path u walk to get to the Red Stag(just at the check point) anyway just shoot the 5 paradise ducks (make use of the duck call maybe)
(3. Now kill the 2 Red Stags with your crossbow.
(4. Hunt the trophy Red Stag (with anything mind you)
(5. Take a nice pic of the beautiful carcass

Lvl (9.) New Zealand *Winter*

(1. Hunt the 2 Chamois
(2. Hunt the 3 Fallow Deer
(3. Hunt Trophy Fallow Deer
(4. Picture
(5. Meet Lallie Whitworth
(6. mini-game Hunt 5 chuckers (from Whitworth)
(7. Find Mr. Boar
(8. Now Kill Mr. Boar for his ham ( If you don't get hit you get an achievement)

Lvl (10.) Zambia *Fall* ( The most Annoying Rival Hunting level)*warning: take an aspirin right now*
**(1. Mini-game in a blind Straight ahead at the start of the game. Kill the 6 yllow throated Sandgrouse.
(2. Find Bekele.
(3. Hunt 3 Cape Buffalo.
(4. Hunt 2 Water Bucks.
(5. Hunt Trophy Water Buck.
(6. Take the required picture of your hit.
(7. Find The Abandoned Lodge.
(8. Hunt 5 Jackals.
(9. Find A Beati...Baiting area.
(10. Kill the Rival Lion

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US November 07, 2007

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