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Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 09 Achievement Guide

Guide By: CrustyDirtDemon
There are 21 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 21 (1000 )
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 5-10 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
- Number of missable achievements: 12
- Glitched achievements: No
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No, 1 cheat - weapon code [101987]

Welcome to the Road Map, that will guarantee you 1000 in Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 09.

As always, this thread will layout an order in which you will get achievements, as well as advise you on tips or tricks and anything else noteworthy. I suggest you read the whole thing before beginning.

There are 21 achievements for this game and you need to play through this game twice to get the full 1000 because the difficulty achievements are not stackable. There are no collectibles either, which makes this terrible game even shorter.

Load up the game and off we go, on a magical journey to slaughter the meek of the earth...

Step 1: 1st Playthrough:
On your first playthrough, you will want to start on Normal difficulty. This makes it much easier, as you can get the majority of the achievements on Normal. Playing through on Normal first will also allow you to glitch the "Rabid Completionist" achievement. You need to complete all objectives on your first playthrough, including optional ones.

As you go through your first playthrough on Normal, you should pick up the following achievements:
  • Mane Event
  • Bear-ing Straight
  • Rumble in the Jungle
  • You're Grrrreat!
  • Nice Shooting, eh?
  • Buffalowned
  • Bear Necessities
  • A Spot of Luck
  • Bear Shoots You!
  • Experienced Hunter
You cannot miss the above achievements as you play through on Normal.
You can also get:
  • Apiphobia
  • Snakes on a Plain
As you play through on Normal. Contrary to the achievement guide, these can be obtained in one playthrough, if you follow these methods:
  • Apiphobia - In Tanzania, start the level and walk towards the log that crosses the river, see GPS Map for help, then walk north from the log, shooting the two beehives in the trees alongside the river. Then restart the level. Rinse and repeat four more times, on the 5th time, complete the level and the achievement will unlock.
  • Snakes on a Plain - In India, once at the tiger hunting point, go straight to the Temple, tranquilize the tiger, then kill the five poisonous snakes in the Temple, restart the level. Rinse and repeat two more times, on the third time, finish the level and it will unlock as you would have built up fifteen snake kills.
Then work on the "Completionist", simply do the following achievements after you have finished the story:
  • Perseverant Award - Finish all 5 Bonus Missions
  • Bronze Sharpshooter - 6 Badges
  • Silver Sharpshooter - 6 Badges
  • Gold Sharpshooter - 6 Badges
  • Platinum Sharpshooter - 6 Badges
he sharpshooter achievements are not stackable, so start on Platinum medals and then work your way down to Bronze, this will get the hardest ones out the way first.

You can go to Extras > Statistics, to check your progress.

Step 2: 2nd Playthrough:
Start a new save, and select Difficult. After the first intro mission, you should unlock Rabid Completionist, you MUST have unlocked Completionist on your first playthrough for this glitch to work.

Then, play through the game again, though this time you can only focus on the main objectives and ignore the optional ones. After you beat the game, you will unlock Pro Hunter Award.

Step 3: Mop Up:
The Skilled Hunter Award achievement is your last achievement. You can get it only in Action Zone. Most of the power ups you will have gained already, the hardest one is Thermal Vision. Here are some tips by forum users:
  • xRogue 5x - Stage-Choose Thailand-Gold
    Gun-Fully upgraded .475 (the topmost pistol I believe)

    The first section will pit you against three Asian black bears. All you have to do is drop the three bears within 20 seconds from a distance of 7 yards.

    Note: you won't get credit for it until after you successfully complete the stage.

    The bears are slow and tend to stand up a lot. Just dodge them back-peddle and plug away. It doesn't have to be a one-shot death just needs to be from a distance and all three within 20 seconds. Each bear takes two shots to down.
  • Creech - Alaska Silver is another good one, also has three bears. One thing to update is that if you get the power up and fail the level, you can repeat the level, not get the power up on the second try, but pass the level and it will give you credit for the power up
If you have the PAL version of this game, please read below!

Patmaster said, the glitch does not work on the PAL version, so do this:

1. Play through on Normal with every optional objective -> Experienced Hunter (50 )
2. Do 100% -> Perseverant Award, Platinum through Bronze Award (200, 150, 75, 50, 50 )
3. Start new Save on Difficult, do EVERY optional objective -> Pro Hunter Award (100 )
4. After doing ALL Bonus Missions, I got Rabid Completionist (120 )

Congratulations, you now have the full 1000 in Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 09!
x360a would like to thank JC for this Road Map

Perseverant Award50
Complete all Bonus Missions.   

There are a total of 5 Bonus missions; Tanzania, Alaska, India, Congo, and Nambia. However when you begin a new career you only have Tanzania available, but as you progress through the career you will unlock the other four bonus missions.

During the bonus missions you will use your skills obtained through career to accomplish a hunt objective, all of which are very easy...

Bronze Sharpshooter50
Earn all Bronze Medals in Action Zone.   

See ‘Platinum Sharpshooter’

Silver Sharpshooter75
Earn all Silver Medals in Action Zone.   

See ‘Platinum Sharpshooter’

Gold Sharpshooter100
Earn all Gold Medals in Action Zone.   

See ‘Platinum Sharpshooter’

Platinum Sharpshooter200
Earn all Platinum Medals in Action Zone.   

Unfortunately all the “sharpshooter” achievements are not stackable, and must be done individually.

Action Zone is allot like how Cabela’s Trophy Bucks was set up, In Dangerous Hunts there are a total of 6 different Action Zone Challenges, in which you are given a time limit and a minimum point total allowed for a successful rating. The best way to ensure victory is to try and obtain various powerups, activated by “pushing RS in”, and also by finishing each stage within the challenge as quick as you can, resulting in a time bonus.

I recommend knocking out “Platinum Shooter” first, since although very frustrating at times, once completed the remaining three medals will be a breeze.

Experienced Hunter50
Complete the Career Mode on Normal.     

See “Pro Hunter Award”

Pro Hunter Award100
Complete the Career Mode on Difficult.     

There are a total of 10 career Missions which will bring you all over the world hunting dangerous game, within these missions you will have ‘Main Objectives’ and ‘Optional Secondary Objectives’. These objectives can be viewed at any time by using the “back” button on your 360 controller.

The secondary objectives are not a requirement for this achievement but are needed if you’re attempting the full 1000 GS for this game. If you’re having trouble finding your target, enable “hunter vision” by ‘pushing in the LS’ which will cause the animals in your field of vision to be easily spotted. Also don’t forget to use your map...

Destroy at least 10 Bee Hives playing Career Mode.   

The description for this achievement is vague, so to clear confusion up, you CAN achieve this through multiple careers, I would however recommend that when starting a new career that you use a new save slot, to make sure your current destroyed bee hives is not erased.

It took me 2 ½ Careers to obtain this, 4 Bee hives on normal, another 4 on Difficult, and another 2 on a new career. I found that only 4-5 were only available through out the entire game. 2-3 can be found on the second level “Tanzania” and another 2 on the fourth level “Ecuador” After your tenth destroyed bee hive the achievement will unlock at the next Auto-save or Manual Save.

Complete the game 100% on Normal.     

See “Rabid Completionist”

Skilled Hunter Award20
Use all Power-Ups at least once.   

In dangerous hunts while play the “Action Zone Challenges” you will be awarded different powerups for taking down your prey(s) within a certain time limit and also certain distance.

There are 6 total different Powerups:

X4 Multiplier: Awarded for taking down 5 trophies in less than 60 seconds.

Quick Draw: Awarded for taking down 1 trophy with a clean shot, from less than 5 meters.

Laser Bullet: Awarded for taking down 2 trophies with clean shots, in less than 20 seconds, from a distant greater than 5 meters.

Animal Freeze: Awarded for taking down 3 trophies with clean shots, in less than 40 seconds, for a distance less than 20 meters.

Instant Kill: Awarded for taking down 3 trophies in less than 20 seconds.

Thermal Vision: Awarded for taking down 3 trophies in 20 seconds from a distance of 7 yards, while using a pistol. Thanks to xRogue 5x.

Snakes on a Plain20
Take down at least 15 Poisonous Snakes playing Career Mode.   (1) 

Unlike the bee hive achievement; this one can be acquired in one play through. In multiple levels while playing you may notice in the upper right corner of your screen a yellow circle, which mean something of interest is in the area, use “Hunter Sense” by “pushing in LS” and if your main objective animal isn’t what’s making the yellow circle appear, its quite possible there is a poisonous snake on the ground nearby. If all else fails, on the India level during your career you will head towards a temple to tranquilize a loose tiger, on the platform of this temple like structure there are maybe 8-12 snakes not to mention another possible 6-10 through out this level.

Rabid Completionist120
Complete the game 100% on Difficult.     (1) 

In order to obtain a status of 100% during your career of Dangerous Hunts 09, you must:

Complete 10/10 Career Missions

Complete all 9/9 Secondary ‘Optional’ Objectives

Complete all 5/5 Bonus Missions

Complete All 6/6 Action Zone Challenges on all medal difficulties; Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum (24/24)

Unlock all 7/7 Items: and as longs as you do all Main/Secondary Objectives you cannot miss out on this.

****Attention**** It has been verified by 4-5 people now that after finishing the career 100% on Normal difficulty, and then starting a new career on the Difficult difficulty, this achievement unlocked after completing the very short first mission, saving you a few extra hours of your life. If this doesn’t happen to you then you must repeat the whole process for obtaining 100% status but on the difficult difficulty.

Secret Achievements
You're Grrrreat!15
Completed all objectives in India while playing Career Mode.    

See “Bear Shoots You!”

Mane Event15
Completed all objectives in Tanzania while playing Career Mode.    

See “Bear Shoots You!”

Nice shooting, eh?15
Completed all objectives in British Columbia while playing Career Mode.    

See “Bear Shoots You!”

Buffalowned 15
Completed all objectives in Congo while playing Career Mode.   

See “Bear Shoots You!”

Bear Necessities15
Completed all objectives in Thailand while playing Career Mode.    

See “Bear Shoots You!”

Rumble in the Jungle15
Completed all objectives in Ecuador while playing Career Mode.    

See “Bear Shoots You!”

Bear-ing Straight15
Completed all objectives in Alaska while playing Career Mode.    

See “Bear Shoots You!”

A Spot of Luck15
Completed all objectives in Namibia while playing Career Mode.   

See “Bear Shoots You!”

Bear shoots you!15
Completed all objectives in Russia while playing Career Mode.   

As long as you’re going for the full 1000GS you will obtain all of these achievements naturally, otherwise to obtain them you must, in each mission, during career complete All Main Objectives, and All Secondary Objectives. I recommend turning Auto-Save off incase you missed out on one of the secondary objectives, because once the Auto-Save feature is used after finishing a mission you CAN NOT go back and play that level without starting an entire new career. If you did all objectives during the mission, the achievement will unlock right at the Mission Success Screen, if so, now would be the time to manually save your game.

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US September 23, 2008

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