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There are 16 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
-Estimated time for 1000 : 5-10 hours
-Minimum playthroughs: 1
-Missable achievements: None!
-Glitched achievements: None!
-Offline: 16 (1000 )
-Online: 0 (0)
-Do cheats disable achievements?: No

To start, if you want to make everything you do completely cheap and in your favor, enter the following cheats from the main menu (repercussion achievement-wise is non-existent)


There, you win.

THESE MAPS will prove useful to you for all of the game's collection parts. Use them to find every paint job, every wheel set, and every monster truck part. It would be best for you to avoid collectibles until you are done with the story missions, that way you can use the map to systematically work your way through every collectible later on.

Cars: Mater-National, is yet another animated movie to quickly made game... game. And, it isn't one of the few good ones. Everything feels extremely repetitive, but that's probably because it is. There are some mini-games that you can do, but they all get old after the second level. As for races, I'm not sure if the AI is competitive when you aren't lapping them for the second time, (cheats are awesome) but I didn't give it a chance. I wanted my 1k and I wanted out of whatever sort of world has talking cars in it. Just like you do. So without further adieu...

Step 1: Starting Out
In the first level, Radiator Springs, start off by doing every race (white star) possible. When there are no more races, do all seven levels of Ramone's Rhythmic Rumble (DDR on the easiest difficulty, minus Japanese pop music.) Do parts of other challenges that are available at the time until you can't do them anymore (they will be unlocked later) then do some more races. Starting to see the pattern here?

Step 2: Ornament Valley
Eventually you will unlock Ornament Valley, so head there and repeat Radiator Spring's concept. You will have to do parts of mini-games, and some races. You will never finish a series of mini-games, but you will finish the Rust Bust series of races for an achievement.

Step 3: Tailfin Pass
Once the Ornament Valley races are finished up, you can enter Tailfin Pass. Head there, and complete all of the races/mini-games as usual. You should unlock Win all Road Races once you finish the 3 races here. Now go finish off the Stadium Races to be done with every story-related race.

Step 4: Collectibles Galore
You have to do it at one point or another. It just wouldn't be a kids game if it didn't have an unnecessarily large amount of collectibles with achievements attached to them, right? Use the maps linked in the introduction for an easier time with all of the collecting.

Step 5: Mini-Games Galore
Time to do the mini-games. I completed them in this order:
-Built Monster McQueen (use collection map)
-Ghost Mater
-Built Monster Mater (requires the metal detector)
-Tractor Tipping
-Filmore's Fuel Frenzy
-Monster Truck Waypoint Races
-Race and Chase
-Mike and Sully Checkpoint Race

I made sure I took the path of least resistance, so I have to assume that this is it. You can finish the mini-games in any order you want though.

If you haven't unlocked every achievement by the time you unlock Beat the Game! it means that you missed a collectible somewhere. Check what achievements you don't have, then use the collectible map to finish up the game.

x360a would like to thank Blue Radium for this Road Map

Stick it to McQueen25
Beat the three Radiator Springs road races and the Relay Race, then place in the first Stadium Race   (5) 

You unlock Ornament Valley by winning all races in Radiator Springs, they are marked on the map with a white star, you also get a sticker for completing these races.

Rust Bust75
Qualify in the first three Rustbucket Series races, then win the final   

The Rustbucket races take place in Ornament Valley at the stadium to your right once you enter Ornament Valley you race these using Mater, you also get a sticker for completing all of these races.

Golden Gas Can75
Win each of the nine levels of Fillmore's Fuel Frenzy   

These mini-games have you racing around a set course collecting gas cans to keep your fuel up if you run out of fuel the race ends, keep collecting gas cans and doing laps until you see "you won" on the screen, you may continue racing but you may also just run out of fuel once you seen "you won" come up, there are 9 levels and they are found in all three of the locations, you also get a sticker for completing all nine of these mini-games.

Frank Slash75
Tip all tractors before the time limit in each of the six levels of Tractor Tipping   (1) 

These mini-games have you playing as Mader tipping "cows" all you have to do is win each of the six levels before the time runs out while not bieng spotted by Frank the combine tractor, you also get a sticker for completing these mini-games.

High Draulics75
Score well playing along with each of the seven songs in Ramone's Rhythmic Rumble   

This is one of the first mini games you come along in the game you will be making Ramone dance he is the purple impala with flames .. all you have to do for the mini game is follow the music notes as they move towards the center of the screen and press the corresponding button to match them .. make sure you see "you won" on the screen after each of the 7 levels or this won't unlock, you also get a sticker for completing all seven of these mini-games.

Ghost Light100
Scare Mater home in each of the seven Ghosting Mater levels   (3) 

The Ghost Mater levels open up once the sheriff puts the lamp on your tow hitch .. you must win them by turning left to go right and turning right to go left while making checkpoints there are 7 levels in all, you also get a sticker for completing these mini-games.

James P. Sullivan Cup75
Qualify in the first two Waypoint Race Series races, then finish in the top three of the final   

You may finish in the top three but its nessesary to for the "Beat The Game" achievement for you to get first in all races since coming in first gets you the maximum number of bolt banners, these are some of the tougher races since your driving in Monster Mater, there are different waypoint races in each of the three locations, Radiator Springs, Ornament Valley, and Tailfin Pass, you also get a sticker for completing these races.

Race 'n' Chase Victor75
Tag your opponent then zoom to your goal without being tagged in all nine Race 'n' Chase levels   

These mini-games require you to play tag with an opponent, the thing is you must not be tagged back, so when you start the game you will be "it" so drive into your opponent to tag him and quickly turn around and race to your checkpoint the direction to which is shown by a grey arrow on the top of the screen, don't not get tagged back for every one of the nine levels to unlock this, these are also spread throughout the three different locations, you also get a sticker for completing these mini-games.

Unlock Tailfin Pass25
Beat the three Ornament Valley road races and the Relay Race, then place in the second Stadium race   

You unlock Tailfin Pass by completing all races that are marked as white stars on your map in Ornament valley, this will not unlock until after your inside Tailfin Pass.

Find all Paintjobs25
Find all 8 new paintjobs for Lightning McQueen    

Click Here for maps to all of the locations for the paint jobs, when you find one you will see a big spray paint can just drive into it to pick it up.

Find all wheel sets35
Find all 8 new wheel sets for Lightning McQueen    

Click Here for maps to all of the locations for the wheel sets, when you find one you will see a big tire rim they come in many different colors just drive into one to pick it up, you must find all four of the same color to make a set with a total of 8 sets to gather.

Build Monster McQueen25
Find two monster truck pieces, plus a new horn, so Luigi can build Monster McQueen    

Click Here for Maps to find all parts needed to build Monster McQueen.

NOTE: these do not appear in their spots right away just keep checking the places and you will see them there soon into the first parts of the game.

Build Monster Mater40
Find six monster truck parts in Radiator Springs so Luigi can build Monster Mater    

Click Here for maps to find all parts needed to build Monster Mater

You will not be able to find these parts until you get the metal detector thats helps you locate them. After you've obtained the Metal Detector, use to dig up the pieces.

Win all Stadium Races50
Finish first in all four races conducted in Lightning McQueen's new Racing Stadium   

All you have to do for this is come in first for all races that take place in McQueens new stadium he is building, the fourth race is after you see the credits roll just hit a button and you will be taken back to the game to race the final race.

Win all Road Races75
Radiator Springs, Ornament Valley, and Tailfin Pass -- win all three races in each area   

The Road races are marked with a White Star on the maps, there are three of these to complete in each of the three locations, Radiator Springs, Ornament Valley, and Tailfin Pass.

Beat the game!150
Collect every Bolt Banner and earn every sticker in the game   (2) 

You get this by winning every mini-game, every race and earning every sticker getting first in races gets you the maximum amont of bolt banners same with the mini-games win them to gain the maximum amont of bolt banners, there are seven stickers that are gained for winning each of the following seven events: Monster Waypoint Races, Ramone's Rhythmic Rumble, Fillmore's Fuel Frenzy, Ghosting Mater, Tractor Tipping, Rustbucket Race Circut, and the Radiator Springs race Circut.

Game Info
Rainbow Studios


US October 29, 2007
Europe October 26, 2007

ESRB: Everyone
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