Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Achievements

Black Ops II Master

Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.

Go through the game on Veteran instead of hardened to unlock both "Old Fashioned" and "Futurist." Veteran is the hardest difficulty you can select. You need to learn to utilize cover and special grenades. Specials/Secondary grenades can often times get you through a tight situation with a lot of enemies. Most parts only have a certain number of enemies to fight so if you take them out one at a time, regenerating your health in between kills, you should be good.

I recommended the Storm PSR sniper as your secondary. You can see and kill enemies through walls without putting yourself in the fire fight. Primaries are of course your choice but a target finding can often prove to be helpful. However, you need to get fairly fair into the campaign to unlock it. You can unlock it then mission select to start with it from the beginning. Veteran for this game is not especially hard so this will most likely only help novice players.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by Tubby 94
Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 07:15:50 AM

15 GAMERSCORE ONLY!!?? dafuq

Comment #2 by RKR
Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 07:44:48 AM

does it really matter how much the gamerscore is?

Comment #3 by Epic Gamer Will
Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 07:54:58 AM

@2 An achievement like this and considering how much GS the other CoDs were yes it does...

Comment #4 by RKR
Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 08:11:55 AM

3@ 'achievement like this' the achievements so far havent even been that challenging, and considering we get 50 gamerscore for completing the future on veteran and some of the missions, i think it still adds up. And to be honest, who really cares about your gamerscore of a invidual achievement. Im not trying not to be aggressive here, but i cant think of other words.

Comment #5 by stianpuz
Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 08:52:05 AM

im glad they put it down to 15, more room and points for other places woop

Comment #6 by JeppeBoy
Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 09:16:42 AM

I wouldn't care if there were no achievements for it, I would still do it.

Comment #7 by Hurricane Of 87
Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 09:28:04 AM

Doing a game on it's hardest difficulty is its own reward.

Comment #8 by jedi_nagol
Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 10:14:04 AM

15 points is definitely not keeping par with other COD Veteran campaign achievements.

COD 2 - 200
COD 3 - 150
COD 4 - 90
WAW - 100
MW 2 - 90
BO - 100
MW 3 - 100

Even COD Classic was 30 points!

Just another sign that developers don't care about single player as much as they used to. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy both SP and MP but 50 points to Prestige?!? Even if you suck at MP this will eventually come around. Treyarch really fell short with this achievement.

Comment #9 by RKR
Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 10:26:42 AM

8@ im sorry, but that ' just another sign that developers dont care about single player as much' is just plain stupid, i mean seriously by adding in 85 points to that they would 'care' more about the singleplayer? come on now.

Comment #10 by Russman
Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 10:27:48 AM

Yea this game's SP seems very short and more like an extended tutorial. I'm sure i'll buy it still and get bored with MP and trade in like I have done with all the others.

Comment #11 by Epic Gamer Will
Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 10:37:53 AM

RKR needs to shut up

Comment #12 by THE DEADLY DOG
Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 11:01:22 AM

HAHA! 15G. Man that sucks big time lolol.

Comment #13 by RKR
Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 11:11:20 AM

Haha, sure thing CRiMsOn OMenzZ, it was nice trolling ya goodbye plis :3

Comment #14 by RKR
Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 11:18:14 AM

even though i was hoping the other guy to rage at me not you

Comment #15 by Jack Flak
Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 11:53:19 AM

@7 Screw that. To paraphrase Han Solo, "You take the glory, I'll take the reward.

Comment #16 by xxJDSONxx666
Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 02:00:58 PM

for all of you complaining the COD campaigns were easy so 100G was WAY to much . 15G isnt much better but 100 is too much . 50 or 40 would be reasonable.

Comment #17 by DJ KOOLAIDE
Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 02:34:50 PM

call of duty campaign takes less time to beat on veteran than a prestige on multiplayer so this is not a big deal. plus if ur completing the game anyways who cares it will still give you 1000

Comment #18 by Croc 494
Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 02:56:55 PM

Still no extra achievement for those who do it on veteran and not hardened, that's bullshit

Comment #19 by Nevander
Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 03:43:06 PM

Since it's a lower GS we can only assume it's going to be hard as hell. Hardest CoD to date I bet it will be. :(

Comment #20 by Ellipsium
Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 03:57:32 PM

Guys stop moaning its low because it not really the main campaign complete achievement. Also @18 yes there is

50G -FUTURISTIC- Complete all future levels on VETERAN
50G -OLD FASHIONED- Complete the 4 missions in the past

That brings completing campaign on VETERAN to a total of
Not including all the extra achievements you get along the way.

Comment #21 by bLaKgRaVy
Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 04:03:17 PM

Everyone is forgetting that there's the "Futurist" achievement worth 50 points. I don't know how many "future" levels there are, but I'm sure its the achievements NOT listed in "Old Fashioned". Those two achievements are worth 100 points. I know they're not worth as much as previous CoD's, but...

Who gives a fuck how much the achievements are worth? Really, is this the most important thing in your lives? Is that all anyone cares about anymore? You sound like the people who were upset that Doom 3 is only 600gs instead of 1000. Jesus.

Comment #22 by Ellipsium
Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 04:16:35 PM

Nice 1 @21

Also to those of you who say they dont care about SP anymore... @8 @10

They added so much to this campiagn if you havent watched videos for it allready + OPtional chalenges found throughout campaign that may affect your later campaign gameplay and 3 achievements for completing these chalanges and if that was not enough and still to short for you.

Campaign scoring is back. 15G -TEN K- Complete all the missions with a minimum of 10'000 Score.

If you can still justify your argument for why they dont care about SP anymore or how they dont give enough achievement points for campaign please go ahead. :D

Comment #23 by EngagedMetal7
Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 04:18:56 PM

burp, (penis)...?

Comment #24 by Optic Re3lex
Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 04:47:30 PM

I Always Play The Game On Veteren Anyways

Comment #25 by FatalFlaw810
Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 08:46:37 PM

Lol man people are a bunch of whiners, SKS is right, how does giving 15 gamerscore for beating the game on hardened/veteran mean they don't care for single player when they're actually building on the campaign with Strike Force Missions? You get achievements for doing levels on veteran is that not good enough for you guys? Please go cry me a river...bunch of babies..

Comment #26 by Nevander
Friday, September 28, 2012 @ 11:29:23 PM

@25 - Watch out we got an elitist over here.

Comment #27 by CarDMaST3r2000
Saturday, September 29, 2012 @ 06:56:22 AM

Yeah it sucks thats its been downgraded to 15, but in the end it doesnt really matter as long as it adds up to 1000G. An achievment is an achievement to me, no matter the points value.

Comment #28 by DopeGivesMeHope
Friday, October 05, 2012 @ 03:48:23 AM

they copied the challenges and scoring off ghost recon future soldier

Comment #29 by WilliamCL57
Saturday, October 06, 2012 @ 01:45:40 AM

Why does no one understand that beating veteran as a whole nets you more GS than 15...

Comment #30 by JEZARONLINE
Saturday, October 13, 2012 @ 08:27:53 PM

Fuck doing it on veteran then, ill do it on hard.

Comment #31 by Samigi
Sunday, October 28, 2012 @ 02:05:43 PM

It all adds up to 1000 so who gives a shit.

Comment #32 by CxHxUxD
Wednesday, November 07, 2012 @ 10:30:00 AM

Veteran on CoD is a pain! As soon as you take cover you get spam fragged by the AI. You'll see like 10 grenade indicators pop up.. It's kind of funny! I hope this one is enjoyable! Personally I think the achievement should be worth more than 15G at most it should be 50-75G. Whatevs! They cut it down to add in zombies and mp achievements!

Comment #33 by XtremeDagger
Thursday, November 08, 2012 @ 05:22:25 PM

15G? This will be different from the older COD's.

Comment #34 by xTwiistsx
Friday, November 09, 2012 @ 05:24:01 PM

Might as well not bother doing it on veteran the first play through then if you only got 15G

Comment #35 by NARCOON
Saturday, November 10, 2012 @ 10:46:40 AM

Doesn't seem that bad, taking into consideration that they're now mp achievements.

Comment #36 by YBEAR
Sunday, November 11, 2012 @ 07:39:38 PM

I agree that 15 points is not enough

Comment #37 by redrumtemplar
Monday, November 12, 2012 @ 05:47:13 PM

15 it better be easy

Comment #38 by Mattie432
Monday, November 12, 2012 @ 06:48:47 PM

Veteran walkthrough guide here!!

Comment #39 by HungryMonkey
Wednesday, November 14, 2012 @ 03:43:23 AM

Can anybody tell me whether it has to be hardened or veteran all the way through? Or will it work if it was switched a few times?

Comment #40 by flxzct
Friday, November 16, 2012 @ 05:42:46 AM

strike force mission must be completed for this achievement or not?

Comment #41 by TSlop
Friday, November 16, 2012 @ 03:48:44 PM

I hope not, because I haven't been able to beat any of them yet on veteran, they are ridiculously hard. Still working through the story missions so I haven't been able to verify this yet.

Comment #42 by DougTheJoker
Saturday, November 17, 2012 @ 07:06:16 PM

15 G, shit I'd do it if it were 1G.. They're called Achievements not points. Currently I'm at 55255 and I'm not worried about how much it comes out to in the end as long as there is at least 50 achievements. A game is about fun and once you get all the achievements the fun in the game kinda goes away.. I've had 1500 on Left 4 Dead 2 since the DLC first came out and i play the shit out of that game still, and that's how I'll treat this game until the next one come's out. and as for the achievement for Prestieging once, that's a great Idea.. They only did it in one other CoD Waw.. There was an achievement for reaching Prestiege once and the Tenth time. So this only being for 15 makes it seem more worth it to me, because, it'll let me enjoy it longer.

Comment #43 by Arcade hero x
Sunday, November 18, 2012 @ 09:50:44 AM

Is everyone complaining about the 15g unable to read?? it has been said numerous times that if you complete the game on veteran you get 115g

You only get 15g for doing it on hard or vet. so if you do it on hard then you get 15g but do it on vet you get the same 15g plus an extra 100g for the other achievements related to completing levels on veteran.

Christ learn to read before you write.

Comment #44 by Achievements2015
Sunday, November 18, 2012 @ 11:26:56 AM

hey and i Complete every single mission on Hardened and no Black Ops II Master achievment help me plz

Comment #45 by DougTheJoker
Sunday, November 18, 2012 @ 09:26:15 PM

@44 Try all veteran. I never beat games on Advanced or Hardened or whatever you wanna call it. Usually that can be a major issue.. I've found some games lately the saved games have to be deleted for it to work

Comment #46 by The Skilled Penguin
Monday, November 19, 2012 @ 09:18:55 AM

ok you dont only get 15 G score from this if you start from veteran and finish on veteran you get 6 achievements at once IF you manage to get 10k on every level if not then 5. so you get 150 G score for 5 achievements or 165 for 6 :)and yes veteran is mega easy to do!!!

Comment #47 by Master Sieder
Monday, November 19, 2012 @ 08:37:56 PM

15G my ass! but so far i've only beaten to first level on vet did it without dying so the game cant be that hard

Comment #48 by Thurlz
Monday, November 19, 2012 @ 10:25:32 PM

Anyone know if the strike force missions must be completed yet? Had a quick scan but couldn't find anything

Comment #49 by xExekut3x
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 @ 12:44:23 AM

@3 I agree, but it was also, in my opinion, the easiest. I'm slightly upset it wasn't more difficult, that there wasn't a stealth mission, and that the GS you get for completing it was a meager 15 points.

Comment #50 by Master Sieder
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 @ 07:59:07 PM

@48 you dont have to finish them on vet as there not apart of the main missions but in the first play of the game i would on normal as i didnt and now i have to rewind the whole game :(

Comment #51 by Deniablefrog
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 @ 09:55:08 PM

lmao people read the rest of the achievments before u say shit...

Comment #52 by FappyMcGee
Wednesday, November 21, 2012 @ 12:49:56 AM

This achievement is very easy, took me about 6-7 hours to complete the campaign.

Comment #53 by The Kingslayer
Friday, November 23, 2012 @ 05:39:00 AM

Gotta say this is probably the easiest COD to play Veteran on.

Comment #54 by Bill 121790
Saturday, November 24, 2012 @ 02:11:13 AM

Can you level select for all the veteran achievements, or must they be played in story order?

Comment #55 by The Red Russian
Saturday, November 24, 2012 @ 12:53:53 PM

This was honestly the easiest CoD to complete on Veteran thus far. Coming from someone who beat the WaW campaign on Veteran three times...

Comment #56 by bluedogrook
Sunday, November 25, 2012 @ 08:09:08 PM

does this require completing strike force missions?

Comment #57 by DanAdams
Tuesday, November 27, 2012 @ 12:49:55 PM


Comment #58 by Willem Beats
Tuesday, November 27, 2012 @ 06:44:53 PM

This was really the easiest COD to complete on veteran. The missions are like easy/normal and kinda short.

You can play the strike force missions on easy. That's what i did, since this ''defend'' level was annoying me on veteran.

Comment #59 by Colonel Russell
Saturday, December 01, 2012 @ 08:17:52 AM

The "did" kill me!

Comment #60 by BasqueNYC
Thursday, December 06, 2012 @ 07:12:22 AM

Wtf the first one ya got 100 now ya get 15? Yeah well that's like kissing me on the cheek just to finger my ass.

(Arnold Schwarzenegger voice) "FUCK YOU!!!!"

Comment #61 by ArtistikMuzik
Thursday, December 06, 2012 @ 07:25:37 AM

do you people not realize if you complete the whole campaign on Veteren you get 3 achievements! 2 for 50g(Old Fashioned and Futurist) and this one for 15g that equals 115g! you would only get 15g if you just complete the campaign on Hardened. learn to read and add!

Comment #62 by Djm0820
Saturday, December 08, 2012 @ 12:48:45 AM

That kid is back on the fuc$&ng escalader again!!!!!

Comment #63 by Al Murray
Monday, December 10, 2012 @ 04:00:54 PM

Easiet CoD veteran campaign yet but 15g is low. WaW is nigh on impossible and justifies more points

Comment #64 by xLambentBoomerX
Tuesday, December 11, 2012 @ 05:20:28 PM

Very easy way to do cod on veteran

you pretty much sit in cover and let your team mate AI kill the enemies, just slowly advance into different cover and they will mow through the enemies

Trust me this works very well ive done it since cod 4 :)

Comment #65 by brian80
Wednesday, December 19, 2012 @ 05:57:14 PM

Can you just use the replay level option for this? or do you have to rewind the story?

Comment #66 by Achievements2015
Wednesday, December 19, 2012 @ 10:21:26 PM

Can u replay all the missions and strike force missions for the Achievements and Veteran Achievements

Comment #67 by Ecokaiser
Thursday, December 20, 2012 @ 07:46:08 PM

Comment #68 by Ecokaiser
Thursday, December 20, 2012 @ 08:11:35 PM


Comment #69 by Achievements2015
Saturday, December 22, 2012 @ 01:40:36 AM

Can u replay all the missions and strike force missions for the Veteran Achievement

Comment #70 by Pe3Weee
Wednesday, December 26, 2012 @ 02:49:34 PM

The single player is so short and easy that's it shouldn't be worth more the 15G. COD Classic should be worth the most. It was hard as shit on veteran

Comment #71 by xO HaiL NOx
Sunday, December 30, 2012 @ 01:58:15 AM

this should be fairly easy without the strike force missions. ammo supply + 50 cal = victory

Comment #72 by Scuds20
Wednesday, January 02, 2013 @ 12:23:45 PM

Is there something broken with this? I beat everything on Hardened with the exception of "Second Chance" (saved Chloe, so it was never unlocked) and no dice. Even went back in and beat "Second Chance" as an individual mission, and nothing. Is this something a patch fixed? Thanks!

Comment #73 by Footballman50
Wednesday, January 02, 2013 @ 04:15:06 PM

This rewind mission and new story thing is stupid. They don't ask what difficulty to put it on to replay mission so YOU DO HAVE TO START A NEW STORY. This will also mean you lose all your challenges. This is definitely the stupidest way they could have made it.

Comment #74 by Rossyt
Friday, January 04, 2013 @ 06:35:09 AM

Guys don't be scared to take this achievement on. It is definitely the easiest CoD to complete on veteran (I should know I've completed every CoD on veteran so far). The only bit that proved tricky for me was the strike force missions and that was only because of those stupid quad things that kept killing me. The rest of the game is a breeze.

Comment #75 by Rachel90210
Saturday, January 05, 2013 @ 06:39:53 PM

Quite disappointed this is only 15G.. was expecting higher:( definitely the most enjoyable campaign yet though^^ in my opinion

Comment #76 by Footballman50
Sunday, January 27, 2013 @ 11:55:52 AM

All you have to do is mission select all the missions (excluding strike missions) to get the achievement.

Comment #77 by rafa1000house
Monday, January 28, 2013 @ 06:38:52 PM

can't you understand that it worths 115G?

50G - Levels in future
50G - Levels in past
15G - All levels


Comment #78 by E_Meijer
Thursday, February 07, 2013 @ 05:10:05 PM

Do I have to begin a new story or can I just simply replay all missions?

Comment #79 by Finest216
Tuesday, February 19, 2013 @ 10:06:16 PM


Thats all i needed to know is if i needed to do the strike force missions

Comment #80 by Downy Hunt3r
Monday, February 25, 2013 @ 03:21:20 PM

this may be only 15 gamerscore but it was really easy and i did it on veteran so when i go through on recruit to do all the other little achievements i dont expect to die

Comment #81 by TorqueyFoil80
Saturday, March 09, 2013 @ 02:43:15 PM

Can anyone please tell me how to pass the missions on veteran because when ever i take cover i get like 10 gerneds thron at me please help i'm not really good on veteran in cod so please give me some tips, what weapons to usee please tell me thank Thank you!!

Comment #82 by Squidward Tentacles
Wednesday, March 27, 2013 @ 12:34:07 PM

To everyone who asked, you can use replay mission on veteran to get the achievement. you don't need to start the whole story on veteran.

Comment #83 by KHAWSOMEKID
Tuesday, June 18, 2013 @ 12:46:46 AM

veteran is very easy

Comment #84 by Brandon Arca
Friday, July 12, 2013 @ 03:58:52 AM


It's called "veteran" not "easy." Veteran is veteran and easy is recruit.

Comment #85 by Jesus Zky
Wednesday, July 17, 2013 @ 03:53:55 AM

It was easy!

Comment #86 by Raptor2401
Thursday, December 26, 2013 @ 08:16:42 PM

This was a little bit harder that MW3 (the easiest CoD I've played ever), but still is too easy.

Comment #87 by Nenshoma
Tuesday, November 10, 2015 @ 12:52:43 AM

Stupid easy. I almost had to double check that I was playing on veteran, it was that much of a joke.

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