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Cabela's Trophy Bucks Achievement Guide

Guide By: Wreckon Dracgon
There are 31 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
-Offline: 31/31
-Online: 0/31
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 5-10 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 playthrough
-Number of missable achievements: 1 (Upland Bird Slam Cup Achievement)
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? N/A
-Does difficulty affect achievements? N/A
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed?: None

Welcome to the Cabela’s Trophy Bucks Road Map! This one of Cabela’s many hunting games that consist of 96 stages of hunting wildlife all throughout the United States. The game can be completed in one play through, provided that you are mindful of what you are doing and do not settle for anything less than gold medal ratings at every level.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
The one thing that you should always keep in mind is that you should use  at all times to take the guesswork out of where the animals that you are hunting are.

The game can be completed in one play-through as long as you ensure that you do not continue to the next stage unless you have received a gold medal rating in the stage. If you did not, you have the option to retry the stage again at the results screen by pressing . Some people also turn off the autosave option for extra insurance, but it adds one additional step to the results screen, slowing the entire process.

To reach gold medal status on each stage, exploit game bonuses by using the crossbow as soon as it is available; the weapon actually shoots faster than the traditional weapons when reloading times are considered. Pairing this weapon with X-ray and time slow power-ups will enable you to increase trophy integrity and close shot point bonuses.

Expect most stages to play out by shooting your first animal for the power-up, and immediately using the power-up to execute the remaining animals by running up on them and shooting them point blank whenever possible for maximum points. There will be a few later stages that will require you to use your gear to attract animals in different manners, which will also garner bonus points, in order to reach your gold medal point quota. When attracting animals, always wait until the last possible moment before pulling the trigger to add additional close kill bonus points to the trophy.

If you achieve gold medal status in every level, all but one achievement can be achieved during natural game play. The Slam Cup achievements will start to unlock closer to the end of the game. The five star, 100% integrity trophy achievements can be earned during the arcade levels by pairing the crossbow with the X-ray vision power-up. When the final stage is completed, all 3 medal achievements and the Arcade Master Achievement will unlock at the same time.

Upland Bird Slam Achievement:
There is one animal slam achievement that can be missed. Stage 93 requires you to capture Fallow Deer, but the bonus bird (the Ring-neck Pheasant) is the last bird required to meet the requirements to unlock this achievement. Hold down LB to find the bush that hides the birds and shoot them to unlock the achievement, and then reload the stage as needed.

Considered the best Cabela’s game out of all the hunting offerings, this game is actually a far cry from actual hunting but is a lot more fun because of it. Achievements are obtained through natural game play with the one exception.
[x360a would like to thank Ryot Control for this Roadmap]

Northwest Master20
Complete hunting in 4 regions.    

See Huge Tracks of Land…

Southwest Master20
Complete hunting in 8 regions.    

See Huge Tracks of Land

East Master20
Complete hunting in 12 regions.    

See Huge Tracks of Land…

West Master20
Complete hunting in 16 regions.    

See Huge Tracks of Land…

South Master20
Complete hunting in 20 regions.    

See Huge Tracks of Land…

Bronze Sharpshooter100
Complete the game with a minimum of Bronze on all missions.     

See Gold Sharpshooter…

Silver Sharpshooter150
Complete the game with a minimum of Silver on all missions.     

See Gold Sharpshooter…

Gold Sharpshooter200
Complete the game with a minimum of Gold on all missions.    (1) 

The first thing you need to know is never accept a score that is not gold. You do not get a chance to replay a mission after you accept your score. So only accept Gold Scores. It may seem like a pain, but it’s really not as long as you use your crossbow once available and rush the animals to get a close shot bonus. Each mission should be handled with the same basic strategy. First thing you should do at the beginning of every level is press and hold the  to look for animal locations. This is extremely important later in the game when you have to find and kill hidden animals. Sometimes animals won’t appear on your hunter sense radar. This often happens when they are too close. Again in later levels this will happen all the time. So just stand still for a good 20-30 seconds using you’re Calls. This will do two things, one it gives you a Call Bonus when tallying up your points. And Two if any animal is nearby it will come a running towards you allowing you to kill it point blank and earn a close shot bonus. Plus using the crossbow won’t alert other nearby animals.

Speaking of your bow, you should always be using your bows once you have them and only the crossbow once it’s available. Ignore the message that says your crossbow is only good for animals within 100ft. I’ve used my rifle with scope and seen an animal marked as 450 feet away and taken it down with the crossbow.

A few of the missions you’ll have foxes, coyote, or deer that will scare away your targets. These missions most often have targets that you can’t use Calls for… however you can still use Calls and get a bonus. In fact if you’re having trouble getting gold on a particular mission trying using all of your calls for a bonus. One of the later missions you’ll be required to get 650 points and the only animals you’ll have to kill are six prairie dogs and one duck. However the only way to get over 650 is to kill all of them with close shots. This is a pain to do because the prairie dogs haul ass the moment you move. However you can use your crossbow and kill the one farthest away from you first. You should receive either a bullet time, or animal freeze power up to slow time, use it and quickly run out and close shot kill all of them. Then walk over to the bush that the bird is hiding in and shoot him up close. This will only net you about 589 points and if the game would end now you’d be fine as there should be a good 80 seconds left on the clock, which would mean 80 additional points. However the mission won’t end, until it eventually hits 0. But if you do the Calls you should get a Call Bonus of 79 points or so and easily beat the 650 for Gold. So if you are finding yourself within 70-80 points of gold just use your Calls. Even if that animal isn’t on the map you’ll still get the bonus (if your Calls are excellent, failed or normal Calls do not earn you points).

One last piece of advice read your pre-challenge message. It will often tell you to watch out for secret animals in the bushes, or be on the lookout for Deer, etc.. these animals are most often five stars and if you can kill them with close shots, or long shots they alone most times will net you Gold. Also be sure to use your dog, especially in bird missions. If you scare the animals away they will fly away and never come back. This means you only have one shot at killing them. However if you send your dog out to scare them, they'll circle about two, sometimes three times. Now go enjoy the slaughtering of meek… not to mention that “Achievement Unlocked – 5 for 520 pts” you'll get at the end.

Gun Buff50
Unlock all weapons.   

You unlock weapons based on your performance. The more golds and higher scores you acquire the quicker you’ll unlocked this achievement.

Upgrade Pro50
Earn all unlockables in the game.   

You unlock player upgrades based on your performance. The more golds and higher scores you acquire the quicker you’ll unlocked this achievement.

I Have the Power10
Use all Power-ups at least once.   

For this achievement you just need to use each of the hunter power-up abilities once.

As you go about the slaughter of the meek of the earth you will acquire special abilities.
Which ability you acquire is determined by the method you used to kill a creature.
So if you use your rifle equipped with a scope and take down a rabbit from 200 ft away you’ll receive a Laser Bullet, if you’ve done this in the first few seconds of the challenge, or after reloading you may also get a Quick Draw power up. If you shoot an animal at close range (less than 60 ft) you’ll get the Thermal Cam. Most often you’ll also get an X-ray Cam for this as well. You can only have one power up at a time so if the one listed at the top is the one you want to use, be sure to press the B button to switch to it before it expires (4 seconds). Also if you have two you can use the one at the bottom, and then quickly press B to switch to the other. This way you’ll get credit for using them both.

The X-ray Cam (icon of a deer skeleton) is going to be your best friend. While the Freeze Animal and Slow Time (which you tend to get for shooting multiple animals quickly) are great for killing multiple targets at once, you’ll need the X-ray Cam to get those 100% integrity awards.

If you just play through the game and use whichever power up is available you should easily get all seven of these achievements. These also carry over if you redo a stage, so if you want you can just start a challenge, use a particular power up and keep repeating it over and over until you have the achievement. But it will easily come through normal play without any work on your part.

Deer Slam Cup10
Complete the Deer Slam.   

See Large Varmint Slam Cup…

Turkey Slam Cup10
Complete the Turkey Slam.   

See Large Varmint Slam Cup…

Waterfowl Slam Cup10
Complete the Waterfowl Slam.   

See Large Varmint Slam Cup…

Upland Bird Slam Cup10
Complete the Upland Bird Slam.    

See Large Varmint Slam Cup…

Small Varmint Slam Cup10
Complete the Small Varmint Slam.   

See Large Varmint Slam Cup…

Large Varmint Slam Cup10
Complete the Large Varmint Slam.   

Each of the Slam Cup achievements are in theory unlocked once you’ve killed each of the different species, and types of the specified animals you encounter throughout the game. All with the exception of the upland bird you will get during the normal play of the game, because each animal is hunted during the course of the game. One of the upland birds however appears in only two of the later missions as a special animal to hunt. This is done in the first arcade mission after finishing the south region. The upland bird is hiding in the bush directly in front of you. This is the challenge in which all the foxes are running through the woods and you have to pick them off. Once they run by the bush they’ll scare the bird out, just shoot it for the achievement.

Predator Award10
Use the Thermal Cam 10 times.   

See I Have the Power…

Peeping Tom Award10
Use the Xrayl Cam 10 times.   

See I Have the Power…

Molasses Award10
Use Slow Time 10 times.   

See I Have the Power…

Chillax Award10
Use Freeze Animal 10 times.   

See I Have the Power…

Cats Award10
Use Laser Bullet 10 times. Pew Pew.   (1) 

See I Have the Power…

McGraw Award10
Use Quick Draw 10 times.  

See I Have the Power…

Secret Achievements
Acme Lost a Customer25
A maximum integrity, five star Large Varmint, has been taken.   

For this achievement you need to kill a five star coyote or fox with 100% integrity. You can do this in the last region once you have the crossbow. For this and all the five star 100% integrity achievements you should follow the same pattern. Once you are in an area where you are hunting that specified animal just run out and kill everything with you’re A/S buckshot or birdshot shotgun. As it has the quickest reload and most bullets. What you are looking for is the five star animals. Most of these can be done on the last arcade mission for each of the last three areas as you’ll have plenty of Turkey’s, Deer, Rabbits, Prairie Dogs, Ducks, Geese, Hens, and Wolves in each of those arcade missions. Once you’ve found the location of the five star animal restart the level and equip your crossbow. Start the match heading towards that animal and kill up close any animal in your way to get the X-Ray power up. If you don’t get it the first time, try again. Once you have the X-Ray power up head towards the location or spot where the five star animal will appear. Then activate the X-ray power up and kill the animal with your crossbow and you’ll get 100% integrity and the achievement.

Thanksgiving Dinner25
A maximum integrity, five star turkey, has been taken.   

See Acme Lost a Customer…

Check Out That Rack!25
A maximum integrity, five star deer, has been taken.   

See Acme Lost a Customer…

Don't Drive Angry25
A maximum integrity, five star Small Varmint, has been taken.   

See Acme Lost a Customer…

Is That Howard's Cousin?25
A maximum integrity, five star Waterfowl bird, has been taken.   

See Acme Lost a Customer…

It's Raining... Hen25
A maximum integrity, five star Upland bird, has been taken.   

See Acme Lost a Customer…

Huge Tracks of Land20
Hunting in 20 regions has been completed.    

Hunting sites in this game is comprised of six different locations. Each location has you hunting in four different states, and competing in four different events in each state. Equaling 96 total events (four events, times four regions, times six location sites). You will get each of the Master awards after completing each of the four states for each location site. You will get the Huge Tracks of Land Achievement after you’ve completed the game.

Arcade Master Gold50
Gold has been taken in all arcade missions.    

Each of the last missions in each state is an arcade mode. Where they’ll be tons of furry woodland creatures to kill. Just use your compound bow, or A/S shotgun if available. On the earlier missions when you don’t have the crossbow, if you’re going after ground animals use your rifle and if you’re going after birds use your shotgun and you’ll do fine. Remember you can’t fire rifles into the air. Use the same tips as Gold Sharpshooter if you are having any trouble with a particular challenge.

Game Info
Fun Labs
Activision Value


US September 25, 2007

ESRB: Teen
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