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I See Live People

In Diner Turned, kill the human while its decoy is in play in a Public Match.

When a player throws a Cymbal Monkey, this will create a decoy of the player where the monkey landed. All you have to do is kill the static image of the the player that threw it without them killing you. This will happen a lot in the turned games you play, so you will get this evetually. This achievement can also be boosted, see the Achievement Trading Thread if you would like to boost the achievement.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by rafa1000house
Tuesday, January 29, 2013 @ 09:53:18 AM

- How often do you see them?
- All the time

Comment #2 by Knaussenheimer
Tuesday, January 29, 2013 @ 12:32:29 PM

What is the decoy? Ive never seen it?

Comment #3 by Bloodbarrk
Tuesday, January 29, 2013 @ 01:42:00 PM

When the human player throws a cymbal monkey, it creates a decoy where the monkey is, but it's static and it looks like a zombie does when it's stood around a normal cymbal monkey. Hope this helps :)

Comment #4 by kevinmcc
Tuesday, January 29, 2013 @ 08:59:25 PM

I got it while the player was just about to throw it. ? If that helps

Comment #5 by Halo master2000
Wednesday, January 30, 2013 @ 02:00:54 PM

Need help with this and the 2 other turned ones. GT: FLAMINGDOG2000

Comment #6 by xGSx Farlee
Wednesday, January 30, 2013 @ 10:19:01 PM

Unfortunately you can not boost these turned achievements :(

Comment #7 by Real Nickga
Thursday, January 31, 2013 @ 12:36:40 PM

GT real nickga, I'm down to boost this and other monkey cheevo

Comment #8 by Atomic Beam
Thursday, January 31, 2013 @ 04:35:56 PM

I got lucky he trew it and i just rushed at him and I got the achievement....fuck yeah!!

Comment #9 by Sl4yer28
Thursday, January 31, 2013 @ 07:03:22 PM

Add Sl4yer28 on XBL if you wanna get any of the Turned Achievements or Tower of Babble or High Maintenance. Preferably Australian Players. :)

Comment #10 by SargentTroll
Friday, February 01, 2013 @ 11:44:09 AM

#6 You can just search for turned and get 3 people to join session

Comment #11 by tucunareh
Friday, February 01, 2013 @ 12:26:01 PM

add me to boost this

GT: tucunareh

Comment #12 by iTz i MakeZ HD
Friday, February 01, 2013 @ 01:55:33 PM

Boosting for this shit...

add me: iTz i MakeZ HD

Comment #13 by LaReinaxo
Friday, February 01, 2013 @ 04:14:12 PM

If this is boostable or anyone know how to boost it...
Add me: La Reina xo

Comment #14 by gamecrazy96
Friday, February 01, 2013 @ 09:32:47 PM

once i get this achievement I am DONE with this game mode

Comment #15 by Unknow 118
Saturday, February 02, 2013 @ 01:03:42 AM

Hey guys, I'm looking to boost for this achievo and the other Turned one where you get a kill with every weapon. These are my last two achievements for this dlc and I'm looking to get em done soon. If you need an extra guy, message me. Please have a mic and tell me you are looking to boost before sending a friend request. I don't accept random FRs, sorry.

GT: Ho1yHotCakes

Comment #16 by Dukeinlemons
Saturday, February 02, 2013 @ 07:22:11 AM

Msg me t get this done doin mi ed in jus wana get this cheevo so dnt av t play this shit n e mre gt same as username

Comment #17 by ooWoody
Saturday, February 02, 2013 @ 09:43:50 AM

Looking to Boost.
GT: ooWoody
On Now 10Am Midwest

Comment #18 by Knaussenheimer
Saturday, February 02, 2013 @ 11:41:05 AM

My friend told me that the decoy spawns when someone throws a monkey bomb soI went into public match hoping someone would get a monkey bomb. I was in a praty at the time and was not really focusing but I killed the person once and the achievement popped up. I am not exactly sure what i did to get it all I know is that I did. :)

Comment #19 by Knaussenheimer
Saturday, February 02, 2013 @ 11:43:56 AM

My friend told me that the decoy spawns when someone throws a monkey bomb soI went into public match hoping someone would get a monkey bomb. I was in a praty at the time and was not really focusing but I killed the person once and the achievement popped up. I am not exactly sure what i did to get it all I know is that I did. :)

Comment #20 by fadedassassin
Sunday, February 03, 2013 @ 07:13:18 AM

Yea this achievement is pretty lame =/ if anyone wants to boost send me a FR. GT = fadedassassin

Comment #21 by boysparky
Sunday, February 03, 2013 @ 10:04:34 AM

Looking to boost this all the turned cheevos, anyone interested?
GT: Boysparky

Comment #22 by Ecokaiser
Sunday, February 03, 2013 @ 11:01:22 AM

Dont feed to hace mix but have to be Team playera so everyone get the achievements

Comment #23 by Ecokaiser
Sunday, February 03, 2013 @ 11:08:48 AM

GONNA BE ALL DAY. Senda me msg OR ADD me.
Dont need Mic but have to be team playera so everyone get the achievements

Comment #24 by HALO3 SnIpEr
Sunday, February 03, 2013 @ 12:42:20 PM

Will boost with people. GT: HM Tactiikz im on now

Comment #25 by DAVEWEST83
Monday, February 04, 2013 @ 08:19:47 AM

need 3 people to boost this an other turned achievos add me am on now gt:kamacazi gkilla

Comment #26 by Keano1981
Monday, February 04, 2013 @ 03:40:15 PM

This is a terrible achievement! But a couple of useful points for those trying to get it.

1. The more people you can get in your party into the same public match the better. Invites don't work, you have to 'join session' inbetween the matches. We eventually got all 4 of us in but it took a little while.

2. Kill people until one person gets the monkey bomb.

3. The person who wants the achievement stands behind the person with the monkey bomb.

4. Count 3,2,1...throw the monkey bomb. The person who throws the monkey bomb STANDS STIll.

5. Count 1,2... the person who wants the achievement attacks the (now invisible) person.

6. The achievement should now pop but can be slightly glitchy if you don't get the timing right (the counting does seem to help).

Hope that helps

Comment #27 by XBL GOAT
Monday, February 04, 2013 @ 05:26:37 PM

Looking to do this tonight. Hit me up. GT: XBL GOAT

Comment #28 by MRKR4ZY
Monday, February 04, 2013 @ 05:55:22 PM

iam down for this achievement .. message me ...gamer tag is ..
M1sta KR4ZY

Comment #29 by YourMom'sAHeavy
Monday, February 04, 2013 @ 07:56:44 PM

These turned achievements are some of the worst I have seen. That said I would love some help and to help those that just want to get these Turned achievements done so they don't have to do them ever again. Willing to help with any other zombie including new Easter egg achievement.

GT: Cav723

Comment #30 by bruindexter
Monday, February 04, 2013 @ 11:04:08 PM

looking to get all 3 turned achievements, this game mode is so frustrating!!

GT: slouchypick5

add me in game, i have 1 other that wants to do it.. looking to get it wrapped up tonight!

Comment #31 by TV3010
Tuesday, February 05, 2013 @ 12:00:53 PM

looking to make this happen

message me for one more

Comment #32 by Casyle
Tuesday, February 05, 2013 @ 09:59:34 PM

If anyone could care to attempt to boost this and Monkey See, Monkey DoomI'd be up for it. I thought Polyarmory was going to be the hard nasty one, but boy was I wrong!

My Gamertag is Casyle...

Comment #33 by Beastking666
Wednesday, February 06, 2013 @ 06:40:40 PM

Need help getting all the turned achievements you help me ill help you in return sounds good
Gamer tag beastking666

Comment #34 by inkemplete
Thursday, February 07, 2013 @ 02:49:42 PM

I need this one and ill help with others too if you need em. GT: inkemplete

Comment #35 by future Back 21
Saturday, February 09, 2013 @ 02:31:31 AM

hit Me Up I'm Tryn To Get This Achievement..Help Me I Help You

Gt: Future Back 21

Comment #36 by GamePlayUK
Saturday, February 09, 2013 @ 12:35:50 PM

If anyone wants to boost this add me: GameplayUK

Comment #37 by Xoixia
Saturday, February 09, 2013 @ 04:20:13 PM

Trying to get this. Message Xoixia

Comment #38 by noobsplayingblackops
Saturday, February 09, 2013 @ 07:13:34 PM

need this and 3 other players GT:DactylicBeast

Comment #39 by JeffismAUS
Sunday, February 10, 2013 @ 09:38:56 AM

Hey looking for Aussies to do all the Tured Achievs.
GT JeffismAUS

Comment #40 by Xoixia
Sunday, February 10, 2013 @ 03:47:58 PM

Message Xoixia to get this

Comment #41 by MRriNICKulous
Sunday, February 10, 2013 @ 05:19:47 PM

Willing to help anyone out as long as we work together & get it for everyone! Mics are required please & send me a message only please. No FR as my list is almost full as it is.
Join in on my games if you can & be sure to let me know you are trying to help get it!! I need this achievement & the "Monkey See, Monkey Doom" one still, as well as the two Easter egg achievements!
GT: MRriNICKulous

Comment #42 by Jpeitz4
Tuesday, February 12, 2013 @ 06:11:08 PM

Need help getting this one. Message me and we can get it with each other. GT: mrtaliban7

Comment #43 by Hammodi
Wednesday, February 13, 2013 @ 06:19:12 AM

add me for boosting this

GT: Hammodi

Comment #44 by Crawley innit
Saturday, February 16, 2013 @ 09:58:23 AM

i hate this game mode! willing to boost the achieves

GT:Crawley Innit

Comment #45 by Hawzie24
Saturday, February 16, 2013 @ 02:42:49 PM


Comment #46 by VnP HyBriidz
Saturday, February 16, 2013 @ 03:40:15 PM

Add me to boost - VnP HyBriiDz

Comment #47 by tredogg
Saturday, February 16, 2013 @ 07:35:40 PM

Looking to boost this.

Tredogg 1

Comment #48 by skinner9
Thursday, February 21, 2013 @ 09:52:36 AM

willing to boost


Comment #49 by tobyn1fan
Saturday, February 23, 2013 @ 11:14:55 PM

This is the only one i need. i know how to boost on this my gt is tobyn1fan and ill help you with the other ones. thanks

Comment #50 by MrMcPwnsalot
Sunday, February 24, 2013 @ 05:00:03 PM

I need some help with this achievement, Thanks! My Gamertag is MrMcPwnsalot

Comment #51 by Darkshadow922
Monday, February 25, 2013 @ 04:12:34 PM

GT: Darkshadow922 iif you wanna boost just add or message me

Comment #52 by GunSlinger07
Tuesday, February 26, 2013 @ 05:17:45 PM

I need people who can help with this one, Polyarmory and High Maintenance.


Also, you must have a mic.

Comment #53 by fatjay
Wednesday, February 27, 2013 @ 06:35:27 AM

i can help with all turned achievements and the tower of babble and high maintenance if u need help message or add me gamertag is fatjay4lisa and also you must have a mic

Comment #54 by AvO Elite
Saturday, March 02, 2013 @ 10:15:29 AM

need help getting this and tower of babble and monkey see monkey doom gr-AvO Elite msg me

Comment #55 by Nas559
Tuesday, March 05, 2013 @ 12:59:58 PM

If anybody still looking to do these send me a message
gt: Nas559

Comment #56 by Roboboy
Wednesday, March 13, 2013 @ 04:21:42 PM

Need help with this and rower of babble

Comment #57 by asphyxiate
Friday, March 15, 2013 @ 06:07:11 PM

Looking for two other players to boost all three Turned achievements. Send me a message and a friend request and I'll send out some party invites when we have a group of four online.

GT: pAinLessSuiCide

Comment #58 by SeitZ
Saturday, March 16, 2013 @ 12:12:29 PM

GT: seitzz

Comment #59 by michael13alfa
Sunday, March 24, 2013 @ 03:23:34 PM

Trying to get this achievement.

If you are interested send me a message or add me as friend. GT:michael13alfa

Comment #60 by AERO ARO
Saturday, March 30, 2013 @ 05:30:09 PM

Anyone wanna help with this and Monkey See, Monkey Doom?

Comment #61 by SKORPIONxKNIGHT
Monday, April 01, 2013 @ 01:39:07 AM

Where are the decoys

Comment #62 by Jake Joey
Wednesday, April 03, 2013 @ 06:04:52 AM

Trying to get this
GT: J3fferzZz

Comment #63 by yenmiT
Thursday, April 04, 2013 @ 04:30:52 PM

Horrendous achievement. Horrendous game mode! Need to do it with friends

Comment #64 by TorosaEU
Friday, April 05, 2013 @ 01:22:26 AM

Looking to boost this one achievement in Turned Mode, I am available all day today and tomorrow, GT : MDiiGii

Comment #65 by sports4312
Monday, April 08, 2013 @ 01:16:01 PM

looking to boost! Message me or inv. me to party: Sports4312

Comment #66 by MRriNICKulous
Monday, April 08, 2013 @ 06:35:32 PM

I'm looking for serious players who want to try jumping in on each other in game & getting this achievement & "Monkey See, Monkey Doom"!? If you want to help, please send me a message on Xbox regarding X360A and the achievement.
GT: MRriNICKulous

Comment #67 by Fandig
Friday, April 19, 2013 @ 08:00:21 PM

if someone wants to boost all 3 of the turned achievements, add me on xbox.
gt: fandig

Comment #68 by Fandig
Saturday, April 20, 2013 @ 12:32:41 PM

update ^^^^^^^
got all 3 of them, sorry!!!

Comment #69 by LecherousMonk86
Saturday, April 20, 2013 @ 10:37:44 PM

Looking to boost these 3 diner achievements, add me on xbox

online everyday, mostly evenings

gt: LecherousMonk86

Comment #70 by ahhdood
Sunday, April 21, 2013 @ 07:24:15 PM

Anybody looking to boost all 3 turned achievos, add me SScolbbBK420. I'm on now but won't be all night. I'll help u if u help me!

Comment #71 by AERO ARO
Monday, April 22, 2013 @ 09:53:38 AM

I still need this:P

Comment #72 by boompow456
Monday, April 22, 2013 @ 07:10:51 PM

Looking for help OFWGKTADGAFLLLS

Comment #73 by OKeane1991
Tuesday, April 23, 2013 @ 02:03:38 PM

Need help with this and monkey see monkey doom GT:IRISH SoK

Comment #74 by BrokenLance3
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 @ 05:15:53 PM

I need all 3 diner achievements. can anyone help? Message me gt: Brokenlance3

Comment #75 by YurGamerTagSuks
Sunday, April 28, 2013 @ 06:39:02 AM

Add YurGamerTagSuks to boost.

Comment #76 by YurGamerTagSuks
Tuesday, May 07, 2013 @ 07:38:59 AM

Add YurGamerTagSuks to boost all cheevos.

Comment #77 by Vlad Bearwrastler
Saturday, May 11, 2013 @ 03:34:29 PM

Welp, guess I'm never getting this one...fairly.

Comment #78 by Vikairius
Monday, May 13, 2013 @ 08:35:39 AM

Looking for this and all other diner achievements

Comment #79 by Burnsey10
Tuesday, May 14, 2013 @ 01:26:27 PM

Looking this and polyamory achievement. Add PogladeshTramp (UK Time)

Comment #80 by AshOneEyeSpy17
Monday, May 27, 2013 @ 08:56:20 AM

Looking for someone to boost this achievement with if it is boostable
Add - Ash OneEyeSpy

Comment #81 by LividBear
Friday, May 31, 2013 @ 08:06:02 PM

Last one I need. Add me if you want to help. Thanks.

GT: Lividbear807526

Comment #82 by AssassinScuba
Tuesday, June 04, 2013 @ 09:13:08 PM

Hey looking to get this and all turned achievements. Will be on for a while. Invite or add whenever GT AssassinScuba

Comment #83 by jedibears
Sunday, June 09, 2013 @ 04:10:51 PM

looking to get/help get all these! gt: jedibears

Comment #84 by Destructo950
Monday, June 10, 2013 @ 05:17:58 AM

Looking to boost for this achievement as well as the other monkey one, only requirement is to be a team player so all 4 people can get them.
GT: DestructoInDaUS

Comment #85 by MRriNICKulous
Wednesday, June 26, 2013 @ 01:24:34 PM

I hate this achievement.... GT: MRriNICKulous

Comment #86 by Josh Spartan1
Monday, July 01, 2013 @ 07:17:38 AM

Sick of this I'd help anyone who helps me GT Josh spartan1

Comment #87 by JynxNemesis
Wednesday, July 03, 2013 @ 09:49:29 AM

Could anyone help me with this Achievement??
GT - JynxParadox

Comment #88 by Heather Leathen
Friday, July 05, 2013 @ 10:16:03 AM

Looking to do this. Send msg with 'black ops'.

GT - Leathen93

Comment #89 by Heather Leathen
Sunday, July 07, 2013 @ 01:55:42 PM

Finished doing this not helping anymore sorry.

Comment #90 by MRriNICKulous
Sunday, July 07, 2013 @ 02:15:44 PM


I need this one & two Easter eggs & I'm done with all of them! :-D

Comment #91 by Combat Doll
Sunday, July 07, 2013 @ 08:20:08 PM

Looking for someone to help/boost this with. Message me on xbox :)
GT: Combat Doll

Comment #92 by SergeantLargent2
Tuesday, July 09, 2013 @ 12:32:07 PM

Add me for these: GT: sergeantlargent

Comment #93 by dragon7496
Thursday, July 11, 2013 @ 01:18:12 PM

I'm planning on doing this one soon. Message the name of the achievement if you want to boost.

GT: dragon7496 NO caps, NO spaces

Comment #94 by niceking
Friday, July 12, 2013 @ 01:03:29 AM

I need help pls add me GT : ALITTIHAD 18

Comment #95 by ahhdood
Saturday, July 13, 2013 @ 04:37:58 PM

Still need help with this stooopid achievement... anybody wanna boost? i"ll be on all night. have a mic please. thanks. GT: SScolbbBK420

Comment #96 by chaos brother
Friday, July 19, 2013 @ 12:56:06 PM

Need people to boost the 3 turned achievements
gamertag: chaos brother

Comment #97 by JF Shredder
Wednesday, July 24, 2013 @ 10:15:32 PM

I need this one GT: JF Shredder

Comment #98 by viperstrikes21
Wednesday, July 31, 2013 @ 10:49:43 AM

Need help with this to boost, feel free to add me: viperstrikes21 . Also need the other two!! Just friend request and send message telling me youre from this website. Thank you!

Comment #99 by GuestSwag
Friday, August 02, 2013 @ 12:19:19 PM

On until 4 mountain time- add me DUCKSONQUACK27
Try to get others if possible, with 4 people we can easily all get it

Comment #100 by SpKXmasSpirit
Tuesday, August 06, 2013 @ 03:50:09 AM

Looking to complete Diner Turned Achvs

Monkey See Monkey Doom
I See Live People

LIVE msg SpKXmasSpirit

Comment #101 by Josh Spartan1
Friday, August 09, 2013 @ 05:03:13 PM

Just need this and buried so ill happily help anyone who helps me GT is Josh spartan1

Comment #102 by MRKR4ZY
Tuesday, August 20, 2013 @ 01:22:02 PM

if any one is down for this achievment add me .. gt is M1sta KR4ZY

Comment #103 by driver777
Tuesday, August 20, 2013 @ 02:45:41 PM

I still need to unlock this achievement. Message me whenever, GT: Stephen Driver

Comment #104 by Sunnyb0y117
Tuesday, August 20, 2013 @ 08:27:13 PM

i need help with these turned achievements, messgae me if your interested

Comment #105 by Vayate
Tuesday, September 03, 2013 @ 08:44:17 AM

Still need this one, feel free to add me and send a message.

Comment #106 by mhanlonusa
Tuesday, September 03, 2013 @ 10:12:23 AM

Will Boost this for people.
GT. Gingerbrianman
Message me "peaches" and i will do it for you

Comment #107 by driver777
Tuesday, September 03, 2013 @ 08:54:21 PM

still need to unlock this, as well as "monkey see monkey doom." message me if you are making an attempt. GT: Stephen Driver

Comment #108 by YurGamerTagSuks
Tuesday, September 10, 2013 @ 02:38:11 AM

Add GT = YurGamerTagSuks to help with any cheevo in any game that I have.

Comment #109 by andrewmolina15
Monday, September 23, 2013 @ 02:30:54 AM

9/23/2013 i need a boosting party cause ive spent too many hours trying to get these legit. iam willing to help anyone with turned achievements. I will post again when ive got them all.. GT:GAMEKILLA16 contact too schedule times

Comment #110 by Thecollin1212
Sunday, September 29, 2013 @ 03:12:37 PM

I do not get this achievement

Comment #111 by andrewmolina15
Friday, October 04, 2013 @ 12:28:18 AM

10/3/2013 GAMEKILLA16 - Ive got all the diner achievements sorry guys and good luck

Comment #112 by xAlatreon
Monday, March 24, 2014 @ 01:01:23 PM

Need this one, message me if you wanna do it.

Comment #113 by xFireF1y
Monday, March 24, 2014 @ 03:56:52 PM

Looking to get this achievement. Add me on Live. xFireF1y.

Comment #114 by badhoney666
Tuesday, March 25, 2014 @ 06:40:50 PM

Looking to boost all the diner achievements. Got a mic! Gamertag: badhoney666

Comment #115 by ChainedUp
Tuesday, April 01, 2014 @ 01:14:54 PM

Looking for people who can help me boost the diner achievements.Message me Gamertag:xXChainWardenXx

Comment #116 by rooney66
Thursday, April 10, 2014 @ 06:26:20 AM

Looking to boost diner cheevos will be on 6pm gmt

Comment #117 by rooney66
Thursday, April 10, 2014 @ 06:28:39 AM

Forgot to add my gamertag GoldHotspur

Comment #118 by corzyworzy
Saturday, May 03, 2014 @ 01:35:26 AM

looking to boost this achievement and all the diner achievements. I have a mic add me or message me GT: Corzyworzy

Comment #119 by ChainedUp
Friday, July 18, 2014 @ 01:07:40 PM

looking for people to help me boost this and the other diner achievements also looking for help for the die rise and tranzit easter egg GT:xXChainWardenXx

Comment #120 by plasma fusi0n16
Thursday, August 21, 2014 @ 12:16:28 AM

Message me if you want to do these diner achievements

Gamertag: plasma fusi0n16

Comment #121 by plasma fusi0n16
Thursday, August 21, 2014 @ 12:17:40 AM

Also need a mic

Comment #122 by slugyg
Tuesday, October 21, 2014 @ 11:37:43 PM


I need help for ALL the diner achievements I would help too as well,


Comment #123 by AlexZ6662
Wednesday, December 31, 2014 @ 09:32:14 PM

Need people to get this. Send message to: gamefreak928 No MIC needed. Will help get achievement in return

Comment #124 by niceking
Thursday, May 14, 2015 @ 07:56:00 PM

i need help add me GT : Mardiny

Comment #125 by yadamus
Sunday, October 11, 2015 @ 05:04:56 PM

Looking for 3 people to boost the diner achievements, i'll also help anyone get their ones too!

GT: Yadamus

(Send a separate message with the word diner included as well as friend request)

Comment #126 by Lost Account
Wednesday, February 10, 2016 @ 08:56:41 AM

GT is. GG Call Me Lost add me need help thanks

Comment #127 by iArthur
Friday, March 25, 2016 @ 11:14:38 PM

Looking for someone (or a party) to do the Diner Turned Achievements! If interested hit me up, I am a vet Call of Duty player and can help you with other achievements in return. I have 100% completion on Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3, Advanced Warfare. In Black Ops 2 I have 76/90 achievements so getting close but need your help!

Message me on Xbox if you want to help or need help in return: GT "Arthur ch94"

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