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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline: 8(115)
-Online: 4(85)
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 8-12 hours
-Number of missable achievements: None!
-Glitched achievements: None!
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats.

Carcassonne is video-game adaptation of the popular board game from Europe. The object of the game is to try score the most points by claiming ownership of the land using the tiles you gain each turn. Every turn, a player draws a tile to use to help build on to the game board, ranging from a city tile, to a road tile.

All of the game's achievements are self-explanatory, and fairly easy. A majority of the achievements come with time, and can be gotten against a computer set to the easiest difficulty. The multiplayer achievements are just as easy, so long as you have someone to boost with.

Step #1: Single-Player
You're going to want to start out playing by yourself, against the computer. Keep playing until you start to get the hang of the game, and to get some of the single-player achievements like Mirror Monk, or Farm Boy.

Step #2: Multiplayer
Once you have a basic understanding of the game, you're going to want to start on the game's multiplayer achievements. You are going to need a boosting partner, as you will be hard-pressed to find people who still play this game. If you need someone to boost with, try the Achievement Trading Thread.

Step #3: Grinding
Once you've gotten all of the single and multiplayer achievements, you will still probably need one more achievement, Ultimate Score. It will take a while to get this, so start playing against the computer on easy and continue to score as many points as you can.

Carcassone is a very easy game, and fun strategy game to play with your friends. It is a very short, but easy 200.
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Mirror Monk25
Score 2 adjacent Monasteries in Single Player 

To score a Monastery you have to play a Monastery tile and surround it with 8 other tiles (It doesn't matter which ones but you will learn about it in the tutorial anyway). Just place to Monastery tiles right next to each other, surround them both with 10 other tiles and you will get the achievement. Set the AI to easy so that the AI player doesn't get it your way.

King of the Road5
Score a road with 5+ tiles in Single Player 

To score a road it must have either a junction or a graveyard or a dead end on both sides. Just make sure that the road is 5 tiles long. It doesn't matter if you share the points for the road with the AI player.

Rack up the Points10
Score 50+ points in Single Player  

See "The Count of Carcassonne" achievement.

Farm Boy10
Score a Farm supplying 4+ Cities in Single Player 

To build a farm, all you have to do is place a follower next to a road or a city wall. You will then hear the sound of a sheap and you will see the area supplied by this farm. Just make sure there are no roads between the farm and a city or it will not count.

Big City5
Score a City with 3+ tiles in Single Player 

Pretty straight forward, just build a city consisting of 3 or more tiles. To build a city, just put tiles with city walls together until the walls are closed (and don't forget to put a follower inside).

King For A Day15
Win 1 Ranked game  

Just win 1 ranked game. If you know all the ways to score, it shouldn't be to much of a problem.

Top Score15
Score a total of 2000+ points from all your Carcassonne games combined 

See "Ultimate Score" achievement.

Top of the Heap20
Win a Player Match against 3 or more opponents (8) 

The easiest way to win this is to play with a friend and 2 easy AI players. Your friend can even help you by placing tiles for you. Very easy this way.

Note: you will get the achievement even if you are tied with the second player.

The Count of Carcassonne20
Score 150+ points in a Single Player game (2) 

To get this achievement, all you have to do is score 150 points in 1 single player game which is probably the hardest achievement (but still very makeable) These are your possibilities to score:

During the game:

  1. Build a city = 2 points / tile + 2 points for every little blue/white shield inside your city.
  2. Build a road = 1 point / tile.
  3. Build a Monastery (which can also be done by surrounding a cemetery with tiles = 9 points.
After the game:
  1. Unfinished city with your follower inside = 1 point / tile.
  2. Unfinished road with your follower on it = 1 point / tile.
  3. Unfinished Monasteries with your follower = 1 point / adjacent tile.
  4. For every farm = 3 points per city that is supplied by a farm (see "Farm Boy" achievement.
Score a City with 9+ tiles in a Player Match vs. 2 or more opponents (3) 

Again, very easy if done with a friend. Just have your friend place city tiles that will enlarge your city. If you both place a follower inside, you will both get the achievement.

Lord of Carcassonne25
Beat an opponent in a Player Match by 50+ points  

Just make sure your friend uses his tiles to help you instead of making points for himself.

Ultimate Score25
Score a total of 5000+ points from all your Carcassonne games combined (2) 

Not much to say about this one. Every point you do counts towards it, doesn't matter if it is from a single player, a player or a ranked match.Once you know how to play you will probably average at about 130 points per game in single player with an easy AI player.

Game Info
Sierra Online
Sierra Online


US June 27, 2007

Resolution: 720p
Sound: Dolby 5.1 Surround
Players: 1-4
Online Players : 2-5
ESRB: Everyone
HDD Space Required : 45.87 mb
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