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Guide By: Mxs10
There are 49 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 49 (1000 )
- Online: 0 (0 )
- Approximate amount of time for 1000: 15-20 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
- Number of missable achievements: 0
- Glitched Achievements: Mob Massacre, Strength of 10 Men, Losing his Mind.
- Do cheats codes disable achievements?:No (except the master moves achievements)

Conan is a very linear hack and slash game which should give you a certain 1000 if you play it smartly. If you don't play it smartly, you will probably need a few more playthroughs, but since it is a fairly short game, you are not looking at a major time commitment. Most of the achievements are do "action X" a certain number of times, which would be so simple if the count stacked through your playthroughs. Since they don't stack, it is at least a time commitment even if it is not a challenge.

Step 1: Prepare
Familiarize yourself with the guides to the Bosses and Maidens, Runes & Chests. These will be invaluable, since some of the chests are very well hidden, but will become obvious once you know where they are. There are also a lot of achievements stemming from these (10 for 180 ), so it is worthwhile to check first, or look through the guide as you progress.
You don't need to worry about cheats unless you have already passed the game on medium or higher, but they are unlocked from the main menu by going to Extras > Unlockables. Once you have the basic idea of the game, just jump right in because the first level is a tutorial.

Step 2: Hard Playthrough
Hard difficulty is not that hard, so don't feel daunted by the name. The main reason I died on hard was because I was trying to kill an enemy in a specific way for achievement hunting purposes. During this play through you are going to want to focus on a few achievement lines, don't try and do everything at once. You will get nine achievements (200 ) just for finishing this playthrough and dumb luck will lead you to another half dozen at least.

There is not enough experience handed out in this game to unlock all the moves in all three weapon styles, so pick two to focus on for this play through. I would recommend the one handed blade and the two weapon styles, since you can start the former at the beginning of the game and the latter is simple to max out. One-handed should give you the disarm achievements and the two weapon should give you the dismemberment achievements. The only reason to pick up a two handed weapon in this playthrough is to get the Parry Farm achievement.

In this playthrough, try to find all runes, maidens and chests. Refer to the guides above if you are uncertain. This is also the playthrough to get the achievements on the Giant Squid battle, about three quarters of the way into the game. These are the grapple kills achievements, the throw achievements and Bring Out the Gimp. Doing this will also get you about 60,000 points on this level, guaranteeing you the two point based achievements. After this playthrough, you should have about 40 achievements worth about 750 .

Step 3: King Playthrough
After completing the game on Hard, you will unlock King difficulty and 3 cheats: Master all Moves (self explanatory), Song of Death (song of death is always active), and Infinite Power (armour powers do not deplete energy). Personally, I would avoid the master all moves cheat, but Infinite Power is very valuable. If you get into a tight spot or just get fed up with fighting the rubber monkeys, activate a power and kill them instantly. It will also give you a number of chances at Strength of 10 Men during the final fight with Graven.

During this playthrough, try and focus on the impaling achievements and Master Two Handed Swordsmen. With the cheats, this difficulty is not that hard either, so long as you don't try to mop up everything on this playthrough. Just focus on a few achievements and getting through the game. This should net you another few achievements, but you will still have a few missing.

Step 3: Achievement mop up
After passing the game on King, you unlock the invincibility cheat which makes mop up a snap. Finish the last few achievements, like Untouchable, Rock of Ages, and Losing his Mind. Check the guide below if you want to know where to find the best place to get these achievements.

Glitched Achievements:
There is good news for completionists in this game - the achievements are glitched in your favour. For me, Mob Massacre and Strength of 10 Men unlocked during my fight with Graven, despite the fact that only two enemies died. Still not sure why, but it saved me a full playthrough just to try. Also, I have heard that the Losing his Mind achievement unlocks without actually decapitating the captain. I haven't experienced this, though.

If you have any other achievements missing, perhaps Enemy Appetizers or Meat Market, you may need to start a second mop up playthrough, but given that the game only takes between 5 and 8 hours (less with invincibility), it is not a huge time commitment. Refer to the guide below to find the best place to get your missing achievements if you are not sure. A final note about Meat Market, after you kill Bone Cleaver for the second time, you fight ghosts and statues almost exclusively, which cannot be dismembered, so try to get this early in the game.

That's it, 1000 , no annoying online achievements, no massive time commitment, just a simple and fun game to complete. Enjoy.

[x360a would like to thank Capn Doug for this Road Map]


5 Grapple Kills   
see 'Fatal Touch'
Man Handle15
50 Grapple Kills    
see 'Fatal Touch'
Death Grip20
250 grapple kills    
see 'Fatal Touch'
Fatal Touch30
500 grapple kills    (4) 
All the grapple achievements can be unlocked during the Giant Squid Boss battle. When the squid starts to turn the crewmen into Oilmen just use , or , grapple combo's on them, it takes about an hour of constant grappling to gain this achievement.
Shish Kabob10
Impale an enemy   
Easily obtained near the start of the game, while rescuing A' kanna's crewmen, just grapple an enemy and throw him into the spike pillars
Enemy Appetizers30
Impale 100 enemies    (1) 
There are quite a few enemies which can be impaled near the start of the game while rescuing A' kanna's crewmen, and during the Bone Cleaver Boss battle. Just make a point of luring enemies towards any spike's you come across while playing the game and Impale them.
Now You See It, Now You Don't10
Disarm an enemy   
see 'Master Looter'
Master Looter30
Disarm 100 enemies    (1) 
Try and buy the 'Shield Strip' and 'Thief of Bel' One-Handed Combat Abilities early in the game, these are key to obtaining this achievement. When you start finding enemies with shields, first use Shield Strip then use Thief of Bel and then have Conan pick a shield back up, this causes him to drop his dual weilding sword, which the disarmed enemy will pick back up, allowing you to perform Thief of Bel again. Repeat until you eventually kill the enemy, then move onto the next enemy.
Rock of Ages30
Kill 100 enemies by boulder throw    
This can be unlocked by throwing boulders and other items like crates, vases, etc. Just run towards a group of enemies and when they start following you, run back to the item pick it up and throw it towards the enemy group, if your lucky you can kill multiple enemies with one item. Using this method should net you the achievement fairly quickly.

A trick to this achievment is to turn on the infinite armor power and stone skin power on the enemies, then a single item will kill them, as sometimes the item will only stun the enemy.
Free Fall10
Kill an enemy by death fall   
see 'Death Rain'
Death Rain30
Kill 100 enemies by death fall    
This achievement should be saved untill the Giant Squid Boss battle, simply get to the stage where the squid turns the crew into Oilmen, then grapple them and throw them overboard.
BEWARE - Do not throw the Oilmen onto the Squid as this sometimes stops the squid transforming the crewmen into Oilmen.
Slice 'n Dice10
100 dismemberments    (1) 
see 'Meat Market'
Chop Shop20
500 dismemberments    
see 'Meat Market'
Meat Market30
1000 dismemberments    
This achievement can be fairly easy, I found the 'Blade Fury' Dual Wield Parry attack to be quite useful as it removes an enemies Head, Arms and Legs! Thats 6 dismemberments per enemy! Other useful moves include 'The Mercenary' Dual Wield ,,,, and 'Triple Heavy Strike' Dual Wield ,,.
Parry Farm10
Perform every parry kill move    
There are 3 for each weapon style: One-Handed, Dual Wield and Two Handed. Simply wait near an enemy and just as his attack is about to hit you, press  to block, then press the button displayed above his head either ,, or , perform all three then change to the next weapon style.
Parry Assassin15
100 parry kills    
see 'Parry King'
Parry King20
200 parry kills    
Just kill every weak enemy that you see with a parry attack and you should have this achievement in no time. This should also help towards the Meat Market achievement if you try to perform the  parry while dual wielding.
Chained Attacker10
Combo Counter reaches 100   (1) 
In the last level there's a point where you have to push a pillar over to create a bridge, it begins to crumble as you cross it. When you get across, you'll fight alot of Oilmen. Use the 'Cimmerian Cyclone' Dual-Wield Combat Ability  (hold). This way you can make those necessary hits, just make sure you don't step into the black ooze.
Chain of Fools20
Combo Counter reaches 325   (3) 
see 'Chained Attacker'
Mob Massacre15
Kill 5 or more enemies simultaneously    
see 'Strength of 10 Men'
Treasure Seeker10
Find 5 treasure chests     
see 'Filthy Rich'
Treasure Hunter20
Find 50 treasure chests     (1) 
see 'Filthy Rich'
Filthy Rich30
Find all treasure chests     (4) 
This Guide >Here< mentions the locations of alot of the chests in the game, but it misses the first two. At the start where the statues come to life, there's a chest on the far left and right sides of the area before you head through the door.
Noble Conan10
Save a Maiden     
see 'My Hero'
Triumvirate Seeker10
Activate 5 rune triumvirates     
see 'Triumvirates United'
Triumvirates United20
Activate all rune triumvirates     
There are 3 different types of rune triumvirates, Green (Health), Blue (Power) and Red (Song of Death). Finding all the runes of the same type will unlock the corresponding achievement. This guide >Here< has the locations of the runes.
The Legendary Set10
Collect all armor pieces    
Each Boss in the game has a piece of Conans armour, so you will get this achievement just by playing through the game.
Mighty Conan30
Complete the game on Hard mode     (1) 
Select Hard when starting a new game and play from begining to end.
Master Conan50
Complete the game on King mode     (6) 
Unfortunately you can't start a game on this mode and unlock the Mighty Conan achievement as well, you must first complete the game on hard and then the King difficulty will be unlocked.
Bill of Health20
Find all Health Meter powerups     
see 'Triumvirates United'
Armored Up20
Find all Power Meter powerups     
see 'Triumvirates United'
Adrenaline Rush20
Find all Song of Death meter powerups     
see 'Triumvirates United'
Master Swordsman10
All one-handed blade attacks mastered    
As you use your one-handed combat abilities you will build up a masterary, you can check your progress by pressing , all the abilities which are not mastered will have an orange meter next to them. You need to buy every one-handed combat ability in the game and use each one untill you master it.
Master Dual Wielder10
All dual wield attacks mastered    
As you use your dual wield combat abilities you will build up a masterary, you can check your progress by pressing , all the abilities which are not mastered will have an orange meter next to them. You need to buy every dual wield combat ability in the game and use each one untill you master it.
Master Two-Handed Swordsman10
All two-handed blade attacks mastered    
As you use your two-handed combat abilities you will build up a masterary, you can check your progress by pressing , all the abilities which are not mastered will have an orange meter next to them. You need to buy every two-handed combat ability in the game and use each one untill you master it.
Bring out the Gimp15
Kill at least 25 enemies during the Giant Squid boss battle    
This will unlock while doing the Death Rain or Fatal Touch achievements.
Losing His Mind20
Decapitate a captain with a shield    
There is a one-handed combat ability called 'Head Pop' ,,, perform this move while holding a shield on a captain 2-3 times, he will be unable to block it, once his helmet is destroyed Conan will slice his head off with the shield unlocking the achievement.
Complete a mission without taking any damage   
Can be done on any difficulty and on any level, so just start the game on easy and play through the starting levels without being attacked, the achievement will unlock on the after mission stats screen. Alternatively you can complete the game on King mode and activate the invincibility cheat...
High and Mighty10
Score 20000 points in a level    
I got this achievement on the second level, basically you just have to kill all the enemies on a level. You get points for the amount of kills, dismemberments, impalements etc. and lose points for deaths and damage taken.
The Bloody Crown40
Score 100000 total points    
This is unlocked when you reach a total score of 100000 points, if you are going for the Fatal Touch and Death Rain achievements, you can spend some time gaining points during the Giant Squid Boss battle.
Secret Achievements
Rest In Peace40
Send Graven into the Netherworld in the Ocean Ruins and complete the game     (3) 
*Achieved through main story line*
My Hero20
Save all maidens     
There are a total of 24 Maidens in the game, here are the amounts you should find in each level:

Chance Meeting has 1
Pirate Raid has 1
Tribal Warrior has 3
Elephant Graveyard has 3
Midnight Raid has 2
Outpost has 7
Devil Island has 2
Fallen Kingdom has 3
Well of Dreams has 2

When you get near a Maiden you will hear her shouting for help, this guide >here< has their locations
Defeat Cleaver's Army10
Defeat the Bone Cleaver and his army in Barachan Isles and obtain The Ward of Fire    
*Achieved through main story line*
Dragon Slayer10
Defeat the Sand Dragon in the lost city of Shem and obtain The Ward of the Earth    
*Achieved through main story line*
Demon Slayer20
Defeat the Elephant Demon in the Kush caves and obtain The Ward of the Abyss    
*Achieved through main story line*
Snake Charmer20
Defeat the Sorceress Queen in Stygia and obtain The Ward of Souls    
*Achieved through main story line*
Sink the Squid30
Defend the ship and defeat the Giant Squid    (1) 
*Achieved through main story line*
Who's your Daddy?30
Defeat the Bone Cleaver in Argos and obtain The Ward of the Departed    (4) 
*Achieved through main story line*
Strength of 10 Men40
Kill 10 or more enemies simultaneously    (4) 
You can use the Void armour power during the very last boss battle, or you can use the Fire Rain armor power during the Serpent Queen Boss battle when she summonds several enemies, either way, just wait untill there are enough enemies around. This achievement is quite hard as all 10 must die at exactly the same time or it won't unlock.

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US October 23, 2007

Resolution: 720p
Sound: Dolby 5.1 Surround
Players: 1
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ESRB: Mature
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