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Guide By: newbsicle
There are 30 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
Offline: 27 (890)
Online: 3 (110)
Approximate amount of time to 1000: 8-10 hours
Number of missable achievements: None!
Glitched achievements: 1 (Pontiac Tournament-Online-20) It’s not technically glitched but the Online NCAA Tournament happened in March ’08. Unless they do another tournament this Spring you can no longer get this achievement.
Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes. For the team vs team achievements. There are 3 of them. You will have to play on MOP Difficulty to get those three achievements.

College Hoops 2K8 is a basketball simulation game and it is published & developed by 2K Sports. The achievements in College Hoops are not that hard and you should have at least half of them after only a couple of hours. In total there are 30 achievements worth a possible of 980. The reason it is not worth 1000 is because there was one online achievement for qualifying for the Pontiac Tournament and completing a game via Xbox Live. You can, as of right now, no longer obtain this achievement.

Note: You can adjust the Game Sliders during a game but be aware that it will disable certain achievements.

Step 1:
Before you even begin playing the game you can easily get three achievements for 90 without even actually playing a single game. Hit the to the right to bring up the game’s Main Menu. From there go to “Creation Zone” > “Play Designer”. From there simply pick a team. You can either read the tutorial or simply skip it if you think you don’t need it. You probably will need it. All you have to do is move the 5 players around the court and have one of them do a cut or screen. Then just save the play and you will then get the “Play Designer” achievement. After you do that back out to the Main Menu and go to “Creation Zone” > “Chant Creator”. Hit and you will begin making a new crowd chant. Simply hit once more and just pick a letter from the screen. After that hit and name the chant. Now is when you might be asking yourself why did I not get the achievement yet? Well you have not “officially” saved the chant yet. You should be at the “Chant Creator” menu, simply go down to the chant and hit , then hit “Save Chants”. After you do that and the chant saves the achievement will unlock. After you do that back out to the Main Menu and go down to “Features” > “2K Share” > “Manage my Shares”. After you do that simply select on “Upload” and upload the chant you just created and you will then have 3 achievements for 90.

Step 2 (Career Legacy):
Now that you have three of the game’s achievements, how about we actually get you a good bit of Gamerscore? Well from the Main Menu go to “Game Modes > “Legacy” > “New Career Legacy”. Now Career Legacy is what you must play to get the individual Legacy achievements which in total there are 7 of them worth a total of 260. Once at the “Legacy Setting” only change the Half Length to 2 minutes and Players Leave Early to off. Only change the Half Length if you think you’ll play a game during your Career Legacy. There are a few teams that are pretty decent, they are NC A&T, Kennesaw St., Northern Colorado, and North Florida. Those teams are 4 of the best teams you can choose from. Now once you go to make your schedule, make it to where you only play small, weak schools and that you schedule as few games as you can. That way you have a better chance of going over .500 or better. After you make your teams schedule and signed some assistant coaches, you should be in the ABL season. Now make sure you play one of those games so you can get the “ABL Win” achievement. Now simply sim the season making sure you stay above .500. I would try to go undefeated. Then once the season is over simply make sure you win your team’s Conference Tournament and that you win the NCAA Tournament. Now you might have to play some games in the NCAA Tournament since you’ll be a mediocre team going up against a NCAA Powerhouse. After you win the NCAA Tournament you should have acquired a total of 4 achievements worth 150. You will not be able to get the “Job Offer” achievement until after you 3rd season in your Career Legacy. To anyone who is having a hard time getting the “Top Recruit” achievement have a look at Lord of Orion’s guide to getting that specific achievement. That guide can be found HERE.

Step 3 (In-game achievements):
Check out the College Hoops 2K8 guide written for x360a by newbsicle. You can check that guide out HERE. That guide should help you get all of the in-game achievements and within a couple of hours you should have those achievements hopefully without any problems. It should only take you 2-3 games to get these achievements. You can also get some of these out of the way by doing them during your Career Legacy.

Step 4 (All-American Challenge achievements):
There are a total of 3 achievements worth a total of 120. These achievements are the ones that will cause you a tad bit of trouble but hopefully not too much. Once again check out the Achievement Guide written by newbsicle which can be found HERE. That will give you some tips on how to get these individual achievements. The “Drills Domination” achievement will be the one that could give you a headache if you’ve never played a basketball game before. But don’t worry simply follow the on-screen instructions and look at the tips in the Achievement Guide and you should easily get it.

Step 5 (Year vs Year teams & Pontiac Tournament (Offline) achievements):
These achievements are for beating a certain year team such as the '07 Ohio State Buckeyes with a team from that very year like the '07 Florida Gators. There are in total 3 of these achievements worth 90. You will have to unlock these teams first though. To unlock these teams you'll have to get credits. Which you will get while going for the achievements. Once you have enough credits (45 credits for each team) you will need to go to "Features" > "The Shrine". Once there turn to the right with the and then hit . The teams are in numerical order so find all 6 teams and then play with them on MOP difficulty making sure you win with one of the teams and these 3 achievements are yours.

To play in the Pontiac NCAA Tournament, from the Main Menu go to "Game Modes" > "Pontiac Tournament" > "New Tournament". Now from the Tournament Setup screen change the Half Length to 1 minute and select a good team such as North Carolina, Duke, Kansas, or one of your favorite teams. Now simply play every game (6 games in total) with the same team without simulating and you'll get this achievement.

Well that does it for the College Hoops 2K8 Road Map. You should have at least 920in this game and you can easily get the other 80by simply getting someone to help you with the two online achievements via the Achievement Trading Thread, which can be found HERE. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me and I’ll try my best to answer them for you.

[x360a would like to thank Bishop24 for this Road Map]

Upload And Share30
Upload a 2K Share file to the 2K Sports server. 
-On the main menu go to features/2kshare/manage my shares/upload/ Now just upload any file you have to the servers.
Online Ranked Win30
Play and finish an online Ranked Match and win. 
See 30 Online Ranked Wins
30 Online Ranked Wins50
Accumulate 30 Online Ranked Match wins. 
-You must play at least one full game to unlock both, Online Ranked Win, and 30 Online Ranked Wins. You can either do this legit or by boosting. Boosting: You'll want someone to quit out on you 30 times once the ball has been tipped, AFTER which you will have to play then win one full game to get both the one ranked win, and the 30 ranked win achievements.
Pontiac (Online)20
Qualify for the Pontiac Virtual NCAA® Final 4® and complete at least one game in the tournament. 
-This achievement is unachievable unless done between the time frame of February 1st to March 10th 2008. You can sign up at the main menu/xbox live/Pontiac, along with viewing the rules, qualifications, and everything else. Once you're signed up you'll need 10online ranked wins to qualify for the tournament. Next just join the tournament and play one full game. Here's a link on how to qualify.
Drills Medal30
Earn Gold in any of the drills in the All-American Training Challenge - Singles mode.  
-See Drills Domination: Get a gold in one drill.
Beat Oden40
Beat Greg Oden at all of his drills in All-American Training Challenge - CPU Duel mode.  
-See Drills Domination: There are two drills Greg Oden participates in and you must beat both.
Drills Domination50
Beat all of the opponents in All-American Training Challenge - CPU Duel mode.  

-Main menu/game modes/All American Training/ You need to get gold on all single challenges, and beat the cpu drills.

TIP#1* I found the cpu never does well if you let it play through the drill as opposed to simming through it quickly.

TIP#2* In some drills you're to pull a thumb stick in the direction from the player as opposed to the cameras angle. Ex: -right, : In this case let's say I was at the very top of the three point line, or on the left if you're coming down court from the other basket. I would pull the  towards the right (from the players body) and then finish the button combination. Another method would be to change the camera angle.

Isomotion Training30
Successfully perform any of the Isomotion moves in Tutorial mode. 
-Main menu/game modes/tutorial Just complete one move.
ABL Win30
Play and win an ABL game in Open or Career Legacy.  
-During the off season you get a chance as a coach to view the next years recruits. The ABL is the amateur basketball league, and you'll find this league during the off season. Just play and win a game like the description says. Sliders and multiple controllers can be used, along with adjusting the time to 1min halves.
Over .50030
Finish a season in Career Legacy with a winning record.  
-See Job Offer: Unlocked during job offer.
Fan Support30
Finish a season in Career Legacy with at least 90% Average Attendance.  
-See Job Offer: Unlocked during job offer.
Top Recruit50
Sign a recruit ranked Top 10 in the nation in Career Legacy.  
-See Power Conference
Job Offer30
Receive a coaching job offer from a school in a Power Conference in Career Legacy.  
-Sim the first year in career legacy, qualify for a job offer from a team the second season by winning many games, and then pick a team to join. You'll do this three times till you can join a team in a power conference. *Tip at the end of the season you'll get a page of teams looking for coaches. Just go through all of them and decline all those not in a power conference.

Power Conferences:
Big 10
Big 12
Big East
Pac 10

Top Recruit: Take the steps for job offer and x it by 10 or so and you'll have the achievement. TAKES FOREVER! Tip* You may want to max out your recruiting grade to A+.
Conference Champion40
Win a conference tournament championship in Career Legacy.  
-You'll get this at some point doing the top recruit achievement.
National Champion50
Win a National Championship in Legacy mode (Open or Career).  
-Same as above
Play Designer30
Create and Save a custom Playbook using Play Designer.  
-Main menu/creation zone/design a play Just design and save a play. You only have three steps to follow and you'll unlock this.
Custom Chants30
Create and save a custom Chant using Chant Creator. 
-Main menu/creation zone/design a chant Just create and save a custom chant.
Buzzer Beater30
Win a game with a buzzer beater shot. 
-Just set up a game in quick mode with 1min halves and win the game with the last shot before the buzzer.
At The Line30
Shoot over 85% from the FT line with any team. Minimum of 15 FT attempts. 
-Using two controllers adjust the reach in foul all the way up. Now just reach in fouling with the other controller and making all the shots with your profile. You need 14/16 as a minimum.
Glass Domination30
Out rebound the opponent by at least 15 with any team. 
-Use the sliders improving your teams rebounding and the decreasing the cpu's.
On Fire30
Make 5 consecutive 3PT shots in a game with any team. 
-Put your three point sliders all the way up.
Start the 2nd half down by at least 15 points and win the game with any team. 
-You can use two controllers, along with the sliders.
Swat Team30
Block at least 10 shots with any team. 
-Put your block, the cpu's close shots tendencies all the way up, and swat the ball every time it comes close. You can use two controllers. I used the two controllers and let the cpu block me over and over.
Hold the opponent to 35% shooting or below with any team. 
-Play a game with either two controllers or use the shot sliders.
Double Double40
Get a double-double with any player. (2) 
-See Triple Double.
Triple Double40
Get a triple-double with any player. 
-A double is any stat above 10. 10+steals/10+assists+/10+blocks/10+points/10+rebounds etc... You only need three from that list to unlock both achievements.
'07 Ohio State vs Florida30
Win this 2007 Championship matchup as either '07 Ohio State or '07 Florida. MOP difficulty. 
-See Kansas vs Oklahoma
'79 Indiana St vs Michigan St30
Win this 1979 Championship matchup as either '79 Indiana State or '79 Michigan St. MOP difficulty. (1) 
-See Kansas vs Oklahoma
'88 Kansas vs Oklahoma30
Win this 1988 Championship matchup as either '88 Kansas or '88 Oklahoma. MOP difficulty. (1) 
-See Pontiac Tournament j/king :P Buy the teams at main menu/features/the shrine/ and simply beat the other team in quick match. Tip* Some teams are already selectable as classics.
Pontiac Tournament (Offline)20
Complete and win a Pontiac NCAA® Tournament. Must play all games as the same school w/o simulating. 
Complete and win a Pontiac NCAA® Tournament. Must play all games as the same school w/o simulating.

-Start an offline pontiac tournament and set the halves to 1min and just win till you have the achievement.

*In all the in-game achievements you can use sliders and/ or two controllers.

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US November 19, 2007

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