Captain America: Super Soldier

Captain America: Super Soldier Achievement Guide

Guide By: Cully
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 50 (1000)
- Online: 0 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 8 - 10 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: 0
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No known cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: No
- Unobtainable achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed?: No

Captain America: Super Soldier is actually not a bad game like most would expect it to be. It plays like a mix of Wolverine (feral vision), Prince of Persia (jumps), and Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Step 1 - Easy Playthrough:
Set the game to Easy as you can earn everything on that. The majority of the achievements will unlock upon natural progression of the game. A couple of things to focus on in this first playthrough are destroying all the AA Cannons and picking up the collectibles.

Maps for all of the AA Cannon locations can be found HERE. I recommend you print it out, or keep an eye on it so you can blow them up DURING your playthrough. This is one of the longest parts to replay if you have to re-do it after completion.

During this playthrough, try to collect all the collectibles you can. A collectible guide can be found HERE. This will save you a bit of hassle when cleaning up later. They are all shown on the map (except Ceramic Eggs), so press the button regularly and check for stuff on the map in each new area you visit. Push and hidden ledges and stuff will glow.

Another reason to get the Collectibles out of the way is that they unlock certain challenges in Challenge mode. Also, it's helpful to have full abilities for the challenges.

If you miss an item or cannon while playing through Story Mode the first time, you can enter Free Roam afterward. Press CONTINUE GAME (not New) and collect all the things you've missed.

Step 2 - Play Challenge Mode:
Play all 10 Challenge levels until you get gold on each one. To unlock all of these, make sure you collect 50 ceramic eggs, and the ceramic rooster (in the Laboratory level and down a ramp, there is an Enigma Keypad on the wall to crack).

If you get stuck on any, a video guide can be found HERE.

Step 3 - Mop Up:
Play for any remaining achievements you might have. (Who's the Bully Now?, And They All Fall Down, Grace Under Pressure, etc) All the achievements that require doing something a certain amount of times can be easily grinded out in challenge mode.

This game is extremely easy to get 1000 and doesn't take that long. It's quite fun and I would say it's worth renting for a few days.

x360a would like to thank Cully for this Road Map.

To Your Credit13
Viewed the Credits to completion (40) 

When you've finished the game, just let the credits run and this will unlock. If you miss this (or if you'd like to do it earlier), you can also choose credits from the extras menu at any time.


Science and Spirit10
Completed 17th Chapter: The First of the Few 

Story related and cannot be missed.


Tank Me Later10
Completed 16th Chapter: Church On Time 

Story related and cannot be missed.


Window Shopper15
All Challenge Modes unlocked (7) 

See "Can't Stand Any Higher".


All Challenge Modes completed 

See "Can't Stand Any Higher".


Testing Waters5
1 Challenge Mode completed 

See "Can't Stand Any Higher".


Train to Catch10
Completed 12th Chapter: Red Ball Express 

Story related and cannot be missed.


Pleasant Stroll10
Completed 11th Chapter: They Were Expendable 

Story related and cannot be missed.


Taming of the Shrew25
Completed 10th Chapter: Keep Your Powder Dry (2) 

Story related and cannot be missed.


Holding the High Note10
Completed 15th Chapter: When Trumpets Fade 

Story related and cannot be missed.


High and Low25
Completed 14th Chapter: Hell is for Heroes 

Story related and cannot be missed.


Unnatural Resources10
Completed 13th Chapter: The Small Back Room 

Story related and cannot be missed.


Begin a Trend15
1st Gold awarded in a Challenge Mode 

See "Can't Stand Any Higher".


Who's the Bully Now?50
101 advanced enemies defeated (3) 

This isn't as hard as it looks. An advanced enemy is any of the bigger guys. You probably won't get this upon completion of the game. To help you boost to the required total, just play the Ballroom Blitz Challenge. You can just go up to the cannon and blast them as they walk through the doors. Make sure to not die as this means your kills won't count. This can be done in both Story and Challenge mode.


And They All Fall Down7
4 Enemies KO'd with a single Focused Shield Throw (7) 

On Chapter 3, when you enter the building, it explains how to do this. You can do it anywhere in normal play or in challenge mode.

  1. You must have a completely full focus bar (it costs one per "lock" so you'll need all 4).
  2. Find a place with 4 or more people.
  3. Hold down  to enter "aim" mode.
  4. Point the cursor at one target and tap  to "lock on" to that target.
  5. Without releasing , lock 3 more (4 total).
  6. When 4 are lit, then hit  to let it rip.

I completed this on the Ballroom Blitz challenge. Use the gun to blast people till you have a full focus meter and then use it to target 4 little guys.

It should also be easy on the Prisoners of War challenge. At one point there are 4 snipers lined up shooting at you, by which time your focus bar will be filled from getting perfect swings across the arena. Just tag them all for an easy achievement.

Unfriendly Fire15
10 Enemies defeated with a weaponized enemy (2) 

When you face a Scorcher (big red guys) or any other enemy with a gun, hold and press  to take their weapon. You must have two full blue focus bars. This can be done in Normal or Challenge mode. If you want to boost this one, I would say the Ballroom Blitz challenge is one of the better places to do it.


Grace Under Pressure10
Achieved perfect timing x 5 while platforming (2) 

Just get 5 perfects in a row while platforming. You can replay levels to get this if you find it difficult. A good level to try this is the Up and Up Challenge. There is a 6 combo jump right at the very start, so keep practicing until you get the timing perfect.

Back to Basics30
101 Grunts defeated 

Grunts are the smaller guys. Just kill 101 and this will pop. I got this before game end, but if you need to boost, Ballroom Blitz on Challenge mode is probably a good place because you have a cannon and lots of men. This can be done in both Story and Challenge mode.


Snipe Hunt25
25 Snipers defeated 

This one is easy and you will get it early. Just kill 25 snipers in any way you like. These are the small guys that stay far away from you and just shoot you.


Pow, Right in the Kisser!15
Performed 50 Crippling Strikes 

When you have 1 blue focus bar, you can do a crippling strike on any enemy by holding down and tapping . It will go to a short cut-scene each time. This can be done in both Story and Challenge mode. Do this whenever you have a blue bar because if you don't, you might end up with a lot to boost by end of game. If you do it constantly during story mode, you should have it by story end.


Can't Stand Any Higher50
100% Golds awarded in Challenge Mode 

To complete all the challenges, you need to unlock them first, which is done by getting all collectibles. Each challenge is speed based. (Kill a certain amount of enemies in under 4 minutes or get to the end in under 2 minutes 30 seconds, etc...) There are only 10 challenges total and you can run through them all in about an hour. If you have any difficulties, check out the video guides below.

Challenge 1 - Overdue Penalties

Challenge 2 - Hedge Maze

Challenge 3 - Up and Up

Challenge 4 - Prisoners of War

Challenge 5 - Ballroom Blitz

Challenge 6 - Domo

Challenge 7 - Bunkhouse Blitz

Challenge 8 - Triptych

Challenge 9 - The St. Vitus Dance

Challenge 10 - Roboto

Freedom on a Roll35
50% Golds awarded in Challenge Mode 

See "Can't Stand Any Higher".


There Goes The Neighborhood50
All AA cannons destroyed (6) 

There are 12 cannons in total to blow up with C3 (3 of them you will destroy automatically as part of the story). I suggest you use the maps linked below and check them off as you pass them in story mode. It will save you lots of hassle searching later. They are marked on the map as a little black circle. To destroy them, go up to the big computer/electronic-type boxes beside them and hit .

Maps to the locations can be found HERE.

This can only be done in Story mode, but if you've missed some on your first playthrough, you can roam the map afterwards. (hit Story, then Continue. NOT New).


Snap Together Soldiers10
1st Enemy Schematic collected 

See "Two Hands and a Sword".


The Big Sleepover50
Completed 18th Chapter: Went the Day Well? (7) 

Story related and cannot be missed.


Beautiful Mind25
13 Enigma Keypads decrypted (1) 

You'll most likely get this half way through your first playthrough. The decryption sequence is the two patterns of numbers that appear and you have to match the common one. There are way more than 13 in the game, so this should be easy. This is probably impossible not to get.


He Hates These Cans!15
Caused 500 objects to explode (10) 

Just explode 500 objects. It will give you a progress prompt (in increments of 10) every time you explode something. (ie. 100/500) There are a lot of red barrels around so just make sure you blow these up when you see them and you should be close by end of game. If you are stuck, the barrels respawn when you leave and re-enter an area, so just go to Orchard and blow up everything there, as that seems to have the most red barrels.


Slide Show Symphony35
All Zola Reels collected (8) 

See "Two Hands and a Sword".


Calling the Folks15
5 HQ Radios located and used 

Story related and cannot be missed.


Put a Ring On It25
3 mortar strikes successfully directed (1) 

During the game, there are a number of times you have to use a sort of satellite and point it at a target, then press to mark it's location. Your allies will then bomb the target. This will pop straight away. There are 5 or 6 in the game, so don't worry about missing them. You'll need to do at least 3 in your playthrough.


Peaches 'n Cream15
5 successful C3 placements 

See "There Goes The Neighborhood".


Need a Head?35
50 Statues destroyed (2) 

There are many more than 50 statues in the game and all of them are located in Orchard, Estate or the Sewers. In Estate, a lot of them look like busts on tables, so make sure you hit those. You'll know that they are the right ones because it'll give you a screen notification (middle-right) telling you how many "statues" you've destroyed.

You will see one in front of you at the start of chapter 9. Make sure to check ALL corners of this area before you leave it. There's a lot here. In chapter 10, you will be inside the mansion and there will be a lot of statues and busts to break here too.


Sewer Rat10
All 12 Sewer entrances used (1) 

You do not have to use all sewer entrances to complete the game. You can do this in Story mode or in Free roam afterward. I suggest that once you get to the sewer, just check your map (press ) and systematically use each exit, then re-enter the sewer and move on to the next entrance. This way you don't have to worry about missing any.


All Enemy Schematics collected 

See "Two Hands and a Sword".


24 Frames a Second10
Found a Zola Reel 

See "Two Hands and a Sword".


Two Hands and a Sword35
All Zemo Diaries collected 

All the collectibles (except the Ceramic Eggs) are shown on your map. Collect them all during your easy playthrough and you'll save yourself from the hassle later. Hit  to access your map. You can check your progress by hitting  and then into the relevant section. It will show a padlock for any parts you didn't get, but unfortunately it doesn't tell you exactly what area you are missing one from. You can get these while playing through story mode or free roam afterward.

A collectible guide can be found HERE.
(Thanks to Joseph0714 for posting it and thanks to Lemmerman on for making it.)

  • Tip 1: There are more collectibles than needed. When you collect the required amount (ie: 50 eggs), it will remove all extras from the map.
  • Tip 2: For every collectible on the map, there's a little triangle (up or down arrow) indicating if it's upstairs or downstairs. No triangle means it's on the same level you are currently on.
  • Tip 3: You can also press  while playing to activate Cap Vision. This will make ledges/exits glow if you aren't sure how to get to a specific part. This helped me find a few awkward things.
Hello God? It's Me, Zemo10
1st Zemo Diary collected 

See "Two Hands and a Sword".


50 Ceramic Eggs collected (7) 

See "Two Hands and a Sword".


Existential Dilemma10
Completed 6th Chapter: Camus and the Fly 

Story related and cannot be missed.


Fully Operational25
Completed 5th Chapter: The Big Red One 

Story related and cannot be missed.


Send a Post Card10
Completed 4th Chapter: Secret Journey 

Story related and cannot be missed.


Completed 9th Chapter: The Longest Yard 

Story related and cannot be missed.


Down in the Lab15
Completed 8th Chapter: To Have and Have Not 

Story related and cannot be missed.


Real Men Read Ulysses10
Completed 7th Chapter: Icarus and Daedalus 

Story related and cannot be missed.


Trench Foot10
Completed Prologue: Come and See 

Story related and cannot be missed.


Star Spangled Superhero50
25000 Intel Points collected (5) 

You gain Intel points by completing certain actions, defeating enemies and by picking up collectibles.

You can check your current Intel points by going to the pause menu (press ). You probably will not have this by story mode completion. You will get a lot of points in the challenges though, so don't worry about grinding for it.


Four Score and Seven15
1776 Intel Points collected 

You will likely get his around level 3. You can check your current Intel points by going to the pause menu.


Trojan Splinters15
Completed 3rd Chapter: The Wooden Horse 

Story related and cannot be missed.


Overdue Notice10
Completed 2nd Chapter: The Flemish Farm 

Story related and cannot be missed.


Just Stood There10
Completed 1st Chapter: Stand Alone Together 

Story related and cannot be missed.

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