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Gold Sharpshooter

Complete the game with a minimum of Gold on all missions.   

The first thing you need to know is never accept a score that is not gold. You do not get a chance to replay a mission after you accept your score. So only accept Gold Scores. It may seem like a pain, but it’s really not as long as you use your crossbow once available and rush the animals to get a close shot bonus. Each mission should be handled with the same basic strategy. First thing you should do at the beginning of every level is press and hold the  to look for animal locations. This is extremely important later in the game when you have to find and kill hidden animals. Sometimes animals won’t appear on your hunter sense radar. This often happens when they are too close. Again in later levels this will happen all the time. So just stand still for a good 20-30 seconds using you’re Calls. This will do two things, one it gives you a Call Bonus when tallying up your points. And Two if any animal is nearby it will come a running towards you allowing you to kill it point blank and earn a close shot bonus. Plus using the crossbow won’t alert other nearby animals.

Speaking of your bow, you should always be using your bows once you have them and only the crossbow once it’s available. Ignore the message that says your crossbow is only good for animals within 100ft. I’ve used my rifle with scope and seen an animal marked as 450 feet away and taken it down with the crossbow.

A few of the missions you’ll have foxes, coyote, or deer that will scare away your targets. These missions most often have targets that you can’t use Calls for… however you can still use Calls and get a bonus. In fact if you’re having trouble getting gold on a particular mission trying using all of your calls for a bonus. One of the later missions you’ll be required to get 650 points and the only animals you’ll have to kill are six prairie dogs and one duck. However the only way to get over 650 is to kill all of them with close shots. This is a pain to do because the prairie dogs haul ass the moment you move. However you can use your crossbow and kill the one farthest away from you first. You should receive either a bullet time, or animal freeze power up to slow time, use it and quickly run out and close shot kill all of them. Then walk over to the bush that the bird is hiding in and shoot him up close. This will only net you about 589 points and if the game would end now you’d be fine as there should be a good 80 seconds left on the clock, which would mean 80 additional points. However the mission won’t end, until it eventually hits 0. But if you do the Calls you should get a Call Bonus of 79 points or so and easily beat the 650 for Gold. So if you are finding yourself within 70-80 points of gold just use your Calls. Even if that animal isn’t on the map you’ll still get the bonus (if your Calls are excellent, failed or normal Calls do not earn you points).

One last piece of advice read your pre-challenge message. It will often tell you to watch out for secret animals in the bushes, or be on the lookout for Deer, etc.. these animals are most often five stars and if you can kill them with close shots, or long shots they alone most times will net you Gold. Also be sure to use your dog, especially in bird missions. If you scare the animals away they will fly away and never come back. This means you only have one shot at killing them. However if you send your dog out to scare them, they'll circle about two, sometimes three times. Now go enjoy the slaughtering of meek… not to mention that “Achievement Unlocked – 5 for 520 pts” you'll get at the end.

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Comment #1 by Darkest Raven07
Saturday, February 18, 2012 @ 03:57:54 PM

i cannot get a gold on the mission in MN where you have to be silent and shoot all the groundhogs and the wing bonus. ive done it with the crossbow and every other thing i can imagine. has anyone done this and gotten gold?

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US September 25, 2007

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