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Call of Juarez Achievement Guide

Guide By: Bluntman428
There are 36 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 26 [745]
- Online: 10 [255]
- Estimated time for 1000: 24 hours
- Minimum playthroughs: 2
- Missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None with update!
- Do cheats disable achievements: No Cheats.

Step 1: Understanding
In the game there are 2 things to collect, bonus weapons and wanted posters. These are simple to collect and there are many walkthroughs in the forum section of this website. See here for guns and towards the end of this page for the wanted posters. The second thing you should know is there are no achievements for completing levels rather for completing hidden objectives for each level, for example level one you must steal the gun without being caught. You must also be aware of the accumulative achievement "Religious Man" where you must read the bible to 44 men.  Whenever you feel like it just sit behind a box and start quoting.  Do this 10 or so times to a large group then move on to the next large group of people and do it again.

Step 2: Easy difficulty
Boot up level one on the easiest difficulty and let’s get cracking, I’m going to say what achievement can be gained on each level I’ll even talk about additional achievements that can be gained on each level, how many wanted posters there are and how many guns, you must use the guides and find them.

Level 1
Achievement: "Thief"
Wanted posters: 4
Guns: 0

Level 2
Achievement: "Boxer"
Wanted posters: 0
Guns: 0

Level 3
Achievement: "Gunfighter"
Wanted posters: 3
Guns: 3
Additional achievements: "Fireworker"

Level 4
Achievement: "Archer"
Wanted posters: 3
Guns: 4

Level 5
Achievement: "Driver"
Wanted posters: 4
Guns: 5

Level 6
Achievement: "Hitman"
Wanted posters: 4
Guns: 4

Level 7
Achievement: "Slayer"
Wanted posters: 5
Guns: 1

Level 8
Achievement: "Accurate Guy"
Wanted posters: 2
Guns: 2

Level 9
Achievement: "Untouchable"
Wanted posters: 3
Guns: 0

Level 10
Achievement: "Horseman"
Wanted posters: 2
Guns: 0

Level 11
Achievement: "Archaeologist"
Wanted posters: 2
Guns: 0

Level 12
Achievement: "Spider Hunter"
Wanted posters: 2
Guns: 0

Level 13
Achievement: "Fire Raiser"
Wanted posters: 1
Guns: 5

Level 14
Achievement: "Eagles Eye"
Wanted posters: 3
Guns: 1

Level 15
Achievement: "Bow Expert"
Wanted posters: 2
Guns: 2

Step 3: Very Hard Playthrough
Now you that you have all the easy achievements out of the way, it's time to step up to very hard difficulty. Simply complete the game on very hard. You don’t have to restart the entire campaign just replay levels, this means you don’t have to do that god awful intro on the hardest difficulty. The game isn’t too tough but you will most certainly notice the difficulty increase, just take your time and try to take people out one at a time. Use quick draw as much as possible and basically don’t run in the game; this isn’t like Call of Duty, there are a limited number of bad guys.  Last, if you missed any guns or wanted posters collect them along the way.

Step 4: Mop Up Single Player
There are 3 accumulative achievements you might not have got yet, "Religious Man", "Long Distance" and "Westman". Just fulfill these achievement requirements as described in the guide and you should get them easily enough. After they are got play through the bonus missions, again these are fairly easy.  When this is done, complete the duel challenges.  You might also want to pick Young God up whilst you're on the duel challenges.

Step 5: Head Online
Seriously, these achievements are difficult to set up whilst boosting them let alone getting them legit, therefore I’d go with boosting them. Use this website's forum to find 4 other players then just open a lobby with 5 reserved slots and get to work. The online achievements and number of people (including the person getting the achievement) are;

"Earthquake": 5
"Lucy's lullaby": 4
"Quicker than hell": 5
"Demolition": 2
"Headhunter": 2
"Blind Killer": 2
"Surefire hand": 2
"Rifle Expert": 2
"Killing machine": 2
"Legend of the Wild West": 2
[XBA would like to thank Jack_x2yz for this Roadmap]

In Episode I steal Jones' gun without alarming him.   (1) 

When you get to Jones' farm, hug the fence to the left when you enter, and sneak through the bushes. Follow the fence all the way down until you get to the house. Go behind the house then grab a box and move it to the red area to climb up the roof. Grab the guns and the achievement will be unlocked. Also, there's no way to avoid being detected initially when you enter the farm. After the cutscene if you get caught the achievement will not unlock, just restart from the checkpoint.

In Episode II use correctly 5 combos fighting with looters.   (4) 

All you have to do is land 5 kicks on the looters to unlock the achievement. You don't need to punch them at all to get the achievement.

In Episode III kill 10 enemies using Concentration Mode.   

Easy to do, just use concentration mode to kill 10 enemies after the riot breaks out in town. To use concentration mode, holster your guns, wait for the gun icon to appear in the lower right corner and then press or to enter into concentration mode.

In Episode IV kill 10 enemies using bow.   (1) 

Pick up a bow from the dead apaches, and use it to kill 10 enemies. There's plenty of enemies before you reach the end of the level, so you shouldn't have a hard time killing 10 before you get there.

In Episode V kill 5 enemies when driving the coal cart.   

When you reach the part of the mines with the carts, jump in and use concentration mode to slow time down and kill 5 different enemies. You can also get credit for this achievement if you run them over with the cart.

In Episode VI shoot 6 hats off from enemies' heads.   (2) 

This can be kind of tricky. The best way to do this is to zoom in on an enemy with a hat on, and shoot the side of the hat to knock it off his head. You may get credit if you kill them with a headshot that knocks the hat off, but I didn't get the achievement until I knocked the hat off two enemies without killing them.

In Episode VII defeat 6 enemies using the whip.   (2) 

When you start the mission, you'll be attacked by a bunch of wolves. Use your whip to kill them and you'll get the achievement.

Accurate guy25
In Episode VIII kill McLyde brothers with 2 bullets only.   

This might take you a few tries. As soon as the timer runs out, draw your gun while leaning to the right and shoot the guy on the right on first. Quickly lean to the left and adjust your aim to hit the second McLyde. You have to fire only two shots, and they both need to kill the enemy in one shot in order to unlock this achievement.

Finish Episode IX without taking a scratch.   (3) 

All you have to do is finish the level without taking any damage. It's not that hard, since there's no real enemies, but you probably will have to start over a few times. When you're climbing the mountain to the eagle's nest, watch out for the eagle and rattlesnakes. Both of them make a sound when they're about to attack you, so locate them and dodge accordingly. When avoiding the eagle, duck behind a ledge if you can, or jump onto a ledge and hang off it and it'll miss you. Grab the feather when the eagle isn't looking, and make your way back to the camp to get the achievement.

If you take any damage at all, kill yourself or reload and start over from your last checkpoint. Your horse can take damage without affecting the achievement.

In Episode X kill 7 enemies while in the saddle.   (1) 

It's best to do this as soon as the level starts, when the camera cuts out and shows you the bandit camp. Take your rifle out, and just start sniping people on the ground. Watch for the gattling gun to the left, and kill anyone who gets on it as soon as you can. If your health gets low, back up so the cliff is covering you, then go back out when your health returns. When you run out of targets, run down the mountain and pick off the last few enemies to unlock the achievement.

Finish Episode XI in less than 10 minutes.   (1) 

Okay, you need to be fast. Jump on the horse and immediately follow the signs to the cemetery. Talk to the boy in the corner and bury his father, and get the key from him for the church. Go inside the church and run out the back door. Run up to the third grave on the right, and hit . Run over to the stone shown in the cutscene and hit . Run forward a bit and look at the boulder on the cliff above you. Run back to the church, climb the rocks on the left side, and follow the long path to the boulder. Swing from the branch and kick the boulder down the cliff, then run inside the hole it reveals.

Spider hunter20
In Episode XII kill 10 spiders using the whip.   (2) 

Easy stuff, just kill 10 spiders with your whip.

Fire Raiser25
In Episode XIII kill 3 enemies using fire.   (1) 

To get this, you need to throw lanterns at an enemy and shoot it to make it burst into flames. There's some lanterns on top of the barrels right behind you when you spawn and some more further down in the tunnels.

Eagles Eye30
In Episode XIV kill 10 enemies by shooting them in the head with the sniper rifle.   

Self-explanatory, just kill 10 enemies with a headshot from a sniper rifle. You can get a sniper rifle from one of the bandits on top of the wall circling the Alcazar.

Bow Expert30
In Episode XV kill 10 enemies by shooting them in the head with the bow.   (2) 

This is a bit harder than it sounds, because there aren't many enemies before the level ends, so you need to be dead on accurate with the bow. Make sure you get headshots every time by waiting until you're close to start firing. You have to shoot them in the face, if you shoot them through their hat you won't get credit for the kill for some absurd reason.

Playing as Miner kill 4 enemies with a single dynamite stick.   (10) 

I normally don't condone boosting, but if you really want this achievement, it's pretty much the only way. Even when boosting with friends this is tough. Basically, you need to have 4 people stand in a tight circle right on top of each other. Throw one stick to damage them, then a second stick to kill them. All 4 have to die with the second stick.

Lucy's lullaby20
Playing as Miner kill 3 enemies with a single shot from the sawn-off shotgun.   (7) 

Kill 3 people without dying with one shot from the sawn-off shotgun. They can't be damaged, and you have to kill them in a single shot, so get close and aim for the head. This achievement is also very buggy, so it probably won't unlock the first time you do it.


Quicker than hell10
Playing as Gunslinger shoot 4 enemies using the quickshooters in less than 10 seconds.   (5) 

Kill 4 different enemies in 10 seconds with your quickshooters.

Playing as Gunslinger keep at 100% killing efficiency for X dynamite stick throws.   (3) 

This is easily done in a multilayer match with a friend. Be sure to each play as the gunslinger, with the dynamite equipped. Kill your opponent five times in a row with the dynamite without missing. Simply throw your dynamite at the other persons feet to kill them, pick up their dropped dynamite to add to your inventory.

Playing as Sniper score 5 headshots in a row.   (6) 


Blind Killer10
Playing as Sniper kill 5 enemies with the sniper rifle without using the scope.   (3) 

Not quite as tough as it sounds. Just fire off a few rounds to get a good idea of how the rifle fires without the scope, then get as close as you can to the enemy before you fire.

Surefire hand20
Playing as Rifleman shoot 5 enemies using the rifle without reloading.   (7) 


Rifle Expert20
Playing as Rifleman keep 100% rifle efficiency for 10 shots.   (3) 

Playing as a Rifleman, kill 10 people in a row with 10 consecutive shots.

Secret Achievements
Bounty Hunter40
All Wanted posters found.    

Zeratul PL posted a list with all the Wanted poster locations further down in this thread.

Gun Collector45
All bonus weapons found.    

Collect all bonus weapons hidden throughout the game. If you die after picking up a bonus weapon but before hitting a checkpoint, be sure to pick that weapon up again after restarting. A list of the bonus weapons can be found here:


Story Mode finished60
Story Mode finished.    (6) 

Beat the game on any difficulty.

Very Hard Mode finished100
Story Mode finished on Very Hard difficulty level.      (3) 

You need to collect 30 of the 40 Most Wanted posters to unlock the Very Hard difficulty. When playing on very hard just be sure to take cover more often when injured and use concentration mode as much as possible. The very first gatling gun section is probably the hardest part.

Long distance20
A distance of 10 miles covered.   

Easy achievement. All you have to do is run around until you've run 10 miles. I got this somewhere in Episode VI.

Played for more than 24 hours.   (4) 

You can check how much time you've spent playing the game under your singleplayer stats. Bonus missions will add to the time played. This achievement is really buggy, so you may have to play for a couple more hours before it unlocks.

All bonus levels finished.   (1) 

Complete all three bonus missions. You can't do the bonus missions until you complete the singleplayer campaign. The next mission will be unlocked after you complete the first one.

Duel Challenge finished20
Duel Challenge finished.   (2) 

Easy achievement, takes 5 minutes or so. You have to beat the game first to unlock all the Duels.

Young god25
6 bullets dodged in duels.   (6) 

This is kind of tricky, and it all comes down to timing. It's best to do this on the first duel challenge against "City Scum". Wait to pull your gun until he pulls his in order to save your concentration mode for the most shots. Watch his gunhand, and when his fingers start moving, lean right or left until the bullet goes by you. If he leans left, lean right, if he leans right, lean left.

10 dynamites shot mid-air.   (2) 

The best place I've found to do this is when you fight Clyde's gang outside the saloon in episode III. There will be two guys who throw dynamite at you from the roof of the saloon. Kill all the guys except those two, and then use concentration / quickdraw to shoot the sticks out of the air.

Credit to MajinD1979 for discovering this one.

Religious Man20
44 enemies confused by reading the bible.   (4) 

As Reverend Ray, equip a pistol in your left hand and the bible in your right hand. When facing an enemy pull the to read from the bible, confusing the enemy. You can tell when they're confused because they will temporally stop shooting, lower their weapon and stare at you. At this point feel free to shoot them with the gun in your left hand. This is best done on single enemies, so eliminate others that are close by first. It may take several readings to confuse an enemy.

Legend of the Wild West50
300 enemies killed in Multiplayer.   (27) 

Get 300 kills total in your multiplayer career. You have to be the host to unlock this achievement.

Killing machine50
20 enemies killed in Multiplayer without dying.   (11) 

It's best to do this with the Sniper and just find a good hiding spot on a wide open map where you can't be found.

Game Info


US June 05, 2007

Sound: Dolby 5.1 Surround
Players: 1-4
Online Players : 2-16
ESRB: Mature
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