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Clash of the Titans Achievement Guide

Guide By: HWNDarkside
There are 48 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10 for 950 (10/10 if you want the full 1000)
-Offline: 48 (1000)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 110h+
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 plus level replays and challenges
-Number of missable achievements: 0
-Glitched achievements: 0
-Do cheat codes disable achievements: N/A
-Does difficulty affect achievements? N/A
-Glitchy achievements: No
-Unobtainable achievements: No
-Extra equipment needed: No

Clash Of The Titans is a hack'n'slash game based on the 2010 remake of the classic 1981 movie. As with most movie tie-ins it's average at best but does benefit from a nice variety of enemies and a decent fighting system. Nothing is particularly broken but it's no Bayonetta or God Of War. There are no difficulty settings to worry about and it's all relatively uncomplicated hack'n'slash gameplay for the most part. Persistence is the main requirement in most cases as some bosses require long bouts of bashing to defeat them. The level design is "meh" at best and you will be trudging back and fore through the some levels to perform different tasks.

The main storyline can be completed relatively easily in around 15 hours netting between 400-600 points. I would suggest ploughing through the story first and ignore most of the collection/upgrade/kills achievements as story mode does not yield enough Gifts to make any significant progress and does not feature the "Dark" varieties of enemies that drop the rarer Gifts and Sub Weapons.

Completing the story opens up the "Realm Of The Gods" - a hub that allows you to play Challenge Quests and replay levels. This is the main grind and is easily 50 hours+ to get to 950 points. Challenges will allow you to grind Gifts, fight the "Dark" types for rarer Sub Weapons/Gifts and work towards Height of Olympus (more on that later).

One of the major (only?) plus points of the game is the inventory system. There are around 80 weapons and over 90 different types of Gift available. Every enemy is logged once you defeat them, along with details of the Gifts they drop and which Challenge levels they can be located in. It also tracks all of the Gifts you pick up, which Gifts are needed to upgrade your weapons and the characters that drop them. There are no random drops so the grind is made a lot less painful (assuming you class 50 hours+ as pain-free!) and makes The Hunter's Title reasonably straightforward.

Gameplay Guide
Combat is combo-based variations of and . Special attacks are linked to Sub Weapons and are executed using your Soul Meter . Button-mashing will get you so far but you'll need to master a couple of combos to defeat some of the stronger enemies. During battle enemies have several states - blue indicating "Soul Seize" is available - orange indicating "Sub Weapon Seize" is available - red indicating impending attack.

Souls are gathered during attacks, but can also be sucked from enemies using "Soul Seize" . It's upgrade, "Chain Seize", is a great way to clear multiple targets and refill your Soul bar - your main weapon starts to glow the more attacks you make with it's until fully charged allowing to suck the souls of, and kill, surrounding enemies. The downside is you will not net any Gift drops.

Quick Time Events (QTE) are a necessity - known as "Sub Weapon Seize" . Every enemy character (bar a couple of eyeballs and frogs) carries a unique weapon and a variety of unique Gifts. The QTE is simple enough and requires any button to be pressed to stop a blue decreasing circle of light within a central target (crap explanation - but it's easy to do - , , , or can be used).

Weapons can only be gathered using "Sub Weapon Seize" and is initiated on causing enough or specific damage to an enemy who flash orange with an on-screen prompt to active. Performing Sub Weapon Seize also gives you Seize Points for the particular class of weapon you're taking - these are vital to upgrade them. Bosses can only be defeated using Sub Weapon Seize.

Sub Weapons are upgraded using Gifts and Seize Points. Gifts are dropped on death, but the rarer Gifts are only gained by performing Sub Weapon Seize - hitting "Perfect Sub Weapon Seize" also increases the rarity and number of Gifts dropped.

Your main weapon, Health and Soul Bar upgrades are automatic as you play through the story. You cannot replay any level until you complete the game, and then you'll need to complete Challenges to unlock level replays.

Step #1: Story
Play through and ignore the majority of achievements. None of the story-related achievements are missable. You may be able to hammer out some of the easier weapons achievements but at least 400 points are simply unobtainable via Story mode. Most of the special kill achievements need rarer Weapons, high upgrades or certain Challenges to complete so just focus on finishing the game and unlocking Realm Of The Gods. Use Sub Weapon Seize as much as possible to gain Seize Points and extra Gift drops. For tips on beating certain bosses please check the Forum.

Step #2: Realm Of The Gods
Play through the Challenges. Don't worry about S Ranks just yet, just get them all unlocked for Complete Conquest. As you progress you will start to unlock the story chapters/levels to replay as well. Upgrade your weapons as you go. Remember to use Sub Weapon Seize as much as possible to increase the number of Gifts you get. Keep an eye out for any red "Dark" enemies. Use all weapon types to keep your Seize Point up. Once you've unlocked all the challenges the world is your oyster. Use the Inventory system to track what Gifts are needed to upgrade which weapons, and which enemies/challenges will allow you to access them.

Everything is obtainable, no Gifts or Weapons are glitched or hidden. Some will require level manipulation to cause Dark enemies to spawn - once you know where they are you can leave/re-enter until they spawn again. To give you some idea of the grind required if one weapon has 10 upgradeable slots and needs 5 Gifts each time to upgrade - that's 50 Gifts per Sub Weapon @ 80 Weapons = 4,000 Gifts

These guides will come in handy

Sub Weapon Guide
Enemy Records Guide

Step #3: S Ranks
Most of the levels are straightforward and S Ranks are no problem but there are no specific requirements as to what an S Rank looks like. You are measured on Time Taken, Kills and Damage but never told how they are impacting on your overall score. Completing harder Challenges without any damage is impossible, but without any idea how much is acceptable there's no way to adjust your play other than trial and error.

There are also several Challenges that are open-ended, free-roam levels. These have absolutely no indication of what you should be doing, let alone how to S Rank. Add to this the need to play through the whole game again as levels to S Rank each one, and you've got one of the toughest and most time-consuming achievements I've come across.

The S Rank Guide

Clash Of The Titans isn't going to win any awards, nor does it provide the usual 1000-points-for-free normally associated with movie tie-ins. I personally enjoyed the challenge, and found the combat system, fighting, and weapon levelling rather engaging. You need time on your side though - 15 hours for story - 45 hours to collect everything and upgrade it - 60 hours for the S Ranks.

[x360a would like to thank HWNDarkside for this Roadmap]

The Weapons Collector20
Collect all Sub Weapons in one category.   

This will come as you playthrough the Challenges as the rarer enemies are unlocked. You can track your progress via the inventory.

The Power of "12"20
Pick up one Sub Weapon for each category.   

Use Sub Weapon Seize on every character you come across and you'll get this during your Story playthrough. You can track your progress via the inventory.

The Weapons of Hecatoncheir30
Collect all Sub Weapons.   

Every weapon bar 2 can be obtained by defeating the armed enemies and bosses using Sub Weapon Seize. As you work through the Challenges the rarer enemies unlock. You can track your progress via the Enemy Reports in your inventory. The downside is it doesn't tell you which enemies are missing - simply listing ???? until they unlocked. This can make finding them a bit tricky. Check other posts for help their locations. Dark versions are random spawn but can be triggered by leaving locations and returning until they pop up. Once you've unlocked all but 2 of the weapons (you'll be missing an Axe and a Healing Core) return to the Realm Of The Gods to be told you have completed the weapons collection and be awarded the final 2 missing weapons as a reward. Sub Weapon Guide & Enemy Records Guide

Offer Gifts15
Reinforce one Sub Weapon.   

See "Surpass Hephaestus" - unlocks the first time you upgrade any Sub Weapon.

The Blacksmith20
Completely reinforce one Sub Weapon.   

See "Surpass Hephaestus" - unlocks the first time you completely upgrade any Sub Weapon.

Specialized Power30
Completely reinforce all Sub Weapons in one category.   

See "Surpass Hephaestus" - unlocks when you have completely upgraded all Sub Weapons in one category.

Surpass Hephaestus50
Completely reinforce all Sub Weapons.   

You will gather Gifts as you kill enemies and Sub Weapons by performing "Sub Weapon Seize" on armed enemies and bosses. Gifts are used to reinforce your Sub Weapons via the inventory. The rarity of the Gift drops/weapons are limited during story mode and increase as you unlock Challenges via Realm Of The Gods. Location of all enemies and the Gifts they drop are provided in-game.

Successfully perform a Perfect Sub Weapon Seize.   

Hit any armed enemy until they flash orange and you get a prompt to use "LB Sub Weapon Seize". Stop the blue decreasing circle of light inside the 2 central brown rings and you've got yourself a Perfect Sub Weapon Seize, accompanied by yells of "brilliant!" or "yes!"

Hat Trick30
Successfully perform Perfect Sub Weapon Seize three times on one enemy.   

As with “Bull's Eye” but you'll need to perform 3 Perfects in a row.

Three in the Black20
Successfully perform a Perfect Sub Weapon Seize three times on one boss.   

As with “Bull's Eye” but you'll need to perform 3 Perfects on one boss. These do not have to be consecutive - just performed during the same boss battle.

Soul Slaughter15
Defeat 100 enemies with Soul Seize.   

Beat any enemy until they flash Blue to use "RB" Soul Seize. The Soul Seize must destroy the enemy to count. Basic Skeletons are the perfect fodder for this as they die instantly without any need to attack first.

Bound Souls20
Defeat 10 enemies at once with Chain Seize.   

Chain Seize is unlocked at the end of the first level. This requires you to charge up your main weapon by hitting enemies until you are prompted to "RB" Active Chain Seize. This will then suck the souls from all non-boss enemies around you and kill them. If you can't unlock during the story use one of the Challenges with multiple enemies to get it – Looming Skeleteon is a keeper.

Complete Conquest50
Complete all quests.   

Complete them. All. Once you’ve completed all the Challenges head over to the Story levels and you’ll have a couple of sneaky new Challenges hidden in there that’ll need to be completed too.

Smash Hit30
Destroy enemy parts or protective gear 300 times.   

You can smash armour etc using Sub Weapon and heavy main weapon attacks. This will come naturally as you play through.

First-Class Warrior20
Perform an attack with each of the main weapon skills.   

Main Weapon Skills unlock as you work your way through the game. You can track your progress under the "Help" section of the Start button menu. You will have 100% unlock by the end of the game.

Perform each attack to unlock the achievement. Not sure they have to connect to count but find a nice challenge populated with multiple enemies and work your way through the list. I used "Stand Your Ground" for this - mainly lower level enemies.


,,,, (hammer the last )


Jump +


Lock on - back direction from enemy + and hold
Lock on - forward direction towards enemy +

The only ones that might cause any trouble are ,,,,, &
,,,,, - but they're just a matter of timing.

The Hunter's Title30
Collect all Gifts.   

Just make sure you kill every enemy with Sub Weapon Seize to improve your changes of getting their rarest drops. Everything can be tracked in-game.

Sword Dance15
Perform 30 hits in 7 seconds using a dual-wield attack.   

As you upgrade Dual Swords you’ll come across a Skill called Twin Blade. This unleashes a flurry attack. Unload this into 2 or 3 enemies to unlock.

Battering Ram15
Send 5 enemies flying with one Hammer attack.   

This can be unlocked early on - just get surrounded by 5+ enemies and unleash a Sub Weapon Hammer attack.

Adamantine Axe15
Defeat 5 enemies at once with one Axe attack.   

This can be unlocked early on - just get surrounded by 5+ enemies and unleash a Sub Weapon Axe attack.

Attack Ballista15
Defeat 10 enemies in quick succession with one Bow attack.   (1) 

The only Bow capable of delivering an attack powerful enough to kill 10 enemies is Bow Of Eros. This is dropped by Dark Archers found in the Challenge “Argos Castle Area”. Once you’ve got the Bow head over to Challenge “Looming Skeletons” to unleash the Skill “Volley III” (may require Gifts to upgrade)

Wrath of the Anemoi15
Defeat 10 enemies at once with one Wing attack.   

Upgrade a Feather weapon sufficiently and head over to Challenge “Looking Skeletons”

Deadly Poison20
Stun 3 enemies at the same time using the Tail attack.   

Select a Tail weapon that paralyses and hit 3 enemies at the same time. All 3 should end up on the floor covered in goo.

Won't Let You Die15
Use a "Healing Core" 5 times to recover the health of a dying support character.   

You’ll be joined by characters throughout the game. Your Healing Cores will restore their life bar too – do so 5 times when they are near death.

The Grace of Erebus30
Activate a "Dark Blade" Underworld Core attack and successfully connect 50 times consecutively.   

This one is a bit tricky. I used Essence Of Hatred upgraded to Dark Blade III. Find a Quest with multiple enemies. I unlocked on Gladiator 4 but any Quest with multiple enemies will do. This isn't 50 connects in one attack - it is cumulative.

Press to begin the attack and hit an enemy - purple fire on impact = dead enemy - then immediately target another enemy and hit to chain kill, and so on. The first kill doesn't count towards the achievement, only the kills made during the chain. The chain doesn't have to be kil-kill-kill etc, you can miss an enemy and pick up a kill on the next move - as long as the chain attack isn't broken.

The Pyre20
Use a "Flame Core" attack to defeat each type of undead monster, except undead bosses.   

Another tricky one – please read K1llerMonkey’s post -

Impenetrable Defense15
Defend 100 enemy attacks using a Barrier.   

Use Barrier Core “Absolute Wall”, go to Challenge “Mating Season” and use Barrier II to defend against the rampaging frogs!

The Body of a god15
Use the "Spirit of Argos" to take down 5 enemies at once.   

Ger Martial Arts Core “Spirit Of Argos” and fire up Challenge “Looming Skeletons”.

Aesthetic Destruction15
Using the Battle Song on Perseus, destroy a part of the "Skeleton King".   

“Battles Song” is a Skill on the Piscium Harp. Cast the Skill and then smash a leg/arm off Skeleton King with a Hammer. Challenge “Skeleton King”.

Play 2P Mode for the first time.   

Turn on Controller 2 and press Start.

Trusting Heart20
In 2P Mode, have a support character perform a Sub Weapon Seize.   

Using Controller 2 batter an enemy until they flash orange and press to activate Sub Weapon Seize.

Draw Out the Ichor20
Destroy the heads of 20 giant animated statues.   

These are the larger, unarmed moving statues you'll come across. The Cyclopean Maul (Hammer) will decapitate them on first hit. Boostable on Challenge “Argos Castle Area”

Aerial Dance30
Hit an enemy 20 times while it is in the air.   

Two-headed dogs are good targets for this. Use “target + hold back + Y” to launch them into the air then use the Dual Sword flurry attack “Rising Blade” to keep them there. May require upgrading to nail 20 hits.

Sharp Shooter15
Pierce a cyclops' weak point with a Bow.   

You'll come across Cyclops and Polyphemus during the story playthrough. Equip a Bow and shoot either in the eye. If you miss it in story you can meet them again as you unlock Challenges “Son Of Poseidon”, “Blue One-Eye Giant” or “Gladiator 5”.

Beaten to the Punch!20
Defeat 20 skeletons who are preparing to throw skulls.   

Challenge "Argos Castle Area" has a fight with 4 skeletons; 2xDeath Soldiers and 2xDeath Warriors. To pursuade them to throw their heads you need to put them in Sub Weapon Seize state (ie flashing orange) several times. Once they are flashing orange leave them alone. If they come out of SWS state and then start flashing orange again WITHOUT you hitting them then are about to pull of their heads - use Soul Seize to kill them instantly once they've pulled their head off - else hit them again, but them back in SWS state and wait until the flash of their own accord. (Thanks to K1llerMonkey & COokieAndCream)

Vanished Threat20
Destroy all parts of the Scorpioch.   

This is the big scorpion boss - smash his claws with a Hammer. The tail may take some doing and requires a decent Dual Sword jump attack to destroy. If you miss it in story you can meet it again as you unlock Challenge “Blood-Born Demons”

Curse of the Gods20
Clear "Mating Season" with the ability "Erosion of the Abyss" set.   

There are 4 Sub Weapons you can use for this. Savage Blade (Dual Sword) and Gorgon's Blaze (Bow) need to be upgraded to "Heartless Soul" ability or Fang Of Tartarus (Dual Sword) and Talon Of Tartarus (Bow) upgraded with "Price Of Corrosion". Both of these abilities include the negatively impacting "Erosion Of The Abyss". Start up the quest "Mating Season". 100 kills in 2:30 mins. Do not change your Sub Weapon during the quest. You can make kills with it, just make sure you don't select any other Sub Weapon from your d-pad.

Height of Olympus50
Obtain S Rank in all Main Quest and Challenge Quests.   

Refer to the S Rank Guide HERE.

Secret Achievements
Chapter 1: Clear "On the Home Front".    

This is story-related and cannot be missed.

The Fate of Argos15
Chapter 2: Clear "Departures".    

This is story-related and cannot be missed.

The Cursed King15
Chapter 3: Clear "Calibos!".    (1) 

This is story-related and cannot be missed.

Dust Cloud15
Chapter 4: Clear "Into the Fire".    

This is story-related and cannot be missed.

At Journey's End15
Chapter 5: Clear "Face Your Destiny".     

This is story-related and cannot be missed.

The Edge of the Other World15
Chapter 6: Clear "Scales".    

This is story-related and cannot be missed.

To the Fallen Temple15
Chapter 7: Clear "The Gate Opens".    

This is story-related and cannot be missed.

Those Who Fight Destiny15
Chapter 8: Clear "A Human's Strength".    

This is story-related and cannot be missed.

Gods' Blood15
Chapter 9: Clear "Disillusionment".    

This is story-related and cannot be missed.

Chapter 10: Clear "CLASH OF THE TITANS".    

This is story-related and cannot be missed.

Perseus the Hero20
Clear game.    (1) 

This is story-related and cannot be missed.

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US July 27, 2010

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