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Championship Manager 2007 Achievement Guide

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There are 42 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Win a match5
You're off to a great start as your team wins their first competitive match.   

This achievement is the easiest to get- just start a new game and win a match, it must be a competitive- meaning like a league game or a cup game.

Player scores on debut5
Your new signing pays off as he scores on his debut.   

To get this first time you should buy 2 or 3 strikers and play them in your first game and hope they score, save before the first match and if they dont score just quit and load.

Comeback king5
You won a match after being two goals down.   

This one is a bit tricky but just takes a bit of luck, if there is a game where you are gettin beat, change to an attacking formation and hope you score 3 goals. I got this one without meaning it so you should get it at some point.

Hat trick hero5
One of your players has scored a hat trick.   

Another one you should just get as you play the game. A hat trick is when a player scores 3 goals, the achievement wiil come up at the end of the match.

Clean sheet10
Your keeper is in fine form as your team keeps 5 consecutive clean sheets.   

To get this legit I would go to Chelsea and buy in the best defenders (Chelsea have the most money) and put your formation to a 5-4-1 and if you just play through you should just get this.

Set-piece master10
You've created 5 custom set-pieces and have used them in a match to score a goal.   

To create a set-piece you go into your tactics then push til it comes up the set piece menu. I created two left corners , two right corners and a free kick , make them really simple and make them end with a shot on goal. Then, go to your match and you must watch the game and put replays on for corners and set pieces. I got this after about 6 games.

3 Seasons completed15
Congratulations. You have completed 3 seasons as a manager.   

See "20 seasons completed".

Manager of the month10
You've won the manager of the month award.   

To get this you will have to win just about all of your matches in 1 month . The awards are displayed on your news on the 1st of each month.

Manager of the season20
Well done, you've won the manager of the season award.   

This one is quite tricky, if you win your league it should give you this but its not definite. Just try and win everything which you would try for anyway.

Player of the month5
Your player was voted player of the month.   

If your winning most of your matches the chances are you will get this, works the same as the manager of the month award except for players.

Player of the season10
Your player was voted player of the season.   

Works the same as the manager of the season except for a player, its just the luck really because you could have the top scorer etc but still not get this but if you win your league, cup etc it will increase the chance of getting this.

Contract negotiation5
You've negotiated your first managerial contract extension.   

To negotiate a contract go to your name when you push the back button, and go to boardroom and then request, it will be at the bottom.

League champions20
Congratulations, you have won the league.   

Just as it says - win the league. I would recommend going the best team in the league (I went Celtic in Scotland ) and it shouldnt be that difficult.

Hall of Fame entry50
Well done, you have entered the Hall of Fame.   

Play the game - you will get this while you play the game I got it after 3 seasons.

5 seasons completed15
Congratulations. You have completed 5 seasons as a manager.   

See "20 seasons completed".

10 seasons completed20
Congratulations. You have completed 10 seasons as a manager.   

See "20 seasons completed".

Won a continental cup25
Your team is top dog as you win a continental cup.   

A continental cup is like the European cup and the UEFA cup (continental cups from Europe) . Just win one of these and you will get it.

15 Seasons completed30
Congratulations. You have completed 15 seasons as a manager.   

See "20 seasons completed".

Top Buyer15
You've bought 100 players through the transfer system.   

This has to be done in one career, I would work towards this one while going for the "20 seasons completed" achievement.

Top Seller20
You've sold 100 players through the transfer system.   

Again , has to be done in 1 career- same as top buyer, work towards this while going for "20 seasons completed", you can check how many you have bought and sold by going to manager profile.

Big spender15
You've spent 100 million on transfer fees.   

Easy way to do this is to go Chelsea and spend all your money on one player and sell Drogba , Lampard etc and then buy another player for a massive fee.

Money maker25
You've made 100 million through transfer fees.   

You could get this one while going for "Big spender."

Top negotiator10
You sign a player for half of his current valuation. This does not include Bosman signings.   

I got this one when I was in January and a players contract was about to expire in july. Just look for this and put up a bid for just under half and they should accept.

Committed manager25
You've been employed at your current club for 10 years.   

Pretty self-explanatory really - stay at the same club for ten years- just make sure your not in massive debts and that your not fighting relagation as this could get you sacked.

Giant killer20
You've pulled off a cup shock.   

This one is hard, go a championship club and when it comes to the FA cup you just have to save before each round and you will eventually play a team good enough for it to be a cup shock- you have to win the game, you might get a big team in the 3rd round.

Winning streak25
You're unstoppable as you take your winning streak to 10 games.   

See "Extended winning streak".

Extended winning streak40
Can anybody stop you? You've won your last 20 games.   

Pretty easy if you just save before every match and quit and load IF you dont win,. You MUST win 20 in a row and they have to be competitive matches.

Least league goals conceded30
Your defence triumphs as you concede the least amount of goals in a season.   

If you win your league you might get this, if not then just make sure you are playing a fairly defensive formation each game so that you dont concede to many. You can check how many you have conceded and the other teams by looking at the league table and the looking under the letter A. You must have the smallest number by the end of the season.

A domestic double40
You have won two domestic trophies in a single season.   

Just win the national league and the national cup to get this.

20 Seasons completed60
Congratulations. You have completed the full 20 seasons as a manager.   

Just play the game for 20 seasons and this will unlock along with the others. WARNING - You must NOT go "on holiday" at any stage as these dont unlock if youve been on holiday at all.

Completed a set of challenges50
You have successfully completed a challenge with all teams.   

To get this you must complete a whole set of challenges, the survival ones are best to do for this achievement as they only last one season.

Completed a challenge30
You've completed your first challenge game.   

Self explanatory really.

One of each challenge60
Nothing gets in your way as you successfully complete a scenario from each challenge set.   

Just have at least one challenge completed in each of the 6 sets.

Big Scorer75
You’re doing great! You've gained one Million manager points.   
Big earner50
You have earned wages and bonuses in excess of one million during your managerial career.   

This one is one of the hardest, it has to be done in one career, also winning trophies will speed this one up. You can check how many points you have by going to your manager profile.

Domestic Treble50
You have won three domestic trophies in a single season.   

There is a really quick way to do this and thats to go Chelsea and go for 6 months and you will get this. I got it around January in my first season at Chelsea . Or you can just play the game normally and you will get it eventually.

Battle Mode winner10
Congratulations, you won a battle mode match.   

This must be done in a country that has three trophies in it, for example England has three and so does Scotland . Just win all three in one season. European cups etc do not count

Battle Mode legend60
You are a legend. You have won 50 battle mode games.   

Online - need someone to boost with. You must get all fifty wins in a row for this achievement to unlock.

Battle Mode champion25
Congratulations, you've won 10 games in a row.   

Online - need someone to boost with.

Secret Achievements
Battle Mode loser0
You've lost 10 battle mode matches in a row.   

Online - need someone to boost with.

Six months out of work0
You have spent the last 6 months out of work.   

Just don't play any games for 6 months.

Losing streak0
What's gone wrong? You've lost your last 10 games   

Just go into any game mode and lose ten times.

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