Centipede & Millipede

Centipede & Millipede Achievement Guide

Guide By: Duface
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Score over 16,543 to beat the high score table Centipede - Default difficulty 

This just comes pretty much with playing it through. See "Stalker".

Score over 50,000 points Centipede - Default difficulty 

When I got this I put my sensitivity to the max. The biggest key in this one is to kill as many spiders you can the first 3 waves. I killed all of the centipede except one little one and let him run a little bit while I just killed the spiders. I believe you have to keep 2 little centipedes for wave 2 before they become fast. After that you'll find some times where you get slow centipedes and remember not to kill it just wait for spiders. Also if you can, try to kill the centipede right in the middle as it comes down. You create a trap where it comes straight down almost every time. Then at the beginning of each wave you can just shoot in the trap and kill most of the centipede.

Score over 15,000 Centipede - Throttle Monkey mode 

To get this I set my sensitivity to the very lowest. I pretty much just stayed a little left or right of the middle. There are two sweet spots if you can find them where the spiders don't hit which are a little left or right of the center. If you see a spider moving slow enough for you kill that as quick as possible. Spiders again are the best points in this.

Have 3 lives in hand Centipede - Default difficulty 

Again just kill the spiders at the beginning through the first three waves or so.

Destroy all mushrooms on the screen Centipede - Default difficulty 

To do this try and kill as many mushrooms as you can before the centipede hits the bottom. Do not kill the centipede in any way. Once the centipede has reached the bottom you can try and live as long as possible and keep killing mushrooms until you die. Just do not advance waves and pretty much commit suicide when the centipede hits the bottom.

Reach wave 8 without a centipede reaching the bottom Centipede - Default difficulty 

This is where the trap system that I talked about in stalker comes into handy. The first couple of waves are key. Try to kill the centipedes as soon as they come down so you create the traps. Also when they round corners just nail them all in one line. If a centipede comes close to the bottom commit suicide. Just do not let it hit the bottom.

Score over 41,916 to get on the high score table Millipede - Default difficulty 

Again kill the spiders at the beginning. They start you off with good points. Create a trap if possible, there are many mushrooms on millipede so it is very very hard to do but just kill the spiders and take the advanced start once you hit 30k into advantage.

Score 125,000 points Millipede - Default difficulty 

Kill the spiders at the beginning, and just take the advanced start to advantage once you hit 30k. Hit the millipedes as the round the corners best way to wipe out the waves. Use the DDT in smart ways. Try to kill a whole millipede with it and you will get much more points. Try to save the DDT's best as possible. Set your sensitivity to the lowest.

Score 25,000 points Millipede - Throttle Monkey mode 

Set your sensitivity to the lowest here. There are the same two sweet spots in this as in centipede (to the left and right of center). Again kill the spiders best you can and try to use the DDT to the best of your advantage.

Have 3 lives in hand Millipede - Default difficulty 

Well just kill the spiders at the beginning. The same technique as the others, and this one will fall into your hands very easily.

Destroy a spider for 1800 points Millipede - Default difficulty 

For this you have to kill a spider with a DDT. Just wait for the spider to bounce back up and nail the DDT and you will get the achievement.

Reach wave 8 without a millipede reaching the bottom Millipede - Default difficulty 

Well for this you try to set up a trap system but doesn't work well in millipede. So you have to kill the when they round the corners of sides and mushrooms the best you can. If a millipede comes anywhere close to the bottom just commit suicide with it. Whatever you do don't let it touch the bottom.

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US May 02, 2007
Europe May 02, 2007
Japan May 02, 2007

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Players: 1-2
Online Players : 0
ESRB: Everyone
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