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Guide By: Arsenic 17
There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
-Estimated time for 200: 8-14 hours (depending on skill)
-Minimum playthroughs: 1 (level select)
-Offline: 19/20 (195)
-Online: 1/20 (5)
-Missable Achievements: 0 (level select)
-Unobtainable Achievements: 0
-Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty option
-Cheats disable achievements: No cheats
-Glitched achievements: 0
-Extra equipment needed: Windows Phone 7 or 8

Chickens Can't Fly is a fun-filled game that has you controlling a laboratory chicken through many trials, dodging obstacles, collecting corn, picking up power-ups and power-downs, all-the-while falling rapidly down narrow, experimental tunnels. It plays like few other games in the Windows Phone Xbox Live Marketplace. The game used to be fairly challenging, but after the recent patch is much less frustrating and should provide the average gamer only a little challenge on the way to the 200! For a more in-depth review of the game from WPCentral (before the "easy" update), click HERE. Currently the game is listed at $0.99 in the marketplace.

Step 1: Get gold on all experiments
Play through all the levels starting from the beginning. Try as get as many gold medals as you can. It is best to keep repeatedly trying each level to get gold. If a level proves too challenging, move on and come back later.

Step 2: Survival Mode
Now that you are more familiar with the game and all levels of this mode are unlocked, complete the achievements related to survival mode.

Step 3: Online achievement
Complete the one and only simple online achievement for this game. It only requires you to attempt the Global Weekly Challenge.

Step 4: Mop-up and Grind
Complete any achievements you may have missed while getting all the gold medals. You will most likely need to grind the 1 million corn achievement and possibly a few others as well, depending on how you play.

All in all, Chickens Can't Fly is a fairly easy game to complete, even with the grinding, especially after the latest patch. For the very low price of just $0.99, can you really pass up what many would consider a "Must Have" game for Windows Phone?

[x360a would like to thank Arsenic 17 for this Roadmap]

Chicken is ready for science!5
Complete all the Hatchery experiments   

Just complete all 7 levels of Hatchery, the tutorial laboratory. You do not need to get gold medals...just complete them (earn bronze medals).

Chicken deserves gold!5
Obtain a gold medal in one of the experiments   

See "Chickens Can't Fly!"

Chicken avoided the butcher!10
Get at least a bronze medal in all Butchery experiments   

See "Chicken likes quantum physics!"

Chicken can escape ghosts!10
Get at least a bronze medal in all Cemetery experiments   

See "Chicken likes quantum physics!"

Chicken can outrun bombs!10
Get at least a bronze medal in all Military experiments   

See "Chickens like quantum physics!"

Chicken likes quantum physics!10
Get at least a bronze medal in all Physics experiments   

These achievements are obtained just by completing each experiment of each laboratory. To complete a level, you must obtain the bronze medal. Bronze medal requirements are usually specific to each level and require you to complete a certain task (i.e. collect X amount of Y, be X for Y seconds, etc.). However, sometimes the only requirement is to finish the level alive.

Chicken is resilient!15
Survive 20 checkpoints in Survival mode!   

Play Survival mode and focus only on surviving. Go slow and do not worry about score, power-ups, or corn. This is not too difficult if going slow. You get plenty of lives. Which laboratory is the best? I find that the Military one is easiest, but it may just be personal preference. The obstacles seem easier to deal with and the power-downs are less devastating. This achievement can be gotten along with "Chicken is stronger than a cat!" as you should employ the same strategy for both. This achievement is also obtainable in a Survivor Global Weekly Challenge.

Chicken knows magnetism10
Get 10000 points with a Corn Magnet   

You must earn a total score of 10000 points during the duration of one magnet power-up. This is obtained by collecting corn when you have a huge multiplier, as the magnets only last 10 seconds or so. Using the technique I mentioned in "Chickens Can't Fly" to get gold medals on each level, this should come naturally.

Once you deploy a magnet, focus only on avoiding obstacles and collecting power-downs (to up your multiplier). Alternatively, if you earn a large multiplier (200+), you could then proceed to use a magnet and hope for the best.

This is probably easiest in the last two laboratories, Military or Physics as they contain ample power-downs. I would not attempt this in Survival Mode, as there is not that many power-downs, though it could potentially be possible.

Chicken is golden!15
Get Gold for all experiments in a non-tutorial laboratory   

Get gold medals on all the experiments of any laboratory, except the tutorial laboratory, the Hatchery.
See "Chickens Can't Fly!" for tips.

Hungry, hungry Chicken!15
Gather 1.000.000 total corn   

This achievement is cumulative across all games and modes. Each piece of corn you collect counts as 10 towards the achievement (if you have v1.2 patch), so effectively you only need to collect 100,000 corn to unlock this. This should only require minor grinding (a couple of hours or less) after you gold all the levels. Remember, you can check your progress in the achievement screen.

Occasionally, as was the case in June 2012, the corn can be boosted in a Weekly Challenge that has very few obstacles. In this case, you can leave your phone running continuously in the challenge and rack up the corn while sleeping or doing anything else. Each week you can try the challenge to see if you can rack up points without touching your phone.

Chicken is stronger than a cat5
Have over 9 lives in Survival Mode   

Play Survival mode and focus only on surviving. Go very slow and just try not to die. You get another life each checkpoint you pass. The achievement unlocks instantly when you pass the checkpoint and you lives reach 9. This achievement should be attempted at the same time as "Chicken is resilient!" as the same strategy applies to both. This achievement is NOT obtainable in a Survivor Global Weekly Challenge.

Chicken likes to break stuff10
Eliminate 1000 obstacles using the Butcher Shield, Holy Cross, Nuke or EMP   

This achievement is cumulative across all games and modes. You will most likely not have completed this after getting all gold medals. I only had around 250 after getting all golds, but I barely ever used any of the delayed power-ups except the magnet.

To boost this, I would recommend Military Level 6. This levels objective is to introduce you to the nuke, and requires you blow up 30 objects just to complete the bronze requirement. You can easily earn 40 to 60 objects destroyed per attempt of the level. Make sure to use up all your lives and you should have this achievement in less than 30 minutes.

Chicken hates walls10
Pass 5 checkpoints without touching a wall   

This is easiest in the early part of Survival Mode when there is few obstacles. Just go very slow, sticking to the middle when possible. If an obstacle is blocking middle, cautiously pick a side to go down and go very slow to avoid touching the wall. Obtaining this in a normal level would not only be hard, but likely impossible as most stages do not even have 5 checkpoints.

Chicken likes unhealthy food10
Eat 5 sausages without dying   

This must be done in a Butchery level or Butchery Survival Mode. Sausages are a power-down that make your chicken increase in size. Like most of the achievements, just go slow and collect 5 sausages without dying. At this point, you chicken will get too large and you will not fit past many of the obstacles, especially the ones in the middle. Luckily you will have already earned your achievement!

Chicken likes multiplication5
Obtain a score multiplier of over 100   (1) 

You will almost certainly obtain this when going for golds in all levels. However, if you do not play a level in one of the last two laboratories, Military or Physics, as these have ample power-downs. Only focus on avoiding obstacles and collecting power-downs. Go as slow as you need to, but fast enough to be able to collect enough power-downs. The multipliers two sausage power-downs, which individually give a x2 multiplier, would give you a x4 multiplier.

Chicken is confident10
Pass 3 checkpoints without flapping the wings in Survival Mode   

This is easiest to attempt at the beginning of Survival mode. The further you go, the more that obstacles are in the level. Just move side-to-side, avoiding obstacles until you pass three complete checkpoints. Remember, you can use the walls, but your finger must not make contact with the screen. This causes your chicken to flap its wings and slow down. This achievement is also obtainable in a Survivor Global Weekly Challenge.

Chickens Can't Fly!25
Get Gold on ALL experiments   (1) 

Getting a gold medal in an experiment not only requires you complete the "bronze medal objective," but also obtain a certain score as well. The best advice is to try and obtain the largest multiplier possible and pick up corn! I like to complete the bronze objective early in the level, then focus on getting my score up by collecting corn. You must gold all levels of all laboratories in the game, except obviously for the PDLC ones.

One technique I found that made this game easy was to try and collect magnets. When you use a magnet, all the corn you pass is collected automatically. While the magnet is active, focus on avoiding obstacles, moving fast, and most importantly racking up power-downs to increase your multiplier. If you do not have any magnet, I recommend going slow and try to find a magnet. This is basically what I did for all levels (that actually have magnets, some do not) and had little trouble getting gold on all levels.

A tip for the Aquarium experiments: The developers seems to have made these new levels noticeably harder than the rest of the game after they patched it. Many of the levels I found impossible to complete unless you realize the importance of one key collectible: the pearl! Many levels you just need really to ignore the corn and look for power-downs and try to pick up a pearl when you have a good multiplier. The base value of a pearl is 1000, so you can see how they really help you rack up score fast, compared to trying to collect corn. Once I realized this, these levels became easy, but involved some luck to get enough pearls to spawn in the level.

Chicken is competitive!5
Participate in the Global Weekly Challenge   

Each week there is a new Global Weekly Challenge to compete against other players in. Effectively it is just a weekly leaderboard for a defined level. The achievement only requires you to participate in the challenge, not complete it. It should pop as soon as you load up the level. To find the weekly challenge, scroll down in the level select area to the Multiplayer Box. In the Multiplayer Menu, select Weekly Challenge.

Chicken can activate power-ups5
Use 5 different delayed power-ups   

This achievement is hard to miss during you completion of the game. Delayed power-ups are the ones you collect, but must push the their button along the right edge of the screen to activate. There are 8 or so delayed power-ups in the game, but you do not have access to the all until the middle to end stages of the game...just be patient, it will come.

Chicken is an expert!10
Get 300.000 Score in a single game   (2) 

This achievement is most likely hard to get in a regular level and is likely easier to get in Survival Mode. However, it would be quicker in a regular level if you did have the skill to do it that way. 300,000 score must be obtained in one level in one sitting (no exiting and resuming). The achievement unlocks the instant 300,000 score is surpassed.

Just go slow in Survival Mode, focusing on collecting corn as well as surviving. Obviously collecting power-downs would increase you multiplier and potentially make obtaining this achievement quicker, but they make it more difficult and you may die more frequently. A good balance is best.

Some detailed tips/advice from Avenged Remains can be found HERE.

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