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Ready For Deployment

Reach rank 10 in Combat Training.

Go to Multiplayer> Xbox Live> Combat Training. Then put the game to the following settings:

  • Map: Nuketown
  • Game Type: Team Deathmatch
  • Time Limit: Unlimited
  • Score Limit: 30,000
  • Friends: 1
  • Enemies: 9
  • Difficulty: Recruit

Now start the game up and it will be you vs 9 enemy bots. Simply run around and kill the enemies. by the time you reach 30,000 points which is equivalent of 300 kills in Team Deathmatch, you will be around rank 7-8; maybe higher depending on your skill level. Rinse and repeat until you reach rank 10.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by finalninja
Wednesday, November 10, 2010 @ 12:05:03 PM

just reach 10 in multiplayer its easy

Comment #2 by GnardSmasha
Friday, November 12, 2010 @ 11:06:15 AM

Probably the easiest way to to set the difficulty for the AI on Recruit, change the game options to unlimited time and the max points, and change to map to Nuketown. Use the chopper gunner and the door gunner to rack up massive kills. I got it in about three games.

Comment #3 by Vvizzini
Wednesday, November 17, 2010 @ 02:24:09 AM

I just played nuketown a few times and called in choppers

Comment #4 by Pesantissimo
Tuesday, November 30, 2010 @ 12:37:51 PM

I don't get it.

which game mode?1?!?!?

Comment #5 by Charlie Whyte
Wednesday, December 01, 2010 @ 02:23:21 PM

just wack the diffculty on recruit and put dogs and a gunship.then your way easy

Comment #6 by ShOrTe14
Monday, December 06, 2010 @ 01:45:47 PM

does this have to be done online???

Comment #7 by DAVID KNIFFIN
Friday, December 10, 2010 @ 08:50:59 PM

It has to be in Combat Training, which is found in the Multiplayer menu. But yeah, keep playing that until you reach Level 10. Easy stuff.

Comment #8 by iHezz
Saturday, December 11, 2010 @ 07:14:11 AM

Very simple,
1 v 9
300,000 points (300 kills)
unlimited time (just to make sure)
just keep going until your level 10:)

Comment #9 by Ragnarok1013
Monday, December 13, 2010 @ 07:28:13 PM

Just make sure you edit your killstreaks before you go in to take advantage of them.

Comment #10 by OnetimeGuitar
Tuesday, December 14, 2010 @ 10:03:50 PM

I got to 1st prestige on combat training.... still no achievement... any explanations?

Comment #11 by quantumSvk
Friday, December 17, 2010 @ 12:58:18 AM

Sooo easy and fun just setting bots on recruit and knifing them all.

Comment #12 by royalflush7
Tuesday, December 21, 2010 @ 09:56:28 PM

Put it on the easiest level and 1 v 18 or the larges number and it takes like 2 games. Also play on Nuketown.

Comment #13 by Jenova333
Monday, January 03, 2011 @ 04:41:22 PM

Yes you must be connected to XBOX live gold to get this achievement. Kinda blows

Comment #14 by Tusk112
Sunday, January 09, 2011 @ 01:30:36 PM

For those of you who can't find this. This is in the multiplayer menu. Then pick xbox live(you must be online for this mode)

Comment #15 by AntoineDiamonds
Wednesday, January 26, 2011 @ 01:57:30 AM

haha i got to lvl 16 from one go on this...takes some time and easy way to get accomplishments

Comment #16 by DozenK1llz
Saturday, January 29, 2011 @ 06:43:17 AM

This is so easy, I play Combat Training just to get better online and I got this achievement

Comment #17 by Tank55
Sunday, February 20, 2011 @ 06:35:23 PM

This is the easiest achievement, but what if you don't have xbox live then you can't get it.

Comment #18 by CRwlST
Sunday, February 27, 2011 @ 09:14:12 AM

This sucks im lvl 50 bcuz my brother entered what he called a "hacked lobby" now i dont know wat to do is there a way i can initliaze or sumthin?!?

Comment #19 by abfunky monkey
Thursday, March 03, 2011 @ 12:42:45 AM

so how do i get my achievements to appear on here i have already pass lvl 10 and it dosnt say i got it?

Comment #20 by bronson23
Sunday, April 03, 2011 @ 05:17:16 AM

Yeah just play nuketown or firing range on free for all and you should get it inabout 30 minutes or so!

Comment #21 by zewcq
Wednesday, May 25, 2011 @ 02:21:35 PM

lvl 50 in combat training AW YEA

Comment #22 by DarkstarJ3
Monday, June 06, 2011 @ 12:41:13 PM

This mode reminds me of Perfect Dark

Comment #23 by WerewlfKingAlex
Monday, June 27, 2011 @ 07:57:11 PM

You dont really need to put it at 30,000 i was able to do it at 20,000.It got adicted after abit.

Comment #24 by YourMomWzHur
Tuesday, June 28, 2011 @ 08:18:41 PM

I got it with 2 matches to 7500

Comment #25 by Lash 72
Sunday, September 04, 2011 @ 10:23:04 PM

Got it on Nuketown with the number of enemy numbers maxed out. Sure you'll
die quite a bit but you'll also rack up enough kills quickly to unlock this
achievement fairly quickly. Don't forget to disable the scoring and
time restrictions.

Comment #26 by SuperDuckyMojo
Friday, September 09, 2011 @ 08:18:39 PM

Try this : AI`s on recruit and use any pistol with attachments scavenger and slide of hand only using them see how high a killstreak you can get after 2 games i got dogs 4 times =) plus its entertaining and gives you practice with side arms my fav: m1911 dual weild

Comment #27 by SuperDuckyMojo
Friday, September 09, 2011 @ 08:23:13 PM

Try this : AI`s on recruit and use any pistol with attachments scavenger and slide of hand only using them see how high a killstreak you can get after 2 games i got dogs 4 times =) plus its entertaining and gives you practice with side arms my fav: m1911 dual weild Helps you get better at side arms since all of them suck online pistols are good though unless you know how to rock the crossbow =)

Comment #28 by Knaussenheimer
Tuesday, September 20, 2011 @ 08:32:18 PM

This achievements to easy to be worth 15g the shouldn't made it worth like 5g and then made the intel one worth 25g. I got it in one game playing 2v8 with my friend and also @10 you can't prestige in combat training. I have been level 50 forever and have all pro perks.

Comment #29 by irritatie
Sunday, November 06, 2011 @ 07:22:53 AM

I actually liked playing against bots more than I thought :)
Just try for some time against recruit robots, some nice and easy points.

Comment #30 by R0ck39
Monday, December 19, 2011 @ 04:12:01 PM

"What if I say I needed advice on how not to have a negative KD ratio while I played Combat training" - The Online Gamer

Comment #31 by DiamondVogel
Tuesday, December 20, 2011 @ 06:03:05 PM

so easy

Comment #32 by Xpanda Xpress
Sunday, June 17, 2012 @ 02:53:28 PM


Comment #33 by iceyleaf
Monday, June 03, 2013 @ 04:09:51 PM

easy! did it on first game

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