Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts Achievement Guide

Guide By: iNTiMiDaTe xX, Maka, & Hot Juicy Pie
There are 81 achievements with a total of 1750 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
-Offline: 49/50 (980/1,000)
-Online: 1/50 (20/1,000)
-Approximate time: 20+ Hours

  • Campaign: 6-10 Hours
  • Extinction: 10+ Hours
  • Safeguard: 30 Minutes

-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (Veteran)
-Missable achievements: "Audiophile" (Otherwise, use chapter select).
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes, Veteran required.
-Unobtainable/glitched achievements: Yes, "Made it Out Alive" WILL NOT unlock if you have already unlocked it on the Xbox 360 version.
-Extra equipment needed?: No

  • Onslaught DLC
    • Difficulty: 6/10
    • Time to 250: 2-10 Hours
    • Unobtainable: None
  • Devestation DLC
    • Difficulty: 6/10
    • Time to 2503-10 Hours
    • Unobtainable: None
  • Invasion DLC
    • Difficulty: 4/10
    • Time to 2503-10+ Hours
    • Unobtainable: None

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Call of Duty: Ghosts is set ten years after a devastating mass event, the nation's borders and the balance of global power have been redrawn forever. As what's left of the nation's Special Operations forces, a mysterious group known only as "Ghosts" leads the fight back against a newly emerged, technologically-superior global power.

Extinction is a new game mode featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts. The game mode can include up to four players fighting aliens in a post-apocalyptic world. Players will have objectives to destroy alien hives with a drill and defend it. Players will also earn money from killing aliens and completing challenges. They then can use this money to buy ammo, weapons and equipment such as the I.M.S. or Sentry Gun. There will also be traps that can be used against the aliens such as electrical fences and fire pits. There are four classes for the player to choose from, Weapon Specialist, Tank, Engineer, and Medic. There are 30 levels, which unlock various weapons and upgrades.

Step One - Campaign Veteran Difficulty:
There are a total of 18 levels in the campaign and you will have to complete the campaign on Veteran difficulty and collect every Rorke file. Veteran is the hardest difficulty buy is no where near as hard as it is on other CoD games, so I recommend that you play your first playthrough on veteran to save time. This will also help you earn you the "Piece of Cake" & "You've Earned It" achievement on the Atlas Fall's mission and once you complete the campaign. Each mission has at least one achievement for doing something specific during that mission, a few are very hard to not achieve during the mission and some you can miss if you don't know what the achievement is. These achievements are listed underneath the mission they are in, so take a look at the achievements for that mission before you play it.

Also, Rorke File progress can be checked at any time at the campaign main menu, and collecting all 18 of them will unlock the "Audiophile" achievement. 

Step Two - Cleanup Campaign:
Find any remaining Rorke files you may have missed, you can check this in the Campaign menu. You then only have to replay that mission, collect the files and then save and quit. You should also look at any mission specific achievements you may have missed and try to unlock them by replaying the mission using mission select.

Step Three - Extinction:
There are only 9 extinction mode achievements, but they are easily the hardest and most time-consuming in the game. It is recommended that this mode is played with a total of 4 players at all times, which can be randomly found online or organized in parties. The achievements will require you to complete a full game of the mode where all 4 players survive. Additionally, completing the mode with 1m30s left on the clock, using traps, scavenging items and using a relic will yield extra achievements.

The new game mode can be intimidating for new players of the series, or lower levels. It is best if you take your time to level up within the game mode, which will allow you access to better loadouts, giving a better chance of success. Additional, achievement specific details can be found at the bottom of this guide. For any additional help on remaining achievements after playing through and leveling up, visit the Extinction Achievement Guide for another resource to use.

There is 1 achievement associated with this mode. Grab some friends and pass round 20 to unlock this achievement.

Onslaught DLC

Step 1: Multiplayer Map Hives
You'll want to start off by doing the prerequisites for the Egg-stra XP! achievement. Play the Onslaught DLC multiplayer playlist and make sure to shoot all 4 hives available on the new maps. You will have a small notice on the left side of your screen as you shoot them, and can quit the match after you get each one.

Step 2: Nightfall Playthroughs
The bulk of your time will be spent here. There are multiples goals here, and it is extremely unlikely that they can be completed in one playthrough, but this is the format I recommend. With a group of 4, you'll want to focus on just beating the nightfall map, which will automatically unlock the "Pushing Ahead", "Weapon Facility" & "Survived Nightfall" achievements. During the playhthrough, collect the intel items to unlock "Undiscovered Truths". If the players have completed Step 1, they will also unlock "Egg-stra XP!" after destroying the first hive. During the first playthrough, you'll be able to get one of the players the "Pea Shooter" achievement by using the boosting method described below. Also, it is extremely likely for at least 2+ of the players to unlock the "Phantom Exterminator" achievement.

Now that most of the easy achievements are out of the way and you have a good understanding of the enemy spawns and the map it is time to focus on some of the harder tasks. You'll probably want to spend 2 playthroughs with two of the four players using a relic in order to unlock "Throttled Survival" for everyone. Also, make sure any achievements that were missed by people from the first playthrough are worked on like Pea Shooter and Phantom Exterminator. During these playthroughs you want to focus on completing as many challenges as possible. Also, players should take turns taking all the Venom-X ammo available in order to unlock the "Turnabout is Fair Play" achievement. Lastly, you want to make sure to beat the final Breeder boss in under 5:00 to get the "Speed Slayer" achievement.

Now that everyone is caught up and has 10 of the 11 achievements, all that remains is the "Nightfall Completionist" achievement, for getting 100% of the challenges and then finishing the level. Good luck!

Invasion DLC
Special thanks to Maka for supplying videos.

Step 1: Multiplayer Map Hives:
As per usual, you will want to start off by getting the hive locations in the new multiplayer maps. This will net you the "Egg-stra Awakening!" achievement, as well as a hefty exp boost to help you through some of the newer ranks.

Step 2: Awakening Playthroughs:
A good portion of the DLC will come naturally. "Targets Acquired," "A Bridge to Somewhere," and "Escaped Awakening" will all come from your first successful playthrough. Collect the static drop intel and hope for good odds in the scavenge boxes to get "Spelunker." If you're daring, "Twice the Fun" can also be done your first time through. "Dog Fight" comes pretty naturally as well and there are plenty of opportunities each game to obtain it. As you're familiarizing yourself with the map layout, begin rotating your classes. Clearing with all 4 classes will net the "Well Rounded" achievement.

From there all you have left is "Like a Glove" and "Awakening Completionist." Both of which I suggest either finding a dedicated group for, or doing in a solo game.

Step 3: Mop-up:
Go back and clean up any of the achievements you may have missed. 


This is one of the easier Call of Duty games in regards to achievements. They are pretty straight forward, and the Veteran difficulty is more manageable than previous instalments. After beating campaign on Veteran, and putting a good amount of time into the Extinction mode, you should have all the achievements in the game.

[XBA would like to thank iNTiMiDaTe xXMaka, & Hot Juicy Pie for this RoadMap]

Ghost Stories5
Escape. (Complete "Ghost Stories" on any difficulty.) (10) 

Story related, cannot be missed. This is awarded for completing Mission 1: Ghost Stories.

Spatial Awareness10
Kill your first enemy in the Call of Duty┬« Ghosts campaign. (36) 

During the first mission you will unlock this achievement after killing your first enemy.

Brave New World10
Rendez-vous in Fort Santa Monica. (Complete "Brave New World" on any difficulty.) (2) 

Story related, cannot be missed. This is awarded for completing Mission 2: Brave New World.

Liberty Wall10
Take down both attack helicopters in Brave New World. (9) 

During the Mission 2: Brave New World, you will clear some enemies and end up being ordered in taking out some helicopters using a laser-designated rocket launcher. Use your rocket launcher to shoot at the helicopter, and keep aimed at it with the laser to hit it. Just keep using it until you take down both helicopters. Keep in mind that the 2nd chopper will take a few more hits, and if you fail and die, just restart the checkpoint and try again. 

No Man's Land10
Make it to San Diego. (Complete "No Man's Land" on any difficulty.) (2) 

Story related, cannot be missed. This is awarded for completing Mission 3: No Man’s Land.

Blimey O'Riley10
Pounce on 10 enemies whilst controlling Riley. (13) 

During Mission 3: No Man’s Land, you will take control of Riley a few times. During the first section, you will need to take out at 4 enemies as part of a short tutorial. Then you will enter a stealth section where you need to use Riley to scope out enemies, and reach the end of the area. When you are not in control of Riley you can press  when aiming at an enemy to get Riley to attack them. After killing 10 total enemies, the achievement will unlock, and you’re free to end this section of the level, by progressing into the next area.

Struck Down10
Find Ajax. (Complete "Struck Down" on any difficulty.) (2) 

Story related, cannot be missed. This is awarded for completing Mission 4: Struck Down.

Waste Not10
Every shot with the remote sniper kills a person or vehicle. (10) 

Mission 4: Struck Down

During this mission, you are asked to use the remote sniper multiple times. To be the achievement, you must make sure that you don't miss any shots. There will be a total of 4 remote sniper sections throughout the mission. Just make sure you are aiming a stationary enemies, and never shoot if you aren't confident. the first time you take control of the Remote Sniper is just before you breach the room to find Ajax. The second time you will be after you leave the building to take out some enemies with launchers. The third time you will be exiting the building with Ajax and the last time you will be escaping in a chopper.
Once the mission ends, the achievement will unlock.

Defend LA. (Complete "Homecoming" on any difficulty.) (2) 

Story related, cannot be missed. This is awarded for completing Mission 5: Homecoming.

Go Ugly Early10
A-10 strafe 50 enemies. (9) 

This achievement is really really easy. Early on during Mission 5: Homecoming, you will get control of a laptop which grants you control to a A-10 strafe run. You will have 4 total strafe runs in order to get the 50 kills, but will be easily able to get the achievement within the first 2 runs. When you gain access to the A-10, make sure you keep firing and focus fire on large groups of enemies, tanks and boats. The achievement will unlock at the 50th kill. 

Legends Never Die10
Hunt down Almagro. (Complete "Legends Never Die" on any difficulty.) (1) 

Story related, cannot be missed. This is awarded for completing Mission 6: Legends Never Die.

It Came from Below!10
Kill 6 enemies with the knife while underwater in "Legends Never Die". (14) 

Mission 6: Legends Never Die

During the mission, the city will flood and then you will be prompted to kill an enemy using a knife. This achievement should only be attempted on regular difficulty or below as you will be shot by enemies in higher positions while you are underwater. There are also only going to be around 6-8 enemies in the water so there aren't an abundance of enemies to kill. Before you kill them, make sure that you are underwater. Moving on in the mission, you'll come to an area with some wreckage, where you should be able to sneak to the back and kill at least two enemies using the knife underwater. Lastly, you come to a parking garage, where you should sprint to the back as fast as possible, and knife at least 3 enemies underwater. If there are only 2, just wait, and another enemy should jump into the water.

The achievement unlocks once you knife the 6th person.

Federation Day10
Gather intel on Rorke. (Complete "Federation Day" on any difficulty.) 

Story related, cannot be missed. This is awarded for completing Mission 7: Federation Day.

Sleeping Beauty10
Kill sleeping enemy in face down rappel section (10) 

Mission 7: Federation Day (2nd Rappel)

During your 2nd rappel section, where you scale the side of the building and kill two enemies on a balcony, you'll want to keep your eyes open for a sleeping enemy inside one of the windows directly in front of you. He will be inside the building about 1-2 stories lower than the balcony.
As soon as you shoot him the achievement unlocks.

Carbon Faceprint10
Catch the photocopier with your face. (13) 

Mission 7: Federation Day (3rd Rappel)

During the final rappel section, which takes place after defending yourself against some enemies, and enemy will throw a photocopier outside of the window. Make sure you just sit there, in the middle, at let it hit you. It shouldn't kill you and you will unlock the achievement once it hits you.

Birds of Prey10
Capture Rorke (Complete "Birds of Prey" on any difficulty.) 

Story related, cannot be missed. This is awarded for completing Mission 8: Birds of Prey.

Burn Baby Burn25
Destroy 80 fuel containers. (10) 

Mission 8: Birds of Prey

At the beginning of the mission, while flying the chopper you want to use your machine gun and rockets to blow up as many explosive containers as possible. These can be found on the roofs of the various buildings and appear as large white tanks which explode when shot. There are easily over 100 of these in this section. Just take your time and make sure you shoot everything that looks explosive, while also taking care of the enemies so that you're not killed.
The achievement will unlock once 80 containers explode.

The Hunted25
Make it out alive (Complete "The Hunted" on any difficulty.) 

Story related, cannot be missed. This is awarded for completing Mission 9: The Hunted.

Jungle Ghosts25
Finish the mission without breaking stealth. (19) 

Mission 9: The Hunted

Once you gain control of the character, you goal is to complete the level without being spotted and shot at. If you are spotted, you can remain in stealth if you kill them before they shoot or inform other guards. During the first section you want to make your way through the forest by crouching and avoiding enemies which can be seen on your handheld radar. Feel free to kill any enemies via headshot or melee if you are close to them and they are alone. You will then meet up with your team where you will rescue some allies. From here on out, it is very important to listen to their instructions and follow them. Hide in the waterfall, crouch through the tall grass, prone to hide from the chopper and then finish the level without any alerts to get the achievement.

Hack the system (Complete "Clockwork" on any difficulty.) 

Story related, cannot be missed. This is awarded for completing Mission 10: Clockwork.

Deep Freeze25
Drop 8 vehicles into ice holes. (9) 

This achievement is hard to miss. At the end of Mission 10: Clockwork, you’ll take control of a turret as you escape the plant. All you need to do is use your turret to shoot the ice in front of enemy vehicles and you will gain the achievement once you take out 8 of them, by having them crash into the ice holes. Make sure you aim in front of the enemies and time it so that you have easy shots during straight areas. Once you get 8 enemy jeeps or snowmobiles, you’ll get the achievement. 

Atlas Falls25
Distract the Federation Fleet. (Complete "Atlas Falls" on any difficulty.) (1) 

Story related, cannot be missed. This is awarded for completing Mission 11: Atlas Falls.

Blow the pressure valves on your first attempt. (17) 

At the end of the Atlas Falls mission you will need to remove a dead body from the console, you will then need to keep the bar in the green or yellow, as long as it doesn't touch the red you will get the achievement. If you touch the red area you will have the restart the whole mission.

Piece of cake100
Storm the common room and kill everyone without taking damage on Veteran. (94) 

Mission 11: Atlas Falls (Veteran Difficulty)

During the mission, you will come to a room that you must breach, and your ally will push you away from the explosion. This is the room where the achievement takes place. Make sure that you keep all your grenades and flash bangs for this section, and I recommend using any weapon with a red dot sight. Once you get up from the explosion, cook a flash bang and throw it into the middle of the room. When it goes off sprint behind the counter directly in front of you. If you're fast enough, you can get away with firing some bullets and killing 1-2 enemies before going prone behind the counter. Once prone, throw another flashbang into the middle of the room. You should be able to go crouch and see where the enemies are. Throw a grenade into each corner of the room and that should take out most of the enemies. Now you can try and wait until you allies take out a few more enemies before slowing poking your head out an trying to kill any remaining enemies in the back. If you "push up" but stay behind cover, your allies will also move up and hopefully clear out the enemies. If at any point you get hit, which is indicated by a red blink on your screen, press pause and restart the checkpoint.
The achievement will unlock when the final enemy is killed and the ally says "All Clear!"

Into the Deep20
Destroy the enemy ship (Complete "Into The Deep" on any difficulty.) (1) 

Story related, cannot be missed. This is awarded for completing Mission 12: Into The Deep.

David & Goliath20
Take down the LCS on the first go. (6) 

During Mission 12: Into The Deep, you will progress through the mission until you are told to use a guided missile to take out the LCS. Once you fire the missile, you will notice a large red weak spot on the bottom of the ship. Guide the missile into this red section to take it down and unlock the achievement. 

End of the Line20
Storm the factory (Complete "End of the Line" on any difficulty.) 

Story related, cannot be missed. This is awarded for completing Mission 13: End of the Line.

Cog in the machine35
Kill 5 enemies without being detected before infiltrating Black Zone. (8) 

Mission 13: End of the Line
At the start of the mission, you will have to silently kill some enemies:

  1. This is automatically done through a takedown
  2. Go up behind the guard near the traincar and knife him
  3. Gather near the truck and kill the enemy to the left
  4. After the garage door open, quickly kill the enemy on the right
  5. After you gain access past some doors, follow the teammate to the right and shoot the enemy in the office through the glass.

After killing all 5 of these enemies silently, you will unlock the achievement.

Sin City20
Plan your next move. (Complete "Sin City" on any difficulty.) (9) 

Story related, cannot be missed. This is awarded for completing Mission 14: Sin City.

Destroy 21 slot machines. (8) 

Mission 14: Sin City

After going through the kitchen area, you'll want to kill all the enemies near the two staircase. After going down to the lowest floor in the area, you'll find 20 slot machines (4 banks of 5) to the right hand side. Make sure to use you gun and shoot the screen on all 20 of them.
Next, progress through, and let your teammate open the shutter door for you. Once you crouch under, go down the hall and BEFORE going down the stairs, aim across the room to the balcony in front of you where you will find more slot machines. Shoot 1 to unlock the achievement.

All or nothing20
Gather the troops. (Complete "All or Nothing" on any difficulty.) (2) 

Story related, cannot be missed. This is awarded for completing Mission 15: All or Nothing.

End of your rope20
Cut a grappling hook rope with an enemy on it. (11) 

During Mission 15: All or Nothing, you will be defending the ship from incoming enemies. Go to the edge of the ship with your allies once you are told to keep enemies from boarding the ship. If you look at the railing, you will see glowing rappel lines hanging from the balcony. You can go up to these and cut them using RS. If you cut a line while an enemy is on it, you will unlock the achievement.

Severed Ties20
Destroy the Federation's satellite array. (Complete "Severed Ties" on any difficulty.) 

Story related, cannot be missed. This is awarded for completing Mission 16: Severed Ties.

Take out 3 out of 3 helicopters with the remote missile. (14) 

The description is misleading, but you will to take out 3 total helicopters during Mission 16: Severed Ties while using the tank. At the start of the mission, you will destroy a few tanks and then see helicopters in the air. Change your weapon by pressing , and then fire the missile using . Guide the missile into the helicopter to destroy it. You can also detonate the missile near the helicopter by pressing  again. There should be a few helicopters in the first area and then another 3 in next area. Just take your time to keep taking them out whenever they appear to unlock this achievement.

Commandeer the enemy space station. (Complete "Loki" on any difficulty.) 

Story related, cannot be missed. This is awarded for completing Mission 17: Loki.

They look like ants20
Destroy all enemy ground targets and kill no allies with the rods. (38) 

Progress through the mission until you reach a control laptop where you take control of a remote drone that guides rod missiles. At this point you need to make sure to kill all the enemies (marked in red) and not kill any allies (marked in blue). Use 2-3 shots to take out the first group, and ensure that no enemies survive. Next, wait for the train to pass a little bit, and when the next group of enemies appears be careful so that the blast doesnt kill any of your troops near the tracks. After this group, more enemies will appear. Start with the group in the back and make your way around.

It can be very hard to tell if you killed one of your own allies. You can tell that you hit one if they say "Thompson, make sure your shots are on target!". At this point, restart the checkpoint immediately. Also restart if you missed an enemy.
The achievement will unlock when the camera goes back to the space station. If it doesn't, you have to restart the entire level.

The Ghost Killer20
Confront Rorke (Complete "The Ghost Killer" on any difficulty.) (2) 

Story related, cannot be missed. This is awarded for completing Mission 18: The Ghost Killer.

Tickets please20
Shoot the grapple guys off the side of the train. (10) 

Mission 18: The Ghost Killer

During the mission, you will come to a part where you shoot down a helicopter causing it to crash into the train. As soon as this happens, sprint up the left-hand side of the train and keep sprinting until you see some enemies coming up the sides of the train using grapples. Shoot them fast enough to cause their bodies to fall off the side of the train. If you fail, just restart the checkpoint and try it again. You have to be really quick. As soon as you kill 2 of them, you will gain the achievement. 

Collect all 18 Rorke files. (10) 

[0:05] - Ghost Stories
After playing a short section on the space station, you will return back down to your character. At this point, sprint down the road along the sidewalk, and then enter the first house, with a car in the driveway, on your right. Go inside the house, and find the file on the ground.

[0:33] - Brave New World
After proceeding through the level, and destroying two helicopters, you will make it to the Headquarters. You’ll find the file on the 3rd floor of this building, sitting on the table next to the balcony. 

[1:01] - No Man’s Land
This one is hard to miss. You will come to a section with a destroyed wind turbine and a large crane. After killing the enemies, follow the left hand side into a small building, where you will find the file sitting on a desk.

[1:27] - Struck Down
Part way through the mission, you will have a tear gas slow-motion breach of a locker room. After killing all the enemies, turn 90 degrees to your left after entering the door, and find the file sitting in the locker.

[2:01] – Homecoming
At the beginning of the mission, you will enter a building. Before going up the stairs, there will be a small room to the left of the stairs. Find the file on a desk in this room. 

[2:21] - Legends Never Die
After the flood, you will cross a between two buildings using a collapsing walkway. Immediately after, you will come to a room with two enemies that are standing behind a desk. Kill them both, and find the file on the desk that they were standing near.

[2:46] - Federation Day
You will repel down the side of a building and then cut the glass and breach through. Once you get inside the building, follow the hallway to the left, and enter the first available room, where you will find the laptop directly in front of you on a desk upon entering the room.

[3:12] - Birds of Prey
At the end of the level, you will enter a room where Rorke is waiting. Immediately pick up the file on the desk that Rorke is leaning against. If you wait too long, the mission will end.

[3:30] - The Hunted
After the crash landing, you will be tasked with finding your team. Once you come to them, look to the left to see a waterfall. To the left of the waterfall, there is a large rock with vines coming down on it. At the bottom of this large rock, you will find the file.

[3:58] – Clockwork
You’ll come to a section where you are forced to turn on your night vision, and pass through metal detectors. Go up the stairs directly in front of you, and there is a glass room with the file on the desk. You can grab in through the window, or go inside.

[4:20] - Atlas Falls
You will come to a control room, where there will be one person inside who one of your allies will take care of. To the right of the controls, there is a small room, where you will find the file.

[4:43] - Into the Deep
After destroying the LSC, you will end up on a sunken boat. As soon as you go forward, look down slightly to the right to find it on the ocean floor. This is right at beginning of a section where you get ambushed by a ton of enemies, where you see vertically standing rocks and an archway in the distance.

[5:08] - End of the Line
You will come to a large missile silo, and be asked to turn on your camera to examine it. From the door of this room, go down the stairs and turn left immediately at the bottom finding the file on some crates.

[5:25] - Sin City
After killing all the enemies once you reach the section with the staircases, you’re ally with open a shutter for you to crouch under. After going under, turn to your left and find it on some table near some couches.

[5:44] - All or Nothing
At the beginning of the mission, directly after putting your mask on, turn around 180 degrees, and you will find the file in one of the beds.

[6:05] - Severed Ties
After you enter the building, launch the missile and start the on-screen impact timer, you will go down a flight of stairs, following your ally. He will open a door. You’ll want to go through this first door, and then turn left into the hallway. In the hallway, go into the first room to find a file on the desk.

[6:28] – Loki
After an explosion, you will float through a short tunnel. Directly after exiting the tube, you’ll want to kill the 2-3 enemies and then look to your left a spot a large destroyed solar panel. In between the solar panel and the short tube that you floated through, you’ll spot the file floating in space. The file moves around, so it won’t always be in the exact same spot.

[6:59] - The Ghost Killer
At the beginning of the mission, in the room with the small tv, you’ll want to turn around and find a red tool chest next to the jeep. The file is on top of the chest.

Reach round 20 in Safeguard. (44) 

It is recommended that you do this achievement with at least 3 players, but 4 are definitely better. For the achievement, you must complete round 20.

I recommend doing this on Octane, and camping in the Strip Club, as most enemies will come through the front entrance, and you can keep one person in the back just in case. In between each round, make sure you pick up whatever weapon drop that you are comfortable with, but more importantly after every 5 rounds there will be killstreak drops, which show as blue crates. Make sure all members of the team run around the map and grab as many as possible each. Also, make sure that you use them when needed, and space them out across the next 5 rounds until you can get more. It is best if you place the turret in the main doorway, and call in choppers and missile strikes near the beginning of the round. Keep communicating with your team when necessary, and you shouldn't have too many problems passing round 20. Also, make sure to revive each other if you are downed.

Another tactic involves playing on the map Stonehaven, and camping inside the small building next to the burning house as there is only one entrance, and the enemies will all line up easily. Watch out for riot shield enemies though.

In total, the achievement should take around 20-30 minutes.

You've earned it40
Earn the mask. Finish the campaign on Veteran. (29) 

Veteran difficulty is not as hard as it is in other Call of Duty games, as-long as you use cover effectively and don't run out in the open this can be attempted on your first playthrough. You will also need to play on this difficulty to get the "Piece of cake" achievement.

If you are looking for additional help, you can use the Veteran video walkthrough of the game HERE.

Secret Achievements
No Man Left20
Escape with all four players (130) 

This achievement is awarded when all four players make it out alive. In extinction, you have to get through all 3 main stages, destroy the hives, and then run back to the beginning within 4 minutes. It is recommended you do this with 4 players online. All players should be communicating a supporting each other for success. Players should form their own roles, and use the skill points wisely. I recommend that 1 player supplies as much ammo as possible, while another supplies armour. Make sure that the ammo person has speciality ammo available, like armour piercing or incendiary rounds. The 3rd player should use a good portion of their money on traps, sentries and IMS, while the 4th floats between people helping with whatever is needed and also funds the attack helicopter whenever possible. It is important for all 4 members to stay together near the end, as a downed player is very hard to revive if they are far from the drill.

I also think that all teams should have 1 drill specialist, 1 medic and 1 tank. It is important for these people to know their roles and play them well. For example, it is vital for a tank to always be near other teammates as they are powerful but can be downed easily if stranded.

Also, at the beginning of the round, make sure to spend money wisely, and try to keep spending to a minimum. This is also the area you should be building up skill points to upgrade skills. Use the time at the end of an area to restock and prepare, and make sure to have $3000 or less before picking up the cash, or else it goes to waste.

Reach the exfil chopper with 1 minute and 30 seconds or more remaining on the clock. (21) 

After you have destroyed all of the hives with the drill and reached the end of the map, everyone you are playing with will have to hold  to call in a nuke. You then have to run back to the chopper at the beginning. You are given 4 minutes to reach the chopper which means you will have to get back in 2 and a half minutes to unlock this achievement. This achievement will be easier the higher level you are because you will have a better loadout and can use more powerful bullets.

Recommended Loadout:

  • Tank
  • MP443 Grach
  • Armor Piercing Ammo
  • Armor
  • Sentry Gun

There are a few tips to help you:

  • Use Medic class, and full upgrade that skill before the end of the map
  • Run with the pistol as it allows you to sprint faster
  • Ensure health and armour are full before setting off the nuke
  • Don't stop running, at any point
  • Know the quickest route back to the chopper, and circle areas while waiting for the meteors to pass.
Made it Out Alive20
Escape 1st time (28) 

Extinction mode has three total areas that you must progress through to reach the end. You will have to clear 4 hives and then allow the chopper to clear the way allowing you to progress to the city and unlocking "City Dweller." After clearing out more hives, and allowing the chopper to clear the way again, you will progress to the cabin, and will unlock "Cabin Fever." Now, in the last area you will yet again clear out more hives, and then you will have to call in a nuke. Once the nuke is called, everyone will need to run back to the beginning of the level within 4 minutes where the chopper is waiting. Once you escape, you will unlock this achievement.

Complete all Extinction challenges and escape. (284) 

Probably the hardest achievement in the game. A challenge will appear every time that a drill is placed at a hive, and you must complete every challenge and escape to get this achievement. 4 players is obviously the best method, and all 4 players should know the objectives at hand at all times. 

There are a few tips I have here for overall success. If the challenge you get is related to a specific gun type, and nobody has it, only 1 or 2 members of the team should buy the weapon while the others stay back and protect them while minimizing their own kills until the challenge is complete. If the challenge is to maintain 75% accuracy or to not reload, try to finish the rounds using melee attacks or sentries as accidental reloads and ammo pickups complicate things.

Find a full challenge guide by NeedToAchieve HERE.

Cabin Fever10
Make it to the cabin. (5) 

After you made it to the city you will need to destroy three or four more hives for the chopper to arrive to destroy the Alien hive blocking the path to the cabin. Once the chopper destroys it the achievement will unlock.

City Dweller20
Made it to the city. (7) 

After you have destroyed the first four hives with the drill a chopper will arrive to destroy the Alien hive blocking the pathway to the city. If you protect the chopper until the hive is destroyed the achievement will unlock.

Any Means necessary40
Get 50 kills with the electric fence and fire traps in a single game. (17) 

Electric Fences and Fire Traps are available in all 3 areas. Electric fences are activated using small batteries located on the ground, and will cost $500 each. Fire traps are activated using large oil barrels, and will cost $1,000 each. Players should take turns getting this achievement, and it is advised that you try to complete the achievement as quickly as possible as the third area is the most difficult to get these kills.

If you activate these traps, the enemies will run into them as long as the trap is somewhere on the way to the hive that is being drilled. Not all enemies will die from the traps though, so you can use your pistol to shoot them once to weaken them before they touch the traps to get more kills.

The locations of the traps are as follows:
Area 1:

  • Electric Fence 1 & 2: Located on the outside of the motel parking lot
  • Fire Trap 1: Located at the top of the hill, only useful during the chopper section.

Area 2:

  • Fire Trap 1: Located as soon as you enter the city area, at the opening of the alley to the left
  • Electric Fence 1: Down the main alley where you will spot a battery with some exposed wires next to a puddle. This is the best trap in the entire area.
  • Electric Fence 2 & 3: In the main area of the city, next to the road, there are two short brick walls that can be activated
  • Fire Trap 2: On the main street, to the left side when facing the main hive.
  • Electric Trap 4: On the main street, all the way to the very right when facing the main hive, hooked up to a fence

Area 3:

  • Fire Trap 1: After going under the bridge, there will be a barrel next to the building
  • Electric Fence 1: After going under the bridge, go forward, up the stairs to the left, and turn right at the top.
  • Electric Fence 2: At the bottom of the hill, to the left of the hive.
  • Electric Fence 3: At the bottom of the hill, follow the fence near the hive to the right hand side.
  • Electric Fence 4: Near the previous fence.
  • Electric Fence 5: Find this one next to the turret and sandbags, hanging from a post.

As soon as you get your 50th kill using traps, the achievement will unlock.

Trash Picker20
Scavenge 40 items in a single game. (38) 

It is recommended that you do this solo, or with a group of friends that is taking turns getting this achievement. Items appear as small open trash bags or green containers on the ground of random areas. They are usually well hidden. Make sure to search areas for items before placing the drill, as enemies will only spawn once drilling starts.

Sweep through all 3 areas as much as possible, and make sure to look through every corner of the map before moving on to the next zone. After clearing the final hive, you will have unlimited time to explore as long as you don't plant the bomb, so it is recommended that you do this if playing with others.

Here is a video that will show all the most common spawn points of items:

Throttled Escape10
Escape using a relic. (33) 

Relics are earned by passing level 30, they increase the difficulty, for example making the aliens do increased damage or allowing you to carry less cash. Each time you pass level 30 you can carry an additional relic. Up to five relics can be held at once, you will have to add only one relic to your loadout and call in the nuke and make it back to the chopper in time for the achievement. You could equip a relic to your loadout and play with three people who do not have a relic equipped, only you will unlock the achievement if you escape but this will make reaching the chopper easier for your team. 

  1. Take More Damage - Aliens do increased damaged with their attacks.
  2. Pistols Only - Weapon purchases are not allowed.
  3. Smaller Wallet - Earn and carry less cash.
  4. Mortal - No class selection available.
  5. Do Less Damage - Inflict less damage against the aliens.

It is recommend to choose the "Smaller Wallet" relic as it provides the smallest disadvantage. Once your relic is active, you will need to escape a round of extinction, and it is recommended that you do this with a total of 4 players, and take turns doing it for each other.

Also, it is important to note that you will keep all available loadout items after going back to level 1, so you won't have to level again in order to gain the better loadout options.


DLC: Onslaught
Cost: $14.99 USD Achievements: 11 Points: 250
Pushing Ahead20
Gain access to the Compound area in Nightfall. (3) 

See “Survived Nightfall"

Weapon Facility20
Gain access to the Facility in Nightfall. (2) 

See “Survived Nightfall"

Survived Nightfall20
Kill the Breeder for the first time in Nightfall. (18) 

The Nightfall map, similar to the original Point of Contact has various stages before you are able to complete it. The map will take the average group of 4 players approximately a full hour to complete and can be quite difficult if all players aren't communicating and working together. Achievements are awarded from progressing through the mission after Area 1, Area 2 and the final boss.

I recommend a team set-up that is somewhat similar to the following:

Each player will have a role, and communication is necessary. Don't be selfish, make sure you are sharing ammo, armour, boosters, items, sentries or whatever else you are able to provide for your team. Also, it is very important to share money at some points. To share money, aim at the ground, use to look down your sights, and hold for about 3-5 seconds to drop $1000 for one of your teammates to pick up. You can pause the game to see how much money each player has at any point. It is advised that you use the time in between hives and areas to scavenge for items, and prepare the team for the incoming enemies.

Next up, skill points. These are very important, and it is recommended that you complete as many challenges as possible in order to rank these things up as fast as possible. I recommend each player using skill points to rank up their own unique ability. Ammo, armour, random items and medic/tank class upgrades should be the first priority for the team. In Area 2 the team can focus on upgrading offensive abilities a little, such as vultures, sentries, team boosters, pistol, riot shields and engineer class upgrades. By Area 3, most players should have a fair amount of skill points and upgrades done. At this point it just comes down to whatever the team thinks is best, as long as they have the important stuff above covered.

Additional tips:

  • Riot Shields can be purchased, and placed on your back to protect you from behind.
  • Search the items in Area 1 AFTER each member of your team has a primary weapon. It increases the chance of better items.
  • Use time between drill periods to restock ammo/armour and share money.
  • Save locker keys for the last area. It's a better idea to use it late, and let a player with upgraded pistol carry two primary weapons.
  • FLARES! These things are like gold. Hold on to them for tough areas/enemies. Whenever anyone is down or in trouble, use a flare to distract all the enemies other than Rhinos. This will give the entire team a few seconds to breathe, restock, revive or purchase abilities.
  • Hypnoknife. Use this on scorpions/phantoms whenever possible. It's good to have a friendly alien running around on your team.
  • Traps. Starting in Area 2, traps become very important. The upgraded engineer should take control of traps whenever possible. In Area 2, there are 3-4 traps that really help. Also, in Area 3, there are two generators on the ground floor, near the middle of the map that will electrocute any enemies on the top of the map. These are crucial for success because they won't let scorpions land and spray your team.
Speed Slayer20
Kill the Breeder in less than 5 minutes in Nightfall. (29) 

Killing the Breeder in less than 5 minutes can be prove to be difficult on your first go around, but isn't too bad if all 4 players know their roles and what to do.

First of all, it is extremely important for all 4 players to have the Venom-X weapon when entering the Final Area. It is recommended that all players save up as much ammo as possible for this weapon. Also, make sure that all the players share cash, so that everyone has a good amount to help each other out with ammo, shields and boosters. Money is hard to come by in the final area because the enemies are rare, and don't give much cash.

As soon as the first player enters the broken wall and the audio dialogue begins, the timer will begin. The tactic is simple, players take turns using the Venom-X to shoot the Breeder in the head, causing the green toxic gas to stay on it. Once the monster takes damage, it will fall and kneel, leaving it 100% vulnerable to direct attacks from up close. Do not use Venom-X during this stage. You want 3 players to be unloading their fully automatic weapons with explosive ammo into its weak spot. Having one member with a fully upgraded Death Machine will work wonders, but is not necessary. The other member will keep smaller enemies that spawn away from the group.

As soon as the Breeder begins to come out of the kneeling position, RUN! You want to seek cover behind one of the hives or work trucks in the area. Watch out for its machine guns, they are extremely powerful. If the Breeder launches eggs, destroy them before they get a chance to hatch, and dispose of small enemies when possible. The Breeder also has a "shielding" period which I believe it invulnerable to Venom-X and regenerates some health. While players are covering the Breeder with Venom-X ammo, the other players will want to aim at the Breeder's head or watch out for small enemies. Rinse and repeat the cycle until it gets down to 50% health, hopefully in about 2 minutes. At this point it will go hide, and a ton of enemies will spawn. Use the small gap in time to regenerate ammo and shield with the team. While she is gone, a ton of difficult enemies will spawn including 3-4 Rhinos. If money/ammo permits, it is recommended that the team uses some sentries/vultures as well extra Venom-X ammo on the Rhinos to bring them down a lot faster and protect the team better. Once the Rhinos are cleared, you want to be under the 3 minute mark with a decent amount of money and Venom-X ammo. Use the above method to kill the Breeder, by using Venom-X ammo and headshots to make the Breeder fall, and then have the entire team shoot her in the weak area. When she is close to dying, use as many abilities as you need to stay alive, and aim for the head to bring her down. Once her health bar disappears, she is dead and the timer stops.

Hopefully your team did it within the 5 minutes, and the achievement will unlock for everyone! It is not recommended to try and get this achievement while using a relic, although it is possible.

Turnabout is Fair Play20
Kill 50 Cryptids with the Venom-X weapon in Nightfall. (13) 

The Venom-X becomes available after clearing the middle hive in Area 3. Once you clear the hive, the Venom-X can be picked up inside of the room. All members in your group are able to pick it up for free. The gun is extremely powerful, but comes with very little ammo, and additional ammo for this weapon is picked up from dead enemies who drop a small glowing egg. The following video will show the weapon location in detail:

Once you have the weapon, you must get 50 kills with it, and the achievement will unlock. The achievement is NOT cumulative, and will keep count. This means that players will probably need to take turns takign the Venom-X ammo until they unlock the achievement, as you need a good amount of ammo to get 50 kills. Flares will help with this achievement. Also, the Final Boss has regenerating health, so theoretically you can boost this in the final area of the Nightfall map. Just continue getting kills until you have the achievement, then finish off the final boss although this method may take 40+ minutes.

Nightfall Completionist30
Complete all challenges and kill the Breeder in Nightfall. (135) 

This achievement can be extremely difficult and sometimes comes down to a little bit of luck, along with preparedness. Here are my tips in point form:

  • 4 player set-up described above
  • No relics
  • Save flares for important challenges! They are extremely helpful in weapon specific challenges, accuracy %, taking no damage from seekers, trap kills and more!
  • Save locker keys for the final area. Weapon specific challenges are common in the final area, so save your locker key for Area 3, and upgrade your pistol so that you can carry 2 primary weapons. Open a locker and carry whatever the weapon is in your secondary primary weapon slot. This will increase your teams chance of having the right weapons during Area 3.
  • Take note of all the weapons and their types in each area, so that your team is prepared.
  • Money/Abilities is a hard one. There are two challenges that are complete opposites, one is for spending, and one is for not spending. If you prepare for the wrong one it can go terribly wrong. The key is to find a good balance for everyone on the team before planting the drill. Don't overspend, but make sure your team is well equipped for the round ahead. Flares can be lifesavers if you are being overrun in a challenge to not spend any money.
Throttled Survival30
Kill the Breeder while using a Relic in Nightfall. (3) 

View "Survived Nightfall" for a good team set-up, I would recommend using it during a relic playthrough.

There are various ways to do this achievement. I would recommend doing this with a team of 4 people who have already beat Nightfall at least 1 previous time. Next, I would recommend having only two players using a relic at a time, and then switching and playing through a 2nd time. Having all four players with a relic could prove dangerous. If doing this with a good team of 4 players, two players should be able to use the "Take More Damage" relic while still being able to get through the level.

If you're doing this with a team of four players that will be taking turns getting the achievement, I would recommend that someone pairs the engineer class with "Smaller Wallet". After upgrading the engineer class to level 5, your wallet will hold $5000 which is still a good amount. You'll also be able to easily earn a good amount of money with traps and other kills. Another option when taking turns is that one player uses "Mortal" (No class selection). Based on the set-up in the screenshot above, it would probably be best if the ammo-supplying medic used this relic.

I do NOT recommend the "Pistol Only" relic for the Nightfall map because it is a lot harder than Point of Contact and is based more on offence than defence. The sentry has also been updated to reduce its power. Also, "Do Less Damage" isn't recommended either as you need as much fire power as possible.

Phantom Exterminator20
Kill 5 Phantoms in one game. (3) 

Phantoms are a new enemy type that were introduced into the Onslaught DLC. They are similar in shape and size to hunters, but glow blue and turn invisible when they jump. To get this achievement, you will need to personally kill a total of 5 phantoms. There will be 1-2 phantom(s) that spawn in Area 1, and another 3-5 that spawn in Area 2. Another 10 or so will spawn in Area 3. This should for most people in a group of 4 to get the achievement in 1 complete playthrough of Nightfall.

You can kill phantoms in a variety of ways, much like any other enemy. Sentries/Vultures are effective, as well as traps. For this achievement it just comes down to progressing far into Area 3 and having many of them spawn.

Pea Shooter20
Kill a Rhino with only a pistol in Nightfall. (10) 

To get this achievement, the Rhino must take damage from ONLY pistols. This means that the Rhino CANNOT take any damage from turrets, sentries, vultures, traps, grenades, weapons, SOFLAM, etc… Also, only the player who delivers the final killing hit to the Rhino will get the achievement. It is recommended that you do this with a party of 4 players who you know, or solo. If any player damages the Rhino with something other than the Pistol, the achievement is voided for everyone.

The easiest place to get this achievement is directly after clearing all the hives in Area 2. After clearing the hives, players want to make sure that they have no offensive abilities active, and that traps have been disabled. Now, once you enter the hallway that leads into Area 3, a single Rhino with no other enemies will spawn. Lure the Rhino into the open area and have all 4 players unload on it using their pistols. It is recommended that you use the automatic pistol with explosive ammo, and it should go down within 40 seconds. Once the Rhino dies, only the person who hit it last will get the achievement. It should be noted that this achievement can be done solo also.

The achievement is also possible at other times during Area 2. The first Rhino will spawn from the ground during the 3rd hive of Area 2. It is advised that you immediately turn your sentries around, or don’t deploy them in the first place for this achievement. Also, using a flare will help take the attention of all the other smaller aliens that get in the way and damage you. Have the team focus fire to kill it as fast as possible before other enemies get in the way too much. A video guide of this method can be seen HERE.

Undiscovered Truths30
Found all intels. (24) 

There are two types of collectibles that can be found within the Nightfall DLC.

Classified Intel: These are randomly picked up from searchable items, and their locations change during every playthrough. You will need to pick up a total of 6 of these intel types to unlock them. Only 1 player can pick it up, and it will automatically unlock the intels in order. Each area will contain between 1-2 intel items, and this can easily be boosted solo using the first area and then dying during the first drill section.

Encrypted: These are also permanent laptops that can be found on the map, and their locations are as follows:

  1. Treason - Area 2: Once entering Area 2, use the stairs to the right hand side, and follow the balcony around to find the laptop on the ground.
  2. Security Breach - Area 2: From the entrance, head to the left side to find a container with a fire trap next to it. Jump on the fire trap, then onto the container. Now, with your pistol, get a running start and run towards the nearest rooftop. Jump towards it and use the button to get up. Find the laptop on this roof near some fencing.
  3. Exfil Denied- Area 3: Upon entering the Facility, there is a small booth on the left side, with some crates next to it. use the crates to get on top of the booth, and find the laptop here.
  4. Sabotage - Area 3: Upon entering the Facility, use the large ladder to get to the 3rd story on the outside of the area. Follow the scaffolding around the perimeter and jump over the broken section to find the laptop on the ground.
  5. The Ark - Final Area: During the final boss battle, if you run all the way across the area from where you enter, you will see a small toll booth. On the ground inside this toll booth, you will find this laptop.

Lastly, you must also complete Nightfall to unlock the Epilogue Intel. You can check your progress in the Extinction main menu, and there is a tracker available in the top right corner of the screen showing how many items you have collected. Collecting all the intel will unlock the following CUTSCENES.

Egg-stra XP!20
Complete the Egg-Stra XP challenge and then destroy a hive in the Onslaught DLC package. (17) 

For this achievement you must shoot all 4 hive locations located in the 4 new multiplayer maps that are a part of the Onslaught DLC. You can quit the game once you shoot the hive and the notice pops up. These MUST be done in public matches.

[0:06] - Ignition
This hive is located underground near the middle of the map. You have to find the container that leads into a small underground hallway. In this hallway, you'll find a hive on the wall.

[0:29] - Fog
Use the in-game mini-map for this. First, you'll want to make your way to the middle of the map, inside the cave system marked light blue on the mini-map. Inside the cave system, there will be a waterfall, marked by a dark blue circle on your map. Go up to the waterfall, aim inside to find the hive.

[0:55] - Bayview
Make your way to the side of the map with the lighthouse. Looking at the lighthouse, follow the boardwalk to the left, and aim off the side to find the hive under the pier across the water. You may need a long distance weapon for this hive.

[1:15] - Containment
On one side of the long street that runs through the entire map, you will find a gas station that is identified with a large circular sign. Jump onto the green dumpster in front of the gas station, aim across the street and to the left. You will find the hive on the roof of the small building next to the large green building.

After completing all 4 of these hives, you will need to go into an extinction game of either Nightfall or Point of Contact and then destroy a hive using the drill to unlock the achievement.

DLC: Devastation
Cost: $14.99 USD Achievements: 10 Points: 250
The Belly of the Beast20
Reach the cargo area in Mayday in Regular or Hardcore difficulty. 
Come Up For Air30
Reach the top deck in Mayday in Regular or Hardcore difficulty. 
Survived Mayday30
Kill the Kraken for the first time in Mayday in Regular or Hardcore difficulty. (13) 
Upping the Ante30
Kill the Kraken using a Relic in Mayday in Regular or Hardcore difficulty. (4) 
Mayday Completionist30
Complete all Challenges and kill the Kraken in Mayday in Regular or Hardcore difficulty. (83) 
Inquisitive Mind30
Find all of the Intel in Mayday. (9) 
Kill 15 Seeder Turrets in one game in Mayday in Regular or Hardcore difficulty. (1) 
Big Game Trapper20
Use a hypno trap to turn a Rhino friendly in Mayday in Regular or Hardcore difficulty. (2) 
Egg-stra Devastation!20
Complete the Egg-Stra XP challenge and then destroy a hive in the Devastation DLC package. (6) 
The Architect20
Successfully build all of the Schematics in Mayday in Regular or Hardcore difficulty. (28) 
DLC: Invasion
Cost: $14.99 USD Achievements: 10 Points: 250
Targets Acquired20
Get past the first gate in Awakening in Regular or Hardcore difficulty. (1) 

See "Escaped Awakening."

A Bridge To Somewhere20
Extend the bridge in Awakening in Regular or Hardcore difficulty. 

See "Escaped Awakening."

Escaped Awakening30
Escape Awakening for the first time in Regular or Hardcore difficulty. 

Awakening, once you get the hang of things, is one of the easier Extinction maps in preparation for the final chapter. Using a well rounded group, this can be speed ran in less than 30 minutes. That being said, expect your initial runs to range between 45-60 minutes until you get a hold of things.

Like all Extinction Maps, sharing is caring and this is a team based gametype. The abundance of money you get from it is absurd so don't be stingy. If you're ever just sitting on a full wallet, you're doing something wrong.

The hardest part of Awakening is the opening sequence when you get the ball rolling. A syncronized team can awaken the mammoths from the start to get an ARK attachment, but I would strongly recommend waiting until a few obelisks have been completed to get skills and guns ready for them. Coordinating with your team early on who will be providing ammo and armor is essential.

Mammoths are one of the "new" enemies in Awakening, along with the Bombers, and Gargoyles.

Mammoths are Blue Rhinos. Imagine them as the love child between a Rhino and a Phantom. They don't quite "teleport," but they do burrow underground and reappear beside players. If that wasn't bad enough, if you take too long to kill them they will call for reinforcements and summon a pack of 3-5 Hunters by their side. They are also immune to Hypno Traps and the Hypno-Knife a Rhino armory ability.

Bombers are the new Seekers. They are fast, obnoxious, and they can fly. They dive bomb into you and detonate. They are an iridescent green color and leave a smoke trail behind them so they are pretty easy to spot. Majority of the time a random player will announce "Bombers Incoming!" as an additional cue.

Gargoyles are the new Seeders. They too can fly, and are just as annoying as their predecessor. The only difference is that a Gargoyle doesn't need to spawn turrets on the map, it just shoots the barbs directly from its' tail as it hovers above you in the air. These either need to be handled fast or avoided using the various caves as cover. These are also immune to Hypno-Knives/Traps.

In Awakening, you aren't destroying Hives like in previous chapters. You are in the Central Hive scanning the obelisks using a modified drill. After which you must use a Vanguard to destroy the obelisks. You will rinse and repeat this process 2 times before a third set of obelisks that only needs to be scanned and then finally getting to the end gauntlet and the final escape.

During the gauntlet, there are 4 beacons you must protect, much like the gas valves in Mayday. Unlike in Mayday, however, they can be repaired once destroyed. You must maintain all 4 active for an extended amount of time to pass this part.

During the escape, a player must carry the Cortex the entire way, which effectively leaves you a man down until you reach each barrier where you need to deploy it to take down the barrier, while fighting off hordes of enemies. Similar to that of the Point of Contact escape sequence. Again, teamwork is key, making sure to deploy Feral Instincts for increased run speed and watching out for the Cortex carrier.


Twice The Fun30
Escape Awakening using two Relics in Regular or Hardcore difficulty. (15) 

This can be fairly difficult depending on your skill set. If you're used to running with Relics for teeth farming, then it should just come naturally. Luckily for us all, they have added 5 new Relics for us to use which allows a little more personal preferences as far as what you would like to sacrifice. The 10 Relics are:

  • Take More Damage - Players take more damage when injured. (Approximately 25% increased damage)
  • Pistols Only - Weapon purchases are not allowed. (Players also cannot pick up free customized weapons found in lockers or the Venom-X)
  • Smaller Wallet - Earn and carry less cash. ($3000 Maximum cash and 75% money earned, $5000 Maximum if Engineer Level 5)
  • Mortal - No Class selection available.
  • Do Less Damage - Inflict less damage against the aliens. (Approximately 33% less damage dealt to all aliens)
  • Fragile - Slow health regeneration, no regeneration while sprinting, and falling damage is enabled.
  • Stand Your Ground - Move slower. No reloading while sprinting.
  • No Machines - No Equalizers or Strike Packages available.
  • Limited Ammo - Ammo refills and weapon pickups will give you less ammo.
  • Earn Your Keep - No Ammo Type and Team Support items available and no scavenging, crafting, or pickups from deployed boxes.

I found the easiest combination for myself to be Take More Damage and Fragile. But I advise you play to your style.

Awakening Completionist30
Complete all Challenges and escape Awakening in Regular or Hardcore difficulty. (67) 

This is going to be the blocker for most people. It requires both a moderate to high skillset, and an equally skilled and dedicated team. With determination and a little bit of luck, it isn't out of the grasp of reality at all.

There are a slew of new challenges to look out for:

  • Low Ground - Simply kill enemies that are higher than you. The exact range is hard to determine, but I've killed enemies on a ledge not far above me and they counted. Flying enemies count too. You will be killing loads of flying enemies as several challenges call for them.
  • Kill 5 bombers before they explode. - Simple enough. The only real problem comes when the game just doesn't SPAWN them. We failed one run on the 2nd to last hive because only 3 spawned. And we were watching VERY closely so we know only 3 spawned. Bombers are the glowing yellow buggers that come down from the sky, like flying seekers basically.
  • Kill 'X' Flying enemies. - Just kill Gargoyles and/or Bombers for this one, rather simple.
  • High ground - Similar to low ground but slightly trickier as the enemies don't tend to stay below you long. This is where flares come in handy. Just toss a flare down below you from a ledge and go to town.
  • Kill X enemies with a marked weapon. - Basically the same as weapon kill challenges but instead of being a weapon type, the game will pick 2 (maybe more?) specific weapons and highlight them with an orange cryptid symbol. Buy one of these and go to town. It helps to know approximately 'where' the various weapons that you like/don't like are located so you can go to the better of the options here.
  • All players must buy a new weapon.
  • Kill a Gargoyle with a melee attack.

I strongly recommend using the group finder for this, or solo if you prefer. Do not attempt to PUG.

Find all of the Intel in Awakening. (4) 

If you've played the previous chapters, then you are familiar with what the Intel is already. Awakening has six lootable Intel that you need to gather for the achievement. Three of them are from scavenging boxes, and three are static spawns on the map. The epilogue is not needed, but will come regardless, so deal with it. Their locations are shown in the following video:


They can be gathered in any order as you progress or backtracked if needed.

Dog Fight20
Kill a Gargoyle with the Vanguard in Awakening in Regular or Hardcore difficulty. (3) 

At the end of the first and second areas after you have successfully scanned the obelisks, you will have to access the laptop to fly the Vanguard and destroy said obelisks. During this process your team will be bombarded by a slew of enemies, and there are no shortage of Gargoyles. Simply locate one and land the final hit on it with either the missles or the machine gun turret.


Egg-stra Awakening!20
Complete the Egg-Stra XP challenge and then scan an obelisk in the Invasion DLC package. (7) 

Yet another achievement from the predecessor chapters. Simply find the hives on each of the new maps (Pharaoh, Departed, Mutiny, and Favela) in a Xbox Live multiplayer matchmaking game, get credit by shooting all 4, and then successfully scan one obelisk in the Awakening Extinction map.

The Hives can be found here:

Like A Glove30
Kill 5 cryptids with the Ark attached to every compatible weapon in Awakening in Regular\Hardcore. (29) 

The ARK attachment is new to Awakening, and once equipped will transfer to any other weapon you replace that weapon with, so you only need one, regardless of the Transfer Attachments armory perk. They are randomly in the side areas guarded by mammoths, and there will only ever be four on the map at any given time, so don't get greedy. 

It doesn't mention it in the achievement description, but after much dismay and several methods and list keeping, we discovered that you must do this entirely in a single match. There are two weapons of each type (Assault Rifle, SMG, LMG, Sniper, Shotgun) plus the Hybrid Weapons from previous DLCs in Awakening. The weapons you must use and areas they can be purchased are as follows:

IA2 (I)
Tac 12 (I)
MK14 EBR (I, II)
Bulldog (II, III)
Remington R5 (I, II, III)
K7 (I, II, III)
Ameli (I, II, III)
Maverick (I, II, III, IV)
Chainsaw (I, II, III, IV)
Ripper (I, II, III, IV?)

Weapons only found withing lockers suck as the LSAT are not required. This can be done in a solo game and completed once the second area is opened.

Well Rounded30
Escape Awakening with each of the four classes in Regular or Hardcore difficulty. (6) 

This should come naturally as you play, provided you like to change things up time to time. Simply complete Awakening with all 4 classes(Weapons Specialist, Tank, Medic, Engineer) in any given order at any time. Start with what you are most comfortable with, and if you are running as a group I suggest rotating out key roles between one another.

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US November 05, 2013
Europe November 05, 2013

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