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Guide By: Arsenic 17
There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 
- Offline: 19/20 (185/200)
- Online: 1/20 (15/200)
- Approximate amount of time to 200*Currently Unobtainable* (40+ hours & 1 Month+ actual time for 185).
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: 1 ("Citizen of the World," See description).
- Unobtainable achievements: 1 ("Addicted," See description).
- Extra equipment needed?: Windows Phone 7 or 8.


Contract Killer is an first-person shooter freemium game from Glu Mobile. You take on the role of the hitman, fulfilling contracts to weed the city of scumbags. This is an entirely single-player experience. However, similarly to Gun Bros, it does have some interaction with your friends that also have the game, though to a lesser extent. The game itself it free and you only need to spend your real-world cash if you want to pace faster through the game and gain access to better weapons and armor. Also coming into to play is the idea of limited energy, which you consume when you complete missions. Energy restores slowly over time, but you can also use real-world cash to purchase junk food which instantly restores energy. This guide is based on the premise that you do not spend any money at all on the game. If you break down and pay the outrageous prices for in-game credits, you could complete this much faster. The game is currently listed as FREE on the Marketplace.

*NOTE*: Like most Glu games, there are semi-widespread glitches in this game that can make your path towards completion much longer, more of a hassle, or impossible. Please see THIS thread for a discussion of the glitches other players have come across.

Step 1: Make friends with others who regularly play the game:
Make sure you find at least two reliable friends who complete the daily challenges as this can give you items, cash, and the ever-so-valuable credits. See THIS thread to connect with other folks who play the game.

Step 2: Just play the game:
Most of the achievements can simply be gained by progressing through the game by completing contracts. Do take note of the miscellaneous achievements that require you to complete some tricky tasks. All the while you will be working towards getting to level 40, which requires 2,566,916 XP. 

All in all, Contract Killer is a respectable freemium game. Because of the energy concept, completing the game will likely take several weeks or months. All achievements except the one tied to reaching level 40 should be attainable within a week or two, depending on how frequently you pick up and play the game.


[x360a would like to thank Arsenic 17 for this Roadmap]

Kill 100 Bosses   

Bosses are the main enemy in all contracts. There is always one boss per contract. Just kill 100 of them. You can check your progress in the stats under "Contract Targets Killed." This achievement is glitchy and may unlock before killing 100.

The Assassin5
Kill 100 enemies   

Just kill 100 enemies. As you progress, there are more and more enemies per contract. You should get this early in the game, as there are far more enemies than bosses. Bosses do not count towards this achievement. You can check your progress in the stats under "Total Number of Foes Killed."

Contract Killer10
Reach Level 20   

See "Exterminator."

Elite Sniper15
Score 500 headshots   

When you score a headshot, a notification will pop up on screen. Just keep aiming for heads and you will eventually get this. Some enemies wear plated masks that make headshots impossible, so don't waste your time on them. This achievement is a tad glitchy it seems, for the better, as it unlocks early for some, only after scoring between 50 and 150 headshots. You can check your progress in the stats under "Headshots."

Die 50 times   

It is possible to die in any contract if you take enough bullets. If you purchase a lot of medkits and use them at will, you may never die. It may just be best to take a whole day and just start contracts only to die. I do imagine it does become harder as you progress, but you can almost always prevent deaths by taking cover and using medkits, which is what anyone who actually wants to succeed at the game would do. There is no way to track the progress for this achievement, so just keep dying!

Reach level 40   

Leveling up in the game is based on earning XP, which you gain from completing contracts and killing/capturing enemies. Killing enemies with headshots earns you double XP for that kill. You can also earn a small amount of XP for completing subcontracts. Also, you should focus on completing the daily co-op challenges. They provide HUGE amounts of XP when you complete them, anywhere from 2,000 to 10,000 per challenge. These are an absolute must if you want to level up quick! The bulk of the XP will just come from completing contracts. This achievement will take the longest of any in the game. 

Some tips: Use medkits as much as needed to complete missions. Buy a good rifle with a large clip to rapidly dispose of enemies (Anti-Material Rifle is best). Go for headshots for x2 XP. Make use of the cover button, especially when reloading. Shoot exploding barrels when possible (though you miss out on headshot XP). Some informants regularly give better missions (more XP/cash) then others...Make note of which give the best contracts. I find Shady Wessler gives the best so far (though he costs 5 credits to unlock and gives almost always a capture mission).

Citizen of the World10
Unlock 10 informants   

Informants are the folks that give you contracts to complete. As you level up you unlock new informants. Just keep completing contracts and this will unlock. For an informant to count, you must pay them their initial cost they ask when you first click on them. Sometimes it is a cash requirement, other times it is a credit requirement. This should first be attainable around Level 10.

*GLITCH* Some players have reported this achievement does not unlock for them, even though they have more than 10 informants unlocked. You can either wait for a patch or reinstall the game and try again. Doing so will erase your progress however.

Buy 10 weapons   

You need to OWN a total of 10 weapons, not buy 10 as the description states. There are several very cheap guns, but from what I can tell, to attain 10 would cost $100,000+. You can check your progress in the stats under "Weapons Owned."

Unlock All Ammo Types   (2) 

Ammo types unlock when you purchase a weapon that uses the specific type of ammo. The ammo types are: 9mm pistol bullets, hunting rounds, sniper rifle rounds, tranquilizer darts, SMG bullets, shotgun shells, handgun darts, assault rifle bullets, and AM rifle bullets. Only the tranquilizer handgun requires the credits to purchase (35 credits). The only free ways to get credits it by having two friends complete the third daily co-op challenge which earns you 10 credits per day or by getting lucky on the Day 5 daily bonus where you win a random reward.

No kills when mission timer hits 0:00   (2) 

All you have to do is let the timer of a contract reach zero without killing any enemies. Just press the cover button and hide the entire time. You will fail the mission, but you will get this achievement.

Hired Gun5
Reach Level 10   

See "Exterminator."

Mad Skills10
Kill 3 Enemies with One Shot   

Just like the description states, kill three enemies with a single shot. It must be with the bullet, and cannot be with an exploding barrel. As you progress through the game, more and more enemies fill the levels. This will require a bit of luck to get three to line up. It also helps if you use some Reactix pills to slow down time to help you better time your shot. Just be patient. If there is a lot of enemies, and you are in a position on the ground, three will line up...just wait for that shot. There will be many instances where 5 or more enemies line up.

Barrage of Bullets10
Fire 1000 Rounds   

Just fire 1000 rounds. This will come with completion of the game, but to get it out of the way early just purchase a ton of SMG rounds and unload them in a mission. 1000 SMG rounds only costs $1,500 and can be unloaded in a few minutes. You can check your progress in the stats under "Number of Shots."

Deep Sleep15
Capture 500 Enemies   

To capture an enemy, you must shoot them with a tranquilizer gun (rifle or pistol). Not many contracts actually require you to capture enemies, so this will take a while, especially since you cannot just capture enemies when the mission states you must kill them. The EASIEST way to work towards 500 captures is to tranquilize all enemies in missions where you get ambushed. You know you are getting ambushed when a message pops up as soon as you load into a mission. In these missions, the contract requirements go out the window, allowing you to tranquilize anyone. This achievement is also glitched for the good, it unlocked for me at around only 125 captures. You can check your progress in the stats under "Total Captured."

Kill 25 Enemies without Misses   

You must kill 25 enemies without missing a single shot. This is fairly easy, just aim for the torso. This has to be done over multiple contracts. It may need to be done in one sitting, without exiting the game. So it is best to wait to the later stages where there are many enemies per contract. Also, it is best to avoid any contracts that involve using the tranquilizer as that could mess up your counter for this achievement.

Surgical Precision5
Score a Headshot While Target is Running   

This may require several attempts as the enemies tend to run in semi-random directions and shift often. This is infinitely easier if you use a Reactix pill and slow down time. Once you fire the first shot, enemies will quickly scatter. This is a good time to pick one off with a headshot when they are running to cover. Just keep taking cracks at running enemies heads until you get it if you do not want to use Reactix (there is no real penalty for this, just wasted ammo).

Receive x3 Multiplier 25 Times   

To receive a x3 multiplier, you must kill an enemy within 5 seconds of the contract starting. A good method is to take note of the color of the boss's shirt on the contract detail screen before loading-in. Quickly scan the scene for him and zoom in and fire as quick as possible. You can also just zoom quickly onto any enemy and kill them, but you risk failing the contract if the target escapes. This achievement is glitchy, again for the good, as it unlocks only after getting just five x3 multipliers. You can check your progress in the stats under "X3 Multipliers Gained."

Use 100 Medkits   

MedKits are your friend in this game, especially if you do not buy any good armor with real-world money. Many missions are nearly impossible to complete without using MedKits. This will come with natural progression, but if you feel the need to get it out of the way, just purchase 100 and use them in a single mission while you take damage (cost $12,500). You can check your progress in the stats under "MedKits Used."

Kill 13 People in 15 Seconds   

You need to kill 13 enemies in 15 seconds. It seems to me the maximum amount of enemies in a contract is 13 or 14, meaning you basically must kill all enemies within 15 seconds. This is best attempted by randomly firing a shot at the beginning of the contract to get all enemies to spawn. Just count up all the enemies and plan how your shots you will use to dispose them all. Careful not to take too much damage while surveying.

A good long-range gun with a large clip to earn this with would be the Anti-Material Rifle, which costs $350,000 and requires level 13. The actual missions and enemy positions you get are random. Once you have a good weapon, attempt this on a level with a lot of explosive barrels and very little cover for the enemies. Achievement pops after you kill the 13th enemy. 

GOOD METHOD: I got this on the contract point to the top left or bottom left of Monument Square. The enemies basically just congregate on both sides of the street near the two explosive barrels. This location is quite easy.

Receive 7 Daily Bonuses in a Row    (1) 

*UNOBTAINABLE* This is the only online achievement in the game, and it is only online in the sense that is requires you to have an active internet connection. It should unlock when you sign into the game on the 7th consecutive day. However, it is glitched and does not unlock. A patch will be needed to fix this, but I wouldn't ever count on that.

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