Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath

Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath Achievements


Complete Act III of the Campaign   
By far the shortest and hardest act of the game. The act only has 3 missions, however the last one is extremely hard, especially on hard. The first mission is quite simply. Build a War Factory, followed by Shredder on the top left side of the map, a emissary for the blue tiberium, AA turret next to Shredder, two refineries on the blue tiberium, two Obelisks(one near Blue Tiberium Field other near AA Turret) and spam Stealth Tanks with their upgrade. Liberate the troops for an achievement and destroy the Drone Platform. Build your Redeemer and rape the Scrin Epic Unit. The next mission is so easy thanks to a little glitch. Send your veteran units and kill GDI to take MCV. Use stealth power on MCV and take it to the objective. Done and Done. The last mission is a pain on hard. The key is to NOT capture the objective until you have a pretty large force. Capture one of the objectives when you're ready and attack GDI with your forces. Make sure you have a Redeemer with an engineer inside to keep it alive. Don't worry about the bonus objective, focus on the present objective.
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EA Los Angeles
Electronic Arts


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