Carrier Command: Gaea Mission (US)

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission (US) Achievements

Hammers And Nails

Produce over 1000 items  

This achievement is cumulative across all games and can be earned in either the campaign or a strategy game. Finish the campaign first to make progress as well as most of your other Strategy Game scenarios before working on this.

You should focus on earning the "Millionaire" and "Hammer and Nails" achievements at the same time since they are closely related. You need a save file where you control almost all of the islands. I suggest using the save file as noted in the guide for "Hardcore MK.III" for maximum efficiency. To earn these, you need to order up the production of one million units worth of resources and one thousand items. The most expensive item is a Torpedo, which costs 7,000. If you order 100 Torpedoes to be built, you already have 700,000 out of the way. Throw in 50 Howitzers and there is your 1,000,000. If you have played at all before attempting this, you won't actually need that much since it is cumulative across all games. You also need 1,000 units, so order the production of 900 or so Fuel first, and then focus on the expensive items. As soon as "Hammer and Nails" unlocks, you can change the production order to move the remaining Fuel in queue to the bottom.

Obviously, you want to be in Time Warp while doing this. The best way to do this so you don't have to constantly refuel your carrier is to select an island that is out of your current fuel range and tell your carrier to go there. You will run out of fuel and sit in the middle of the ocean with Time Warp still in effect. The only thing that could knock you out is if the enemy carrier happens to come into detection range, so having already sunk him before doing this is a good idea.

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