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Cloudberry Kingdom Achievement Guide

Guide By: Neverender
There are 16 achievements with a total of 400 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 10/10
- Approximate time to 400: 20+ Hours
- Offline: 400
- Online: 0
- Missable Achievements: None!
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No difficulty option
- Glitchy achievements: 1 [My Beard is Impenetrable!]
- Unobtainable achievements: None!
- Extra equipment needed?: Removable Storage Device & Extra Controllers are Helpful


Welcome to Cloudberry Kingdom, where the obstacles are aplenty and the deaths are many. This side-scrolling platformer is reminiscent of Super Meat Boy in both concept and difficulty. While nobody in the world has currently obtained the full 400 due to the shenaniganery of the Shenanigans! achievement, this guide will help prepare you to give it a go.

It's also worth noting that My Beard is Impenetrable! is glitchy. You have to do this without ever dying in your save, so you'll need a new save file to do it. You can back up your save to a flash drive or other removable storage and then make a new save file for it (recommended) or delete your save file and try it again.

Step 1: Story Mode to The End?
Play through the story mode. Don't worry about any achievements other than the ones for completing chapters. You'll likely get a few along the way without trying anyway. This will be the largest part of the game for you, though probably not the most difficult. In this step, get to level 240. There are levels after this that must be completed for Shenanigans!, but we'll worry about those later.

Step 2: Arcade
Now that you've grown accustomed to the game, head over to the arcade. The first thing you'll want to do is get to level 50 in Escalation with the classic hero to unlock the jetpack hero. Then use the guide below for Did You See That!? After that, unlock whichever hero or heroes you're most comfortable playing with for Escalation.

By this point you should be close to unlocking The End of Infinity. If you haven't yet, use the guide below to earn it. Afterwards, go for Jack of All Heroes again utilizing the guide.

This will leave your final arcade achievement as Double-Clutch (as you should have gotten Clutch fairly easily already in this step). Again use the guide below.

Step 3: Wrap-Up
There are several easy achievements that you may just have not hit the right button for at this point. These include Noob, That Level Was Nuts!, I've Bought the Power, Cut the Cord, and Look What You Have Done! for any of these you don't have, use the guide below before backing up your save and going for My Beard is Impenetrable!

Step 4: Shenanigans!
This is the hardest part of the game, and as such, it's the last part of this guide. At this point you should only have one achievement left: Shenanigans! This achievement is the reason this game has a difficulty of 10/10. While it's unclear exactly how many levels there are in chapter seven of the story, nobody thus far has managed to get past 319 or obtain this achievement. Use what you've learned so far and go for it! It will be difficult, possibly impossible, but if you can obtain this achievement it's an honor in and of itself.

If you've managed to earn the full 400 in this game, congratulations on a completion very well earned!

[we would like to thank Neverender for this roadmap]

Hero in the Making20
Complete Chapter 2    

This is story-related and can't be missed. It will unlock after the cutscene following level 80.

Danger Ahead20
Complete Chapter 4    

This is story-related and can't be missed. It will unlock after the cutscene following level 160.

The End?60
Finish the Story    

This is story-related and can't be missed. It will unlock after the cutscene and credits following level 240.

Complete Chapter 7    (6) 

This achievement may or may not be obtainable. As of now, nobody has legitimately won this achievement or gotten past level 319 in story. While still theoretically possible since the AI can find a route through the level, it remains to be done by a human.

Cut the Cord10
Finish a bungee level with 3 dead allies   

Bungee levels are an option in free play mode. Essentially, it's a bungee cord between all players. Since the achievement says three allies must be dead, you have to have four people (or controllers) in the level.

You can do this with three other people, but you can also do this by yourself if you have four controllers. If you decide to the the former, just take turns killing yourselves and letting one person finish. If you decide on the latter, make sure the controller getting the achievement is either the first or last one, turn up the aggressive settings, and keep making random levels until you get something that will kill you at the beginning. From there, make the other three controllers (starting with the one on the opposite end of the cord from the achievement-winning controller) kill themselves with it. Once your three "allies" are dead, complete the level and the achievement is yours.

Score 500k in an arcade game   

Refer to Double-Clutch.

Score 1.5 million in an arcade game   

This is one of the more difficult achievements in the game. Escalation is the easiest mode to get this in, but it's still no cakewalk. The levels in the Arcade are randomly generated, so there is no definitive method to unlocking this achievement, but here are some tips:

First, unlock whichever hero you're best with or you find the easiest to work with. A lot of people prefer the spaceship hero due to its ability to stall at the beginning of the stage, but whatever works for you works for you.

Second, make sure you get all of the coins and don't die within the first 40 levels to maintain your multiplier. Take your time, progress slowly and carefully. While your your multiplier will increase every 20 levels, the levels get significantly harder as well. Earning as many points as possible in the first levels is crucial to getting to 1,500,000.

Third, if you do die or lose your multiplier in the first 40 levels, retry. It's most likely not going to happen without those points.

Fourth, once you do get past level 40, if you come to a level that looks difficult or you question your ability to beat it with all of the coins and without dying, use the slow motion powerup. It can make a lot of difference in a level, and keeping your multiplier is very important.

Die 1337 Times   

You should easily get this while going for all of the other achievements. If not, play a level where spikes force you from left to right across the screen and set your controller down. Since you respawn automatically, this will rack up deaths for you very quickly.

Did You See That!?40
Get to level 20 while invisible in Escalation   

Escalation is the first arcade game you unlock. You need to pass level 20 while invisible. To make yourself invisible, customize your character when you start arcade mode. Make your color clear, cape, hat, and cape lining none, and play through the arcade game.

This is made significantly easier if you unlock a hero after classic. Any of the items attached to you still appear, thus letting you know where you are. Jetpack is the easiest to unlock (beat level 25 in classic and it will be an option), so that is the easiest way to get the achievement.

The End of Infinity40
Unlock every arcade game   

Once your player level is at 500, the last arcade game will unlock. Your player level increases by one for every new level you beat in the story and every new level you beat in the arcade.

My Beard is Impenetrable40
Complete a chapter without dying   (4) 

Chapter one is probably your best bet for this. It's 40 levels, however none of them are particularly difficult. Story levels are static, so they'll always be the same. If you have trouble with specific levels, feel free to use powerups to aid you. Completely ignore coins when going for this. Going for them can get you killed and ruin your attempt for this achievement.

This achievement is glitchy. In order to do this, you have to have no deaths recorded in the chapter - meaning you have to get the achievement the first time you go through a chapter. So if you miss this achievement on your first attempt (which you probably will - you'll still be learning the game at this point), migrate your save to a removable storage device (such as a flash drive), create a new save on your hard drive, and try again.

That Level Was Nuts!10
Save a level code   

At the end of any level that ends in a 0 (10, 20, 30, etc.) you are given the option to save a level. Do so, name the file, and the achievement will pop as soon as it's done saving.

I Bet You Lost Count10
1000! This is how many obstacles you have already seen   

This will unlock with natural story progression (there are a lot of obstacles).

I've Bought the Power!10
Buy your first powerup   

While playing a level, press . From here, you can buy one of three powerups with coins: to watch the computer run the level, to show a path through the level, or to turn on slow motion. Buy any of them to unlock the achievement.

Jack of all Heroes20
Reach Hybrid Rush level 50   

Hybrid Rush is the last arcade game you unlock. In it, you get mixtures of multiple heroes (tiny, bouncy, rollie, etc.), and they change with every level. You also have a time limit. You can earn more time by grabbing coins. This is the most difficult arcade game, but getting to level 50 isn't bad. Since the levels are randomly generated there isn't one method to earn this, but here are some tips:

First, do not worry about score. Don't try Clutch or Double-Clutch here because you'll only be frustrated. Grab coins for time, but if you miss one or two, don't worry about grabbing them for your multiplier.

Second, jetpack is very helpful. If you're on a difficult level but one of your heroes is jetpack, just fly over them. You will lose some time by flying over the coins, but potentially dying isn't worth the risk.

Third, know your weaknesses. For levels with heroes you're bad at, just worry about getting to the end. There are plenty of coins in levels with other heroes and getting stuck up on trying to make one difficult jump can kill a really good run for this.

Fourth, remember the powerups! If you get a really hard level, slow down time, watch the AI, or display a path through the level

Look What You Have Done!10
Watch a replay with 50+ attempts   

You have the opportunity to watch a replay on any level that has a 0 at the end (10, 20, 30, etc.) in story mode. When you come to one of these levels, kill yourself 50 times and select watch replay at the end.

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US July 31, 2013

HDD Space Required : 436.25 mb
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