CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars

CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars Achievement Guide

Guide By: T0b3, UCB Disco
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 10 (160 )
- Online: 2 (40 )
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 10-12 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats

Welcome to Cellfactor: Pychokinetic Wars. This arena-type first person shooter lets you slip into the role of 3 different characters with unique powers. Cellfactor's gameplay feels a lot like Unreal Tournament or Shadowrun. Beat 30 different challenges and enjoy multiple customizable multi-player modes!

Step #1: Challenge modes

At first, you might want to start the tutorial for the character you've chosen. Since it's an interactive tutorial, you can get a feeling for the controls and the character's PSI-powers pretty quick. If you choose to play the tutorials for both remaining characters, too, Tutorials Completed will be your first achievement.

Right after the first challenge has begun, try to kill an enemy with your ability as soon as possible. If you're lucky and you did the very first kill, First Blood will unlock. If done with one of your abilities, Ability First Kill will unlock as well.

Now keep playing through the challenge. Eventually, you will have to beat a challenge in Deathmatch mode - try to win it without dying in order to unlock Challenges Master. While we're at it, try to make at least 10 kills in a row with your abilities only and Ability Master will pop up.

Now go ahead and complete all remaining challenges, as well as all for the ywo remaining characters. All episodes consist of 10 challenges. After each complete character, you will net an achievement. (BlackOp Campaign Completed, Bishop Campaign Completed, or Guardian Campaign Completed)

After you've completed all challenges for all characters, you will barely have 500,000 points. Now begin to grind points with the strategy explained in Marathon (see below). If you hit 600,000, the last remaining reward will unlock and you will get All Rewards unlocked.

The only thing left doable in single player is to get to 1,000,000 points. Use the same strategy as used for All Rewards unlocked and you will eventually unlock Marathon.

Step #2: Multi-player Achievements
The last 2 achievements are gained in ranked multiplayer. The first one unlocks after you've killed 5 enemies in a row without dying (ArenaMaster) and the second one after 100 kills (Slayer). If you look for someone to boost these, use the Achievement Trading Thread which can be found HERE. If you ever get stuck at any point or just have a simple question, feel free to visit the x360a Cellfactor: Psychokinetic Wars forums HERE.

Except for Marathon, all achievements are gained pretty easily and quick. Most challenges don't even take longer than a few minutes. Always remember your ability to upgrade your character if you get stuck at any point. This might help you a lot.

[x360a would like to thank T0b3 for this Road Map]

Tutorials Completed5
Complete the tutorial for each character 


Complete the tutorial of each character. Self-explaintory. Beat the tutorial with BlackOp, Bishop and Guardian. You can find the tutorials in the challenge menu.


First Blood5
Try to be the first one that kills an enemy in challenge mode 


Simply do the very first kill in any challenge mode game.


Ability First Kill5
perform a kill using your ability for the first time in challenge mode 


Kill any enemy with any of your abilities in any challenge! You can combine this with First Blood.

Use in the open to rip a piece of the wall, grab a box, etc and use it as a weapon. It usually takes about 2-3 hits to kill an opponent with this ability, so for easier access, shoot them with your gun(s) a couple times and then throw an object at them with .


Challenges Master10
Win Death Match without being killed in a challenge 


Challenge mode consits of multiple game modes: Deathmatch, Team deathmach, hacking and CTF. Just win a Deathmach game without ever being killed.


Ability Master10
Perform 10 frags in a row with only your abilities in challenge mode 


Simple. Just get 10 kills with abilities without ever using a gun inbetween.

Same concept as Ability First Kill, but this must be done 10 times in a row. Be careful of the "Shoot then throw"-method I suggested in Ability First Kill, because a simple gun kill will stop your streak. Also, it is okay to die in-between kills. As long as you kill 10 opponents in a row, you'll unlock the achievement. 


BlackOp Campaign Completed20
Complete all challenges in the BlackOp Campaign 


See Guardian Campaing Completed.


Bishop Campaign Completed20
Complete all challenges in the Bishop Campaign 


See Guardian Campaing Completed.


Guardian Campaign Completed20
Complete all challenges in the Guardian Campaign 


These 3 achievements require you to play through all challenge levels with each character. Each character has 10 different challenges and they all are pretty easy.

If you are struggling with these, remember that you can upgrade your character using rewards gained in earlier matches.


Perform 5 kills without being killed in a ranked match 


Kill 5 people without dying in ranked mode. Whether ability or guns doesn't matter.

This can be done legit or boosted with a friend.


Get 100 kills in Xbox LIVE ranked match (1) 


Getting 100 kills in ranked matches is only a matter of a few minutes if boosted. Best choose the very first map (In Deathmatch mode) for this as it's the smallest.

This can be done legit or boosted with a friend.


All Rewards Unlocked30
Unlock all rewards 


Once you've finished all challenges with each character you will only miss 2 more rewards. These last 2 will unlock when you have 500,000 points and 600,000 points.


Score 1,000,000 points 


After you've completed challenge mode you will barely have 500,000 points so this once requires a lot of grinding.

One good method is to create a private player match in CTF mode with no capture limit (Set it to 0) on Training Room. You can do this on your own, no second player is needed. In order to gain the remaining 500,000 points, you will have to capture at least 2500 times (80-82 flags/10 mins which equals to about 96,000/hour).


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US June 03, 2009

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