Condemned 2: Bloodshot

Condemned 2: Bloodshot Achievement Guide

Guide By: Pyroman31, Andrew x360a
There are 38 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Estimated time for 1000 : 15-20 hours.
- Minimum playthroughs: 2
- Missable achievements: 7 - Anger Management, Can You Hear Me Now?, Gold Plated, Emitter Removal Service, Decisive Restraint, Sleuth, Tune in Tokyo
- Glitched achievements: None
- Offline: 22 (565 )
- Online: 16 (435 )
- Cheats disable achievements: No Cheats

Condemned 2 is the sequel to Condemned: Criminal Origins, which was a launch title for the 360. All of the single player achievements can be obtained by playing through the game twice and the multiplayer achievements can be boosted rather easily. Given the fact that the online community is rather dead these days, boosting may be a requirement to get the full 1000 , especially the achievement SKX. If you need to find boosting partners, check the Achievement Trading Thread HERE.

Step 1: Fight Club
The Bloodshot Fight Clubs are practice areas where you will face an infinite stream of enemies. Since you can adjust the settings so that there are specific weapons and numbers of opponents, it's the perfect place to work on the achievements related to combat and weapons. I recommend you at least start here and practice the basics of blocking and counterattacking. If you like, you can also work on getting The Plumber, Big Game Hunter, Chain Gang, The Final Word, EPA (Environmental Pwnage Area), Flambe, and GOOOAAALLLL! You'll also be able to work towards these during the single player game, so don't feel like you have to grind them all out here. You can also use the Fight Clubs to mop up any of these achievements that you have left after finishing the game.

Step 2: Playthough Number One (Hard Mode)
Since Hard Mode is available from the start, I recommend that you begin with that. Its not particularly difficult, especially if you master blocking and counterattacking. This saves you from having to play through the regular game twice. Use the guide HERE to make sure you don't miss any responses, optional missions, antennas, or emitters. By the time you finish this playthrough, Detective and Detective-First Grade should be the only single player achievements that you have left.

Step 3: FPS Mode
Beating the game unlocks FPS mode, which sets you up with a lot of guns and ammunition. Your mission rankings and perks also carry over to this playthrough, so if you missed a Gold ranking on a level or two, you can grab it this time around. Simply finish the game a second time to finish off the single player achievements.

Step 4: Multiplayer
If you want to boost the multiplayer achievements, the good news is that only Bum King and Restraint...Not have to be done in ranked matches. Everything else can be done in Player Matches, so find a group of friends and start boosting. If you try and boost the ranked achievements, do note that you need at least four people for the match to count.

Most of the multiplayer achievements, even Serial Killer, can be obtained in a day or two with a dedicated boosting group. The achievement that will take the most work is probably SKX, which is unlocked by killing nine people that have obtained the Serial Killer achievement. Your best bet in that case is to use the Achievement Trading Thread to find other serial killers and meet up for a quick kill.

That's all there is to it. Overall its a very enjoyable game if you like the Survival Horror genre. Congratulations on your 1000 .

x360a would like to thank Andrew x360a for this Road Map

Anger Management10
Get emotional!   (1) 
Single Player. During the single player campaign, there are a number of optional responses in each level. When an event triggers on of these responses, you’ll see an button appear in the middle of the screen, with a timer. You have four or five seconds to hit the button on your controller to trigger Ethan’s response. You need to do this ten times over the course of the campaign to unlock this achievement. There are six possible responses in the first level and five in the second, so, if you’re paying attention, you can get this achievement before the end of the second level. HERE is a guide from the forums that points out where each response option appears.
Beat Cop10
Beat your way through a mission     (3) 
Single Player. This achievement is unlocked by beating a single mission and unlocks regardless of difficulty. Contrary to what the description implies, you are not restricted from using firearms while playing. You’ll unlock this achievement at the end of the first level, Rock Bottom.
Big Game Hunter10
Get up close and personal with the antler    (1) 

Single Player. This achievement unlocks after you kill ten enemies with an antler. The antlers are difficult to see, but once you pick one up, you’ll know that you have if you see a white arc in the air when you swing your fist. The easiest place to unlock this achievement in the Practice Arena of the Bloodshot Fight Club. Play with the settings “Thugs”, “One at a Time”, “Exotic Melee”, and “Molotovs”.


The fight cycles between three opponents and the second guy always has an antler. Kill him however you see fit, but a Molotov is pretty fast and painless (for you), and then take his antler and use it to kill the next couple of guys. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to get at least two kills per antler, but it usually breaks not long after, so grab another one and repeat until you’ve racked up ten kills. You can restart the Fight Club as often as you need to and your progress will be saved.
Self Medicated25
Heal thyself, physician   (1) 
Single Player. This achievement is for healing yourself for a total of 1000 points of health. You can find health kits in lockers throughout the game. If you play on Hard, you’ll likely unlock this fairly early in the game, especially if you’re not very good at blocking.
Brick Wall10
MP - Block it away!   (3) 
This can be done in Ranked or Player matches. This achievement is for successfully blocking five different times. To block, simply press  + at the same time just before the enemy strikes you. Whether you do this is ranked or player matches, you can get this fairly quickly.
Bum King30
No guns, no problem   (24) 
The must be done in Ranked matches. This achievement requires you to play on the SCU team in the Bum Rush game mode and survive the duration of the timer without firing a gun while still finishing as the points leader. You also have to do this a total of five different times in five different rounds. The easiest way to do this is try and get in a ranked match with your friends and simply trade the achievements. If you can’t boost the achievement, find a corner and grab the Broadsword off the wall in the Lodge map and hope you don't get overwhelmed. Watch out for enemies throwing Molotov cocktails at you. If they're smart, they'll just keep picking up Broadswords off the wall and throwing them at you though. If that happens, keep moving around the level and try to avoid them all together. 
Can You Hear Me Now?30
Emitter Removal Service    
Single Player. This achievement is for destroying all the Sonic Emitters in the game. The Sonic Emitters can be found throughout the game. Once you get your spectrophotometer in the second, level a notification will appear when you’re near one and you can use the device to track it down.  To destroy an Emitter, just run up and punch it or throw something at it. You can use the walkthrough HERE to find all of the Emitters.
Chain Gang30
Use all chain attacks a few times    (4) 
Single Player. Performing combos and environmental kills will help fill the bar in the top right corner of your screen. Once you have at least one segment filled, you can trigger a chain attack. To start the attack, get near an enemy and quickly squeeze one of the triggers twice. This will start a quicktime button-pressing event that varies depending on how many segments of your bar were full. To unlock this achievement, you need to perform thirty total chain attacks - fifteen with each hand. You have to pull off five chain attacks of each level (one, two, and three), which is defined by how many bars were full when you triggered the attack. You might get many of these during the single player campaign, but you can easily work on this in one of the Bloodshot Fight Clubs if you need to.
Chief Investigator50
Complete all missions in Hard mode     (7) 

Single Player. Hard mode is available from the start of the game, so feel free to start on Hard and unlock Trooper and Investigator at the same time. Hard mode isn’t too terribly difficult, but you will need to learn how to block effectively and how to use combos and Chain Attacks. Both can deal a lot of damage to an enemy and shorten a fight considerably. When you’re facing multiple enemies at the same time, try to dodge around them. If one accidently hits another with a wild swing, they’ll turn on each other. This works especially well in narrow corridors where you can force them close to each other and prevent them from flanking you. If you run into an enemy with a firearm, close on him in a hurry and hit him before he can pull the trigger. If you turn it into a fistfight, you won’t get shot. Finally, it’s worth the extra effort to get “Gold” ratings on your missions. Doing so unlocks permanent perks and enhancements that can make the remaining missions easier.


Mission 1: A knife on your left fist

Mission 2: A flak jacket that reduces firearm damage by 70%

Mission 3: A stun gun with five shots that can nearly kill an enemy in a single shot

Mission 4: A shoulder sling holster that allows you to carry a spare firearm of any type

Mission 5: Rubber soles for your shoes that allow you to sneak quietly

Mission 6: A GPS with three possible waypoints

Mission 7: Steel toe boots with three different attacks

Mission 8: A health kit that adds 100% more health

Mission 9: Gun expert skill that increases firearm damage and accuracy

Mission 10: A voice attack

Mission 11: Unlimited ammunition for FPS mode


HERE is a guide from the forums for getting “Gold” ratings on each mission.

Use the walkthrough HERE if you get stuck.
Scan the MP goodies once, twice, thrice - and more!   (6) 
This can be done in Ranked or Player matches. In the Crime Scene game mode, you need to play on the SCU team and scan the evidence a total of five times. To scan the evidence, press  to bring out your scanner and find the evidence. The evidence is in red or green crates that are carried around by the Influenced team. Kill the Influenced or get them to drop the crate. When the crate is sitting open on the ground, press and hold to scan it. There are only two pieces of evidence per round, so it will take several rounds before you unlock this.
Decisive Restraint25
Restraint is a virtue.   (1) 
Single Player. The optional objective in Mission Six is to complete the mission without killing any of the security guards. If you have to fight a guard, and some of them are unavoidable, just beat them with your fists until they’re stunned and then knock them out by grabbing  +. If you’re concerned that you might have killed a guard, check your status screen by pressing .
MP Defense 10 times over on the evidence   (1) 
This can be done in Ranked or Player matches. In the Crime Scene game mode, you need to play on the Influenced team and defend the evidence a total of ten times across all your games. A “Defense” is defined as killing an SCU team member when they’re close to the evidence. You can boost this with your friends or just lurk near the evidence and kill the SCU when they’re focused on scanning.
Get through a mission in FPS     
Single Player. See Detective – First Grade.  
Detective - First Grade50
Shoot your way through it all in FPS     
Single Player. FPS mode is unlocked by beating the game. It’s a mode that has lots of guns and ammunition. Simply start a new game in this mode, run through the game with your guns blazing, and unlock this achievement.
Unlock all Bloodshot Fight Clubs    
Single Player. You will unlock this achievement by playing through the game. New Bloodshot Fight Clubs are unlocked by completing missions two, three, four, six, and eight. The achievement will unlock on the record screen after Mission Eight.
EPA (Environmental Pwnage Area)25
Grab your foes by the neck and do what’s necessary    
Single Player. To execute an environmental finishing move, simply beat a foe until they are stunned and then follow the prompt to press + to grab the enemy. You will now see little skulls around the area. Simply walk up to one and it will complete the finishing move for you. You will reach twenty-five pretty quickly if you are playing through Single Player. You can also work on these in a Bloodshot Fight Club if you need more after the campaign is done.
Splash, Shock and Fry    
Single Player. To unlock this achievement, you need to use Molotov cocktails to kill ten enemies. You might be able to get this by the time you’re done with the campaign. If you still need some by the time you finish, you can easily get the kills you need in the Bloodshot Fight Club. Use the Practice arena and play with the settings “Thugs”, “One at a Time”, “Exotic Melee”, and “Molotovs”. Use the Molotovs to kill the bums as many times as you need to finish off the achievement.
Go gold in all missions   (1) 
Single Player. At the end of every mission, you are scored on how you've done on the level. You have to score Perfect on every forensics event, find all antenna and emitters, and execute all the responses. HERE is a guide from the forums for getting “Gold” ratings on each mission.
Use the foosball table piece to your advantage    
Single Player. This achievement is for killing five enemies with a foosball table piece. To get this achievement easily, start up the Bloodshot Fight Club and pick the Practice Arena. Use the settings “Thugs”, “One at a Time”, “Exotic Melee”, and “Molotovs”. At the start, there is a fooseball piece laying against a wall to the left near some other melee weapons. Simply pick it up and kill some enemies. If it breaks, simply wait for another bum to start attacking you with a fooseball piece and take it from him once he's killed.
You took on the hardest and beat them at their game     (1) 
Single Player. See Chief Investigator.
Just The Facts25
MP Crime Scene Goodness   (1) 
This can be done in Ranked or Player matches. See Collector. This achievement is for scanning a total of ten pieces of evidence.
Master Investigator30
PERFECTION as a sleuth all the way through   
Single Player. This achievement is for getting a Perfect rating on every forensics event. HERE is a guide from the forums that will walk you through all the forensic events.
Explore all maps more than once!   
This can be done in Ranked or Player matches. There are nine maps total. Barge, Bum Rush Alley, Doll Factory, Farm House, Hangover, Lodge, Slaughterhouse, Underground, and Vertigo. You simply have to play five total rounds on each of the nine maps.
A La Mode25
5 scoops of everything   
This can be done in Ranked or Player matches. This achievement is for playing five rounds of each multiplayer mode. The multiplayer modes are Bum Rush, Crime Scene, Deathmatch, and Team Deathmatch.
MP Overachiever50
Win a Deathmatch game with 15 kills without dying.   (12) 
This can be done in Ranked or Player matches. You have to get at least fifteen kills in a Deathmatch game and win the game and not die at all. This is nearly impossible to do without boosting. If you do boost it, just pick a small map like “Lodge” and keep killing until you get the fifteen kills. Make sure you don’t accidentally kill yourself with a Molotov. The achievement will unlock after the round is over.
The Plumber25
Find a pipe and use it frequently    
This can be done in Ranked or Player matches or in Single Player. Killing fifty total people across all game modes unlocks this achievement. You’ll get a fair number of kills during the campaign, but if you need to grind out some kills, you can always get some in the Bloodshot Fight Club. Use the settings “Thugs”, “One at a Time”, “Light Melee”, and “Molotovs”. Grab a pipe and start killing until the achievement unlocks.
Punch Drunk10
MP - Duke of Queensbury Rules Only   (1) 
This can be done in Ranked or Player matches. This achievement is for killing ten enemies with your fists. Importantly, if you use a finishing move to kill an opponent after you’ve beaten them, it won’t count towards this achievement. You should see a notification that you’ve killed someone “with fists” at the top of the screen when you kill them. The achievement will unlock after the tenth kill.
Restraint… Not30
Win Crime Scene games as SCU without firing a shot.   (16) 
This must be done in Ranked matches. This achievement is for winning ten rounds of Crime Scene as SCU without shooting. You’ll need to use melee weapons to kill the Influenced and scan both pieces of evidence for this to unlock. If you can get your friends into the same ranked match with you, this will be much easier. 
Rush Champ25
Take SCU out with the trash 5 times   
This can be done in Ranked or Player matches. To unlock this achievement, you have to win five rounds of Bum Rush as the infected. To win, you simply have to kill the SCU player(s) before the time runs out. Their health does not regenerate and the Influenced have infinite respawns, so you can wear them down. Molotov cocktails are an especially effective way to take off large chunks of health. You do not have to be the person who actually kills the SCU player(s) to get the achievement. You simply need to be on the winning side.
Serial Killer50
Go kill, kill, kill in MP   (16) 

This can be done in Ranked or Player matches. This achievement is for having 1,000 kills across all multiplayer game modes. Playing the mode Bum Rush will get you kills fastest just as long as you play as the SCU one of the rounds. Every round, the players on the SCU side get traded off for other players on the Influenced side. The Influenced that deals the most damage to the SCU will become the SCU in the next round. As an SCU, make sure you choose the Assault Rifle considering it takes only one shot to kill and you have 60 bullets. Find a corner and camp and just wait for bums to show up. If you did well, you can net about 50 kills each time you play as the SCU. The kills will keep pilling on and you will soon unlock this achievement.

If you would like to boost this, you can actually get 1,000 kills in a few hours. The more friends helping, the better. Simply go to the “Lodge” map and use the axe or broadsword for a one-hit kill. Have your friends continually run at you when they spawn. Stand next to the desk at the back of the map for the best view to see where they are coming from. You can get a few hundred in only a few minutes with enough help. 
Kill the killers.    (39) 
This can be done in Ranked or Player matches. This achievement is for killing nine people with the Serial Killer achievement. The online community is pretty dead now, but you can still find plenty of people that will let you kill them. Just use the achievement trading thread HERE to look for people.
Be the PERFECT sleuth   
Single Player. See Master Investigator. This achievement is for getting a single Perfect rating on a forensics event.
Survivor King30
Bum Rush Survivor multiple times   (2) 
This can be done in Ranked or Player matches. The achievement is for winning five rounds of the Bum Rush game mode while playing as the SCU. To win as the SCU, you must survive until the end of the timer. If you choose to boost this, it can be quite simple. If you have to play without boosting, then do your best to stay away from the bums and take them out from a distance with firearms as long as you have ammunition. They die in a single hit, so use melee weapons with a fast attack speed, like the pipe, rather than grabbing the biggest weapon available, like the ax.
Complete the single-player game     (1) 
Single Player. This achievement will unlock when you finish the game, regardless of the difficulty setting that you choose. Use the walkthrough HERE if you get stuck.
Tune In Tokyo30
Tune in all those TVs    
Single Player. This achievement is for finding and tuning all of the radios and televisions throughout the game. HERE is a guide from the forums that will walk you through all them.
Assist in scanning evidence in Crime Scene mode   
This can be done in Ranked or Player matches. This achievement is for assisting in scanning ten pieces of evidence in the Crime Scene game mode. In this mode, an assist is when your teammate starts scanning the evidence and then you begin scanning as well. If done correctly, you’ll see an “Assist Bonus” at the top of the screen when the scanning is done and you’ll receive a support credit on the final screen. Importantly, multiple teammates can assist during a single scan. Since there are only two pieces of evidence per round, it will take a minimum of five rounds to unlock this achievement.
The Final Word10
You never forget your first time.    
Single Player. See EPA (Environmental Pwnage Area). This is for a pulling off your first environmental kill.
Cut Throat30
Finish it!   (1) 
This can be done in Ranked or Player matches. This achievement is for performing twenty-five finishing moves across all multiplayer games. In multiplayer, beating someone with your fists until they’re stunned gives you the prompt to pull +, but instead of performing an environmental kill, you’ll perform a finishing move to kill them. Just do this twenty-five times and the achievement will unlock.

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US March 11, 2008
Europe April 04, 2008

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