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Command & Conquer 3 Achievement Guide

Guide By: Darth Odan
There are 22 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated Difficulty: 8/10
- Offline: 18 [880]
- Online: 4 [120]
- Minimum time to 1000: 200 Hrs
- Minimum playthroughs needed: 3 playthroughs [Difficulties don’t stack]
- Cheats affect achievements: [no cheats]
- Difficulty affects achievements: Yes
- Missable achievements: 1 ["Mister NO it all"]
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None

Welcome to Command & Conquer 3, the 3rd installment in the Command & Conquer series but the first on the Xbox 360. Continuing on from the events of Command & Conquer 2, the Brotherhood of Nod ends a decades long ceasefire attacking the Global Defense Initiative in full scale war. During the war, the alien races known as the Scrin also launch an attack on Earth. Players familiar with RTS games should have no trouble playing through the campaign on hard to earn the related achievements for completing all bonus objectives. There are plenty of walkthroughs and guides available so if you are having trouble on a certain mission there is no shortage of help available. Although it isn’t worth any points, the achievement ‘mister NO it all’ can be missed if you skip the tutorial at the beginning.

As the difficulty achievements don’t stack, you will need to play through each of the 3 campaigns, 3 times to earn all SP achievements. I would recommend starting on easy or medium if you are new to RTS games to get a feel for what to expect on hard. Many of the missions can be difficult as often enemies or scripted events can come out of now where can catch you completely off guard. However, as mentioned above, there is no shortage of guides available for this game so if you are looking to net yourself the full 1000 in the shortest time possible I would recommend referring to these before attempting each level. As the achievements are tied to completing all bonus objectives i recommend saving your game at the beginning of each mission, so that in the event you miss or fail a bonus objective you can essentially restart the mission as there is no mission select in this game and any bonus objective missed will require a brand new play through. Again it is a good idea to refer to guides for what bonus objectives appear on each mission.

Each campaign will take you roughly 10-15 hours to complete depending on how good you are at RTS games but shouldn’t prove too difficult once you get a feel for each faction and general strategies for winning. If you miss the achievement for skipping the tutorial, then once you have completed all other achievements, delete your save file, start a new game.

This will take you the longest time as "No life" requires you to play for 100 hours. Given how old this game is, the best option is to find a boosting partner to knock out the MP achievements, as there will likely be very few people still playing this for fun. The other MP achievements can be easily boosted while you work towards 100 hours. There are also a few 0 achievements that can be easily boosted.

Command & Conquer 3 will take a long time to earn the full 1000 but once you discover a strategy that works for each SP mission, the game can become much easier to complete on harder difficulties.

[XBA would like to thank DEG23 for this roadmap]

GDI Bronze20
GDI Campaign Finished with Bronze medal and Bonus Ribbon    

Finish the game on easy with all the bonus objectives completed. See the bottom for a list of the bonus objectives.

Nod Bronze20
Nod Campaign Finished with Bronze medal and Bonus Ribbon    

Finish the game on easy with all the bonus objectives completed. See the bottom for a list of the bonus objectives.

Scrin Bronze20
Scrin Campaign Finished with Bronze medal and Bonus Ribbon    

Finish the game on easy with all the bonus objectives completed. See the bottom for a list of the bonus objectives.

GDI Silver25
GDI Campaign Finished with Silver medal and Bonus Ribbon    

Finish the game on medium with all the bonus objectives completed. See the bottom for a list of the bonus objectives.

Nod Silver25
Nod Campaign Finished with Silver medal and Bonus Ribbon    

Finish the game on medium with all the bonus objectives completed. See the bottom for a list of the bonus objectives.

Scrin Silver25
Scrin Campaign Finished with Silver medal and Bonus Ribbon    

Finish the game on medium with all the bonus objectives completed. See the bottom for a list of the bonus objectives.

The McNeil Legacy100
GDI Campaign Finished with Gold medal and Bonus Ribbon    (4) 

Complete the GDI Campaign on hard with the Bonus Objectives. The Bonus objectives appear green in your map. To check them, press the back button, but some of those objectives don’t appear. For a list of ALL the bonus objectives and a brief explanation of how to achieve them, check the bottom of the guide. I recommend that you finish the game on easy, then go to medium, and finish the Scrin campaign on Hard first since it's easy and gives you an idea how to play on hard.

You Can't Kill the Messiah100
Nod Campaign Finished with Gold medal and Bonus Ribbon    (4) 

Complete the Nod Campaign on hard with the Bonus Objectives. The Bonus objectives appear green in your map. To check them, press the back button, but some of those objectives don’t appear. For a list of ALL the bonus objectives and a brief explanation of how to achieve them, check the bottom of the guide. I recommend that you finish the game on easy, then go to medium, and finish the Scrin campaign on Hard first since it's easy and gives you an idea how to play on hard.

Scrin Campaign Finished with Gold medal and Bonus Ribbon    

Complete the Scrin Campaign on hard with the Bonus Objectives. The Bonus objectives appear green in your map. To check them, press the back button, but some of those objectives don’t appear. For a list of ALL the bonus objectives and a brief explanation of how to achieve them, check the bottom of the guide. I recommend that you finish the game on easy, then go to medium, and finish the Scrin campaign on Hard first since it's easy and gives you an idea how to play on hard.

Something to Write Home About220
Complete all of the single player campaigns.    

Simply complete the three campaigns of the game; GDI, Nod, and the Scrin. To unlock the Scrin campaign, beat the game with the GDI and Nod factions. The difficulty isn’t important. If you need help on beating a mission, just message me or check the forums.

Dr. Moebius Award20
Gather 100000 tiberium in MP games   (2) 

All right, this is extremely easy. Collect 100,000 tiberium. This can be done in one game. Build a crane, two refineries, and your base. After that, build a surveyor, a refinery, and lastly extra harvesters. I’m not sure if Tiberium Spikes count, but capture them. After you have built a surveyor, try to build one-two more to control the tiberium in the game. In about ten minutes, you should control the map, and after the match, the achievement. OR, simply play an unranked match with a friend.

Rookie No More20
Complete Boot Camp Mission   

When you pop in the game, a feature will ask you to go through boot camp. Now, I recommend you SKIP this, if you want the "Mister NO it all" achievement. After that, play the boot camp and follow the easy steps. It if highly recommended that you play the Boot Camp before the campaign. The Boot Camp consists of 9-10 steps that will show you the essential s requirements to complete the game.

No life100
Play MP for 100 hours   (31) 

This achievement only counts time spent in ranked matches! The best type of game you should play is Siege, and place the barrier for 15 minutes. There, at least you have 15 minutes done. It should take another half hour to defeat your opponent, so you could get 45 minutes per game. Another method is to simply play the game a lot.

Nod Unleashed5
Completing the GDI TOW: Washington D.C.    

Complete the GDI Prologue, and you’ll unlock the Nod Campaign.

Simon Says you LOSE0
Negative Achievement: Lose a single player game 3 times in a row   

Start up ANY mission that has a base. Simply sell every building and load the auto-save and play that mission again.

The Golding Rule0
Negative Achievement: Lose 5 MP games in a row   (1) 

Use the same method as Simon Says you LOSE. Sell your MCV and you’ll get it. Or, you could simply just loose five times.

Mister NO it all0
Negative Achievement: Skipping the Tutorial suggestion from SP    (14) 

This achievement is glitch. You MUST SKIP the Tutorial the FIRST time the option appears, or you will not be able to do it again.

Losing Face0
Lose to someone Ranked 20 places below you in a MP Ranked Game   (5) 

This one can be a bit tricky, since you don’t know the rank of the person. You should get this achievement while you’re trying to get "The Golding Rule" achievement. If that doesn’t work, sell your MCV until you loose enough to actually get the achievement.

GDI Campaign80
Complete the GDI campaign    

Complete the game on any difficulty with/without the bonus objectives. There are five acts in the game, with most consisting of three missions. If you need any help, check out the forums or send me a message.

Nod Campaign80
Complete the Nod campaign    

Complete the game on any difficulty with/without the bonus objectives. There are five acts in the game, with most consisting of three missions. If you need any help, check out the forums or send me a message.

Secret Achievements
Secret: Welcome to 204720
Press the A button 2047 times, the year the game takes place   (3) 

This achievement is simple, but seems challenging. Set up a skirmish game, one versus one. Destroy the enemy, but leave a few power plants alive. Tap the A button for five to ten minutes, save the game, and destroy the base. If you didn’t get achievement, reload the save and keep going.

The Truth20
Completing the GDI and Nod campaigns    (1) 

Simply finish the game with both, the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod. Doing so will unlock the Scrin campaign. It is not necessary to complete the bonus objectives.


I will begin with the Scrin first, since they're the shortest, followed by GDI and lastly by Nod.


Mission one:

1. Destroy Buckingham Palace.

2. Destroy Big Ben and Parliament.

3. Plant three growth accelerators in the three tiberium fields.

Alright, now that you have your base, build it near first tiberium field, start building power plants, and the photon[anti-vehicle] turrets to the RIGHT side of your base and one anti infantry. Same thing to the north, except ONE photon turret and the rest anti infantry. After that, build THREE Air Craft buildings [forgot their name, sorry] and fill it with the air craft. After the first wave, Send them and what survived of your initial force to the Palace on the LEFT side of the map. After destroying it, return to your base for healing. Build the three growth accelerators, and don't worry, they can be destroyed. After the infantry wave is dead, send the air craft to destroy Big Ben. Return for healing and finish the mission.

Mission 2: [Special Thanks to Dew for the strategy]

1. The Mind master must survive.

You'll start with the Mind Master, AKA Yuri alien version. Take control of the grenadiers and have your mind master RUN and HIDE behind the ship object in the beginning. Garrison the grenadiers in the church and clear the buildings near by, if needed move to another building. After they die, teleport the two tank on the left side [your tanks] BEHIND the barracks, and destroy the THREE turrets NEAR the barracks. IF they are still alive, attack the turret on the BOTTOM RIGHT area of the map. When they die, TRY to take control of a Predator, and proceed on the bottom right side of the map, destroying ALL turrets on sight[obviously the Mind Master returns to his hiding spot]. It should take two predators to clear out the remaining three turrets. After that, send the mind master to the bottom right corner[take control of any units near the mind master and send them to turrets], take control of the barracks and build two engineers, RUN BACK to the hiding spot. Complete the mission without using the Mind Master [destroy the human base].

Mission 3: Destroy the GDI base.

If not done quickly, this can be a PAIN in the ass. Build a LOT of photon turrets, and build three to four air craft buildings. Send the air craft to destroy the GDI power plants. THREE of them will leave the base without power, and make sure you attack when the base is empty. Attack the War factory, barracks, and MCV. Then return to base for healing. By now Nod should be attacking the GDI base. Destroy the remaining GDI buildings [with the indicator on] and finish the mission.

Mission 4:

1. Destroy the GDI base.

Alright, this is it. The last mission. Build a LOT of defenses for the Phase Generators[especially on Hard], then proceed to build a Rift Generator, upgrade your units, build a lot of devastators[the air craft BEFORE the PAC] and a lot of Tripods. When the timer is up, build a signal transmitters and a lot of PACs. Proceed to send your fleet to the GDI base [and use the Rift Generator on the MCV] and destroy the MCV, objective complete.


Mission 1:

1.Build a Watchtower.

2.Build a second Infantry queue.

3.Build a Tiberium Silo.

4.Capture one of Nod's buildings.

5.Sell the captured Nod structure.

6.Capture the Tiberium Spike.

Okay, just play the mission as normal. After you've established your base, build two barracks. Destroy the nod base and capture the power plant, sell it when you can. Build a watch tower after words. Repair the bridge and build another engineer. Capture the Tiberium Spike, and just wait. Wait until you hear Silos Needed and you'll get a up link and build it. Then, simply finish the mission.

Mission 2:

1. Eliminate the small Nod base to the north.

2. Take back the city by clearing 4 garrisoned buildings.

After you've defended the Pentagon, you'll get four APCs. Garrison the four grenadiers and move out to the Nod Garrisoned buildings. By the time you've cleared the six buildings to the left, you'll get the video up link and objective complete. After that, move to the Small Nod base before the main city and the big Nod base[has the green indicator]. Simply blow it to hell.

Mission 3:

1. Capture the Tiberium Refinery in the city.

2. Rescue all 4 Snipers from Bravo Squad.

After establishing your base, build four to five APCs with Grenadiers. Head out to the right side of you base, and kill the Nod troops to rescue the two snipers. Build another APC and place an engineer in it. Move to the left side of the city, clearing out every building until you rescue the last squad of snipers. After clearing out that area, send in the engineer and capture the refinery.

Mission 4:

1.Complete the mission using only the Commando.

If you seriously have trouble with this, you should kill yourself. XD, joking aside, this is the simplest bonus objective ever. Don't worry if your reinforcements kill anyone, just don't select them and complete the mission with the Commando. If you see an enemy vehicle, make him follow you to a barrel and blow him to hell.

Mission 5:

1. Suppress the Nod infantry advances by putting Snipers into the designated buildings.

2. Destroy Nod's Power Plants.

3. Destroy the Secret Shrine.

Okay, after you have your base established, build two snipers and send them to the buildings with the green indicator. Build for to five APCs and fill them with grenadiers, send them to the right side of the map. Build six to seven predator tanks and send them to the left side of the map. With the APCs, advance towards the top right corner, and destroy the two Nod buildings and garrisons. Then, send the APCs and Predator Tanks to destroy the 3[can't remember if it was 3 or 6] power plants, destroying any Nod forces in the way.

Mission 6:

1. Capture all three Tiberium Spikes.

2. Destroy the Nod Outpost.

Once you take control of the base, build an army of Zone Troopers, and move your forces to the second tiberium spike, build two more engineers. Capture the one in your base, and move your army towards the last tiberium spike, and move your engineer. Capture the spike, and destroy the outpost just to the right of the last tiberium spike.

Mission 7:

1. Destroy all Nod ships docked at the port.

2. Capture the EMP Control Center in the city.

3. Deploy a Surveyor at the northern Tiberium Field.

Send your initial attack force to the EMP Control Center, and send some Predator Tanks for back up, and build an engineer. After capturing the EMP, build an army of Mammoth Tanks and construct a surveyor. Explore the Tiberium Field to the north and deploy the surveyor. Once you have ten Mammoths, move out to the Port, destroy both Battle Ships and you'll get reinforcements.

Mission 8:

1. Capture the Nod Power Plants.

2. Destroy all Nod Structures.

Few minutes before an ICBM is fired. Oh Joy! First step, build four Orcas and one engineer. Have a transport appear for the Engineer. Build your army of Railed Gun Mammoths and send your Orcas through the LEFT side of the Nod base, I mean, hugging the left side. You'll see a Tiberium Spike, capture it for more money, and then converge on the nearby AA turret near the Power plant. Return to base IN THE SAME way you came in. Blow up the power plant, and you're done for now. After you have ten to twelve Mammoths, begin your slow and powerful charge inside the base. Destroy that nuke. Send half of them to the right, to destroy the MCV and the rest to the left to destroy the Crane. After that, mop up the base, you'll get the objective completed before you blow up the labs.

Mission 9:

1. All base defenses survive until the reinforcement team arrives.

2. Return the MCV to the GDI base unharmed.

Every bodies favorite mission. Repair your base, and activate all of the anti vehicle turrets, one anti infantry on each side. Now, build two pit bulls, one on each side of the base, and build infantry for both anti infantry turrets. Build two to three Predator Tanks for the vehicle sides. Also, don't forget those three thousand dollars in crates just south of your base. Pat yourself in the back, you've held out the Nod onslaught. Now, to the easy part. Send all your vehicles to the northern base and destroy the turrets, AND the war factories, NOTHING else. Send a lot of engineers and capture that base. Oh, I almost forgot, don't worry about the MCV. It's there perfectly fine. Build up two air bases, eight Vertigoes, and a lot of Venoms. Now, this is KEY, send those eight vertigoes to the AIR BASE on the south right corner. Okay, blow up the Air bases and the MCV. NOTHING ELSE. Now, with your fleet of Venoms, scout out the map to make sure there are NO venoms, I mean NO venoms. Squash the infantry base, and send ALL of your venoms within the city near the MCV. After you've liberated the MCV, WATCH OUT for the TWO squads of RPGs. Wipe them out. All of them. Move the MCV to the base, deploy it, and send your vertigoes to destroy the battle lab. Good job, you've passed one of the hardest missions.

Mission 10:

1. Survive the Nod assault unharmed.

2.Capture airfield Reinforcement Bay.

3.Capture motor pool Reinforcement Bay

4.Arm a Fire hawk with a missile load out and destroy a Nod Venom.

A lot of people seem to have trouble here. Alright, send your initial squad to the TOP RIGHT corner and kill the infantry and then worry about that turret. Maybe one trooper might die, but not the whole squad. Now clear out the base to get engineers. Now, from the Reinforcement bay, take your Fire hawks, and BOMBARD every building capable of creating Nod units. Once done, switch your Fire hawks with missiles and take down ONE Venom[more if you want]. Keep up the bombardment of ALL Nod units. Send your engineers in once the coast is clear. Also, WATCH OUT FOR THE OBELISKS OF LIGHT!

Mission 11:

1. Capture the Mutant Hovel.

2. Capture the Science Labs.

3. Capture the Chemical Plant.

4. Destroy an Avatar with a commando.

This is it Commanders. Sarajevo. Nod's most Holiest ground. Once you have your base established, send a fire hawk to the LEFT side of the map to find the Mutant Hovel. Send an engineer and capture it. Now, build a Commando and make him a veteran[if you want] by killing anything with two legs on the LEFT side of your base and map. Build an army of Railed Gun Mammoths and two engineers. Use your fire hawks to destroy the Obelisks of Light and send a rig. Alright, this is the pickle. Have the commando in a transport and wait. Manually control the Mammoth army and provoke the Nod Base. I'm not entirely sure, but in all of my games, the Avatar comes from the FAR LEFT side of the base after a lot of provocation. Also, in my games, there are always THREE Avatars 0_0. That's right, three. I think it's because I'm slow on this mission. Anyways, after the provocation, get ready for the infantry wave, after wave, after wave, followed by vehicles and the Avatar. Send your Mammoths to NO attack Stance. Destroy the vehicles NEAR it and move back. Deploy your Commando, and he's got a present for that Avatar. IF he isn't a veteran, he'll die on two hits. Okay, this is key now, after that, build your Ion Cannon and another army[just in case]. Wait one until the timer reaches two minutes and go in. REMEMBER if you're in the aggressive stance, EXPECT FAILURE! They will destroy all the buildings. CLEAR ALL AA turrets and capture the science lab, and clear the Chemical lab and capture it. REMEMBER TO SAVE OFTEN IN THIS MISSION!!!!!

Mission 12:

1. Capture GDI Lab.

2. Capture the Power Plant.

After you've gained your engineers, send your veteran force across the river with ONE engineer. Capture the power plant and send your reinforcements with two engineers to the lab. CLEAR out the aliens and capture it.

Mission 13:

1. Rescue the three squads.

2. Destroy a tripod with a commando.

3. Capture the three power plants.

Okay, first thing is first, rescue the engineers. DO NOT leave them alone to do the other objectives, just yet. Save a squad if you can while protecting the engineers. Chances are you'll run into the tripod. Capture your base, and build APCs to protect the engineers. Now with a large forces, capture and rescue the remaining objectives. Again, DO NOT go for the the objectives, or your engineers WILL die.

Mission 14:

1. Capture the Reinforcement Bay.

2. Capture the Power plant.

Okay, after scouting the alien base, rescue the engineers. This IS KEY, capture the Power plant ACROSS the bridge BEFORE you activate your base. After you've done so, activate your base, repair everything and capture the reinforcement bay. Watch out, there might be some Scrin Scum around there.

Mission 15:

1.Destroy the armor base Drone Platform

2.Destroy the Alien Signal Transmitter.

3.Destroy the Alien Mother ship. [OPTIONAL]

4.Destroy the air base Drone Platform.

Berne....Hands down one of my favorite missions. Build up your base and defenses. Build eight fire hawks BEFORE assaulting the Armor Drone. Okay, now you've got eight fire hawks, what for you ask? Assault the Armor Drone with your army of Mammoths, and you'll get an up link. DESTROY THE TRANSMITTER THE SECOND YOU SEE IT ON THE MAP! If you do so, no Mother Ship! AND no Bonus objective and you still get the ribbon!! Now that you've done the hard part, build an Ion Cannon. Your Choice: Ion Cannon the Air Base, or Mammoth it.

Mission 16:

1. Destroy the Master Mind.

2. Prevent the Scrin from using the Rift Generator.

Okay, with your initial Zone Troopers, jet pack to the RIGHT of your base. See that little crossbreed between engineer and anti vehicle alien? Kill it. Build a surveyor and expand to the RIGHT[where you've just cleared]. Now with an army of Mammoths and Zone troopers, move out to the RIGHT. You'll see that Rift Generator. Destroy it. NOTE: DO NOT move farther to the right before you're ready, or the Rift Generator count down begins.

Mission 17:

1. Capture a Super Weapon.

2. Divert the Mother ship.

This is it Commanders. Ground Zero, the Final Countdown, the last battle. Build up your base and have two Mammoth armies, one to the North [on top] and one to the left. Clear the Scrin base to the left, and SPARE the Right Generator. Capture it, if you can't, capture the Temple of Nod that appears later on. After a while, you'll get an up link of the Mother Ship coming. Destroy the two cloaking towers in front of the Nod base. You won't find much resistance there, but don't stay long.


Mission 1: Prologue

1. Capture the Reinforcement bay.

2. Destroy the last Power plant with the shadow hand.

Alright, send your forces to the barracks near the reinforcement bay and blow it up. When the engineer arrives, capture it. When you get the Shadow Hand, order them to glide and land behind the last power plant and blow it up with the bombs. After that, complete the mission.

Mission 2: Andrew's Air Force Base

1. Capture two Tiberium Spikes.

Once you get your base, send your Raider's to clear the first Spike, there should a squad, kill it and send in your engineer. Build another engineer and your army. After you've built your army, destroy the power plant with the shadows. Clear out the area, and send in your engineer.

Mission 3: White House

1. Capture two Tiberium Spikes

2. Capture two Tiberium Silos.

3. Destroy five OX transports.

Build three engineers and capture the two tiberium Spikes to the south of your base. Send the other two to the silos WITHOUT going through the middle. After you blow up the GDI building, they will get reinforcements. Send four Bikes in the area where they will be coming and the bikes will handle the rest.

Mission 4: Hampton Roads

1. Capture the Command Post.

2. Find the lost saboteur.

I REALLY suck at this mission. I mean, I couldn't pass it with the bonus objective on easy! So, sorry if this doesn't help at all. After destroying the ship, send the commando and the Venoms towards the engineer. Let the Venoms protect the engineer and the commando destroy the Barracks and infantry. Then, send your Suicide Wave of terrorists to blow up they're production buildings, clear the place up, destroy the power plants and capture the building.

Mission 5: Washington DC

1. Construct two gun turrets for defenses. Shredder turret and laser turret.

2. Destroy the Tibeium Silos.

3. Capture the Subway.

4. Use GDI technology against them [?]

Build up your forces and the two gun turrets as soon as you get the message to do so. Destroy the GDI base north of your base and the nearby Silos. Capture the subway to the left of your base with an engineer. Rebuild your army and destroy the remaining Silos. Don't worry about objective #4. I failed it and still got the ribbon and the achievement.

Mission 6: Amazon Desert

1. Capture the reinforcement bay.

Repair your base and build up your Scorpion Tank Army. Obliterate the GDI presence to the north, and get ready to move out to the right of your base with another army. After the screen expands, clear the city and send an engineer. Capture the bay and you're clear to wipe GDI out.

Mission 7: Atlantic Coast

1. Destroy the MCV.

2. Destroy the Air Craft Carrier.

3. Destroy the rig before it reaches it's destination.

Build up two air bases and fill them with Vertigoes. Build an army and expand to the northern tibeirum field. If you want, build a third air base. After clearing the second turret emplacement, send your vertigoes to the RIGHT side of the map, near the sea. You'll see the Air Craft Carrier, it should take three runs to blow it up. After that, move a tank near the ocean to trigger the rig objective. Send in your Vertigoes to take care of it. Lastly, send your Vertigoes again to the GDI base, destroy the MCV. Should take you two runs.

Mission 8: Slovenia.

1. Destroy the AA guns.

2. Upgrade an Avatar.

3. Build and mantain 3 Obelisks of Light.

Use your commando to destroy everything and anything GDI. Wipe everything yellow in that part of the level, and you'll get reinforcements for blowing up each of the four AA guns. After that, move out to the Nod base with the Weapon component. Hold out and you'll get some Avatars. To upgrade the Avatar, press the RT button and go over a Nod Vehicle. You'll see a hand like thing, click it. You'll sacrifice a unit, but your Avatar will gain it's ability.

Mission 9: Sarajevo

1. Escort the truck unharmed.

Group your units. ALL units will attack the gun turret to the left EXCEPT for the flame tanks. Move up to the left, leaving your force behind and your flame tanks and truck moving up. Save often. Kill the infantry with the flame tank and you're home free. Make the dash for the Nod base. It will take a few tries, don't get frustrated if you fail.

Mission 10: Outback

1. Destroy Tiberium Tower

2. Capture GDI lab

Okay, send your Scorpions to the Tiberium Tower, kill the GDI units. Make sure you leave your stealth tanks with the engineer and they're in Aggressive Stance. GDI WILL ATTACK YOUR ENGINEER! After destroying the tower, regroup. DO NOT. DO NOT attack the convoys yet, leave the Venoms behind and clear that gun turret to the GDI base. Send in the engineer, capture it and finish the mission.

Mission 11: Sydney City Wall

1. Capture the Tiberium Spikes

2. Destroy the Ion Control

After you've cleared the Scrin base, build five to six venoms. Send them to where the tiberium spikes are and make sure they're in the aggressive stance. Make sure that there are NO Scrin present, send the engineers in and capture the buildings. Now, with your vertigoes and venoms, destroy the Ion Control.

Mission 12. Downtown Sydney

1. Harvest 25,000 tiberium

2. Nuke GDI

The first objective becomes void later on, so don't worry, but still harvest tiberium. Build an emissary and expand to the tiberium spike in GDI's base. Build some Obelisks and a war factory. When the timer reaches 3 minutes, the Messiah, Kane will send you a message and authorize you to use a Nuke. Simply Nuke anywhere that has GDI. I recommend they're Mammoth tanks.

Mission 13: Ayers Rock

1. Capture the Mutant Hovel and train five mutants

2. Capture the tiberium solos

First off, destroy that temple with twelve vertigoes. After that, build for engineers in Killian's base and capture the silos, don't forget to kill the mutants near there. After that build an engineer in your base, kill the mutants, capture the building and train five mutants.

Mission 14: Northern Italy

1. Capture the Reinforcement Bay

2. Do not use Kane's weapon.

Right, simple. Send your force to escort an engineer and capture the MCV. Build up an army of Stealth tanks and Venoms, capture the launch facility and repair it. Don't forget about the reinforcement bay. Destroy the first base near your base, then the other one with your armies. The last and most defended should be no problem to penetrate with Venoms distracting defenses and Stealth tanks blowing it up.

Mission 15: Italian Hills

1. Capture the Harvesters

2. Destroy the Scrin Building

3. Destroy the Air Fields.

After you've established your base, send a squad of Avatars or any units you want to secure each harvester location and capture it. Build a temple and nuke the air fields. After doing that, build up on venoms and launch your final assault on the Scrin base and capture the relay node.

Mission 16: Operation Stiletto

1. Construct a Mammoth Tank

2. Construct a Tripod

These objectives are void if you destroy the war factories.

Mission 17: Kane's Tower

1. Capture the three Juggernauts

2. Destroy the GDI Control Cannon Control Centres

Construct a lot of Venoms, and destroy the AA turret near the Juggernauts. After that destroy the Juggernauts, and capture them with engineers.


1. What is GDI?

The Global Defense Initiative was created by the United Nations after the fall of Greece during the Soviet Invasion of Europe. It was maintained as a secrete and is the main enemy of the Brotherhood of Nod.

2. Wait, what invasion of Europe...?

In the 1950s, Albert Einstein created the Chronosphere, a device he used to travel to the past and erase Hitler from existence, thus World War Two never happened.

3. Ah, I see...So, how does that tie in with C&C 3?

Kane, the charismatic leader of the Brotherhood was one of Stalin's advisers during this time, and later kills Stalin after Soviet Victory. See the video.

4. Oh... So, what was C&C 1 and 2 about?

After a trick by the United Nations, Nod reveled themselves and were shown to be terrorists and really committing genocides. The UN authorized U.S. General Shepard to wipe Nod out. GDI's campaign focused on Europe while Kane and his Commander focused on Africa. Nod defeated GDI in Africa, but Kane fell on GDI's assault on Sarajevo by the Ion Cannon. Years of peace followed, until the unthinkable. Kane resurfaced and the second tiberium war followed. GDI won the war, Kane 'died'. Then Kabal, Nod's AI went rebel and GDI and Nod allied to defeat him. But, the most peculiar thing happened....

5. So, what is Tiberium?

Tiberium is a mineral that landed on Earth by a comet in 1995. It is uncertain who discovered it. Kane claims to have found it while Dr. Moebius also claims to have discovered it. Tiberium was quickly used by humanity but they later found out the consequences of it, extreme mutation, destruction of land, etc.

6. In the campaign, Kane mentions the Tacitus. What's that?

The Tacitus was an alien ship that crash landed on Earth. Kane and GDI fought for it, and Kane won. The Tacitus could have reveled the secrets of Tiberium, but Kane found out something more. Kane discovered how to trigger the Scrin invasion.

7. Why did the Scrin invade?

The Scrin invaded to harvest the Ichor[Tiberium]. The Liquid Tiberium Bomb triggered their signal, but it was premature. The conditions were set that the indigenous species were to almost extinct and a certain level of Ichor.


1. What's the difference of GDI and Nod?

The main difference is that Nod rushes, uses stealth and guerrilla warfare. GDI on the other hand is a giant brute. So, Nod is good when it comes to early rushes, but not settling in. GDI on the other hand is weak in the beginning but if given enough time, expect a Mammoth Army.

2. Who has the best defenses?

It depends. Personally, I believe Nod has the best defenses. The Obelisk of light is extremely powerful, but has to charge up, their Anti Infantry is effective and AA is outstanding.

3. How do you counter GDI/Nod/Scrin?

The series is unique because of it's balancing. Each faction has it's strengths and weaknesses. GDI is extremely powerful, both on land and in the Air. But, they're defenses aren't that good and are open for early rushes.

Nod is an expert in Stealth and rushes, but vulnerable in the long run. A good Nod Player can be a turtle and dig in, but you'll need a wall of AA and of Obelisks and of defenses.

The Scrin have an extremely uber powerful Air Force, but their land forces aren't that great compared to the Mammoth Tank. The best way to counter is a swift and violent rush attack and have ample AA guns. DO NOT let Scrin develop and expand.

4. What's with everyone and having 3 surveyors?

Surveyors can be the difference between victory and defeat. With Surveyors, you CAN control the game by controlling Tiberium. It can also allow you build armies and FLANK your enemies while distracting them. It's recommended you build a crane in each surveyor in case your main base is destroyed.

5. What's the best strategy?

There isn't a better strategy that can beat them all. The best way to achieve victory is to know your faction. Nod CAN'T be toe to toe with GDI. So, Venom rush GDI or Scorpion Rush, or my favorite; Stealth Tank them while they're attacking you. For GDI, use your Fire hawks to render the enemy with out war buildings and or Harvesters and followed by a Zone Trooper and Mammoth Invasion. For Scrin, build an army of shielded Tripods and PACs.

Game Info
EA Los Angeles
Electronic Arts


US May 10, 2007
Europe May 05, 2007

ESRB: Teen
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